The Shoe Thief: Part 2

By Imran.

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Part 2…

I spent most of the evening standing naked in front of my parents and younger brother and repeatedly being put in the murga position. Eventually, I was allowed to get dressed, eat my food and go to bed. The following day was just as awkward. My dad had already left for work, and my mum was giving me the silent treatment.

My younger brother annoyed me by repeatedly saying, “I saw you naked, and my penis is bigger than yours. And I’m going to tell the whole school about it.”

Mum told him, “Everyone saw Imran’s little worm of a dick. You don’t need to say anything. They all know about it.”


I devoured my breakfast and went to keep an eye out for my friend as we usually walk to school together.

I saw him walking down, and I met him outside. I told him about what happened yesterday, and he said he already knew. I asked him, “Who told you?”

He replied, “My sisters (aged 15 and 9). They were in their class and heard the thief was caught, and they could hear the beatings happening. They were in dad’s car and saw you walking home naked.” He said, “My dad was at the meeting on the weekend, and I knew they would try to catch the thief by keeping a watch outside. So I pretended to be sick and didn’t come to class, but I couldn’t warn you.”

He asked me for details of what happened, and I told him, “I got stripped naked, and I got caned by the Molvis and parents, and all the Molvis were in the room, and about fifteen parents plus more in the hallway and lots of boys they all saw me naked.”

My friend said, “My sisters and parents were laughing at you from the car, saying, ‘Imran deserved it,’ and my sisters were hearing people saying, ‘Imran has a tiny penis.’”

He found it funny that I was naked in front of Bilal’s mum and asked if other women were there.

I told him, “There were a couple of young girls in the room. But when I got naked, they disappeared, so I’m not sure if they saw me naked, but it was just Bilal’s mum and another woman I didn’t know.

“The girls’ teacher saw me and tried to stop the girls from looking, but they all looked, and their eyes were faster than my hand. They got to see my penis before I could cover it up. And then there were still many people outside because my dad had promised them I would walk home naked. They all stayed to see if it happened, but I kept my hand covering my bum and cock the whole way home.”


By the time we got to school, half the school had heard about it, and it looked like all the kids were gossiping, spreading the news, and even telling teachers (in those days, punishments were standard). We had football practice that morning, and in the locker room, a few kids told me to get naked and bend over for an ass whooping. After games, we hit the showers, and my friend saw the bruises on my bum. I always faced away from him and everyone else, and I always kept a hand on my dick all the time so no one had seen my penis. But a few kids from the evening school who saw me get beaten were telling everyone about my dick and how small it was. It was so humiliating.

Everyone was at that age of development and wanted to show off their newly developed body parts. Girls wore tight/revealing tops and padded bras to show off their newly grown breasts, and boys used to walk around the changing rooms waving their cocks around. Most of the boys used to walk around naked, and I was definitely the smallest in the class and maybe even the school, so I kept it covered at all times.

But now my secret was out. I was in the shower, and my friend had already gotten out of the shower, and a few boys came up to me and ordered me to turn around. I turned around and looked at the four boys. They were the classroom bullies. They had come out of the showers with towels around their waists. The leader of the group was already very developed. He used to stand in the shower and do helicopters with his cock, sending water in all directions. He loved showing off his cock and bragging about how big it was.

His name was Jason. He told me to move my hand and show them my dick. I refused. Jason said, “Just show us. We promise we won’t laugh,” looking at each other laughing.

I knew they were lying. I refused again, and Jason grabbed my arm. His friends joined in and wrestled my hands away and pinned my arms to the wall, and laughed at my less-than-an-inch soft penis. Jason dropped his towel to reveal his long white cock and started moving his hips so his penis was flying side to side. He had one of the biggest cocks in the year. He was easily five inches soft.

They started calling all the boys to come to look. My dick looked even more pathetic next to Jason’s cock. The other three dropped their towels to reveal their cocks, but they were not as big as Jason’s but still way bigger than mine. Luckily, just as the other boys, including my friend, started to enter the shower area, one of the teachers heard the shouting and came to see what was happening. The bullies let me go.

About fifteen of the kids(out of about thirty) saw me naked. I was being teased all day. I was getting bullied by the girls as well. It was the same for the rest of the week. It was nonstop teasing. Everyone kept saying take off your clothes and bend over or show us your tiny dick. Luckily we only had games once a week, but I dreaded Friday. I was hoping that whoever it was they collect the money before I got home, so I didn’t get another beating. My prayers were answered. The parents collected their money early, so I was saved.


Even though I was saved from a naked beating from a stranger, I still had my family to deal with. My dad had invited his cousin and his family over for dinner that weekend, but the real reason they were invited soon became apparent. After we had all eaten, he called me into the room where he, his cousin, and the older boys were sitting and talking. My dad told me to strip naked. I asked him why and he aggressively told me to do it.

So I reluctantly started stripping in front of my dad’s cousin and three teenage sons. As I dropped my underwear, I made sure I had my penis covered, the three boys were smirking at me, and my dad told me to move my hand. The uncle said to my dad, “Are you sure you want to do this,” to my dad.

My dad replied, “It’s okay. The whole area saw Imran naked. Besides your family, what are a few more people? It will not make much difference after he walked down the street naked.

I looked to the floor and moved my hands. I knew it would be easier to do as I was told.

My dad asked his cousin for advice, “Cousin, you have six boys. Is that penis normal for a thirteen-year-old?”

His cousin stared at my penis, trying to keep a straight face. He replied smiling, “I don’t think that’s normal for his age, but I didn’t see any of my boys naked at Imran’s age. The wife always bathed or saw them naked so she could answer better than me. But if you’re asking me, I would say it’s not normal.”

My dad asked if he thought his wife would mind looking at it as she’s had six boys and might be able to give some advice on where he should be in development. He doesn’t have a clue, as I’m the oldest, and it’s his first time dealing with puberty/penis size issues. The cousin hesitated and said, “You could ask her. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.”

He then told the boys to go and tell their mum to come to the front room and keep the younger boys in the other room until they finished. My dad told me to face away, and a minute later, she was at the door, and my dad and his cousin went and spoke to her in the hallway. Eventually, they all came back in. She let out a laugh as she walked in. Seeing me naked, she said to my dad, “You didn’t say you had the poor child standing naked.”

She grabbed my shoulder and told me to turn around. I turned and looked into her eyes. As I turned, she looked straight at my penis, then looked me in the eyes, and I faced away. She got on her knees for a better look.

She said, “It’s definitely underdeveloped and should have grown by now.” She told my dad, “All my boys were Imran’s penis size between the ages of four and seven, so using my sons’ sizes as a guide, Imran is probably about the size of a five-year-old. You should take him to the doctor because if his penis is not growing by now, it might never grow. They might be able to give Imran medicine to make it grow.”

I just stood red-faced, listening to her. She then grabbed a tissue from the table and used it to feel my penis. She squeezed it a few times and told my dad, “Imran’s tiny penis feels very soft and weak.” Then she asked me, “Does it ever get bigger or become strong?”

I said, “No,” even though it does get hard, but I wasn’t going to tell her that.

My dad told me to get dressed, and he told her my eleven-year-old brother was bigger than me and even had a few hairs on his groin area. I quickly put on my underwear. I had turned my back to them. They hadn’t noticed I had a boner from the aunty touching me. It was only about two inches, so it was still tiny.

I put on my trousers and top and tried to leave the room, but my aunt grabbed my hand and stopped me, saying, “Don’t worry, Imran. It will be OK. Everything will be OK.”

She tried her best to reassure me, but I just wanted to get out of the room and hide in my room till they left.


Everywhere I went, I was being made fun of. It didn’t matter if I was home or in school. It was constant humiliation. The following week after games, I didn’t shower. I just got changed, so I survived any locker room humiliation, but my luck had run out on Friday. I returned from school, and my food was already on the table. My mum said, “Your dad is on his way home. He wants you naked in the front room by the time he gets home.”

I knew there was no point appealing if I didn’t do as I was told it would just make things worse, so I went and stripped off and handed my clothes to my mum by opening the door just enough to pass them, and I waited, just looking out the window. I could see my dad walking up with the Molvi and the man who had insisted on me being naked. My dad walked in first and told me to stand in the corner facing the wall.

The two men then came in and sat down, and dad asked if they wanted any tea, and they both said no. My dad got his pay envelope and handed the man the money. He had paid to replace his son’s shoes and told him if he wanted to punish me, he had no objection as he’s already stripped me of any dignity I had left. There was silence for a bit then I heard him get up.

He picked up the slipper my dad had put by the fireplace and told me to turn around. He said, “Your father is such a good man. How could you do this to him?”

He told me to bend over the coffee table and unleashed about a dozen hits in a row.

He said, “If you were anyone else’s son, I would not have stopped.”

I went back to facing the wall till they left, and that’s how it went every Friday for about five months. At school, after games, some weeks, the boys (mostly Jason and his friends) would make fun of me in the showers and force me to show my dick to everyone. Then I would come home from school on Fridays and get naked and wait for someone to turn up to collect money. Sometimes there were beatings other times, they just took the money and went.

Other times no one turned up and would come later or the next day, so I got naked twice. Some bought their kids to watch to show them what happens if you steal or misbehave. Every week was humiliating, but two other Fridays stood out the most compared to the rest, and a couple of minor humiliations at school before I got another big humiliation from Jason.


To Be Continued…?


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