The Last Time

by ZebedeeZulu

John lay on his back and stared at the ceiling, as in the room above directly above him, in what was on other nights his marital bed, another man fucked his wife.

Below them, in the spare bedroom, he was squirming again in the potent mixture of jealousy and arousal as he listened to the sounds of pleasure. The creaks of the bed and the moans and cries of his wife Lucy as Jason, her lover, pounded her senseless with his cock.

John couldn’t wait for the morning.

After Jason would leave after a long deep sleep with Lucy in his arms, John would eagerly run up the stairs to meet his wife, kiss her deeply, and slip his penis into her well-used pussy. She would tell him just how wonderful Jason’s cock felt as it stretched her wider and fucked her deeper than this his small thing could ever do.

To John this was bliss.

He enjoyed it so much in fact that shortly after his wife had first started seeing Jason, John had suggested to Lucy they should only have intercourse on the morning after she had been with him, and she agreed.

He had first drummed up the courage to tell Lucy about his “kink” three years ago, and though she was reluctant at first, step by step, she indulged his fantasies, and they both came to enjoy it. After two years of occasional flings, she had met Jason, who became her regular lover.

John was looking forward to the morning, even more, this time, like last time, just as he had opened the upstairs door, his wife had told him he could wait.

“What?” he said surprised.

“Listen, honey, would you mind if we didn’t fuck this time, I’m very sore.”

A strong pang of arousal shot through John at that moment.

She gave him a teasing smile.

“How about you use your mouth instead this time, and then I can do the same?”

Therefore, it was no great surprise that John’s cock was now more eager than ever as he opened the door. He looked at his wife.

She had a look on her face that John didn’t like one bit.

“Listen John.. I know I said that next time we would, but… I just don’t feel like it.

“What?! Why?” John started. “But you said…”

“I know, I know…” Lucy replied. “I just don’t feel like it, listen, next time, I promise.”

John was getting worried.

“Same arrangement as last time?” Lucy smiled.

And soon, John’s mouth was working her pussy again.


Over the next few days, the incident turned in his mind. Why didn’t Lucy want to? Was it to tease him? It was true that lying there on Friday night knowing that for nearly two weeks now he hadn’t been inside a part of his wife that Jason was now fucking senseless had turned the gears up quite a bit. But he wasn’t quite sure, he knew Jason was a better lover than him by far, that was the point, after all. John had NEVER been able to make Lucy sound that like. But she was HIS wife, it felt wrong that he should be denied her pussy for so long, he needed to reclaim her, to take what was his. Despite the long, loving blowjob she gave him he felt jealous, and not in the right way this time.

As the days passed on, however, with the distraction of work, he started to feel less worried.

A few days later John and Lucy were eating dinner after he had got back from work. Lucy was sitting opposite him wearing nothing except for a long white dressing-gown, and then, at the moment as she re-crossed her legs, John caught a glimpse of her uncovered slit.

A strong pang of Jealousy hit him and caught him by surprise.

He put down his glass of wine. Lucy noticed.

“What’s up?” She said.

He looked up at her.

“Oh, erm, nothing.”

He thought for a moment.

“Just thinking about Saturday morning, honey.” He gave her a smile.

She didn’t smile back.

“Um, listen, John, I was going to speak to you about that.”

“About what?” Asked John. He started to feel anxious.


Her voice lingered. “It’s just, maybe we shouldn’t fuck for… well, a while.”

“What?” cried John.

The serious expression on her face as she had said it made his heartbeat gather pace and a feeling start to grow in his stomach. A feeling that he would soon hear something very, very bad.

She slowly put down her glass and looked at him.

“What?” He repeated.

“Listen, John, don’t get upset, I’ll… I’ll just tell you now then.”

John did not like the sound of this.

“I won’t be easy for you to hear this and I’m going to be honest about this because I love you John, but…”

She paused again, uncertain.

“What?” said John again. His heart was pounding.

“I just can’t have you fucking me anymore…”

And then came the clincher.

“… EVER.”

A knot formed in the pit of his stomach.

He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“What?” He blurted out, with a nervous laugh. She had to be joking! “Wha…”

Lucy cut him off, and he fell mute.

“It doesn’t do anything for me, the only person who still enjoys it is you, I don’t want to be selfish but I just… don’t like it anymore. I feel all I’m doing is giving myself to you like a masturbation toy, and I hate it, I … I find it disgusting John…”

John’s stood with his mouth open, trying to think of something to say, but he couldn’t.

“I find it disgusting, and I find you disgusting afterward, and I just don’t want that, because I love you. I just can’t keep doing this. I know it must be hard for you to hear this, but I’ve got to be brutally honest. Of course, I still want to make love to you, you’re my husband, but I want to do stuff we can both enjoy. You wouldn’t like me forcing you to do something you hate, would you? Also… I’ve spoken to Jason about this.”

A vicious pang of jealousy shot through John at that moment, and his voice returned. “Jason? But…” Cried, John.

Lucy cut him off again. “He’s part of our marriage now, John, and he has a right to have a say.”

John’s head was spinning. What’s happening here? How could she be saying such things, this has to be a cruel joke.

“He agrees with me, and he also said, which I agree is fair, that he’d prefer it If I didn’t use my mouth on you either. I’ve thought about it, and I’ve decided that those things should be his to enjoy alone from now on.”

John was lost for words completely now, every time during Lucy’s speech that he was going to protest, Lucy would say something more, something even worse, and throw him off balance. And this was the final punch in the gut, and all he could do was just stand there.

“You can still use your mouth on me, as I enjoy that a lot, and well… it’s the one thing that Jason actually isn’t as good at. Now, I know that might feel too unfair, and If it does, then you can just use your hands on me as I will on you.

John’s stomach twisted and turned.

“I know this must be hard for you to accept, but that’s just the way it is. Now, I know that we didn’t do it the last two mornings after Jason was here, and since It wouldn’t be fair on you to have your last time without knowing it was the last… I’ll let you inside my pussy one last time.”


John didn’t speak a word to Lucy after this. He got up, walked to the spare bedroom, and lay down on the bed as the reality of his situation sunk in.

How could he accept this? He had been sidelined in his own marriage, what had first been a kinky dream that had made entering her pussy into the greatest experience in his life was to now be his downfall. It had gone too far, he had never thought this would happen.

He had lost her. Lost her to Jason.

He could never enter her again, and not only was he to be sentenced to a life of denial, but he would also have to listen to Jason get his own at night, and now with the knowledge that all HE would be allowed to do in the morning afterward was lick it clean. To press his face up close to the used red lips and stretched hole, to take in the strong musky scent of her well-fucked cunt, and then to taste it. The humiliation was too much.

But what was worst, and what had surprised him in its intensity, was just how AROUSED Lucy’s speech had made him that morning. As the sense of his own utter humiliation grew with every sentence, so did his cock, every word a shock wave of arousal.

The image flashed through his mind again.

His wife’s face in blissful ecstasy, her nails digging into Jason’s back as his long, thick cock pounded away, while he listened below. Was he this pathetic? It all looked very different to him now. It was no longer just a kink, a game, it was a reality. He was a cuck, a pathetic, small dick cuck.

No, he couldn’t stomach it, it was just too much, he hadn’t agreed to this, but what could he do divorce? He loved Lucy, he couldn’t bear to let her go. And what about the house, everything he had worked hard for.

He cursed the day he had started down this path.

What was he to do? He would just have to bear it, to stand back as a real man’s cock had exclusive access to his wife’s pussy. Her soft, wet, tight, warm pussy, while all HE would get was to lick it clean as his wife jerked his own redundant baby dick afterward.

No, He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t live with this. He had his dignity, this had gone too far. He would go upstairs now and tell his wife he was divorcing her. He closed his fist, and, shaking with anger, he walked upstairs. He burst the door open, and just as he was about to speak, he stopped. Lucy was standing in front of the mirror wearing lingerie and holding lipstick in her hand. He had forgotten it was Friday, the day Jason was coming over.

“What?” Said Lucy, “You know I don’t want you coming up here when I’m getting ready for Jason, get out!”

John stood there. How dare she? His righteous anger had returned. “Just you listen…” he started.

“NO! You listen to me! Do you think this is only hard for you? I was so scared to tell you, but I decided I would, I wanted to be honest with you. I HAD to be honest with you. I didn’t want to hurt you, I know it must be crushing to know you’ll never stick your pathetic tiny baby prick in me again, but PLEASE try to accept it. Instead of taking it like a man you ran off to sulk like the sissy you are.”

The brutal honesty of her words stunned John again. His strength left him.

“NOW, I was going to let you fuck me in the morning after Jason, but after bursting in here that’s not going to be an option, sorry. You’ll just have to spend tonight listening to Jason take what you can never have again.”

John’s expression turned from anger to despair.

Lucy noticed, and so did her expression turn, from anger to pity. “I’m sorry, I… I shouldn’t have said it like that.” She turned around and lay down on the bed, her eyes fixed on John’s. “Listen, either you can fuck me right now, for the last time, or never again.”

She spread her legs. John looked down.

There it was—her pussy. The pussy John’s tiny dick would soon enjoy for the last time. It was at that moment that the last shreds of John’s dignity left him. He took off his pants and put them on the bed.

Lucy smiled. “Come on, get me wet.”

He fell on the bed and buried his face in her, he spread her gorgeous lips as he licked and nuzzled and sucked, covering his face with her juices, the scent driving him mad. He stuck his fingers into her hole… So tight, so wet. And then the knot in his stomach returned. He imagined his cock inside. Imagine doing that, for the last time. But he didn’t have to imagine it, that was exactly what was going to happen.

He felt like crying.

He stopped licking and looked at her pussy. It was red, wet, glistening, and gorgeous. He looked up at her face. She looked into his eyes, and he into hers. She gave a small smile and nodded.

He adjusted his position, and with his hands shaking he grabbed his stiff little cock and slowly guided the tip towards her pussy. He hesitated for a moment, and then he slid in. The sensations overwhelmed him as his cock was engulfed in her flesh, the texture, the warmth, the tightness growing as he sank deeper, all the way up to his balls. He let out a moan. He slowly returned, and then in again, up to the hilt.

It felt better than ever before.

Then, just at that moment, like a brick, it hit him again, and his heart fell into his stomach. This was the last time. He would never get to feel this good again. And later this night, Jason’s cock would.

The jealousy reached its peak.

His cock erupted, exploding inside her, filling her with his cum. For a moment he was lost in bliss, but then he realized.

His eyes opened, and a look of desperation came over his face.

This was it, his last chance and he had barely lasted two seconds. He closed his eyes again and fucked away, desperately trying to savor the last few moments, but it was over. He opened his eyes and stopped, Lucy was looking up at him. He stared at her. Then, slowly, accepting his fate, he started the last withdrawal as he pulled his little baby dick out of her pussy.

It was out, surrounded by nothing but air, no longer clasped by the warm moist walls of her hole. Evicted, redundant, no longer needed. Never to be smothered in its warm depths ever again. Lucy moved towards him and gave him a long deep kiss.

She smiled at him. “Jason is going to be here soon, honey. I have to get ready.”


John nodded, got up off the bed, and slowly, very slowly, he walked downstairs, and entered the spare bedroom.


The End.


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