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My sister-in-law Julie was staying with us for a couple of weeks. She is a sales manager for a large software company and was supervising an upgrade for a major bank in our town. Julie is 35, tall, blonde and very outgoing. She’s been married and divorced three times and always seems to be dating a new guy. My wife, Julie’s younger sister by 6 years, is just the opposite. Lori is quiet and shy, and never dated much when she was younger. In fact, she was a virgin when we got married. Lori has a sweet, good-natured outlook and is perfectly suited to her job as a first grade teacher.

On Tuesday of Julie’s second week in town, I got off early from work. I’m in construction and one of our jobsites got closed down by a safety inspector. I went home to get some lunch. Lori was at school until 5:00 and we usually didn’t see Julie before 7:00. It was a hot spring day that is so typical of Phoenix. I decided to take a dip in the pool before lunch. Since our backyard has complete privacy, and the girls wouldn’t be home for several hours, I didn’t bother to put on a swim suit.

I dove straight in and enjoyed the shock of the cold water. Since it was early spring we hadn’t turned on the pool heater yet. I swam a few laps and just relaxed for a while. I noticed that the cold water had given me a major case of shrinkage. I’m not large to begin with, but now I was getting into baby-size range. I floated around for a few more minutes and was just about to get out of the pool when I heard the back door slam shut.

I looked up and was startled to see Julie walking toward the edge of the pool. She was dressed in a dark business suit and high heels, and had a huge grin on her face.

“I just stopped by to pick up some documentation that I forgot this morning,” she said. “And to my surprise I find my handsome brother-in-law skinny dipping in the backyard. How’s the water?”

“Very cold,” I replied. “I was about to get out.”

“Well, don’t let me stop you,” Julie said as she sat down in one our deck chairs. “I’ve always wondered what sort of man my little sister had married. I’ve asked Lori but she won’t say. Come on and get out. I’m sure a muscular guy like you has nothing to hide.”

I hesitated for a moment as I thought about my options. I knew if Julie got a look at my now shrunken genitals I would be teased unmercifully for the next few days. My wife had never said a word about my size, but I was sure a woman like Julie would not be impressed. I decided to make a run for the house, hoping that Julie couldn’t see much.

I quickly got out of the pool and ran to the back door. It was locked. Then I looked for my clothes and the towel that I had left on the table. They were gone. Julie had thrown my clothes into the house and locked the door.

“Looking for this?” Julie asked as she waved my towel at me. “Come on over and dry off. Don’t be shy. I’ve seen plenty of naked boys.”

I realized I had no choice and slowly walked over to where Julie was sitting. As I got closer, Julie’s smile turned into laughter. Thanks to the cold water, my penis was less than an inch long and my balls had retracted into my body.

By the time I stood next to Julie’s chair she was laughing so hard she couldn’t speak. After a few seconds Julie calmed down and said I reminded her of some baby sitting jobs she had in high school.

“I sure hope that thing gets a lot bigger,” Julie said. “I’d hate to think my sister married a guy with a teenie weenie. How big are you when it’s hard?”

“I guess I’m about average,” I lied. I’d measured myself many times and knew I was only 4 inches.

“Well, I’ve seen a lot of cocks,” Julie laughed, “and believe me, you don’t look average.” She motioned me to stand closer and reached up with her right hand. With just her thumb and forefinger she began to stroke my tiny prick. Her expert touch soon had me beginning to get hard in spite of my humiliation. A few more seconds and I was at full mast.

“Is that it?” Julie chuckled. “A thin four incher. My poor sister. Maybe I should introduce her to a couple of my ex’s who are on the other side of average. I hope you’re good at oral.”

Julie continued to massage my swollen cock and I soon felt an orgasm starting. A few more strokes from her beautiful fingers and I shot a load of cum all over the pool deck. “Very impressive for such a small dick,” Julie said as she removed her hand from my shaft.

“Well stud, clean yourself up,” Julie said as she handed me my towel. “I’ve got to get back to work. See you tonight.”

She smiled and gave me a little pat on my naked ass. Then she got up and unlocked the door. As she went into the house she laughed and waved her little finger at me. I soon heard her car start up as she headed back to the bank.

After I calmed down I cleaned up my mess and went into the house to take a shower. By the time Lori got home from school I was able to act as though nothing had happened. We ate dinner and then sat down to watch a movie on TV. Julie didn’t get home until almost 8:00. Much to my relief she said nothing about our experience by the pool. In fact she said nothing about it for the rest of her stay.

Julie left for home on the following Sunday. Up to that point she acted as though nothing had changed between us. But when she kissed me goodbye, she whispered something in my ear. “Be nice to my sister, little fella,” she said. “See you next month. Maybe we can go for a swim.” With a grin she was out the door and on her way back to Las Vegas. I get a boner just thinking about her next visit.


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  • nerdybear79

    I really liked this story! A bit humiliating but kinda sweet too.


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