The Transfer

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I met Susan Kuriyama when I was doing some computer consulting for the law firm where she worked. Susan was in her early thirties and a specialist in divorce settlements. She had been born in Japan but came to the U.S. with her parents when she was just a year old. When I first saw Susan I was struck by her grace and beauty. She was just shy of 5 feet tall, with a trim athletic body. Her long jet-black hair hung straight down, almost reaching her fantastic backside. Susan had delicate features, with very small hands and feet. It was all topped off with a beautiful smile. I was attracted to her instantly, but was sure she was way out of my league.

To my surprise, on my final day of programming at her firm, Susan approached me and asked if I would like to have dinner Saturday. I’m tall and in good shape and draw some interest from women. However, I’ve got one little problem that has always caused my relationships to end badly. I’m cursed with a very small penis. Not many women stick around once they see my 3 and a half inch hard on. And when I’m flaccid, it’s just an inch long.

But since Susan seemed so nice, I decided to take a chance and agreed to meet her Saturday night. Besides, I reasoned, she’s a small woman. And Japanese. Maybe she’s used to smaller cocks. Susan gave me her home address and said she would see me at 7:00 Saturday. I spent the next two days eagerly awaiting our date.

I arrived at Susan’s house Saturday night just a few minutes after 7. She lived in a modern looking home in a neighborhood close by the river. A nearly new Mercedes was parked in the driveway. I rang the bell and Susan came to the door wearing a tight fitting black dress. She was a knockout. I hadn’t realized how big her boobs were. Her dress showed them off to perfection.

Susan’s house was spacious and tastefully furnished. This was obviously a woman who made plenty of money and knew what she wanted. I soon found out that Susan’s polite, petite exterior covered up a woman with an iron will and a dominating personality. She offered me a drink and we sat down in the living room. We made small talk about our careers and our families.

After a second round of drinks, Susan asked me if I had been surprised when she invited me to dinner. I had to admit that I was. She then told me the reason why she had picked me. She said she liked men who knew their place and were easily controlled. Susan said that from the first time she saw me she was planning to make me her plaything. She liked my shy demeanor and quietness. And, she said, she was almost certain that I was not well-hung.

I sat there in stunned silence. How could she know this? Susan said my small hands were the first clue. And she had done some subtle crotch watching. The clincher was my failure to flirt with any of the women in the law office. Susan then asked me if would like to prove her wrong. She told me to stand up and undress. Or I could leave.

I was paralyzed with fear, but also captivated by Susan’s beauty and commanding presence. I hesitated for a moment, but then gave in to my weakness. I stood up and moved in front of Susan. As she relaxed on the couch I began to remove my clothing. She smiled at me and said she was right about her first theory. I was easily controlled. She said she was ready for her second theory to be tested.

I hesitated when I was wearing only my boxers. Susan grinned and told me to continue the show. Slowly I slipped out of my shorts and stood up. Susan burst out laughing. My tiny pecker was barely visible in the nest of my pubic hair. Susan could hardly contain herself. Between fits of laughter she said I had confirmed her status as an expert “teenie weenie” detector.

As I stood there, Susan finally stopped laughing long enough to tell me the terms of our “relationship”. I was to follow her orders without question. Whenever I was in her home I was to be completely naked. And I was to tell no one about us. In return I would be given some unspecified sexual gratification. At Susan’s choosing, of course.

It was like I was dreaming. I heard someone who sounded like me agree to everything. Susan just chuckled and told me to put my hands on top of my head. She got up and went into the kitchen. A moment later she returned with a small ruler. She said she wanted to know exactly what she was dealing with. She stood next to me and measured my flaccid pecker. “One inch,” she laughed. “Not very impressive, Timothy. But maybe you’re a grower”.

Susan began to stroke my cock and balls. Her delicate hands felt fantastic. Soon my tiny dick started to respond. I got fully hard in just a few seconds. Pre-cum showed on the head of my boner. Susan stopped stroking me and put the ruler to work. “3 and a half,” she chuckled. “I couldn’t even feel that. And I bet you come quickly too.” She put down the ruler and began to stroke my cock again. With just two dainty fingers Susan soon had me on the edge. A few more strokes and I shot a huge load of cum. Susan laughed and said I was a real stud.

Before I could catch my breath, Susan pointed me in the direction of the bathroom, told me go get a few towels, and gave me a slap on my bare ass. By the time I got back to the living room, she was sitting on the couch enjoying another glass of wine. She made me stand right in front of her, then reached out and took my now flaccid penis between her thumb and forefinger. “Without a doubt, you are the smallest I’ve ever seen. This thing is pathetic. Now clean up your mess before it ruins my hardwood floor.”

I knelt down and swabbed up my cum with one of the towels. Susan told me to put it in the clothes hamper in the bathroom. When I returned to the living room, Susan said it was time for my “oral examination”. She put down her glass, stood up, and in one smooth movement lifted her black dress up and over her head. She wore no bra or panties and was naked except for her high heels. She sat back down and spread her legs, revealing a spectacular bald pussy. I could clearly see her already swollen labia.

“I hope your tongue works better than your prick,” Susan said as she motioned me between her legs. I fell to my knees and began to lick her delicious cunt. Her scent was intoxicating as I kissed her swollen clit. It was surprisingly large for such a petite woman. She had her first orgasm almost immediately. “Don’t stop,” she ordered. She came three more times in the next fifteen minutes. My face was soon coated in her pussy juice.

After her fourth orgasm, Susan pushed my head away and told me to stand up. She smiled and said I was the perfect tiny dicked man. “You’re obedient and you lick pussy like a lesbian,” she said. “Now get dressed, go home, get plenty of rest, and report back here Tuesday night at 8:00. Oh, and be sure and shave off all of that nasty pubic hair. I don’t want your little jewels obscured in any way.”

With that Susan stood up, kissed me gently on the cheek, and walked toward her bedroom. Her high heels clicked on the floor as I savored the sight of her beautiful ass and legs. I knew I was as addicted as any cocaine user. I dressed quickly, let myself out the front door, and drove home in a daze.

Susan dominated my thoughts for the next few days. I followed her instructions and shaved clean. I was nervous as I knocked on her front door Tuesday night. She let me in with a smile and told me to undress.

“Let’s see how your little fella looks now,” Susan said as she took a seat in the living room. She was still dressed in her lawyer clothes, looking beautiful in a dark business suit and heels. She slipped off her shoes as she made herself comfortable on the couch.

“Come stand in front of me,” Susan said as I removed my shorts. I complied, and she began to laugh softly. “Well, Timothy, shaving didn’t make you any bigger,” she said. “But you are kind of cute in a babyish sort of way. I hope they don’t charge me with child molestation.” Using only her beautiful feet, Susan started to play with my tiny cock. Since she wore no stockings, her delicate and perfectly manicured toes began to caress me.

My hard-on quickly made an appearance. Susan smiled and trapped it between the toes of her right foot. “Short and thin,” Susan giggled. Her left foot caressed my tiny balls while her right continued to stroke my pecker. I was incredibly excited by Susan’s intoxicating power over me. I had no self-control and orgasmed quickly in the grip of her beautiful, feminine toes. Shamefully, my cum shot all over her sexy legs and feet.

“Why, aren’t you a naughty boy,” purred Susan as I spurted one last time. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem angry with me. With a smile she sent me off to get some clean-up towels. When I returned I quickly tried to wipe my cum off her legs. Susan stopped me with a gesture. “That won’t do, Timothy,” she said laughingly. “Why don’t you go draw me a bath. Use the master bathroom tub and make sure the water is not too hot. I’ll be along shortly.”

I gathered up the dirty towels and hurried into the master bathroom. It was huge. And dominated by a tub that could accomodate three or four. I threw the cum-soaked towels into a hamper as I began to run the water. The walls of the bathroom were mirrored from floor to ceiling. I glanced at my reflection. My penis was in its post-orgasm shriveled condition. Without any pubic hair, I understood Susan’s “child molestation” joke.

At that moment, Susan strolled into the bathroom. She had poured herself a glass of wine and taken off her jacket. I could see the remnants of my orgasm still clinging to her legs. “Timothy, you’ve gotten me all sticky,” she said. “Go ahead and take off my clothes for me.”

Not believing my good fortune, I quickly complied. I unbuttoned Susan’s expensive silk blouse. No bra, but big beautiful boobs. And small, very erect nipples. Her skirt was next. Again, no panties. But a very un-Asian-like ass. It was a classic bubble butt. I admired her reflection in the mirror and knew I would do anything she asked of me.

Susan slowly settled into the tub, as she instructed me in the finer points of washing her full, luxurious hair. When I had finished her hair, she pointed to the expensive body wash I was to use as I continued with her bath. My hands lingered as I lathered up her exquisite breasts. By the time I had reached Susan’s beautiful pussy, I was sporting wood as hard as oak. Susan noticed and laughingly told me I had already had my fun for the night. Now it was her turn.

When I finished bathing her, Susan stood up as I gently dried her with an oversized towel. She got out of the tub, took my tiny boner in her hand, and led me into her bedroom. “Let’s see if Saturday night was just a fluke,” Susan said as she settled back on the bed. She spread her legs wide, giving me complete access to her inviting pussy. I climbed onto the bed and began to worship her with my tongue. The results were the same. Multiple, screaming orgasms within fifteen minutes. Susan was one hot sexual animal.

After relaxing for a few minutes, Susan regained her commanding manner. She told me to get dressed and go home. And to return Friday night promptly at 9:00. I was still rock hard, but dressed quickly and let myself out the front door. I hurriedly drove home and was barely inside before I started stroking my cock. Visions of Susan’s incredible body and her delicate foot wrapped around my pecker soon produced another huge shot of cum. I collapsed on the bed and slept until the alarm clock woke me in the morning.

This was the pattern for the next few months. Susan summoned me to her house once or twice a week. I was always naked. She always checked that my penis and balls were clean shaven. And I was always allowed one orgasm. Sometimes Susan jacked me off with her hands, and occasionally with her tiny feet. And many times she just liked to watch me beat off as she teased me about my size. I would always give her multiple orgasms with my tongue. Plus I became an expert at washing her hair, doing her nails, and massaging her feet.

After a few weeks, I began to want more. I started begging Susan for a blowjob. The thought of her beautiful lips engulfing my tiny pecker drove me wild. Susan gave me a wicked smile whenever I brought it up. “Maybe someday, little man,” was all she would say.

Six months into our relationship things changed. One Saturday night when I arrived at Susan’s house I noticed a second Mercedes parked in the driveway. I wondered if I had made a mistake on the night, because my “dates” with Susan had always been solo. I hesitated for just a moment, then rang the doorbell. A smiling Susan answered the door and ushered me into the living room.

“I have a surprise for you, Timothy,” said Susan. “My friend Caitlin has decided to join us. I’ve told her all about you.” I just stood there in stunned silence. I wasn’t sure if I wanted another woman involved in my relationship with Susan. Although I had to admit that Caitlin was incredibly sexy. She was a redhead, about 30, but much taller than Susan. She was wearing a tight mini skirt, a thin tank top, and stiletto heels. Most striking was her hair. It was a fiery red and cut very short.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” asked Susan, as she woke me from my daydream. I slowly realized what she meant. After a moment’s hesitation I started to remove my shirt. I knew I couldn’t risk my relationship with Susan by disobeying her. When I was down to only boxers, Susan took my arm and had me stand directly in front of Caitlin.

“Don’t be shy, Timothy,” said Susan. “Caitlin’s seen nude boys before. Finish undressing.”

Caitlin was relaxing in one of Susan’s luxurious easy chairs. She gave me a sly little smile as I began to slip off my shorts. When my tiny penis was revealed, Caitlin burst into laughter.

“Why, he’s perfect,” she chuckled. “A man’s body with a baby’s pecker. And I love the hairless look. Come closer, Tiny Tim.”

I moved right next to her chair. With the long, slim fingers of her left hand she began to caress my meager prick. I was fascinated by the elaborate design that was painted on her fingernails, but Caitlin’s talented hand soon had the predictable effect on me. She started giggling at the sight of my micro hard-on.

“My God, that thing’s pathetic!” Caitlin laughed. “Susan, have you measured this tiny willie?”

“Only 3 and a half long, I’m afraid,” said Susan. “And you can see how thin it is, too. He’s been pleading with me for a blowjob, but it’s too much like a Virginia Slim. And I don’t smoke.”

Caitlin laughed softly and pulled me closer to her. “Well, I’m a smoker,” Caitlin said as she smiled up at me. “But I also have sharp teeth. Want to take a chance, Tiny Tim?”

I was horny as hell, but also a little bit afraid of Caitlin. She had a beautiful face but seemed much more aggressive than Susan. I hesitated for a second, then gave in to the thought of Caitlin’s luscious lips around my tiny boner. “Yes,” I mumbled.

Caitlin smiled sweetly, then leaned over and began to gently lick my pecker. She put a hand on my ass and turned me so I was facing her directly. She gave my tiny balls some attention as she tightend her grip on my ass, now using both hands. I was in heaven. Caitlin was definitely a big league cocksucker. But then she reminded me who was in control. In one swift motion, Caitlin took my entire cock and balls into her mouth.

I froze with fear. I remembered her crack about sharp teeth. But Caitlin just continued to suck on my tiny genitals as she pulled me closer to her. Her lips were up against my belly as her tongue was dancing around my cock.

“Watch out,” warned Susan. “He comes quickly, and in huge amounts.”

She was right. I felt my orgasm starting. But Caitlin stopped it dead in its tracks. Suddenly she bit down on my tiny cock and balls, not hard, but enough so that I knew she had teeth. I didn’t move. And lost all interest in coming.

Caitlin then released my package from her mouth and giggled softly. “Well, you’re practically a girl anyway,” she said. “One little nip would have done it. We’ll save your blowjob as a reward for later.”

My hard-on vanished as I breathed a deep sigh of relief. I noticed I was sweating profusely. Susan and Caitlin were both laughing at me.

“Now go get us a couple of glasses of wine, and meet us out on the deck,” Susan ordered. “Caitlin and I are going for a swim.”

I stumbled into the kitchen as the two women walked toward the pool. I quickly poured the wine and went to join them. Susan was already naked and was wading into the shallow end of the pool. Caitlin had just taken off her top and smiled at me as I walked up. I stared at her small, perfect breasts. I noticed that her shoulders and arms were well muscled. As I watched, she slipped off her heels and stepped out of her skirt. Like Susan, she wore no underwear.

Caitlin looked like a goddess. She was at least 5’11”, with long, powerful legs. I later learned that she had been the star of her college swim team. Caitlin’s dark tan was perfect and all-over. And the thick red hair on her pussy perfectly matched the fiery hair on her head. I was spellbound as she dove into the pool.

The girls splashed around for a few minutes as I stood by the diving board holding their glasses of wine. Then Susan waved me over to the shallow end, where they both sat on the pool steps. I handed them the wine and waited by the edge of the pool. Caitlin smiled at my again tiny penis and told me to sit down. “We have something to discuss with you, Tiny Tim,” she said.

Susan began. “Timothy, I’ve grown quite fond of you the last few months,” she said. “But I’ve been offered a partnership in a law firm in Washington, D.C. It’s something I can’t turn down, and I’ll be leaving next month. Now I know you need a strong woman to guide you, so I’ve asked Caitlin to take my place. She’s had plenty of experience controlling little boys just like you. So, what do you think?”

My head was spinning. I was afraid of Caitlin but also attracted to her. Sort of like a moth to a flame. And Susan was right. I had become hooked on the humiliation that she had given me. So I reluctantly agreed to the mistress swap.

“Great,” said Caitlin as she started to get out of the pool. “Let’s celebrate. And I know Susan wants to give you a special farewell present. Now hurry and get us a couple of towels.”

I quickly found two large cotton towels and started drying Caitlin off. She smiled at me and patted my ass as I worked. Susan was next and I lingered on her breasts as I moved the soft towel over her body. When I finished both women, they took my arms and led me into the bedroom.

“Lean back on the bed, Timothy,” said Susan as Caitlin went into the bathroom. I did as I was told. “Put your legs up, baby,” Susan continued. She joined me on the bed and suddenly took my tiny, flaccid cock into her sweet mouth. I was in heaven. This is what I had been begging for. My hard-on was instantaneous.

Then tall, dangerous Caitlin walked out of the bathroom. With a huge black dildo strapped around her waist. And carrying a big tube of K-Y jelly. I didn’t believe that Susan could take something that big. Was I ever mistaken. Caitlin climbed onto the foot of the bed and let me know she intended to use her dildo on my virgin ass.

“There’s a new sheriff in town now, Tiny Tim,” Caitlin laughed as she positioned herself between my legs. She slowly inserted the long, thick dildo into my asshole. And smiled wickedly as she began a series of deep in and out strokes. Susan never missed a beat as she almost swallowed my tiny boner. The girls’ double team effort was effective. I soon shot a huge load into Susan’s beautiful mouth. And wondered what new humiliations were in store for me now that I belonged to the unpredictable Caitlin.

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