The Sorority

By Max Swan.

‘Delta-Delta-Delta’ is a sorority with branches in the most elite colleges in America and counts amongst its alumni some of the wealthiest families in the world.  Some consider it a secret society almost, and conspiracy theorists online say Triple-Delta sisters are a force working behind the scenes to influence corporations, politicians, and governments.  Yet no one can say how this works exactly, so most people just laugh off these claims as fringe craziness.  Getting into Delta-Delta-Delta is also very difficult, the hardest in the country, and out of each candidate won during rush week, and very few seem to make it.

The president of the sorority at Somtown University is the pretty redhead Amy Mars, a med student who happens to come from the famous Mars family of the candy fame.  She was elected the sorority president of this most exclusive and prestigious sorority this year.  Amy takes her position seriously too.  Finding the right recruits to join the sorority and live in a luxurious house is not a task she takes lightly.  It’s a good thing too, as the process is laborious, and plebes are thoroughly tested.  Amy enjoys nothing more than watching the plebes squirm under her power but selecting the right candidates isn’t as straightforward as most think.

When Triple-Delta took an interest in Heidi Sterling during rush week, the attractive blonde-haired woman was delighted.  The sophomore had been hoping an exclusive sorority full of affluent students that’ll ultimately make great contacts after college would take her.  Heidi is well mannered, gracious, and a real beauty with DD-cup breasts, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and leggy five foot ten.  However, after they won the bid for Heidi in Rush Week, Amy discovered Heidi was no longer seeing swimming athlete Craig Harris, a big reason for them selecting the girl.  Her new boyfriend is some nerdy science freak with few friends or connections.  Therefore, Amy decided she’d do everything in her power to make sure Heidi and her boyfriend fail pledge week.

Heidi arrives at the Sorority at four pm for her first meeting along with the other plebes as the start of the pledge period begins.  The rush week had been exciting with nearly all the Sororities on campus vying to attract the pretty blonde-haired woman to their organization.  Why wouldn’t they either, she’s an A student, comes from a wealthy, well-connected family, and is popular on campus.  Heidi just ticks all the boxes.  Even if her current boyfriend is a nerdy physics major.  It shows she’s not the superficial cheerleader type just after the hunky jocks.

Yet the blonde-haired teen knows that once she accepted the Triple-Delta offer, the power dynamic shifted, and there’s still a chance the sorority might reject her.  The pledge period will involve initiation tests, and if Heidi fails those, she could end up without a sorority home.  Being a sophomore means, this is her last chance to join one too.  As she rings the bell on the door, Heidi’s heart flutters.  The door opens by a rather flat-chested brunette with semi-masculine features she knows as Gretel Cox, whose family are billionaires.

“Heidi, nice to see you again,” Gretel said with a smile.

“Oh, thanks, Gretel, is everyone here yet?” Heidi asks with a friendly tone.

“Yes, you’re the last to arrive, come in.”

They enter into the foyer of the house and go to one of the large living areas where three young women are standing in a line, the other plebes, and several girls are sitting on a couch facing them.  Heidi recognizes the sorority president immediately. Amy Mars is sitting in a light blue summer dress looking very smart.

“Heidi’s here, we can start now,” Gretel said as the blonde stands next to another plebe, a mousy-looking girl with short brown hair.

Amy stands and clears her throat.  “OK, ladies, welcome to Delta-Delta-Delta.  As you know, your membership to this sorority isn’t yet decided, and you’ll have to pass an initiation test to prove you’re really worthy of becoming one of us.”

The four women nod, holding tight smiles waiting to hear what insane thing they’ll have to do to get the final approval to test their loyalty to the sorority.

Amy continues, “It’s our tradition to assign each applicant to a sister who, after going over your history, will decide a most challenging trial for you based on your life so far.  This is your last chance to pull out because I promise you our initiation trials are hard.  If anyone wants to quit now, please leave…”

There’s silence as the women all wait, knowing no one will leave at this point.

Amy continues, “Good, that’s your first test right there.  On the coffee table is an envelope with your name on it.  Inside is the name of the sister in charge of your initiation.  You have to obey every command of that sister for the next week.  If you don’t, then you’re out.  Do you understand, Ladies?”

The four hopefuls nod.

“I can’t stress this enough,” Amy said, glancing at Heidi.  “You do everything you’re told, or you’re out immediately.  You will refer to the person in that envelope as ‘Mistress’ and then their last name, and if a Mistress declares you ‘dead’ at any time, you’re out.”

The four nod, they understand.  The girls have to be a slave to some sorority sister for the week, and they won’t tolerate any disobedience.

“OK, then, you may now open your envelope,” Amy said with a smile.  “Please do not share the identity of the person written inside to anyone as that will make you dead on arrival or ‘DOA.’  We will leave now to let you see who your Mistress is.  You have until six pm to contact your Mistress, or else you’re DOA.  Good luck to you all.”

The other girls sitting all stand, and they leave.  The four pledges glance at each other and soon pick up their envelopes.  Heidi’s heart is beating fast, as she knows college initiations can be very difficult.  She opens her envelope and gazes inside to see the name Amy Mars written there.  ‘Damn, I wasn’t expecting that,’ she thought.  ‘I always got the vibe from Amy that she doesn’t like me.  I hope she doesn’t make my initiation harder because of that.’  There’s a cell phone number, and leaving the other pledges, Heidi goes to text Amy.

Heidi texts: ‘Hi, Mistress Mars, I am honored to be your plebe and am at your command.’

Amy texts back: ‘Meet me at the cafe near the library in an hour, plebeHave a skinny-milk latte ready for me in the back booth.


Heidi is sitting when Amy arrives, and she stands as the sorority sister sits and immediately puts sugar in her coffee.  The blonde-haired girl keeps standing, waiting for the redhead to acknowledge her, and with a wave of Amy’s hand, she sits.

“So you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Triple-D, eh?” Amy said, conversationally.  “The selection committee thought you were dating Craig Harris, but you aren’t so what happened there?”

Heidi’s face goes red.  “We broke up before Rush Week, Mistress Mars.”

Amy raises an eyebrow.  “Oh?  Why?”

Heidi frowns.  Telling this stranger her personal business feels dangerous.  However, she so badly wants to be a Triple-D and decides the risk is worth it.

“Um, he was a jerk really, and in the end, he cheated on me, and I broke it off.”

“Mmmm, too bad, he showed potential…” Amy said coldly.  “So who are you dating now?”

“My current boyfriend’s name is Sebastian Rogers; he’s studying physics here.”

“Rogers, eh?  Hmm, the New York Rogers is it?” Amy asks with a raised eyebrow.

Heidi shakes her head.  “His family isn’t wealthy; they’re middle-class mostly.  His father owns a restaurant downtown called Sparkles.”

Amy’s face screws up.  “Do you have a picture of him?”  Heidi fiddles with her phone for a moment and then hands it to Amy, who laughs when she sees Sebastian, a thin, weedy-looking white boy with blond hair.  He has ‘nerd’ written all over him.  Amy enlarges the picture on the screen to check out Sebastian’s groin, thinking maybe he makes up for it in the cock department, but alas, it seems obvious the male has a small dick.  The redhead smiles for the first time.

“You dumped Craig Harris for this?” Amy said, and bursts out laughing.

Heidi’s face goes bright red.  “Yes, Mistress,” she said, glancing down.

“Why?  He’s so…so…PUNY!

It’s true; Sebastian is only five foot five and a ninety-pound weakling.  The reason Heidi dated him was she was sick of the jerks like Craig Harris, who thought they were God’s gift to women and were usually abusive toward her.  Sebastian is gentle and treats her really well, and even though she knows it’ll never be a long-term thing, Heidi enjoys her time with her ‘little-man’ as she thinks of him.  It’s not really a sexual relationship either, as Sebastian is just not equipped to satisfy a woman in the dick department.  He’s more like a girlfriend than a boyfriend.  Heidi has a nice big vibrating dildo to keep her physical urges in check, for the time being, so she just enjoys spending time with her little man.

“Seb’s a nice guy, Mistress, I like that about him,” Heidi said with a trembling chin.

“Well, we’ll see just how nice he is, plebe.”

“But, Mistress…”

“You brought him to us, so now you’ll just shut up and obey,” Amy said with a sneer.

“Leave him out of it, I’m pledging to Triple-Delta, not Seb,” Heidi said, crossing her arms.  “I can still report you to the Greek Council, you know.”

Amy rolls her eyes to show her disinterest, but deep down, she shudders to realize Heidi isn’t quite the pushover she thought.  The redhead eventually smiles in the same way a shark may just before devouring its prey.

“Oh, plebe, you really have no idea what you’re getting into, do you,” Amy said, almost warmly.  “That’s alright, I understand your concern, but your boyfriend is a part of this now whether you like it or not.”

“I-I…” Heidi begins.

“You do want to join the sorority, don’t you?” Amy asks with a pinched expression.

“Yes, Mistress Mars.”

“Good, then come to the house tonight at eight, and we’ll see if you have what we want,” she said.

Before Heidi can say anything, the powerful redhead heiress abruptly stands.  “Oh, and if you warn you’re wimpy boyfriend about this, you’re ‘dead’ to us.”

“Dead?  What is all this dead stuff?”

“Let me give you some advice,” the redhead said.  “Only once you’re dead can you truly live.”

With that, Amy leaves, not having even drunk a single drop of the coffee Heidi brought for her.

Well, that was weird,’ Heidi thought.


At eight pm, Heidi arrives at the sorority house and finds the large living room filled with sisters eagerly chatting, facing toward a large screen TV, but nothing is playing on it.  Amy and Gretel are waiting for the blonde plebe and quickly usher her into the president’s office and sits her behind the desk.  Set up on the desk are a laptop and an iPad with screens for Heidi.  The iPad seems to be playing a live feed from the living room where thirty sorority sisters are gathered.  Amy hands Heidi some ‘EarPods’ and tells her to put them in her ears.

Gretel said, “Amy told us, Craig Harris isn’t your boyfriend anymore?”

“Yes, Mistress Cox,” Heidi said with a frown.

“You didn’t tell us during ‘rush week’ when we bought it up, you naughty girl.”

“I don’t understand why it’s relevant, Mistress Cox,” Heidi said with a raised eyebrow.

“That’s enough of that,” Amy said, cutting the conversation.  “I’ll be coaching you as you go, telling you what to say,” she said matter of fact.

“Why am I seeing the girls in the living room,” Heidi asks, putting the EarPods in her ears.

“They’ll be watching everything on the TV in there, so you can see their reactions to the initiation tests,” Gretel Cox said matter-of-fact.  “The turnout, however, is disappointing, and that counts against you.  Once word got out you’re dating some wimpy nerd, well, your stocks fell.”

“Let’s hope this Rogers boy has what it takes,” Amy said coldly.  “If anyone of the girls holds up a placard with a ‘skull and crossbones’ on it, then you’re DOA.”

“So my acceptance into Triple-Delta hinges on Seb?” Heidi asks and gulps.

“Everything hinges on your boyfriend,” Amy said with a sly grin.  Of course, the redhead is thinking that Heidi is too good a soul to go through with what she’s proposing and feels great joy.  They already had one plebe quit tonight.

Heidi will be gone tonight, her horrid boyfriend doesn’t have what it takes.  He’s too weak,’ Amy thought.  “OK, are you ready?”

Heidi nods, her heart is pounding in her chest and hands trembling.  She knows Amy is going to make her say awful things to Sebastian, and she hopes she can fix things with him after it’s over.  The sorority sisters leave the office and Heidi types in the address to Sedation’s FaceTime account.  The blonde-haired teen knows he has an important paper due next week and will be in his dorm working on it.  She waits until Sebastian’s face appears with short blond hair and brown eyes, and largish ears framing his bony face.

“Hi, Heidi, I thought you were out with your friends tonight?” Sebastian said in his almost feminine voice.

“Hi, Seb, just calling to see how you are,” she said, smiling.

On the iPad, she can see the living room has gone quiet as the sisters watch a split-screen of her and Sebastian on the big screen TV.  Amy whispers in Heidi’s ear through the EarPods, telling her what to do, and it’s all the plebe can do to control her facial features after she hears what the redhead said.

“This paper is doing my head in,” Sebastian said, rolling his eyes.  “I just can’t seem to make Professor Jones’s equations work, and I’m stumped.  I really…”

“Ah, Seb, I need to tell you something,” Heidi interrupts him.


The instructions come through the EarPods, Heidi blushes, and her stomach drops.  This is much worse than she thought Amy would pull.

“I…Ah…” tears fill her eyes as what she’s about to say is just awful.  “I…cheated on you with a black guy.”

Heidi breaks out crying and covers her hands to her face.  To Sebastian, it makes her confession look true, but to Heidi, she grieves at breaking this good man’s heart so cruelly.

Amy suddenly whispers, “Tell him the black guy’s cock was huge, unlike his small dick.”

“I’m sorry, Seb,” Heidi sobs.  “I’m really sorry I have to tell you this.  But his black cock was just so big, and I needed a good fucking after putting up with your little guy for so long.”

Tears are running down Sebastian’s face now.  “Heidi, I knew this day would come, I really did,” he said with a trembling chin.  “The moment I confessed to you I like dressing in women’s clothes, I knew you’d eventually go looking for a manlier male.”

There’s a scream from the living room as all the sisters cheer at this unexpected confession from Sebastian.

Amy says into Heidi’s ear, “Omigod, I knew your boyfriend was a freak.  Ask him if he’s wearing any female clothes right now.”

Heidi does, and Sebastian said, “Yes, I’m wearing a pair of your panties I stole from your dorm room.”

Heidi gasps, she didn’t expect that answer, a without thinking she said, “Show me?”

Sebastian stands and pulls his sweatpants down, revealing a light blue pair of cotton panties, and there’s barely any bulge in the front.

“They fit me so nicely…” Sebastian said off-camera.  “I love how they feel on my dick too.”

Amy shouts, “Tell him to show us his dick.”

“Do they feel good on you?” Heidi asks.  “Show me your dick, Seb, pull those panties down.”

Without hesitation, Sebastian lowers the front of the panties, and there is his one-inch flaccid dick sitting on top of some small hairy balls.  The sisters in the living room all jeer at the sight, Heidi can see many of them breaking out into hysterical laughter, pointing at the TV, at the tiny useless pee-pee on display.  Sebastian’s balls are quite small, and that makes his dick seem even smaller.  There’s a little blob of pre-cum forming on the head.

Amy shouts, “Make fun of his baby dick.”

Heidi sighs.  She has known all along Sebastian is seriously unhung, but she liked him for his personality.  Now, the very type of cruelty she despised in other women, Heidi will have to show her boyfriend.  ‘Is joining this sorority worth it,’ she wonders for a moment.

“Omigod, you have a tiny dick,” Heidi said, staring at the penis slowly growing hard on the laptop screen.  “I guess I never worried about it before, but that is the smallest dick I’ve ever seen except on prepubescent boys.”

“I know,” Sebastian’s voice whined from the speaker.  “It’s pathetic, I know.”

“Is that why you like crossdressing?  Do you feel more like a girl than a boy because of your clitty dick?”

Amy whispers, “Great, keep going…”

YESSSSSSS,” Sebastian groans and starts stroking his dicklette to full hardness.

Now all the sisters can see that not only is Sebastian’s dicklette short in length, but it’s also severely lacking in girth too.  His pale white penis is a pin dick, a pencil dick, and would barely be three inches in circumference.

Amy whispers again, “Get him to measure it for us.”

“Measure it,” Heidi said coldly.  “I wanna see just how small you are.”

She glances at the iPad to see the sisters are still laughing at Sebastian’s puny dicklette.  The mirth grows louder as the boy holds a tape measure to his shaft and shows Heidi the number, his baby dick topping out at four-inches long.

“And girth?

The tape measure goes around the thin dicklette and, as she suspected, three inches.  The laugher is even louder now, and Sebastian notices for the first time.

“What’s that noise,” he asks.

“There’s a party on downstairs,” Heidi said.  “Don’t worry, the doors locked.  No one will come in.”

Amy said via the EarPods, “Make him jerk off for us.”

However, Heidi didn’t need to encourage Sebastian; after he put the tape measure down, he started jerking off anyway.

“How big was the black guy?” he asks, stroking his dick with two fingers.

“Nine inches long and very thick, the complete opposite of you,” Heidi said coldly, flinching from the sight and fighting a compulsion to flee.  “Does that make you feel horny, does it?  Knowing he could make me feel like a woman, and you can’t?”

Oh, God, Heidi,” Sebastian groans.  “I’m gonna cum…

Amy shouts, “Ruin it…Ruin it.”

Heidi watches and sees his tiny dick suddenly flex, and says, “Take your hand away, Seb…Stop jerking off now.”

But…But…I’m gonna cum…” Sebastian moans


Reluctantly, Sebastian pulls his hand away from his little dick, and moments later, several large squirts of semen fly from the tip.  The way he’s breathing tells everyone watching that the baby dick geek didn’t orgasm despite his ejaculation.  There’s applause from the living room.

“End the call,” Amy orders Heidi.

“We’ll need to talk about this some more,” Heidi said to Sebastian as he sits again, and she sees his reddened face.

“OK, when?” he asks.

Amy said, “Tell him you’ll call him tomorrow night at the same time.”

Heidi sighs.  “I’m busy, so I’ll FaceTime you again tomorrow night around the same time.”

“OK, and sorry about the panties,” Sebastian said meekly.

“Keep them, I don’t want them anymore.”

With that, she ends the call, and immediately her face falls into her hands, and the blonde starts crying.

I’m sorry, Seb,’ she thought.  ‘I’m so sorry.”


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