A Thanksgiving Fiasco

By Babydicklover.

My wife, Kathy, and I celebrate Thanksgiving at her family’s place yearly. Usually, I have the best time and get along with them swimmingly as they welcome me with open arms. I don’t know how her mother does it, but she cooks the tastiest food I’ve ever eaten.

I look forward to this holiday every year.

Kathy grew up with three brothers in a nudist colony, which is why she is so comfortable being naked around me. It’s not something I ever complained about because who would detest seeing their wife’s naked body all the time? I enjoyed seeing her smooth, small tits graciously shake around her body as she walked, especially after a glistening shower. Even though she feels relaxed in the nude, I don’t share the same sentiment. I find the whole ordeal of being publicly naked rather strange. Besides that, I also am pretty uncomfortable with my body because I am tall and chubby. Whenever I enter a room, I expect people to stare at me.

As a teenager, she gave up the nudist lifestyle because her father received a competitive offer from a job deep in the city, away from the colony, so they needed to move. Her parents retired last year, and they vowed to move away from the city. They wanted to return what they used to have. And that’s what happened; Unfortunately, three weeks ago, my wife informed me they bought a new property in a colony.

I was happy for them but was concerned about what Thanksgiving would look like.

“Honey, I am a bit concerned about Thanksgiving. Will I have to be naked?”

“Haha. We already talked about this, Freddie, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. It should be the same holiday you always enjoy.”

The next day we drove a couple of hours to their new place. She stripped herself when we crossed the threshold, so she was heavenly naked by my side. Immediately, I saw people “hanging out” outside with nothing on at all. I was nervous to see her family again in this new way. They used to also invite friends over from where they lived so they wouldn’t be naked on Thanksgiving. But this time, it would only be family. I made sure to stay clothed. There was nothing that was going to change my mind.

We finally reached her family’s place. We knocked on the door, and Kathy’s mom, Wendy, opened the door. We walked in and shared uncomfortable hugs. She was utterly naked, and I couldn’t help looking at her lovely breasts. I concluded that God was more generous to her chest than my wife’s. Her brothers, Stephen, Derrick, Sidney, and father, Harry, came shortly after we walked in.

These scrawny guys were naked and had huge dicks intimidatingly swaying between their legs. My jaw almost physically dropped, seeing their endowing abundance face my direction. In this exposing way, I was unnerved and intimidated by members of my wife’s family.

Stephen looked at me and muttered, “Freddie, what up? I hope this lifestyle isn’t uncomfortable for you. We know you didn’t grow up with this level of liberation.”

Trying to avoid his massive schlong, “I feel fine. Thank you. Haha, it is different, but we are family, right?”

Harry looked at me, “That’s the spirit, man.”

After many meaningful conversations, I felt like the center of attention because I was the only one wearing clothes. Everyone was comfy in their skin, but I didn’t feel included.

Right before we started eating, Wendy took me to the side, “I can’t help but feel like you are not yourself. I don’t want to pressure you, but you should join us. There is nothing wrong with the nude human body. You are safe here to be yourself.”

I looked at her with slight resistance, “Yeah, maybe. If I wanted to, where could I leave my clothes?”

“You can go to my bedroom and leave them there.”

“Okay, I will think about it.”

We all sat down to eat, but the clothed pressure jabbed at my chest. As we ate, I walked to Wendy’s bedroom to strip down. This was something I wanted to try and experience. I had no idea how they would react to my body. I hoped they would make me feel no different. I undressed completely, and I was stark naked. I looked at myself in the mirror and blushed at what I saw. Even though I was 6’4 with an athletic trim, my physique didn’t reflect my groin. I had a really tiny penis, which resorted to my lack of security and confidence. I gave it one final thought. I was about to back away from this challenge but decided to anyway.

I walked out of their bedroom completely naked. Everyone happily ate their Thanksgiving meal. Upon seeing me, all their eyes were glued on me and my big, naked body. Everyone started clapping and congratulating me on my courage to be naked with them. Their eyes dashed to my itty bitty nub for a penis. It didn’t even extend past my tight, little balls. If you were to measure it, you would be surprised to see it not even go past an inch. It’s really embarrassing, but Kathy’s family encouraged me to join them, and there wasn’t any shame in the naked body, or so I thought.

Derrick looked at me with a smirk, “Good for you, Freddie. It is fun to be naked. What do you think?”

“It is strange, but I feel excited to be confident in my skin.”

There was an elongated awkward pause at the dinner table.

Wendy broke the silence by passing her world-famous sweet corn casserole, “So, who wants baby corn casserole?”

Everyone erupted in unobtrusive giggling.

Harry looked at my baby dick and said, “Hon, I think you mean your ‘sweet corn casserole.’”

She laughed awkwardly at me, “Oh, right. I knew that. Sorry, I was very distracted by something.”

In the middle of laughter, Sidney asked, “What is it, mom?”

“Oh, nothing, it isn’t a big deal at all.”

My wife chuckled and said, “Yeah, I am usually distracted too by it.”

“Compared to other forms of corn, baby corn is just so tiny and minuscule. It’s a shame when something is that freakishly small. You have your grapes, cherry tomatoes, and cocktail weenies.”

My face turned bright red because they shared subliminal messages about my tiny penis right in front of me.

Harry caught on and announced, “Give the boy a break. It’s his first time being naked in front of us.”

The dreadful silence was rekindled while we ate. I looked down at my shameful, scared, tiny penis nuzzled between my teeny, weeny balls. I really looked pathetic compared to these “real” men. I never felt more embarrassed in my life.

Stephen blurted out, “Okay. This is really awkward and annoying. I am going just to come out and say it. Freddie, we love you so much, but that is one incredibly tiny cock.

My heart sank to my butt and held my head, “Yes, I know it is on the smaller side.”

He laughed, “I am glad you admitted it, but it is way more than just on the smaller side. In all our years of living with nude people, even as children, we have never seen one that tiny,” he said. I looked sad, and he saw my face. “Oh, don’t be embarrassed. It is cute and adorable. We welcome you with open arms, even your tinky-winky.”

Kathy laughed, “You mean the name of the Teletubby?”

“Haha, yeah, but it is appropriate for his little, tiny, baby winky.”

“I agree. On such a tall man, you would think he was packing a huge log because of how tall and manly he is. Imagine my unbelievable shock when I first saw him naked. I wanted to laugh so badly but didn’t want to be mean.”

Wendy looked at her daughter, “I want all the tea, darling. What is it like being with a man owning such a little micro-willy?

She looked at everyone, then at me, and rubbed my messy hair.

“Well, I will say he is a good financial provider.”

Everyone laughed at this.

Derrick asked, “A financial provider? Does he receive enough money through his disability checks?

Kathy asked, “What do you mean?”

“Well, based on Freddie’s barely noticeable pud between his legs, I assumed he was disabled.”

“Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, basically. He is unable to have sex with me because how cartoonishly small it is, kind of like when Nick from ‘Big Mouth’ exposed his baby dick.”

“I am sure medical scientists would be intrigued by Freddie’s little tic-tac here. How do you even suck something so damn minuscule?

“I usually kiss and lick it because there isn’t much to fit into my mouth.”

Wendy laughed, “We should get him a little clit vibrator to help his little dicky reach the cummies. He might get frustrated when everyone thinks he is just a really tall child with a little kid dicky. He will forever have a child pee-pee living in a man’s body. Even a turkey has a bigger ding-a-ling.

Harry chimed in, “Yeah, we will have to find a good one somewhere. We also need to gift our daughter some sex toys because she is clearly not getting any at home. I feel bad for my daughter because Freddie here isn’t filling her up as she deserves.”

Stephen looked at my little nub, “Fascinating. What is it like having a little wee-wee? I mean, Kathy’s tit is bigger than your entire dick. You must feel lousy when you are naked with her.”

I finally spoke up, “She’s never complained before.”

“That’s because I love you so much, even your micropenis. But I need more because your little thumb-like grape-sized chode is not enough to satisfy me. A woman has biological needs a bottle cap can’t fulfill.”

“I am sorry. I will try harder.”

“Babe, that won’t work at all. Your hard dick is smaller than my pinky toe. There is nothing that will change that harsh reality.”

Harry said, “I can’t imagine having a dick so tiny. I would grow bitter and annoyed having a little baby dick because you have to sit down to pee. If you stand at a urinal, everyone will see you pissing from your small balls.”

I stood up and said, “Okay, I think I have had enough.”

Now, they got a closer and more precise angle of my micro-cockle.

My wife snapped at me, “Don’t be a big baby. Well, that’s not really fair. I mean, you can’t help being a baby with a flaccid, limp wiener smaller than an unborn baby.”

“Well, what do you expect? All of you preach body positivity but make fun of my body.”

Wendy budded in, “We never said anything like that. We say you should be comfortable in your own skin, but we don’t avoid pointing out the tiny flaws, like in your case.”

Sidney said, “Yeah, we gave Kathy hell for having small tits growing up. It is what we do with the family we love. The more we make fun of your little tiny pee-pee, the more we like you. That is just how our family is.”

Harry said, “Yeah, it is so tiny compared to ours. We have huge dicks compared to your half-inch wimpy shrimpy dipsey. When I was in the army, we teased this guy like you, who had the cutest tiny little pee-pee. He really had an itty bitty teeny weenie with child-like balls. We constantly made fun of him, but he learned to embrace having a tiny one. That is what you should do. Let your mini wang hang out confidently or more like poke out, which is more appropriate for you.

That actually put a smile on my face and said, “I appreciate it. Haha, yeah, my acorn-shaped penis is super tiny and useless.”

I could feel my little doo-doo harden and saw droplets of pre-cum coming out of the little meatball head.

Everyone saw and laughed loudly at my whittle stiffy condition.

Wendy laughed, “Aww. That is so damn cute and adorable. I am so happy we have you in this family, Freddie.”

I was proud to belong to this family and have their support for my little tiny pee-pee. Kathy hugged and kissed me. Happy Thanksgiving!


The End.


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  • bambiegirl

    WOW!! I don’t think i could have kept back tears if they razed me that way on my tiny dick. That was tough to read for me.


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