The Perfect Fit

By eviltwin52.

I watched them dancing together. Him, tall, well built, handsome. Even at 40 his thick and wavy black hair was full and well groomed. Tinges of gray on his temples gave him an air of sophistication.

Cindy’s eyes were lit up and anyone watching could see that she was enjoying herself with him. That became painfully obvious when I heard a woman at a near-by table tell her escort, “Don’t they make a beautiful couple?”

“Shhh. Her husband is sitting right next to you.”

But that lady was right. They made a beautiful couple. Cindy and I had arrived first. Jack had made the reservations and when we got there and gave his name, the Matre de showed us to his favorite table.

We entered as a couple but when Jack arrived, he was clearly with my wife and I no more than a third wheel.

Hearing that woman state the obvious made my dick twitch. It’s been like that ever since Cindy and I discussed her taking a lover. And here we are now, celebrating his arrival in our lives. But they were more than a beautiful couple. He is our Master and she his willing whore.

It was only two weeks past that my life changed forever. When I got home from work and greeted my wife. “johnnie, we need to talk,” she said.

Those are words no married man who loves his wife wants to hear. So, with my heart beating hard, I asked if she was leaving me.

“Oh, sweetheart, no. No way. I love you. I would never leave you.”

Relieved, I then asked what she wanted to discuss.

Sitting next to me, Cindy took my hand in hers. “This is difficult for me to talk about, johnnie. But it has to be said.”

“Listen Cindy, as long as it isn’t you leaving, anything else will be a relief.”

She began to give me a rundown of our problems. “Now johnnie, you know you are always working. You know how many times I’ve tried to get you to pay attention to me. Every time I wear something sexy, something I think might light a spark in you, you respond by turning over and going to sleep.”

“Come one, Cindy. You know how tired I am after a long day.”

“I do, johnnie, really. But when you do make love to me, you always finish before I do and you just turn over and go to sleep.”

I listened staring at my hands in my lap.

Taking my chin in her hand, Cindy raised my face. Looking me in the eye, she swore she wasn’t trying to hurt me. “Please believe me babe. This next part is very hard for me.”

“She held my hand and told me that my dick was not up to par. “You know I had a couple lovers in college, johnnie. I know you and I got together and I pretended I liked what you did for me. The truth is I faked it hoping I’d grow out of needing whatever you want to call it.”

“A bigger cock,” I said. “You need a bigger cock.” It was more of an accusation than a statement.

She let go of my hand and stood up. “I knew you couldn’t just hear me out. I told you this was hard for me and yet you are already accusing me when I haven’t even finished.”

“I’m sorry, Cindy. Please. Come back and finish. I promise I won’t interrupt you again.”

She stood looking at me. There was a sadness in her eyes that I knew needed to be addressed.

Sitting back next to me, she took a deep breath. “Well, you were right.”

Waiting for her to finish the room grew quiet.

“You’re not going to ask me what you were right about?”

“I don’t need to hon.”

“Well, what do you suggest?”

“Me? What do I suggest? Are you serious?”

“Oh, I’m serious alright. Since you’re the cause of my problem, I thought maybe you’d like to help me resolve them.”

“Huh?” I wasn’t sure that I heard her right. “You want me to find you a lover?”

“Thank you, johnnie, I knew you’d understand,” she smiled and kissed my cheek. “I just know you’ll find us the perfect fit.” Then she turned and walked out of the room humming.

Did she just say the perfect fit for us? My head was spinning.

I followed her and asked what she meant about that “us” thing.

“Well johnnie, I don’t think you’d be comfortable if you didn’t like him and I know he wouldn’t feel at home if he thought you were resentful.”

“But, but I uh, oh hell Cin. How do you expect me to do that? Walk up to some dude and ask if he’d like to have sex with my wife?”

“That’s a starter but a little on the nose, don’t you think? I have faith in you babe. You’ll figure it out.”

Day after day when I’d get home from work she’d ask if I found her a man with a cock. “Look,” I stammered, “It’s not like I’m asking every guy I eet to show me his privates.”

“Well, you could put an Ad on Craig’s List.”

“Cindy, think about that. Besides a ton of weirdos, it might be dangerous. There has to be a better way.”

“An online search, maybe?”

I thought about that for a minute. “That’s a good idea,” I said.

That evening found us reading ISO’s on and AFF. Cindy would point out men with big cocks enthusiastically. Every time she’d see a dick-pic, she’d grab mine and wistfully wish I had one that big. “That’s a nice one, isn’t it johnnie?”

When it was bed time, Cindy had me go down on her. She held my head tightly between her legs and humped my face with gusto. Her thighs covered my ears but that didn’t muffle her words. I cringed hearing her mutter things like, “That’s it johnnie. Clean my pussy for the big man. Suck his cum baby, eat it all. God, I love his cock.” And other things of that nature made me feel less than manly.

Our evenings were spent pouring over pictures of cocks and later more cunnilingus for my wife.

Once in a while Cindy would lay beside me whispering how sexy those cocks pics are as she masturbated me. “Just think, johnnie. A nice big fat cock deep in my pussy while you watch the man you chose fuck me hard making me cum over and over.”

Almost instantaneously, hearing her say that would make me cum. She’d chuckle and have me go down on her.

Seeing that the scenario she laid out aroused me, it became her mantra. Every night was like the last one, me watching her get fucked by a man with a big cock. I hate to say it but the prospect of see her under a stud excited me more than it should have.

One night when I tried to have intercourse after seeing so many dick pics, she turned me down. “I’m saving myself for a big cock, baby. No pussy for you until I enjoy a real cock.”

Now I’m left to eating her and jacking off. The hunt for the perfect fit continued.

The Ad that caught both our attention was the one that read: “Ladies, if you’re not getting what you need from your otherwise attentive husband, contact me. I am a married gentleman with one son who recently graduated high school. My wife knows and supports me in my endeavor to please unsatisfied married women. I have what you need and want and together we’ll have great sex and together, we will make your husband a happy cuckold.”

The picture attached to his Ad was a handsome man about 40 or so. His smile was one of confidence.

“He’s the one, johnnie. Contact him for us.”

“Me? He’s looking for a female to contact him.”

“Of course, he is. That’s why your response to his Ad will get his attention first.”

“But you don’t even know if he has a big cock. He didn’t show it in his Ad.”

“So, ask him for one. Tell him he has to prove he has a big cock.”

“Please Cindy, I’ll go along with this but please don’t make me contact him.”

“No. It has to be you, johnnie. What if he’s some creep. You contact him. Then, if he measures up, you can meet him. You know, vet him before he even gets to see me. That’s the safest way, babe.”

What she said made sense. I mean if I’m going to allow some man to have sex with my wife, I should at least make sure he’s not some dangerous character.

“Um, how or what should I say?”

“I’ll tell you what. Since you’re gonna meet him first, the least I can do is write up your intro and send it to him with your email address. Okay?”

What a relief that was. “Yeah, you do it.”

In hindsight, I probably should have assisted at the very minimum. Instead, Cindy worked on our response privately.

When she, at last, pressed “send”, she called me over to see what she put together.

“Kind sir. It is with humility that I respond to your Ad. As the attentive husband of a loving wife, I am unable to provide her the sexual satisfaction she needs and deserves. There is, however one consideration that you have left to our imagination. If I may, sir, can I ask you to please send us a picture of your cock. My private email is attached. Both my wife and I very much look forward to your reply in the hopes that your cock, your stamina, and your technique can give her the great sex she needs.

Respectfully yours


“Well? What do you think, johnnie?”

“Honey, you can’t send this. It makes me look like some needle dicked loser. He won’t have a bit of respect for me.”

“What’s your point, johnnie?” She asked standing with her hands on her hips looking at me defiantly. “You didn’t want to do it. I did it for you. You could have looked over my shoulder and helped but you didn’t. You watched football instead. That tells me that TV football means more to you than my happiness.”

“You know better than that, Cindy. Your happiness is important to me. That why I’m going along with your request to experience a, um…”

“A big cock. A cock bigger than yours. A real man’s cock. Is that what you were going to say?”

It occurred to me that there had been a power shift in my house. What was once an equal partnership now seemed weighted in Cindy’s favor.

“You’re right, honey. I’m sorry for questioning you,” I said surrendering to her will.

It took only an hour before my mailbox received his reply.

“johnnie, thank you for your most unusual response to my Ad. I have never received a response from the husband of the woman who needs what I have. While I appreciate the respect you demonstrated in your response, I must insist on a quid pro quo. By that, johnnie, I require a photo of your short comings as it were to assure myself that you aren’t just some homo looking for dick pics. I also require a few of your Mrs. in various forms of dress and undress. Then, I would like you to tell me about her likes and dislikes. All photos need to be date stamped. When I have received them, then I will show you and your Mrs. what she has to look forward to.

Thank you


Cindy was disappointed that he hadn’t sent us a picture of his cock but was very happy to have received his requests for photos. “What should I wear, babe? How much of me should I show him?”

“I, uh, well, I suppose that’s up to you, Cin.”

“You’re right. It is up to me. Get the camera.”

I went to the closet and broke out the digital camera. By the time I returned to the bedroom I saw she was changing into so sexy sleep wear.

“Isn’t that a bit over the top, Cin?”

“You read his note. He wants to see me in various forms of dress and undressed. He also wants to see your little dick.”

I cringed when she said the last part. Up till now, my wife hadn’t been disrespectful of my lack of length and girth.

“Take the damned photos, johnnie.”

I took the damned photos. She had her sheer white negligee on which left little to the imagination. She turned and stuck out her fabulous backside; her panty purposely wedged in the crack of her ass. She laid on the bed and propped herself up with pillows. With her feet flat and her knees spread, my wife had me take the picture of her crotch. The image didn’t quite show her pussy but you could tell there was pubic hair behind the panty.

She shed her top, held her breasts together and pursed her lips as if blowing a kiss.

“Okay, that should be enough, johnnie. Drop your pants and lets show him your little dick.”

What could I do? In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. I dropped my pants and undies. My dick was trying to inch up inside me which made it that much smaller. Cindy took the picture. “Looks like a turtle head,” she laughed.

Then, adding injury to insult, she came over and played with my dick and whispered nasty things she was going to do to me after we sent the email. My dick responded in kind and she took a couple pics with it hard, standing it’s full 5″ of female disappointment. She also captured that on the camera.

I up loaded the photos under Cindy’s supervision. She wanted to make certain that I didn’t omit the dick pics. I looked ridiculous standing with a T-shirt on and my boner sticking out. The look on my face said it all. I was a sad sack for sure.

“My wife would like to be fucked with a big cock, what she calls a cock of a real man,” I wrote as Cindy dictated. “She would like to be fucked in every position. She does not do anal.”

“What if he wants head, Cindy? Should I tell him you don’t do that?”

“Better not, johnnie. Might scare him off.”

Cindy continued her dictating, “As you can see, I lack real manhood and it would be my pleasure to watch you please her and assist you in anyway, and I mean anyway you feel I might be an asset.”

“Wait. What does that mean. What do you expect me to do?”

“Christ johnnie. Do I have to spell everything out for you? It means what it says. If he wants you to lick me first, you’ll lick me. If he wants you to put his cock in me, you’ll do that too.”

There was no arguing with my wife. She was adamant that I type what she says which I did feeling less and less like a man.

“So please take into account my tiny dick which has never given my wife pleasure and accept my request for you to cuckold me.

With all due respect and great anticipation


Now press send, johnnie,” Cindy insisted.

I did.

What she had promised me to make my dick hard was forgotten. When our email was sent, she had me lap her pussy for an hour while she described to me in detail how she was going to enjoy a big cock after so long without one.

All day at work I dreaded coming home to my private email. I needn’t have worried. Cindy opened it before I got home.

“God, johnnie, it looks so big and he’s so handsome. Look, his wife is posing with him. Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Not as beautiful as you my love,” I said to my overly excited wife.

She kissed me. “Thank you for allowing us this. You’ve been a sport and I’ve been a wee bit bitchy. Here read what Jack says, that’s his name.

I sat and read his note.


Good boy. You did just as I asked. If you’re always this agreeable, I’m sure we would fit together well. Your wife is a stunner, johnnie. You married well; I must say. I cannot wait to sink my big cock into her tight pussy. Seeing your dick, such as it is, I know Cindy will be as tight as a virgin.”

I had to stop reading as I blushed and looked at my wife. Cindy was standing behind me smiling.

Back to his email,

“I have enclosed a picture of my lovely wife to whom I will introduce you both. No, johnnie, you will not have sex with my wife nor be permitted to touch her in any way. This next part is important, you and I will meet in a public place where we will discuss everything and set a date. In the meantime, I suggest you tell your wife that I prefer a shaved pussy and insist you do that for me, johnnie. I want you, johnnie to shave her cunt. As you can see by my picture, I keep a neat pubis and expect you to do the same.”

“Once more in closing, if this email satisfies your wife and you, let me know and I will set a time and place you just you and I johnnie to meet.


Cindy was excited. “Tell him to set the time johnnie, the time and place. Maybe I’ll tag along to see for myself.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t do that. Jack sounds like a guy who expects people to follow his instructions and might back off if we don’t.”

“You’re right, johnnie. I won’t tag along then.”

I sent the email asking him to set the place and time. His response was for us to meet in a cafe close to my office at lunch the next day. He told me not to be late that he hates being kept waiting. at the end he said that us answering him so fast my wife must be desperate for a real man’s cock.

The constant alluding to my little dick was humiliating and yet somehow arousing that a man who might fuck my wife is talking about it. I masturbated that night under the watchful eye of my wife. Filled with shame and humiliation, I came quickly.

I was dreading meeting Jack. I mean who wouldn’t? My wife wants his cock, he wants my wife and now he wants to meet to discuss what? I had no idea what he wanted other than Cindy.

I watched the clock that morning hoping time would stop. Instead, it seemed like every time I glanced at it, the clock had moved an hour closer to noon.

I sat waiting and checking my watch. AS much as I didn’t want to be there, I did get there 5 minutes early just to be safe. I sure as hell didn’t want my wife climbing up my ass for being late.

“There’s my boy,” the tall handsome man said sliding in across from me. His teeth were perfectly straight and very white. His handshake firm, his eyes confident. Mixed feeling that at the time I was unable to identify filled me.

“I always meet the prospective cuck, johnnie. I like to see what I’m in for.”

“I understand, Jack.”

He gave me a curious look. “Let’s begin anew, shall we?. My name is Jack Evans. You may call me Mr. Evans. I think a proper show of respect for the man who will give your wife that which you cannot is appropriate. Understand?”

“Yes sir,” I said blushing.

“Good. Very good. Now let me tell you what I expect. If any of this is too hard for you to comprehend, you have the option to back out and no harm, no foul.”

“Okay sir, I understand.”

“Great. Now this is what I expect from you. When I’m with you and your wife, I am the man. What I say goes. I will treat Cindy as if she’s my own wife. You will treat the both of us with respect. I intend to give her the best sex she has ever experienced. I also intend to bring out her inner slut to use as I see fit.”

“Sir, Mr. Evans, what does that mean; use her as you see fit?”

Mr. Evans chuckled. “Son, you’ll just have to wait and see. What I will tell you is that I will never, ever force your wife to do anything she does not wish to do. I will not harm her in any way. I will, however, treat her like my slut, my whore and she’ll love it. Let me repeat that, johnnie. She will beg me to make her my whore and I will oblige.”

“Um, Mr. Evans, sir. I’m not so sure about that. I mean Cindy is a bit more conservative than that.”

“Well, we will just have to see, won’t we?”

“Yes sir.”

“Now for you, johnnie. I want you to be naked before I arrive to fuck your wife. You will always be naked in my presence. It will add to the humiliation of which you will soon become addicted. If I’m right about you, you’re submissive at heart. I will use that to your favor. I will cultivate that side of you until you are the perfect cuck.”

“I understand.” Even as I said that, my dick grew hard.

Mr. Evans saw the look on my face. “You’re hard right now aren’t you? Your little dick got hard just thinking about becoming my sub cuck?”

“I uh, no. No sir, I’m not hard.”

“Do not lie to me johnnie. I know all about bois like you and how you react to a dominant man. Now tell me the truth.”

I was unable to face him. Looking down at my hands in my lap, I said, “Yes sir.”

“Yes what,” he demanded.

“I’m hard sir,” I admitted.

He glared at me, long and hard. “johnnie, never lie to me again. This relationship won’t get off the ground of you are honest with me and more importantly, honest with yourself.”

A server finally arrived to take our orders. Mr. Evans order the chef salad. I ordered a BLT.

We talked some more while we waited for our lunches. “Have you shaved her pussy yet?”

“No sir. Not yet.”

“What are you waiting for?”

“Um, well Mr. Evans, I thought that if we knew when you were coming to meet her, I’d shave her that day so she’d be as smooth as she could be for you.”

“God damn, johnnie. Very good. Very thoughtful of you. I know we’ll get along just fine.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Tell me son, have you ever sucked a cock?”

“Oh no, never.”

“I think you mean, not yet. Now I want you to be perfectly calm. I won’t make you suck my cock but I can tell you’ll want to. In fact, johnnie, a boi like you will learn to love being a cock sucking cuckold. It is the ultimate humiliation.”

I had to adjust my very hard dick which was noticed by Mr. Evans. He smiled knowing he was right. Still, the thought of me sucking his cock, much less enjoying it was scary and something I didn’t think I could ever do.

Our lunch was served but just as it arrived, Mr. Evans rose. “I’m out of here. Email me your address and me and my Mrs. will be over to meet Cindy at 8 PM sharp. Have that cock hungry pussy of hers well shaved son.”

“Yes sir,” I said standing as he left.

Cindy was standing in the shower. I was outside of it on my knees shaving her very excited pussy. Her arousal was such that I could see and smell it.

Holding my head for support Cindy was asking me questions a mile a minute. I told her everything. Everything except how Mr. Evans said I’d be a cock sucking cuckold.

When I finished shaving her, Cindy went to the bedroom to dress. “What do you think I should wear, babe?”

“Honestly, Cindy, I have no idea. In any event, he is bringing his wife.”

“I don’t see why he bringing that bitch,” Cindy seethed.

“I think it’s because he wants her to know about you and get her opinion.”

“Well, I hope that doesn’t mean I won’t get to sample his cock tonight.”

I said nothing. Looking at the clock, it was 10 minutes to 8. They’ll be here soon Cindy.

I watched as she put on a garter belt and fastened her hose. Then she pulled on a sexy red bikini panty. Over all of that, she wore her light purple dressing gown.

“What the hell are you doing, johnnie?”

“He wants me naked when he gets here,” I said blushing.

“Oh my, they’re going to see your little boner. I see you trimmed your bush like Jack told you.”

“Um, yeah but only because I know how badly you want this to happen.”

“You’re sweet,” my wife smiled as she pulled on my dick.

We went down and waited. At exactly 8 PM, the doorbell chimed Mr. and Mrs. Evans arrival.

When I hesitated, Cindy told me to hurry up and open the door.

I tried to hide behind the door as I opened it to welcome our guests. Mr. Evans took my hand and pulled around facing he and his wife.

I was blushing from head to toe.

“johnnie, this is my wife Connie. You will call her Mrs. Evans.”

“Pleased to meet you, ma’am.”

She ignored me and went over to Cindy. I watched as she hugged my wife. Holding her now at arms length, she looked my wife over. “So this is the horny bitch who needs to be fucked by a real man.”

Cindy grinned over her shoulder at Mr. Evans. “You’ve seen what I’ve had to deal with, Connie. Tell me what you would have done if you were me.”

“Sweetie, I would never have married the shrimp dick in the first place.”

Both women laughed together and you could tell they’d get along wonderfully.

“He’s going to fuck you good honey,” Connie told her. “I always come along the first time to watch your expression when Jack has his cock in you. I love to see the passion in a woman who has suffered under the lack of a real man.”

Connie led Cindy over to Jack. “Husband of mine, I want you to meet Cindy. I also want you to fuck her like she deserves to be fucked.”

Turning his attention back to me, Mr. Evans chuckled seeing me hard. “Looks like your boy enjoys people seeing his pathetic excuse for a dick, Cindy. He got hard this afternoon when he and I were discussing his eventual cock sucking.”

Cindy looked at me wide-eyed. “You never told me you liked sucking cocks, johnnie.”

“That’s because I don’t and haven’t.”

“You mean not yet, don’t you johnnie?”

I couldn’t answer and besides, they were all laughing which made my dick twitch.

I watched as Mr. Evans took Cindy in his strong arms and kissed. I could tell right off he’s a good kisser because I heard my wife sort of moan. That moan became a groan when he reached down and held her round ass.

Mr. Evans broke their kiss and held my wife at arm’s length. “johnnie, come over here.”

I went to them. “Open your wife’s robe,” Mr. Evans instructed me.

“Yes sir,” I said reaching around for the cloth belt.

I untied the simple knot Cindy made and opened her robe for her soon to be lover.

“Very nice,” Mr. Evans complimented my wife. “You ever been titty fucked, Cindy?”

“Only a couple times Jack. Why, are you planning to put this between them?” As she said that, I saw my wife reach for Mr. Evans’ cock through his trousers.

“I’m going to put that everywhere you can imagine, sexy.”

“Even johnnie’s mouth?”

Mr. Evans looked surprised at what my wife asked. Looking first at me, then her he asked, “Is that what you want to see? You want me to turn your attentive but tiny dick husband into my cock sucker?”

“He can do it, Cindy,” Mrs. Evans chimed in. “He’s had more supposedly straight husbands on their knees sucking his cock than I can count. How about it johnnie? Do you want Jack to make you his cock sucker?”

“No Ma’am,” I said quietly looking at the floor and wishing my erection would go away.

“There’s time enough for that later,” Mr. Evans said. “Time to see how good a barber johnnie is. Take you wife’s panties down, son. I want to see where my cock is going to be later.”

He always referred to Cindy as my wife, my wife, I think he did it for the purpose of making me feel like a complete loser.

Still, I knelt behind Cindy and pulled her red bikini panties over her big bottom and down. She stepped out them and Mr. Evans reached out for me to hand them to him.

I watched him smell the crotch and smile. “You wife is wet for me johnnie. She hot to trot.”

“Yes sir. I know Cindy had been looking forward to tonight.”

Both Mr. Evans and his wife felt Cindy’s shaved pussy. “Nice job, johnnie,” Mr. Evans complimented me.

Mrs. Evan took my hand and helped me up. Telling me to go to my chair and watch. “Leave that little dick alone too.”

Cindy was busy fumbling with Mr. Evans belt hurrying to free his cock.

“Watch the expression on your wife’s face when she sees his cock, johnnie. It will be a special moment for her.”

Cindy was kneeling in front of Mr. Evans. Pulling his trousers and boxers down at the same time, I saw her eye widen. She looked at his cock then up at him, and back to his cock. “Oh my God,” she croaked. Then she took it in her mouth.

Mrs. Evans must have seen my surprised look. “I bet she’s never had your tiny dick in her mouth, has she?”

I only shook my head no.

“Do you know why that is, johnnie?” She asked. “It’s because a dick like yours does not deserve to be sucked, that is unless another cuck like you is doing the sucking.”

I turned beet red as Mrs. Evans laughed at her remark.

Cindy finally had Mr. Evans undressed and he motioned for me to follow them up to our bedroom.

“I’m going to fuck your wife, johnnie, in your marital bed. I’m going to fuck the shit out of this sexy bitch and you get to watch.”

Cindy lay on her back. Her legs splayed open, her arms reaching for her lover.

“”Watch and listen, johnnie. Jack is going to own that slut,” Mrs. Evan whispered to me.

Mr. Evans was slowly inserting his cock in my wife allowing her to accommodate his size without hurting her.

Cindy’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she quivered and came even before he was fully in her. “My God Jack, fuck me. God damn your cock feel wonderful. I’ve missed a real cock for so long baby. Fuck me you fucking stud.”

Mr. Evan had raised himself on his hands and looked down at his latest conquest. I watched his ass flex as he slowly fucked my wife.

Cindy now had both of her legs around his waist and was meeting his thrusts. “Thats it baby girl,” Mr. Evans said to her. “Raise that big ass of your and fuck my cock.”

He kept still making Cindy hump at his manhood.

I watched Cindy grab his arms and beg him to fuck her. “Damn you, Jack, fuck me. Make me your whore, your slut. Fuck me and take my pussy. Make it yours Jack, only yours.”

Mr. Evans grabbed Cindy’s ass and began a furious fucking. I could see his balls hitting her upturned ass as he fucked in deep, far deeper than I ever could.

“You like this bitch? You like the way my big cock feels in your cunt?”

“Oh God yes. I love it Jack.”

“Whose pussy is it?”

“Yours Jack. It’s your pussy.”

“Tell your cuckold who owns this pussy bitch.”

Cindy peeked around Jack to see me sitting lamely, my dick throbbing and leaking, “It’s Jack’s pussy, johnnie. Did you hear me. Jack owns my pussy now. It’s his johnnie. His to fuck whenever he wants.”

They continued to fuck with relish. Seems Mr. Evans likes owning the pussy of the wife of a cuckold husband. I watched and listened in awe as Cindy began grunting and thrusting her hips at her handsome and well-hung lover.

The room was filled with the moist scent of sex. My wife began a garbled pleading and animalistic noises emanated from her.

I looked over at Mrs. Evans and we locked eyes for an instant. She wore a smirk as though she knew my married life had changed just as Cindy’s would never be the same.

I looked away in shameful arousal. I shuddered almost cumming without touching my dick.

I watched as Mr. Evans placed Cindy on her hands and knees facing me. Her took a handful of her hair forcing her to look at me. “Look at you husband slut. Look at him.”

Cindy, with her tongue nearly hanging out of her mouth had a crazed look. She was finally getting what she needed and part of me was happy for her, part of me was frightened for our future together.

“Spank your new whore, Jack. Train that bitch,” Mrs. Evans urged her husband.

The loud slaps on my wife’s ass only served to have her climax again. Her breasts wobbled, she drooled. Grunts and groans came from her as her lover savagely ravaged her body.

“That’s it baby. Fuck her hard. Own that whore, Jack. Flood her cunt with your potent sperm and fuck a bastard up her nasty cunt.”

I shivered at the cruel and nasty things Mrs. Evan hurled at the rutting pair. I wanted so badly to masturbate but managed to obey Mrs. Evan edict that I leave my boner alone.

“I’m cumming Cindy, Mr. Evans announced as he gave me a look of triumph. “I’m going to fuck a bastard in my whore’s pussy. Tell me you want it, you want to carry my bastard. Tell your faggot husband.”

When Cindy could only moan as Mr. Evans thrust deep and held his cock there, a sharp smack on her ass brought her out of her stupor. “Fuck yes. Fuck a bastard in me. Plant your seed in your whore, Jack. Anything, anything you want, just tell me you’ll fuck me.”

Mr. Evans jerked and shuddered as he indeed planted his seed in my wife. Mrs. Evans applauded the scene when they both collapsed, Mr. Evan lying on top of Cindy, his cock still in her.

When the couple finally separated, Mrs. Evans came to me. Taking my hand, she led me to the bed. “Look at her cunt, johnnie. Look what Jack did to your whore of a wife.”

Her newly shaved pussy was red and looked raw. Thick milky white sperm began to seep slowly from the depths of her womb.

“If you don’t want to raise Jack’s bastard while your wife is out whoring, you’d better clean that shit up,” Mrs. Evans suggested.

I looked at her as if to ask how. Reading my mind, she told me to suck my wife’s cunt. “Suck and slurp, johnnie. A good cuckold always eats his wife’s pussy after her lover has filled it with his precious sperm.”

Cindy rolled over on her back. She spread her legs and reached with both hands. “I need you, johnnie.”

I went to her thinking we were going to kiss. Instead, she took my head and pulled my face to her frothy seeping pussy. “Lick it, baby. Suck Jack’s cum like a good cuck.”

With great hesitation, I tentatively stabbed at the ribbon of sperm hoping it wouldn’t be as nasty as I thought.

To my surprise, it was not at all unpleasant. Cindy’s thighs pressed against my head making hearing difficult at best. I began to lap at the flowing torrent of thick sperm feeling humiliated and as aroused as never before.

My wife arched her back and began to hump against my mouth. Then, Cindy violently flipped over on top of me and was for all intent and purposes, scrubbing my face with her cunt, forcing more of Mr. Evans seed into my sucking mouth.

“You fucked her good, Jack. I think we can use the bitch. One time and she’s hooked on your cock.”

When I was finished, Cindy had me nibble on her clit as she rode my face to one more orgasm.

I was tasked with preparing drinks for our guests and my wife. My dick was hard, my balls aching for relief. Mr. Evans noticed. “You didn’t jack off?”

“No sir. Mrs. Evans told me not to.”

Mr. Evans grinned at his wife. “Nice,” he said. Turning to me, he asked if I wanted to cum.

“I do, sir.”

“Then ask your wife for permission. Cindy, control his orgasms. A cuckold will beat his dick every chance he gets. You might consider a chastity cage though I doubt they make them that small.”

After a round of laughter, Cindy looked at me with raised eye brows as if to say, “aren’t you going to ask if you can jack off?”

“Please Cindy, may I have your permission to masturbate?”

“Since you asked so nicely, you may.”

I started to leave the room but was told to stay. “You can beat off while we watch,” Mrs. Evans said. “A cuck like you needs his orgasms supervised. You have much to learn, cuck.”

It wasn’t too terribly difficult to maintain my erection, especially when Cindy crawled over to Mr. Evans and began to suck his long think cock back to life.

Cindy’s big round bottom neatly framed by her garter belt and the top half of her bobbing head was all I could see as my orgasm over took me. My eyes were squeezed closed as my dick jerked and covered my stomach with a very heavy load.

Mr. Evans and Cindy had one more marathon fuck that night. Mrs. Evans joined them. I followed but as I neared the bedroom, Mrs. Evan turned, smiled, and closed the door, leaving me out of the action after telling me they’d call me for clean-up.

I could imagine no greater humiliation than to be shut out by the wife of the man who is now fucking my wife. Made to wait until I was called to suck his cum from my wife, my anger was overwhelmed by the arousal from the humiliation I experienced.

I heard noises, thought I heard Mrs. Evans calling Cindy filthy names but was unsure because it was muffled by the closed door.

Half hour, 45 minutes later, Mrs. Evans opened my bedroom door and called for me to join them.

Cindy was on her hands and knees on the bed cleaning Mr. Evans’ cock. “She has a fresh load in her, johnnie. Do your thing.”

“My thing,” I thought. This was far from my thing. Still, I complied and lay on my back lapping at the copious flow of thick savory sperm.

Just after I finished cleaning my wife, she gave me a kiss, her tongue probing my mouth. When she broke that kiss her eyes sparkled. “Did you taste Jack’s cock?”

I nodded embarrassed because the others had heard Cindy’s question.

Mr. Evans had me retrieve his clothing and dressed. I looked around for Cindy’s robe and panties but she declined to put anything on. “Give those to me,” Mrs. Evans said pointing to the red bikini panties I was holding. “We have a special place for them,” she said tucking the still damp panties in her purse.

I watched Cindy passionately kiss Mr. Evans at the open door. The porch light was on and those who might see would see someone other than me kissing and fondling my naked wife. When Mrs. Evans thought they’d done enough kissing and petting; she smacked Cindy rear.

“Thank you, Jack, for the best fuck in my life,” Cindy gushed at the parting couple.

Once at their car, Mr. Evans yelled out, “I’ll email you our address, johnnie. I want you to bring my whore over Friday night for some festivities.”

“We’ll be there sir,” I replied.

“Not you, just the bitch.”

And with that, they drove off into the night.

Okay readers, clutch your pearls, fiddle with your rosary beads and tell the world how much you hated it.


The End.


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