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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets compared to a chipolata…

Recently, I experienced some mild SPH from my wife in front of friends and family at a BBQ. My wife approached me at the BBQ and selected the largest sausage on the grill. I jokingly said, “It’s typical of you to pick the biggest sausage.” Just a bit of banter.

But then she grabbed my groin and said pretty loudly, “This little chipolata could never fill me up and satisfy me.”

Ouch! Several people overheard her, smirked, and whispered mutterings, leaving me bright red, with my little dick hardening at the wife’s briefest touch.

A week later, we had a family meal with the sister-in-law’s family. I sat opposite her, and the evening was going along just fine.

A discussion started concerning the latest round of drinks delivered to the table. My particular pint glass was frosting and had more bubbles than the others. After the discussion had finished, I decided to clean the frosting from the glass.

Holding the top with my left hand, I wiped down the frosting with my right. I’d not done a particularly great job of it, and my sister-in-law stared right back at me and said, “You made a right hash of that. But I guess you’re not used to using both hands.”

At which point she made the 🤏 sign with her finger and thumb.

Cue smirks from my wife and sister-in-law.


Another reader unexpectantly meets some of his students at a nude beach…

Hi all! I’m forty years old and have a tiny dick: 1.5 inches soft, a Gold Member hard, very thin, and a pair of little balls to go along.

I often go to a nudist beach near my place. I love the feeling of swimming naked and the « out of judgment » spirit of the naturist community. This activity allowed me to push back my complex at a young age. But it also gave me the most humiliating moment of my life.

One day I decided to spend the afternoon at the beach. The weather was good. I chose a place and, as I do all the time, I went to the beach to take a walk. Lost in my thoughts, I was looking at the open sea, my little freshly shaved penis shriveled due to the breeze which blew that day, when I heard a voice behind me.

“Good morning Mr. L.”

I haven’t mentioned that I’m a high school teacher and immediately recognized one of my students, Laura, in that voice. Laura, the little minx, a young gossipy, and popular girl with whom I had several verbal altercations since the start of the school year. My heart began to race, but I was stuck. I slowly turned back to face not one, but two of my students as Laura went with her friend May.

Laura is a pretty blonde girl, 5’5, with long hair, an already fully developed pair of nice boobs, and a blonde pussy too. May was a tall (5’9) and slim brunette with dark skin and a couple of little titties.

They seemed very at ease being naked in front of me. I was stunned.

“I was sure it was you. Do you often come here?” Laura asked.

“Ummm, good morning, girls. Erm, yes, pretty often, and you?” I said.

“We are with my mom and my little brother. We come here sometimes. I’ve been a naturist since I’m a little girl. May comes with us sometimes.”

She got a large grin and looked right into my eyes, but I could see her take some glances at my retracted penis. I could also see May trying to retain a giggle. I was dying of shame. I tried to end this awful episode.

“Well, girls, have a good day, and see you tomorrow in class.”

“Don’t go, sir. I want to introduce you to my mom. She’s here,” answered Laura pointing to a place nearby.

I couldn’t refuse without appearing rude, and I didn’t want to let others see my embarrassment. So I followed the girls trying to be calm and chat. Laura introduced me to her mother, a beautiful brown-haired woman, 5’5, with small boobs and a slim and tanned body. She was an accustomed naturist. Even if she took a quick look at my crotch, she had little more than a smirk and didn’t seem to pay attention to it. We talked for five minutes, and the girls stood a few steps away from us when a little boy, about eight years old, honey-wheat blond, ran to us.

“Here’s my son Jonas,” Laura’s mother said.

“Nice to meet you, young man,” I said pleasantly.

The child stayed near his mother while we went back to our conversation. After a while, I realized that the two teenagers didn’t stop looking in my direction, trying to retain laughter and talking in a low voice. Trying to figure out what they were looking at, I realized that from their position, they had a direct view of me and Jonas, who was between his mother and me. I looked down and was horrified by what I saw. I looked alternately at my penis and the little boy’s one. It was evident that his genitals were bigger than mine in length and width, and his nuts were slightly less developed, making my cock even more ridiculous.

Laura’s mother followed my gaze, and her grin widened suddenly. She spoke to her son. “Jonas, my BIG boy, would you like to play further, please.”

She emphasized the ‘big,’ and the girls burst out laughing.

“Girls, don’t be mean. Stop that,” she said to the teenagers.

I tried to put a brave face on it and returned to my towel a few moments later, thinking that two of my students had seen me naked and had found that my dick was smaller than an eight-year-old weenie. The rest of the school year has been difficult.


Meanwhile, this reader likes being a member of our exclusive club…

Hey All, I’ve been having the Missus measure me quite a bit because I LOVE being smaller than almost everyone else, so I like to check. The ruler says I am barely a silver member of the small dick club (so close to being a gold member, damn it). So, I am EXTRA SMALL down there. DAMN, that means my erection is smaller than something like 99% of guys out there. WAY COOL! Anyways, I am thrilled and even happier still because my Missus enjoys that I’m small. So, yesterday evening I fucked her with my little dicklette and blasted away in about forty seconds! LIFE IS GOOD! Hydration, blood pressure medication, and how tired one is making a difference. Lucky for me, even at my largest of the last few years, I was marginally bigger but STILL SMALLER than nearly everyone else. I only wish more small guys could be as happy with their smallness as I am. I hope one day it shrinks further to gold member status.


While this reader gets caught naked too…

My wife’s friend has been coming over for weekly house cleaning for the past few months. She’s beautiful, has an athletic body, and always wears tight-fitting yoga pants and workout shirts that accentuate her figure. We always chat it up when she’s here, borderline flirty. I liked to pretend I had a chance.

Last Sunday, I got in from the gym while she was cleaning downstairs. I have a great pump in my arms and shoulders, which means less blood elsewhere. I’m in my room undressing and getting ready for a shower. I guess she doesn’t realize I’m back and walks right in. I’m standing there fully naked, with my penis resembling a large acorn resting above my balls. I did my best to cover up fast but not fast enough. I watched her eyes move down. Then her hands moved to her mouth as she let out a muffled “Sorry” while she gently giggled as she walked out.

I stayed upstairs in my room until she left. I didn’t tell my wife, but she said she heard what happened. I pried for details, but there were none. I tried to convince my wife to cancel her cleaning, but she’s happy with her work and says I’m just going to have to deal with it. She’s coming tomorrow, and I’ll be gone while she’s here. I don’t know how I can face her.


This reader spied on his girlfriend’s phone and got a shock…

So for some context, I have been dating this girl for about two years, and yes, my dick is small. Still, I’ve never really lacked confidence in it and tried to make the most out of it, I know I’ve never made her cum just from penetration, but I do everything else to get her off and thought she was happy with it. Well, one day, she was taking a shower, and I looked at her phone to see the time, and she got a message, and it took me there, and I saw they were talking in a group chat about their current boyfriend’s size and mine casually says, ‘He’s a gold member of the small dick club if you know what I mean.’ Like yeah, that was great to see. I left immediately and said I got called into work, but it’s terrible to think about it. I’m sure all the girlfriends I’ve had thought that but seeing it shook me up. I didn’t know if I wanted to date her anymore. I felt so embarrassed.


Another Reader finds a way to get his wife to be honest about his size…

I’m a Bronze Member/nearly average when hard. So I guess medically, it’s good enough, but not impressive.

My wife always said, “It was the same as her previous guys,” or, “It gets the job done,” etc.

Just vague things about how it didn’t matter to her. She was happy.

One night we decided to look at stuff online and stumbled across a size chart, she thought it was silly, but I knew this was my chance. We got out the measuring tape, followed all the instructions to a tee, plugged them in, and the site said I was around the bottom 10%. She was honestly surprised, and it was such a hot reaction. She claimed that she knew it was a little smaller, the soft size a shock when she first saw it, but she knows about growers/showers, so she didn’t care. But the hard size being in that low percentage was surprising to her. She said she had no idea, and then we talked about ways I’ve been embarrassed before in the locker room, etc.

It was so hot and such an excellent forcing function to get her to have to say it out loud.


Meanwhile, this reader’s wife dishes out the smack talk with no problems…

I’ve been training for the last eight months, going from 180 lbs to 215lbs. I’ve gained a lot of weight and built some muscles. So in that aspect, I’ve been feeling great. Never used any drugs and just ate healthy.

Anyways, after my workout, I decided to head straight home to shower. My legs were pumped, and most of my blood flow focused on them. So obviously, my penis shrank even more. And having a cold shower did not help it look any bigger, either. As I was coming out of the shower, my wife opened the bathroom door.

“Yuck,” she screams. “Your dick is fucking tiny! It got even smaller! What the fuck?” she freaks out so loud I’m sure the neighbors heard. “You should stop training before you run out of dick! Do you shower at the gym looking like that? I hope not! Coz we sometimes go together!” she added.

“Well, that’s why I shower here,” I said.

“You better! Guys at the gym have big dicks! I’m sure you know! I notice their pants when they go. Of course, I notice the guys with zero bulges, including you! Ahahahahah, it looks so funny! Go put something on, dear!”

My dick looked like an acorn that fell in a bush.


While this reader had friends, the benefits were lacking…

I met and befriended a couple (M33 and F35) more than a decade ago. This was back when I was still 22 years old and single. How I met them is an entire book on its own. All I’m going to say is that they are in love but are having issues “sexually.” It got so bad that it threatened their relationship.

The short story is that Buddy had an accident a year and a bit before I met them. He broke his right femur, leaving him sidelined and jobless. But the worst part is that the accident messed him up real bad. He lost more than 100 lbs and had erectile dysfunction. For a guy who looked like a world-beater with an 8-inch cock. That’s rough.

Again how they were able to think they could trust me or even think I’d agree is a long story. The gist is that I said, “YES.”

To rekindle their sexual desires, they asked me if I could have a threesome with them. Of course, I said Yes. She is 5’6″, has a bubbly personality, and is a total of 10. She’s a BBW, and I found her sexy in addition, with DDs for tits, it was hard to even think about saying NO.

I did not expect it to be such an odd setup. We 3 were in bed, but only the two were fucking. I was only there for his motivation and to watch. Sometimes I was asked to film. What got him hard was me there naked with my silver member boner. He wanted to show his Lady that he was the bigger man. All I was allowed to do was stare at them fucking, occasionally touch her tits, and beat my tiny dick off as they were fucking. as a bonus of sorts. I asked her to spread her legs and show me her dripping pussy. This made me cum so hard on her, but he anticipated it and prevented my cum from going all over her pussy by putting his palm on my little throbbing dick. I felt so cheated, but despite what happened the first time, I returned to their bed countless times. They were my friends with benefits but without me totally benefiting, just humiliation and a lot of ruined orgasms. Part of me thought that if only I stuck out a little longer, I could at least taste her pussy.

And after months of obliging to their request, she finally asked if I could fully join them. At first, Buddy was reluctant, so he had her stroke my dick first but only with her two fingers. This way, she can feel his man has the upper hand. The next time he had her swallow both my dick and balls. She made quick work of them little guys. Until the time finally came for me to penetrate her, but not without any objections from Buddy. He had me stroke his cock while she was blowing him before I could fuck her. All I could think of while stroking his girthy massive cock was the taste of her sweet-looking pussy.

And when I got my dick inside her after months of waiting. All I got was two minutes of full-on SPH from her. Telling her hubby how I felt so small and that she couldn’t feel me. She asked me to go deeper, but that was it. She even purposely let it slip out of her pussy and laughed as I attempted to put it back in to make a point. And even without effort, her pussy was so loose my hard four incher would have popped out anyway. Her pussy felt like my dick is dipping in a sink full of warm water. To her was her baby dick, and her hubby was the man.

Our relationship went on for more than a year. Until I moved out of the area, occasionally, we said hi to each other on social media.


This reader gets some hot tub humiliation…

My fiancé and I had bought a hot tub. We picked out the one that seated four people comfortably. Even though only we used it, her best friend had an open invitation to use it whenever she liked. One evening I just glanced out into the backyard and saw my fiancé in the hot tub. I thought this would be an excellent time to skinny dip since I was almost sure we were alone in the house at the moment. I went and stripped in our room and headed back to get into the tub.

It was a lovely day out, so I was probably one inch soft. My dick can be shorter, depending on the circumstances. As soon as I walk outside, I hear someone talking, but my fiancé is just sitting there. I walk out past the deck. The supporting pillar to the deck had also obscured her best friend, sitting in the hot tub. I guessed that she got in while I had gotten undressed. I wanted to turn around and go back inside, but they both had already seen me.

“Honey, what are you doing?” my fiancé asked loudly.

I apologize sincerely. “I’m sorry, Tammie, I thought it was just my fiancé out here alone, but I can see you girls are having some girl time!”

“It’s cool, man. You think you’re the only one who loves to skinny dip?” Tammie said.

She was laughing, but I was sure that was because the situation was funny, not because of my size. Then my fiancé said something I didn’t expect her to say because she had seen my dick thousands of times.

“What’s going on with your penis?” my fiancé said.

She motioned towards my one-inch soft dick, then looked at her friend and laughed. We were all pretty comfortable around each other. I think they had been drinking as well.

Her friend says, “Thank God I’m not the only one who noticed!”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked my fiancé genuinely confused

But Tammie answered, “Your dick is so fucking tiny, man!”

I wanted to cover up so badly but didn’t want the girls to know I was embarrassed. “Sorry guys, it’s cold, shrinkage and all that. Haha. Not my best look, I’ll admit.”

It was a warm day outside, but I’m hoping they were too hot in the hot tub to notice. I was looking at her friend and noticed she was in a string bikini that left little to the imagination and had a face full of makeup. I started to get erect being naked in front of a new girl and given her current almost naked state. It was hard not to get hard. I apologized again and then walked back inside before either of them noticed my growing state.

Before I closed the door fully, I eavesdropped to hear Tammie ask my fiancé, “Is it always that small?”

“Yes! He’s full of shit. It’s not cold at all.”

They both cackled loudly as I slowly shut the door, embarrassed even though I was hard at the time. It took me a while to come to terms with being outed like that. I can finally talk about it. I am proud to have a story like this to reflect on.


Another reader has an experience that’s random…

My story is that I was at work and notified that I needed to go h a random urine test on the spot (they do it for drugs). I was so focused that I forgot I was wearing pink lace panties. The ‘tester’ was comprehensive and made me pull down my pants to my knees. He saw my pink lace cheekies, looked wide-eyed at me, and then said. “It’s fine. Just go ahead and pee.”

He then got in front of me, looked down quickly, and started to stare (I was in full turtle mode).

He said, “You must pull it out so I can see the urine come out.”

“OK, I’ll try, but sometimes it won’t come out,” I said.

“OK. Well, just pull it out so I can see it.”

I turned more toward him and said, “I’m sorry, but this is as far as I can pull it out.”

Using my thumb and index finger. “Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that’s as big as it got. You know. Regulations,” he said.

“It’s fine,” I said. “I’m sure this happens a lot for you.”

He laughed. “No, you are the first. And the first male I’ve seen wearing lady’s underwear.”

As he trailed off, looking at my tiny soft penis, I quickly laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess. I’m slightly below average, but I get where you’re coming from. I find ladies’ underwear way comfier anyway.”

“Yeah?” He laughs. “No ‘normal’ guy could fit his cock into lady’s panties.”

And with that, I was done, and we signed the paperwork and left.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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