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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is so small he had lesbian sex…

My ex used to scissor me to get off. She used to try to ride me, but my gold member dick kept falling out of her pussy. So instead she just put her legs between mine, put my dick inside of her, and started grinding her clit on me. I obviously didn’t feel much pleasure besides just being inside her, but that was enough for me. She used to grind on me for hours and make herself have multiple clitoral orgasms. Afterward, I would get to fuck her however I wanted, and she would always suck me clean and say, “Thank you, lil guy.”


Another reader has an over-curious bridesmaid…

My wife has a friend named Holli who was a bridesmaid at our wedding. Holli and she have always been open throughout their friendship about relationships and particularly their love life. It’s always been a good open conversation where they can express how they feel about each other’s partners and how things are going in the bedroom. They are great friends who are always there for each other and enjoy hearing about the dissatisfaction and enjoyment of lovers.

My wife only told me of this aspect of their friendship after we got married because she knew how embarrassed I might be at the thought of her friend knowing about the things we indulge in privately. She has told me that she never went into any detail about how I like to be humiliated for my small penis (which I am relieved of) but she said that Holli for sure knows about my shameful size and in fact, has actually seen it years ago!

I couldn’t believe that for years I had been acting so casually around her friend without realizing that she was very aware of my little secret.

The way my wife explained what happened is that basically, Holli knew I was on the smaller side from the start of our relationship because my wife had always told her how well equipped past boyfriends were. Apparently, most close girlfriends know each other’s partners’ general size, at least if they are big or not. Anyway, she said that when she refused to tell Holli my size it was a red flag.

“What do you mean you can’t guess how big?” Holli was confused because they usually showed in just an estimated hand position.

My wife said that eventually, she let her know that I was on the smaller side compared to everyone in the past. Holli was comforting saying that it doesn’t mean it can’t be good sex. But she did want to know exactly what I was working with if she could find out.

My wife said she didn’t want to just measure it or anything cause it might embarrass me. So Holli suggested she just see a dick pic and judge for herself. My wife turned red and was against it at first but after some reassuring from Holli, my wife became convinced that it was no big deal… as long as it was just shown to her and not sent over the phone or anything.

I never sent dick pics to her while we were dating though because at the time I was honestly much more ashamed of its unimpressive profile so I never showcased it to send to anyone. Which means she had to take a pic herself to show Holli.

My wife said that while I was asleep one night she removed the covers off of me and snapped a pic of me flaccid. Obviously, it was incredibly small. Practically just the head sticking out over my balls.

She said she reluctantly showed Holli and she immediately started giggling covering her mouth saying, “Oh my god. That’s worse than I thought!”

My wife explained that it was a terrible angle because she didn’t want to wake me but that I’m not much to see hard either.

Holli said, “Well, I can’t really tell how much of a grower he is based on this, but he clearly isn’t a shower.”

My wife said she couldn’t think of a way to get me hard and take a pic without me knowing so this was the best she could do. Holli suggested blindfolding me while going down on me and secretly snapping one in between stroking. My wife was not willing to do that, so Holli settled with just imagining how disappointing I must look erect from the embarrassingly tiny nub she had seen.

All of this happened before we became married, so it wasn’t until our wedding reception while we were partying that Holli approached me saying, “You better treat my friend well! I know you will, but just take care of her.”

I nodded and agreed I would.

She then replied, “Especially with the honeymoon, do what you need to do to make it memorable, little guy.”

She glanced down towards my crotch while saying that last part. To which I assumed at first was just a joking playful quip. I had mentioned the brief conversation to my wife later in our honeymoon. In which she informed me that, of course, Holli knew I was small. And she in fact had seen my little guy before, and they had shared a good laugh at my expense.

I was so humiliated and somewhat excited at the same time knowing that a bridesmaid at my wedding had seen my penis in such a vulnerable state.


Meanwhile, this reader’s wife is having cravings…

Today my wife asked me to go pick up dinner from Subway. After she gave me her order I asked her if she wanted the 6 inch or footlong. She said no I’m fine with a tiny one like a 4 inch, do they come that small? I replied they have 3-inch kid subs. She said that’s fine I guess 4 inches was wishful thinking. I knew what she was doing and I loved it.


While SDC reader Astrokitten tells us… (1 month)

This is my true SPH experience story (with only names changed) and goes back to a time when I was dating a really cute dark blond girl called Amy. Don’t laugh too much, but annoyingly she started calling me Peewee all the time! This wasn’t just in private, but even when we were out in public, or with friends. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure why she did it. Perhaps she thought it was just a cute name, or perhaps I was noticeably smaller than her previous boyfriends, and she was enjoying teasing me a bit.

Now, I’m not super tiny down there, I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club, and the sex seemed great, so I ended up just playing it cool, and never asked her about the nickname. However, I guess it wasn’t entirely working for her, and she broke up with me after about three months. We still remained friends though (and yes, she still called me Peewee).

Looking back on that time, I think it represented a bit of a transition in my relationships. Before Amy, my girlfriends were young enough that they didn’t have much experience with other penis sizes. Amy was older and more experienced, as have my later girlfriends – once they’ve had a few partners, they know straight away that you’re small down there, and that seemed to shift the whole power dynamic for me. So, in retrospect, I’m sure that Amy was teasing me a little, it’s just that I hadn’t really encountered that with other girlfriends before.

Anyway, after Amy dumped me, I didn’t really get on that well with Amy’s new boyfriend, Andy. I guess I was really jealous of him going out with Amy after our breakup. Anyway, one time we went out for a meal in a big group, and I ended up paying for Andy, and a couple of other people.

The next day, Andy gave me a cheque to cover what he owed me. He had a bit of a smirk on his face, and I noticed straight away that he had written ‘Peewee’ between my first and last name on the cheque. I should have just got him to change it, but thought I’d just play it cool, and pay it in any way.

This was in the days before banking apps, so paying in a cheque required a trip to the bank in person – I hoped it would be relatively quick and painless. However, my heart sank when I got to the till, and locked eyes with the cashier. She was one of the cutest girls I had ever seen – about the same age as me (early-twenties back then), with naturally pretty girl-next-door looks. Just my type! Her long light brown hair was tied neatly back, and she was looking really sexy in a white blouse. There was instant electricity on my part, and I would definitely have flirted like mad with her in normal circumstances. Obviously, though, I still had the cheque to pay in, clutched in my hand, and couldn’t really back out now.

I figured though that the cashier was smartly dressed and very professional-looking, so I was still hoping to get this over with painlessly. Unfortunately, this hope disappeared instantly when I handed the cheque over. As soon as she saw the name on the cheque, she looked down and started to giggle uncontrollably. I swear she didn’t even try to stop! After filing the cheque, she looked me straight in the eye, still giggling, as she handed me the receipt. After that, it was a bit of a blur. All I could do was leave as rapidly as possible, totally humiliated and no doubt blushing bright red.

I’m sure she told everyone in the bank about me as soon as she could and, of course, I could never go into that branch ever again!

I’m still friends with Amy, and (thank God!) she’s stopped calling me Peewee now. However, in retrospect, a part of me quite enjoyed that humiliation from the cashier. In any case, I’m sure she loved seeing me humiliated like that and remembers that day even now. I can only imagine how many people she’s told about my small penis – it’s probably her favorite party story. I can’t lie though, there’s a bit of a thrill to it, and part of me would love to bump into her again, and have her giggle uncontrollably in exactly the same way.


This reader has some interesting family experiences…

When I was younger I used to see my Dad having sex with my mom pretty regularly they were never shy about that stuff and I would see my Dad’s fully grown man cock inside her. One time I actually saw him climax inside her. I used to ask him when I saw him if my willy would be as big as his when I was older and he would say yes, but he was wrong. Growing up my penis was always bigger than my little bros because I’m 2 years older and when we would be in the bath I would make fun of the fact that mine was bigger but that changed when we hit puberty. When I was younger for some reason I was walking around my mom’s room with no bottoms on just a top. At this point, my balls had dropped and I had pubes and everything and I remember my mom saying that even though I had hit puberty I was still her little boy because my willy hadn’t grown big like Daddy’s. I also remember being on the bed kneeling in front of her and getting fully hard and she just laughed. Now when I hit like 14 my mom actually started to get worried about my size as my younger bro was basically the same size as me. Once, when I came out of the shower, I went through with my towel wrapped around my waist and I removed my towel to put it in the wash basket whilst she was in the room and I exposed my hairy little cock to her. After that, both she and my Dad sat down with me and had a discussion about how it was small and nothing like my Dad’s. My brother would make fun of me too.


Another reader is cuckolded by his girlfriend…

I started hanging out with a girl Mallory one summer. She had just been dumped by her bf of 4 years. He was the only guy she had ever been with and said she wanted to take things slow with me. I asked her to be my girlfriend before the summer was over, and she said yes. She was the first girl I ever ate out and I must’ve been good because she wanted me to do it every time we were together. Three months of me eating her out, and she still had not seen or touched my dick. I’m a silver member of the small dick club so I wasn’t too upset with waiting on that part of the relationship. A couple of weeks later while we were making out, and she climbed on top of me to start dry humping. That went on for a minute and she told me to take my pants and boxers off.

We were both naked, and she was grinding on my dick. It was incredible. I lasted about 30 seconds, and she laughed. Luckily the lights were off, so she didn’t see what I was working with. She definitely felt it though. Well maybe. After that anytime we got busy we would make out, then we would get naked and dry hump until I came. Then I would eat her out. It was crazy. The situation seemed odd, but I felt good about it. I was still borderline addicted to SPH and cuckold porn but also having sexual contact with a female. I was happy. We dated all through that school year, and it seemed like we were both in love with each other.

After a graduation party, I drove her to her car, and she dropped a bomb on me. She hit me with the sob story and started crying. “Im so so so sorry, I know I fucked up, and I know you’re gonna hate me.”

“Chillout,” I said. “What is it?”

“I’m scared to tell you because I love you so much and don’t wanna lose you.”

“It’s fine,” I said but feeling worried. “Just tell me.”

Then she said, “I had sex with Joe in Panama.” For Spring Break Mallory, Joe, Shaylin, and I all went to Panama. I was shocked that she would do that to me. I was there! I got so pissed I jumped out of the car and slammed the door. She followed me saying, “Babe, I’m so sorry. We were drunk, and it was stupid. I don’t wanna lose you. I love you.”

I was so pissed and upset I started crying. “Of all the people you have to fuck my best friend! I was there! On the trip!” I said.

She tried to hug me, but I pushed her away. “Are you breaking up with me?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I gotta go.” I said.

I wasn’t turned on by it at first. Just hurt. I had a lot of things going through my mind. We hadn’t even had sex, but she fucked my best friend on spring break. Which made me think this probably wasn’t the first guy she cheated on me with. The hurt didn’t last long. Soon after I was fantasizing about all the guys she was probably having sex with behind my back. We weren’t having sex, so she had to be getting it from someone.

A week went by, and I finally agreed to go to her apartment to talk. By the end of our very long, tearful conversation we were back together. We started doing our thing, naked and dry humping when she asks, “Do you want to put it in?”

I stuttered “Y-yeah,” and started to put it inside her vagina.

“Wait, we need a condom,” she said as she reached into her drawer and grabbed one.

I thought a lot of things at that moment. Why did she have condoms if we didn’t even have sex? They could’ve been from her last boyfriend. Maybe she got them just for that night. I kept that all inside my head, and didn’t say anything. I fumbled around with the condom and finally got it on. That was my first time ever putting one on, and it looked like it didn’t belong on me. I barely had to roll it down, and it was very loose. I went with it and entered her. The whole thing lasted 10 seconds, and I came. I laid there for a bit, and she laughed. When I got up she quietly screeched as she pulled the condom out of her.

“It fell off! You came inside me!” Then she laughed and said, “I guess you’ll be buying Plan B tomorrow.”

We settled in to watch a movie, and she said, “That was wild. I’ve never had a condom fall off before!”

I laughed and said, “I guess I better get the right size if we’re gonna do that again.”

She chuckled and said, “Aww.. Poor little guy,” as she lightly squeezed my crotch.

She had never made a comment like that before, so I didn’t know what to say. I chose to laugh and say nothing as I quickly got hard again.


Meanwhile, this reader finds movie night is a nightmare…

Several years ago I was watching a movie with a friend and his girlfriend (I can’t remember the name of the movie). Anyway, at one point there was full-frontal male nudity. The actor’s soft penis looked average but he had very low hanging balls. So, my friend’s girlfriend said, “Is it even really a penis if it doesn’t hang below the balls?”

To be honest, this dude’s dick was bigger soft than I am hard (Silver Member), and I turned bright red. My friend’s girl looked right at me and started laughing. I told her that some guys are growers, and she snapped back, “That’s usually what guys with small dicks say to make themselves feel better.”

She never looked at me the same again.


While this reader can’t fill a pair of panties…

So I have been friends with this girl for about 10 years. We met on an online forum for youth that liked metal. We played some games and talked a lot. But it was never sexual between us, even if we would talk a lot about sex. A couple of years into our friendship and her already knowing about my crossdressing, we are both bored one weekend and I let her know that I was probably just going to crossdress in my apartment to get some excitement. I was whining over text that I hated shaving my legs and she asks, “Why aren’t you waxing?”

I respond that I don’t know how and it seems painful. She lets me know, that it’s not that painful and that she will gladly help me out and teach me. So I accept and she tells me she will get everything I need and to just pay her for it later.

The next day comes, and she arrives in the evening with wax strips, I’m dressed and in my usual jeans and t-shirt, so she tells me to go change so that she can wax my legs. I have completely normal thoughts, and just go into my bedroom and put on a pair of shorts. When I get back into the living room where she is waiting for me. She says, “For fucks sake, come here”

And pulls me into the bedroom and asks where my crossdressing clothes are. I just point to a drawer and she starts pulling out a skirt and a pair of panties, she tells me that I can keep the shirt on, as we are only doing the legs. She tells me to get dressed and then leaves. So I quickly get dressed and walk outside. Without any further delays, she starts waxing me from my ankles, and it sure fucking hurts, and she’s is enjoying every second of it. My thought was that we were just going to be going a bit above the knees, as I usually wear a somewhat long skirt. So going any further would be unnecessary.

But she keeps going, and when I start to protest, both out of modesty and pain she just tells me to stop being a pussy. Eventually, she gets to the upper part of my thigh and she lifts up my skirt without even letting me know before and sees my limp 1.5″ soft penis neatly tucked away in the panties she chose. She immediately starts laughing and I get angry as I haven’t yet developed an SPH fetish. She tells me that’s the smallest penis she has ever seen on a grown man, and I keep getting more embarrassed and angry. But she eventually relents, apologizes, and I let her finish my full bottom waxing. We hang out and drink a bit, while she talks about the many men that have fucked her, and eventually leaves.

We are still friends and she stills teases me for my size, and sends me pictures of smaller dildos letting me know that my girlfriend would probably get more pleasure from them. She will also find different bodies, and panties and tell me to order them and send a picture of me in them, which I do as I can no longer say no to her.


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