The Impotence Files: Take Your Medicine, Honey: Part 6

Micky D

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The faint aroma of fresh paint wafted over me as I entered the spare room, and I turned on the ceiling light, and killed the flashlight. This room had only come into existence, as I have previously stated, after I had subdivided the cavernous garage under the main house to create Angela’s gym and this smaller study/spare bedroom. The renovations I had been performing for the last week or so had centered on this room, and I stood for a few seconds taking stock of my handiwork.

The room was now slightly smaller than it was a week ago; this was because I had added a second false wall over the existing partitions between the gym and the garage, and packed the new cavities with several layers of soundproofing insulation. As a result, the two walls separating the spare room from both Angela’s gym and the garage were now over eight inches thick, and effectively sound dampened.

To further sound proof the room, I added a second solid wood door on the inside of the newly widened doorframe, and also fitted thick rubber draft stoppers to the base of both doors. This meant that twin doors now insulated the only entrance to the room – one opening inward and the other opening outwards – both fitted with deadbolts that could only be opened with a key.

On the right-hand-side of the room, I had cut a rectangular hole into the wall separating the room and the gym; the hole was thirty inches wide and twenty-four inches high, and about three feet above the floor. A pair of prefabricated aluminum windows had been fitted into the hole – one behind the other. The windows were sealed and double-glazed units, and in tandem they provided extremely effective sound dampening.

Of course, Angela’s lascivious scheme meant that the new window needed to be disguised when viewed from the gym. I had accomplished this by purchasing and affixing a six-foot tall by three-foot wide one-way mirror over the new observation window. The full-length beveled mirror looked perfectly natural in the gym, and concealed the new window completely.

So – in essence I had made the room into a clandestine and soundproofed observation post from which I could see virtually the whole gym. The one-way mirror mounted on the gym side of the wall hid the little window, and as long as the spare room was dark there was no indication that there was anything unusual lurking behind the mirror.

Last night we had closed both doors, and Angela had listened in the gym whilst I talked quite loudly in the spare room, and she reported that she could hear nothing. Only when I actually yelled could she hear me, and even that was faint. Of course, I wouldn’t be doing any yelling when the time came, but the soundproofing was simply to suppress any noise from involuntary sneezes or coughs (or even gasps) on my part.

The final touches involved my purchases from the electronics store. I had bought four tiny but highly sensitive electret microphones and a four-way mixer/pre-amp. The wiring had perhaps been the trickiest part of the job, but I had successfully installed hidden microphones upstairs in the kitchen and lounge room, and a pair in the adjoining gym. The microphones were then wired into the four-channel mixer, and the subsequent audio signal was sent to a miniature stereo unit. I was thus able to hear everything that went on in the kitchen, lounge room and, of course, the gym.

This, in essence, had been Angela’s scheme: I would remain hidden in the spare room, but able to hear and observe everything she did in the gym with her lover.

I turned and closed the outer door and locked it, and then I closed the inner door as well. I glanced around the room again. It has always contained a single bed and a sturdy wooden desk, and these both remained, but the desk was now pushed against the wall under the new window; on it was perched the audio mixer and the little stereo unit. There was also a pair of thick steel eyelets securely mounted in the middle of the desk, about fifteen inches apart, and a pair of small brass padlocks lay between them. The keys to the little locks were hanging on a clip nailed to the wall.

The office chair pushed under the desk likewise had two strong steel eyelets bolted through two of the heavy leg struts. The only other items on the desk were the leather wrist and ankle cuffs that Angela had bought from an adult store while she was out working. A flutter of apprehensive excitement drifted through me as I eyed these items.

I switched on the mixer and the stereo, and the speakers dutifully responded with the faint tick, tick, tick of the clock upstairs in the lounge room. I gave a final glance around the room, and assured myself that all was in readiness. I turned off the ceiling light, and used the flashlight to guide myself to the office chair. I rolled it out on its castor wheels and seated myself, and I then switched off the flashlight; the room was plunged into total darkness.

I took a deep breath: It had now truly begun in earnest.

The familiar wicked carnal buzz suddenly slithered through me again, seeming to tease me with the fact that in just a few minutes my wife and her lover would be arriving for the sole purpose of engaging in some ostensibly illicit sex. My cock gave a sudden disloyal twinge of glee, as though it greeted the prospect with lascivious delight.

During a previous discussion with Angela, I had raised the moral and ethical aspects of what we were planning to do. Jason was, after all, going to be observed without either his knowledge or his consent.

Angela had been pragmatic: “Look at it this way,” she had told me. “What harm is it going to do? We aren’t going to film him, or take pictures of him, or anything like that. He’ll never know that you were watching, and no harm will be done to anyone.” She had raised her eyebrows and added: “Besides – he has no qualms about coming over here and fucking another man’s wife. Do you think he’s concerned about the ethics of committing, for all intents and purposes, adultery?”

In reply, I had pointed out that she – Angela – had been the one to initiate their liaison, not Jason. Angela had brushed this aside. “Fair enough – but just because I invited him didn’t mean that he had to come. He had a choice, and he chose to accept the opportunity for a roll in the hay with a married woman. I’m not imposing a moral judgment here – I’m just pointing out that Jason is not exactly acting in a morally acceptable or ethical manner himself by bedding another man’s wife. So, as far as I’m concerned, you covertly watching us simply evens up the scales. No more, and no less.”

Whilst I didn’t completely agree with her stance, I did admit that she had a point.

I shook the discussion from my mind, and reached down and pressed the light on my wristwatch: 9:35pm. I could feel my pulse rushing through my ears, and the tick, tick, tick of the lounge room clock provided a staccato background rhythm. A sudden hum issued from the speakers on the desk, which I identified as the fridge in the kitchen kicking in. My loins felt warm and tight, and my cock again gave a poignant twinge. My right hand reached down, and I softly caressed its tip through my jeans. The sensation was delicious, but as usual my limp cock petulantly failed to respond.

Time passed in the pitch-black room. Tension rippled through me more intently with each passing minute.

A faint metallic squeal suddenly issued from the speakers on the desk, and I realised that it was the sound of the garage doors opening. This could only mean that Angela had activated her remote control as she pulled into the driveway. I realised I was holding my breath as the purr of car engines soon drifted through the speakers on the desk. The microphones in the gym were apparently picking up the sounds through the thinner wall that separated the gym from the garage. The rumble of car engines ceased, and the soft slam of two car doors soon followed, and I again heard the squeal of the garage doors as they began to shut. Angela had told me that she would get Jason to park his car beside hers in the garage and then close the doors – mainly to keep his car out of sight in case someone we knew drove past, or decided to call in, despite our best efforts to ensure solitude.

I heard the faint drone of voices drifting into the gym from the garage, but they weren’t clear enough to make out actual words. My heart raced, and I drew a sharp breath. The microphones in the gym picked up the soft thud of footsteps up the garage stairway, and then the microphone in the kitchen relayed the creak of the door into the upstairs hallway stairwell.

I gave a start as Angela’s voice burst clearly forth from the little stereo: “Come in. I’ll just put some lights on.”

A deep male voice replied to her: “Sure.”

“There,” announced Angela. “That’s better. Do you want a drink?”

“Please,” replied Jason. “A light beer if you’ve got one, thanks.”

“I certainly have,” Angela told him. I heard the fridge door wheeze open.

“Wow – you have a really nice house, Angie,” Jason told her.

“Thanks,” my wife replied. “We bought it about three years ago, and we’ve put a lotta work into it.” The loud tinny snap of a beer can being opened made me jump, and this was followed by the soft pop of a cork; I surmised that Angela was getting herself a glass of wine.

“And you’re positive that your husband isn’t going to come home unexpectedly?” Jason asked.

“No, sweetie,” my wife assured him. “He’s in Sydney until tomorrow. And even if he did arrive early, he would call me from the airport – he always calls. Trust me, and relax, sexy! Come sit in the lounge.”

Jason uttered a nervous chuckle, and I soon heard the creak of the lounge suite as the pair apparently seated themselves.

I realised I was trembling as I sat listening, and I spontaneously caressed the tip of my unresponsive cock a little faster through my jeans. My wife and her lover made small talk for several minutes, and then there was a brief silence before I heard the unmistakably lascivious smack of soft, wet lips. The carnal buzz screamed into life as I realised that my wife and her lover were hungrily kissing. Angela, in fact, uttered several muffled moans: “Mmm… Mmmmm…”

I listened, mesmerized as the kiss deepened. The moist smacking noises continued for two or three minutes before Angela’s soft voice drifted from the stereo.

“Jesus, you’re a great kisser, sweetie,” she gently praised.

“It’s the company I’m keeping,” Jason replied suavely.

“Mmm, is that so?” my wife asked playfully.

“Uh-huh,” Jason confirmed. The pair kissed again, and I realised I was now panting slightly as I listened. A soft, almost electric tingle slithered down my loins and into my flaccid cock. The lurid sound of their moist kisses persisted for two or three minutes before the pair again broke their kiss, and they exchange several more soft words.

“Dammit,” I suddenly heard Angela grunt. “I meant to get some more cigarettes on the way home – I’m down to my last one.” This statement was, in fact, right on cue, and my wife continued with her well-rehearsed lines: “Can you do me a favor, Jason? Could you please run down to the service station we passed – back up on the main road – and get me another pack? The service station is the only thing open around here at this time of night. While you’re gone, I’ll get the spa ready for us, like I promised, okay?”

“Sure,” Jason replied. “What brand of cigarettes do you want?”

Angela told him, and then offered to give him some money, which he refused to take. Angela then gave him more detailed directions to the service station. I listened as they made their way back down into the garage. The muffled drone of their voices carried through the gym wall again and into the microphones. I shortly heard the garage door opening, followed by the barking purr of a car engine. The purr slowly dwindled, followed by the garage door shutting again.

Several seconds later the gym door swung open, and I saw Angela’s silhouette in the doorway. Her left hand reached down to the switch for the ceiling light, and suddenly the lights in the gym blazed on. She entered the gym and closed the door behind her. She glanced towards my hiding spot and smiled softly, and strode over to the spa – which was currently devoid of water – and opened taps to begin filling it. The soft tinkle of water drifted through the speakers. My wife turned and then approached the spare room door.

“It’s cool, lover,” she said, knowing I could hear her via the microphones. “He’s gone to get me some smokes, just like we planned. Open the door, baby.”

I arose shakily, switched the light on and opened the inner door, and then unlocked the outer door. My sexy wife strode in, and she kissed me briefly and smiled.

“Everything working okay, baby?” she inquired.

“Yeah – it’s all working fine,” I replied. Even to myself, my voice sounded tight and squeaky, like I had been inhaling helium. “Jesus Christ, just hearing you kiss him, Angie…” My voice trailed off.

Angela’s smile widened lasciviously. “Mmm, that’s just the start, my lover! Now – as you know, we have about eight minutes before he gets back, so let’s get you ready. Sit down in the chair, baby.”

I quickly did as she asked. She seized the ankle cuffs from the table, dropped to her knees, and proceeded to fit the two thick leather straps around my ankles. At the same time I shakily applied one of the smaller cuffs to my left wrist. The leather felt cool and dry on my skin, and I suddenly wondered if any of this was really happening; the whole situation seemed so surreal.

“Move your leg in towards the chair a bit, baby,” Angela directed. I did so, and I heard the click of the steel snap-lock on the ankle cuff. A few seconds later there was a second click, and my ankles were now securely fastened to the two steel eyelets bolted to the chair’s metal leg struts. Angela rose to her feet and rotated the chair so that I faced the desk, and she then pushed the chair forwards on its five castor wheels; my legs slid snugly into the alcove under the desk.

My wife then quickly fastened the remaining cuff on my right wrist. “Put your hands over the metal rings, honey!” she told me, picking up the two padlocks.

I quickly complied, and fifteen seconds later the metal ‘D’ shackles embedded in the thick leather cuffs were padlocked to the two steel eyelets bolted through the desktop. My pulse quickened as I realised that I was now totally immobilised; my wrists were firmly anchored to the heavy desk with little scope for movement, and my ankles were likewise shackled to the chair on which I was sat.

Angela checked the leather straps to make sure that they were adjusted properly. She finally straightened, and she tilted her head as she glanced down at me.

“There!” she announced demurely. “All locked up, my lover! You won’t be moving from there for a while – just like in your kinky dream! Now – one final thing to do…” She reached into my shirt pocket and retrieved my mobile phone, and placed it into the palm of my right hand.

“Okay, lover – all set!” she told me. “You have my mobile number on speed dial, and you’ll know when to call me – just wait for the signal, okay?” Her voice had a sharp edge to it, and her eyes flashed with excitement. She glanced at her wristwatch. “We still have five or six minutes or so before Jason gets back, and I told him to ring my mobile phone when he gets close so I can open the garage door for him. Are you ready to watch the show, my little Cuckie?”

The carnal buzz screamed through me once again. “Jesus, yeah, I’m ready!” I replied huskily, looking up at her beautiful face.

“You all hot and horny, my little Cuckold?”

“Fuck, yes!” I gasped. “Christ, you’re really going to do this, aren’t you!” I asked needlessly.

Angela giggled that soft, sexy giggle. “Mmm, yes I am, Cuckie! Right in front of you, and in about fifteen minutes. And you’re going to sit here – unable to move – and watch everything. You’re going to watch me kiss him, and stroke his big, hard cock, and take him into my mouth so I can suck him. And then you’re going to watch as I let him fuck me, Cuckie – and there’s not a damned thing you can do to stop me! I’m going to make your kinky little fantasy become more real than you ever thought possible – and it’s going to make me so hot knowing that you’re seeing everything, but you can’t even stroke your poor, soft little cock!” She finished with another wicked giggle.

All I could do was groan in reply. She leaned down and gave me a brief, teasing kiss, her nimble tongue dancing wetly over my lips.

“Now, my little lover?” she began softly as she straightened. “It’s time for me to go slip into something a little more comfy while I wait for Jason – I bet he’s going to be nice and frisky when he gets back!” My wife chortled wickedly. “And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little frisky myself, lover! But Jason will soon take care of that for me, too!” She blew me a final kiss and walked to the doorway. “See you in a little while, Cuckie. Oh! Don’t forget to listen real close to me tonight – you want ‘Bitch’? I’ll make sure you get it, my soft-dicked little man! Enjoy the show, wont you? I know I will!”

With a final salacious giggle and a girlish wave of her fingers, she lifted her key ring from her jacket pocket, clicked off the light, and strode from the room. She closed the inner door behind her, and the room again was plunged into almost total darkness except for the glow from the gym lights streaming through the concealed window. I heard Angela inserting the key to the new deadbolt, and then the lock clicked in. I then faintly heard the outer door close, and I knew she would have locked that too. Through the window I watched her walk over to the spa to check on the water filling the tub, and then she turned to the mirror and flashed me a final teasing grin.

She took her mobile phone out from the inside of her jacket, and then placed it on the shelf beside the spa. She then stepped out of her high-heels, and quickly slipped off her jacket. Her blouse followed next, and then she slid her skirt off. She was indeed wearing the set of gossamer-thin black panties and bra, and her sensual grin widened into a leer as she removed these last two items. She was now naked. The upstairs patio at the rear of the house was well fenced, and this enabled Angela to sunbathe nude when the mood took her. She had recently been doing just that, and her delicious body glowed with a light bronze tan. My gaze was quickly drawn to her neatly trimmed pubic thatch, and I licked my lips involuntarily.

“Like what you see, Cuckie?” she asked softly, her voice floating through the speakers in front of me. My cock suddenly tingled, as if responding to a summons.

She reached over for a thin black kimono that hung on the towel rack beside the spa, and she slipped into it. She tied the thin kimono strap around her waist, and then gathered her discarded clothes and placed them in a squat plastic hamper in the corner of the room.

“Be back in a tick, sexy!” she informed me. “I just have to go pee, and get a couple of things from upstairs.” She strode out into the garage, and the microphones relayed her footfalls going up the stairs.

In her absence my gaze slid restlessly around the gym. From my perspective the spa was back against the rear wall, to my left, and the door between the gym and garage was on my right. Her treadmill and exercise bike were lined up along the left wall.

Her bench-press was positioned virtually right in front of me, the aft section only about three or four feet away from the one-way mirror. It was a sturdy, expensive piece of equipment; the bench itself was wide, well padded, and could be raised or lowered to several heights. The bench was also hinged in the middle so that the upper section could be tilted and locked into different angles. Angela, employing her lurid imagination, had noted that it would be a perfect platform on which to engage in sexual intercourse. The bench could be bent at the hinge so that it had the same contours as a deckchair, and it could be raised to an ideal height so that anyone performing coitus on it could plant their feet firmly on the floor and acquire excellent leverage. Needless to say Angela had thus adjusted the bench with Jason’s height in mind.

I raked my gaze over the bench-press once more. If things went according to Angela’s lascivious little scheme, I would be able to watch her coupling with Jason on the bench from the same angle as if I was watching them from the foot of a bed. Angela had realised that if she and Jason were to copulate on the bench in the missionary position, then the bench would necessitate him keeping his thighs parted as he straddled it. Angela had lewdly informed me that this would mean I would have a most intriguing and intimate view of their coupling.

I heard my wife’s footsteps coming down the stairs, and she presently strode back into the gym, carrying two items in her hand; one was her cigarette lighter, and the other was a strip of condoms. I uttered another sharp gasp as I glanced at the pack of rubbers.

“I can’t forget these, can I, honey?” she asked me, playfully waving the condoms. “I’ll just leave them up here so that they’re handy when the time comes.” She placed both the lighter and the condoms beside her mobile phone on the shelf, and then sent me a sly smile. “Of course, Cuckie, if I keep doing this with Jason, then I’m sure that someday we won’t need rubbers, hmm? He’ll be allowed to take me bareback, won’t he?” Her delicious giggle floated through the speakers, and I uttered another soft moan and tested my bonds; the thick leather straps held me firmly in position, and a tingling, almost poignant surge of lust poured through me as I truly realised I was quite powerless to stop Angela from doing whatever she wanted – just like in my lurid dream!

My wife then bent over to check the water cascading into the spa once more, and I gazed down to her incredible legs under the hem of the kimono. She turned to face me and lifted herself up to sit on the wooden spa decking. The noise of flowing water still cascaded from the speakers.

Angela crossed her legs and glanced at her wristwatch. “Mmm, Jason shouldn’t be long now,” she announced with another smile. “So, how does it feel, Cuckie? Is your limp little cock tingling as you wait to watch another man have me? I bet you’re in there now, staring at my legs, and wondering how they’re going to look wrapped around Jason’s back, aren’t you?” Angela tittered softly. “And I hope you noticed that I did shave my pussy into that neat bikini line that turns you on so much… So I’m nice and smooth down there, honey – I’m sure Jason will like it, too.”

Her mobile phone suddenly warbled. She got to her feet and picked it up from the shelf and glanced at the digital readout. She looked towards me again. “Oh! – speak of the devil!”

She pressed a button and raised the phone to her ear. “Hiya, sexy,” she said into the receiver. “Yep, okay… Great – I’ll go open the door now, so just drive right in… No, everything’s still fine… Yep, that’s just about ready, too – it’s just about full up now… Ha!… It’s number one-four-three, in case you overshoot it!… Okay! See you in a tick! ‘Bye!”

She placed her phone back on the shelf and turned to me. “Well, my little Cuckie? My frisky lover will be here in about thirty seconds, so I’d better go let him in, huh? Of course, I’ll be letting him into more than the garage soon, won’t I?” With a final wink she strode from the gym, closing the door behind her

Inside the spare room I felt my pulse skyrocket! I again tested my bonds, and I felt that my own mobile phone was now warm as I held it in my restrained right hand. I tilted my wrist and set it gently down on the table so as not to thrust it out of reach of my shackled hand. The sound of the garage door opening filtered through the speakers, followed shortly after by the heavy purr of a car engine. The purr abruptly ceased, and I could just make out Angela’s voice. The garage door whined as it closed again, and then I heard a car door shut. I tensed.

The gym door opened, and Angela appeared in the doorway, a fresh pack of cigarettes in her hand. She was speaking over her shoulder to Jason: “…up and grab your beer, and get my wine too, please, sweetie – in fact, fill it up again for me, can you? Then come down, and we’ll have a nice, warm dip!”

I could hear Jason’s voice from outside of the gym: “No worries – I’ll be right back down. Can I use your bathroom, Angie?”

“Of course, sweetie,” my wife replied. “Turn left in the kitchen, and it’s the first door on your right.” Angela told him.

“Thanks,” Jason replied. “I’ll be right back!”

“Okay,” she told him.

Angela continued into the gym, and placed the new packet of smokes on the shelf beside her lighter and mobile phone. There was also a small metal ashtray on the shelf. I could hear Jason’s heavy footfalls upstairs through the speakers as he apparently went to urinate. Angela shut off the water and turned on the spa; I could hear the electric jets begin to whir.

Without further ado, she slipped off her kimono and hung it back on the towel rack. I again drank in the sight of her gorgeous body, and my cock tingled yet again as I gazed at her pert breasts and shapely legs. My wife then stepped up onto the decking and slowly lowered herself into the spa. She turned and sat down in the swirling water, and then reached across and retrieved her cigarettes, lighter and ashtray from the shelf. She opened the pack and extracted a smoke and lit it, placing the cigarettes, lighter and ashtray on the spa decking to her left. As she exhaled she glanced towards my hiding place, and a soft grin caressed her face.

A few moments later I heard heavy footsteps coming down the garage stairs, and Jason shortly strode into the gym; even though I knew he could not see me, I involuntarily cringed.

Jason was perhaps six foot, two inches tall, and, as Angela had stated, I’m sure that many women would consider him extremely handsome. He had finely chiseled features, and a crop of short, dark hair. My wife had told me that he worked as a landscape gardener, or in some such outdoor job, and both the colour and the tone of his body reflected his physically active profession. Even fully dressed, I could see that he had broad, muscular shoulders and narrow hips. Another pang of masochistic eroticism flooded through me as I realised why Angela found him physically attractive.

He elbowed the door closed behind him, took one look at Angela in the spa, and he pursed his lips and sent her a playful wolf-whistle.

My wife laughed. “What are you waiting for?” she asked him. “Get your clothes off, and come on in!”

Jason uttered a soft chuckle, and passed Angela her glass of wine. He set his own light beer down on the spa decking, and began undressing. My gaze was on my wife as she watched him strip, and when he took his shirt off she drew on her cigarette and gazed appreciatively at his lean torso. He had his back to me, and as he slid his jeans and briefs off, I could see Angela’s rapt gaze slide down to his cock. When he was naked, he quickly stepped up onto the decking and lowered himself into the water beside her.

I squirmed as I watched him settle to Angela’s right-hand-side, my heart thumping, and my cock sending lewd ripples through my loins. The evil little buzz slithered through me with renewed vigor, and I found I was panting as I watched my naked wife sitting side-by-side with this handsome (and also naked) young man. They chatted in a languid fashion for about five minutes, sipping their drinks as Angela finished her cigarette, with Jason asking my wife about her gym, and about her job, and other idle chit-chat. At one point he gestured to the door to the spare room. “What’s in there? Another bedroom?”

Angela shook her head. “No. It’s just a storage room, mainly. The bedrooms are all upstairs.” Jason nodded, and presently lost interest in the spare room, for which I was thankful.

As Jason took a final swig of his beer, Angela darted a glance towards my hiding spot, and she smiled slightly. When he placed the empty beer can on the decking, Angela slid over to him and slowly eased herself up onto his lap so that she was sat sideways. Her upper torso lifted from the water as she did so, and her breasts were wet and shiny. Jason quickly slid his left arm around her narrow waist, and she reciprocated by snaking her right arm behind his neck.

My heart nearly exploded as Angela suddenly lowered her face, and pressed her lips to his.

I could clearly hear the wet smack of their joined lips over the gentle bubble of the warm water, and before long their kiss had intensified. I could actually see my wife’s nimble tongue eagerly probing between his lips, and several times they tilted their heads to opposite sides, and as they did so their mouths opened and their moist tongues caressed and entwined. Jason reached up with his right hand to cup my wife’s left breast. In my dark hiding spot, I stifled a soft gasp as his thumb and forefinger closed on her hardening nipple. The rush of my pulse whooshed loudly in my ears.

Angela slid her hips away from him slightly, and her left hand dipped underwater towards his groin as they continued kissing. Her elbow soon started moving gently up and down, and it was obvious that she was stroking Jason’s cock. My own cock gave a soft, impotent throb, almost in silent salute, and I began trembling harder than ever. I again tested my bonds, even though I knew there was little point – I had made sure that the four steel eyelets were very securely mounted; I could do nothing but watch.

Back in the spa my wife broke their kiss. “Sit up on the top step, sexy,” she quietly told her lover, moving back to allow him to rise.

Jason did as she asked, lifting to sit on the topmost step on the inside of the spa, elevating his hips out of the water. He had a lean, firm body that many men would have envied – myself included. He parted his legs slightly, and his cock suddenly sprang into view, and it was already almost fully erect. I gasped; it was an impressive specimen – perhaps eight inches long, and of considerable girth. A delicious, almost masochistic pang sizzled through me as I realised that my wife had told me the truth – his cock was a lot bigger than mine! I feverishly gazed on.

Angela moved between his knees, facing him, and he leaned back, sliding his arms backwards so he could brace himself. My wife sank down slightly in the bubbling water, and her lower blonde tresses became damp as they dipped underwater. She reached out with her right hand to wrap her fingers around his cock, and she slowly stroked him for perhaps thirty seconds. He came to full potency, and I was stunned at how small Angela’s hand looked as it encased Jason’s thick shaft.

“Mmm, you’re nice and hard for me,” my wife huskily told him. She then lowered her pretty face towards his manhood. Time suddenly seemed to stand still as I watched Angela’s full, pouty lips part, and I uttered a choked gasp as she took the head of his cock into her warm mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Angie!” Jason intoned softly.

My wife responded with an unintelligible mumble, and she gradually slid more of his meaty cock into her mouth. Her head slowly began to weave back and forth, and I watched in rapt, unblinking fascination as her lips slid moistly up and down his thick shaft. She got into a rhythm, and she was soon fellating him in earnest, her right hand now stroking him to the rhythm of her lips and tongue. The head of his cock was broad, and a soft purple colour, and every so often Angela would draw back and swirl her slick tongue around his taut, shiny glans, her eyes never leaving his face as she did so. Jason leaned back further so that he could better watch my wife’s oral ministrations.

“Jesus, that feels so good, babe…” Jason told her. In response my wife cupped his balls with her left hand and gently tickled and caressed them as she suckled him. She began to slide him deeper and deeper into her mouth, and she slowly removed her right hand from his shaft. A few moments later she was actually deep-throating him, and all of a sudden I remembered my dream about watching her do just that. My cock sent another tingle through my loins, and my stomach did flip-flops when her lips finally encircled the root of his impressive shaft. Jason gently laid a hand on her hair and simply watched her through half-closed eyes, cooing soft encouragement.

I again strained against my bonds, but I was unable to take my eyes from the lascivious scene being played out before me. I was shocked to discover that a huge part of me was subconsciously egging her on; On a dark, subliminal level, I desperately wanted to see him cum all over my wife’s pretty face, or to watch as he exploded inside her mouth, and see her swallow every drop of his creamy load! My heart raced even faster as my parched gaze hungrily drank in the sight of my wife giving her young, handsome lover a blowjob – something she hadn’t truly done for me in months!

Angela at that moment allowed Jason’s tool to slip from between her lips. It was slick and shiny with her saliva. She looked up at her lover and smiled. “Mmm… you have such a big, beautiful cock, Jason.”

Jason reflected her smile. “And you have a beautiful body, Angie – and, Jesus Christ, you’re incredibly good at what you’re doing!”

My wife gave a soft chuckle. “Why, thank you, kind sir! I’m a little out of practice, sorry – I haven’t sucked a cock as big as yours in a long time!”

I stifled a gasp, and recalled that Angela had warned me that she would be ‘bitchy’ – and here was my first taste of that! Her remark sent yet more tendrils of masochistic lust slithering through my lower abdomen, and I felt my balls tighten.

Jason grinned. “Practice on me as much as you want!” he playfully quipped.

Angela laughed, and she extended her nimble tongue and slid it up and down the length of his cock. “Cheeky boy! But with a cock this yummy, I can’t say no!” She began fellating him again, and Jason grunted softly as she sucked him deeply into her warm, wet mouth. All I could do was to imagine just how good it must have felt!

After about two minutes of intensive cock sucking, Angela once again withdrew her mouth from his glistening tool. She gazed up at him. “Why don’t we get out of the tub, sweetie – and then I want you to fuck me.”

“Now that’s the best idea I’ve heard all day,” replied Jason. He darted a quick glance around the gym. “Er – where are we gonna do it, Angie?”

Angela pointed. “Over there – on the bench-press.”

Jason instantly arose to his feet and climbed out of the spa. He gallantly helped Angela out, and my wife handed him a towel from the towel rack and then took one for herself. I watched hungrily as they gave themselves a cursory wipe with the towels. Angela hastily grabbed the packet of rubbers from the shelf, took Jason’s hand, and then led him over to the bench-press. Their bodies were still glistening with moisture, and I was again impressed as I glanced at Jason’s still erect manhood jutting out like the muzzle of a cannon. They were both now within about eight feet of me. I held my breath, and I shook in anticipation of what I knew was coming.

My wife lowered herself onto the expensive fitness device, and swung her legs up and over the vinyl covered bench seat. Angela quickly lay back against the sloping upper platform, and she then parted her thighs. Her legs were soon splayed widely out on either side of the bench seat. I caught a quick glimpse of her trimmed pussy, and I noticed that her pussy-lips were engorged and open. I felt my mouth go dry.

She looked up at her lover standing beside her. “Honey? I want you to lick Me.” she implored softly.

Jason immediately swung himself over the bench and sat facing her with his legs straddling the bench seat. His broad back obscured my view of Angela for a few moments until he lowered his body so that he lay flat, with his head hovering over my wife’s mons pubis. He quickly lowered his face towards the apex of her thighs. Although I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing with his mouth, I soon discovered that Angela’s facial expression told me everything I needed to know: Her face was flushed with excitement, and her eyes were glazed as she peered down at him. All of a sudden her eyelids fluttered and then closed, and she tilted her head back in a gesture of sudden pleasure, uttering a low moan; I instantly knew that Jason’s lips and tongue had just acquainted themselves with my wife’s smooth, creamy pussy.

Angela drew her legs upwards slightly, and Jason’s head started bobbing and tilting rhythmically, and Angela opened her eyes to look down at him. Soft slurps and sucking noises drifted from the little speakers in front of me. Jason’s large hands slid over Angela’s flat stomach and up towards her breasts; he soon found her nipples, and he took both of them between a thumb and forefinger, and began gently tweaking and pinching them.

“Mmmm, yeah, sweetie,” my wife urged. “Pinch them harder, honey… Mmm, yeah baby, just like that!… Oooh, Fuck… Your tongue feels so good! Mmm, LICK ME!”

Jason buried his face deeper into my wife’s cunt, and she slid her fingers through his short hair, guiding his lips and tongue to exactly where she wanted them. Her upper body was, of course, raised higher than her abdomen because of the sloping bench seat, and her pleasure-laden gaze flickered easily over his shoulders to my hiding spot, and it seemed that she was looking directly into my eyes. She kind of puckered her lips, as if she was blowing me a kiss, and she winked and leered for a second before turning her attention back to her lover.

“Yeah, baby – lick it just like that,” she told him. “Lick my button… Jesus, you’re making me so wet for you…”

My eyes were glued to her pretty face as she gazed down at Jason performing cunnilingus on her. She slid her fingers from his hair, and shortly a sudden crinkling noise darted from the stereo. I saw that Angela was breaking one of the seals on the packet of condoms, and she gently lifted a rubber out of its plastic cocoon.

“Mmm, stand up, baby,” she shakily told her lover. Jason lifted his lips from her cunt, and then stood up as she had asked, with his legs straddling the bench, again mostly blocking Angela from view. My wife was apparently rising to a sitting position, her legs bending out at right angles. I glanced at the gap between Jason’s parted thighs, and I saw my wife’s hand reaching for his cock. Jason’s heavy balls suddenly began wobbling, and I heard more sucking and slurping noises. I realised that my wife was once again fellating him to full hardness in preparation to slide the condom onto his cock. In fact Jason’s hips began moving softly back and forth, and he grunted. He was gently fucking her mouth!

The slurping noises ceased, and silence reigned for about ten seconds before I heard Angela’s excited voice again. “There – it’s on! Now, baby – I want you to FUCK ME!”

My wife quickly leaned back on the sloping bench, and her ankles suddenly lifted and hovered on either side of Jason’s thighs. He quickly lurched forward and lowered his upper body onto her, bending at the knees so he could keep his feet on the floor. My wife’s face came into view over his right shoulder once more as he nestled his hips between her outstretched thighs. I caught a quick glimpse of my wife’s neatly trimmed pussy peeping out from behind Jason’s swaying balls. Suddenly his rubber-sheathed cock blocked the view, and I could see Angela’s fingers wrapped around its head, guiding it to the entrance of her slit.

I panted as his large plum-colored glans nuzzled her pussy-lips. He altered his stance slightly, and then – with a long moan of ecstasy from my wife – he slowly thrust his hips downwards, and slid four inches of his cock into her warm, welcoming cunt!

It was all I could do not to moan myself! My eyes were riveted to the sight of Jason’s large, meaty cock slowly probing deeper and deeper between my wife’s labia. Angela’s legs bucked, and she repositioned herself as well, sliding a little further downward. With a couple of tentative thrusts, Jason’s cock slid in up to the hilt, and his balls kissed my wife’s asshole. Angela arched her back and gasped as he briefly held his thick shaft inside the hot, slippery confines of her cunt. As he gently withdrew, her inner labia seemed to almost suck at his retreating flesh, as if they were reluctant for it to depart! Angela’s hands curled around his hips and slid down to cup the cheeks of his backside as the full length of his shaft sank into her pussy again. His hips began pumping, and my wife uttered another groan of ecstasy as he began to fuck her in earnest.

My beautiful wife – the center of my world – was cuckolding me! She was letting another man FUCK her, right in front of me! I had to stifle yet another moan, and my cock again throbbed impotently in vicarious salute as I watched Jason’s thrusts become faster and deeper. Angela had been right; the height of the bench enabled Jason to use his muscular legs to thrust powerfully into her. The bench-press creaked and groaned cheerily as if it was enjoying the lewd use to which it was being put.

“Oh, Jesus!” my wife moaned. “Your cock is so big… so big! Give it to me… Give it to me, baby! Fuck me!”

The sharp, fleshy slap of Jason’s hips against Angela’s soft thighs began reverberating through the little stereo. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! I could even make out the wet, squelchy sound of his cock as it plunged in and out of her creamy pussy; Shlup! Shlarp! Shlurrp! Shlup!

“Come on, baby!” implored my wife eagerly. “Fuck me! Give it to me! Fuck me like my husband can’t!”

“Jesus, you’re so tight!” Jason grunted. “So fuckin’ tight, Angie, and so hot and wet!”

“Fuck! You’re filling me up so much!” Angela gasped. She slid her hands up along his back and her shapely calf muscles tightened as she wrapped her legs around his pumping hips. Her ankles locked, and I glanced past them and up to my wife’s face. To my surprise I found that she was looking over Jason’s shoulder directly into the mirror again – directly at me. She again winked, and her eyes blazed with lust.

“Mmmmm!” she gasped to her lover. “Do you have any idea how much better you are at fucking me than my husband is, baby? How much bigger your beautiful cock is?”

“Does it feel good, baby?” Jason asked with a tinge of self-satisfaction coloring his voice.

“Oooh, yeah!” my wife told him. “Do you know that my hubby hasn’t fucked me since you did two weeks ago?”

“His loss,” Jason panted smugly. “Maybe you should keep that sweet little pussy of yours just for me, sexy!”

Angela just happened to be glancing over Jason’s shoulder again as he made his last remark. She smiled towards my hiding place and replied: “Mmm, maybe I should! It’d mean that I’d at least get a decent fuck every so often!” She giggled.

“I’d fuck you every single day if I could!” Jason gasped to her.

“Mmm!” cooed my wife. “I fucking wish! Does it feel good to know that you have a much bigger cock than my husband?”

“Yeah,” Jason replied tightly. “It’s hot knowing that I can fuck you better than he can!”

“Jesus, that you CAN!” Angela confirmed in a half moan, half snicker. “You’re deeper inside me than he will ever be! Give it to me, baby – FUCK ME!”

In my hiding spot I nearly swooned! My hands shook so much that I feared the padlocks would start rattling! I clenched my fingers and tried to quell my trembling.

Jason decided to oblige my wife’s last request; he hooked his palms under her shoulders, and his powerful hips rocked up and down even harder and faster, and again I watched transfixed as Angela’s labia clung lovingly to his plunging cock. A thin rivulet of her secretions emerged from the base of her slit and ran slowly down the crack of her ass, and I could see that Jason’s large balls were becoming wet and shiny with her juices as they slapped her buttocks and asshole, bouncing and jolting gleefully. They kissed passionately again, the wet smacking of their lips adding to the moist chorus of their coupling. Angela had unclasped her legs from around his hips, and now they were spread wide – actually well past a ninety-degree angle. Her whole body shook and jerked with each powerful thrust of his hips. The bench-press creaked and shook with increasing zest, and the sharp slap, slap, slap of their flesh became louder than ever.

My wife obviously appreciated the increased tempo of his strokes; she exhorted him with greater gusto, and her moans and squeals became more ardent than ever. Her outstretched legs twitched and trembled, and the creamy rivulet of her juice trickling down the crack of her ass became a steady torrent. Even her upper thighs had become slick with her wetness.

In a heady, carnal daze I watched as Jason’s thick cock delved and plumbed my wife’s cunt. I had not been able to have intercourse with her for the better part of a whole year, and now here I was, watching another man filling that most intimate part of her with his manhood just a few feet away – not only watching, but loving the sight, relishing the depraved carnal glow that her sanctioned infidelity was awakening in me! I sat there greedily drinking in the image of how her cunt seemed to suck hungrily at this stranger’s big cock. I lapped up the delicious humiliation, the lascivious sense of helplessness, and the pure mind-blowing masochistic thrill.

As my wife again loudly voiced her pleasure, I knew that nothing would ever compare to the heady, almost surreal sense of insatiable carnality that I felt right now; my wife wasn’t simply cuckolding me – she was relishing the chance to do so! She was obviously loving this opportunity to slake her own ardent sexual appetites, and I found that her wanton eagerness to satisfy her lust with a man who possessed a much larger cock than I did turned me on most of all!

With incredible clarity, I suddenly realised that I had always been a cuckold – I just needed to find my cuckoldress! And there she was before me – my wife – who at this very moment was letting another man take what was rightly mine, ardently letting him enter and probe and penetrate her, allowing him to possess her in a way that I hadn’t for months! She had called me ‘Cuckie’ – and now I instinctively realised that it was a self-fulfilling prophecy; providing she had my approval, I knew that Angela would relish the chance to bed other men, and that this definitely wouldn’t be the last time another man enjoyed her intimate charms. My usurped cock gave a soft, poignant throb as I realised I was eagerly looking forward to the prospect of henceforth having to share my wife’s pussy!

With a kinky jolt, I even half hoped that Jason’s condom broke, and that when he climaxed his thick cream would flood my wife’s hot, humid cunt! I imagined looking at her pussy, all wet and sticky with her own secretions, and then watching as Jason’s cum slowly trickled out, almost as if to confirm once and for all my status as a true cuckold! I felt a tiny trickle of pre-cum ooze from my own flaccid tool, and I uttered a soft gasp of both excitement and acceptance.

All of a sudden Angela’s moans shifted to a higher pitch. “Oh JESUS! Fuck me, Jason! Fuck me!… I’m gonna cum!… Keep fucking me!… KEEP FUCKING MEEEEE!” Her legs gave several violent shudders, and as I watched, her clasping cunt seemed to clench Jason’s plunging cock even tighter.

“Oh, God, please!” shrieked my wife. “Keep going!… Keep going!… I’m gonna CUM!” Jason’s thrusts became even more vigorous, and Angela’s smooth, supple legs once again wrapped around his hips, locking at the ankles. I knew that they wouldn’t unclasp until orgasm had swept through her.


I nearly swooned once more as I listened to my wife climax! I watched as her juicy cunt seemed to spasm around Jason’s thick manhood, and a fresh, copious torrent of thick, clear liquid seeped out from between her taut pussy-lips and Jason’s pumping cock. It poured down the crack of her ass, and began forming a shiny pool on the vinyl bench.

It was then that I noticed Jason’s balls shifting position. They almost seemed to be pulled upwards, out of his scrotum towards the root of his shaft. At the same time he gave a husky grunt. “Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum too, babe!”

“DO IT!” implored my wife eagerly. “CUM FOR ME!”

Jason’s balls parted and pulled up even further until they were positioned tightly on opposite sides at the base of his cock, like a pair of bulbous eyes. He gave another long groan, and then his thrusts slowed slightly, and he plunged his cock into her drenched pussy one final time.

“Jesus, I’m cuming!” he wailed. “I’M CUMING!…YEAH!… FUCK, YEAH!… ARGHHHHHHH!”

I could actually see the underside of his cock pulsing as he ejaculated – the slick, rubber-coated flesh throbbing as it joyfully squirted his creamy semen deep into my wife’s pussy. His tightened balls quivered, and held their taut position for several seconds before they suddenly dropped back into his sac with an almost audible plop! Angela unlocked her ankles with a groan of satisfaction, and she lowered her calves to rest on his twitching buttocks. I could once again hear the soft smack of lips as the pair kissed deeply. I suddenly felt weak and dazed, and I realised I was coated with a sheen of sweat.

Angela and her lover lay for a couple of minutes as afterglow rippled through them both, still languidly kissing; Jason’s slowly deflating cock was still wedged in my wife’s cunt, although his now loose and drooping balls hid it from my view. Jason gradually lifted from her, and slowly rose to his feet. He stood gasping slightly and gazing down at my prone wife.

“Mmm, that was so fucking good, sweetie,” Angela cooed. She hadn’t altered her splayed position as of yet; her legs were still parted, although her feet were now resting on the floor, and I could now clearly see her drenched cunt and pubic region. The pool of her cream still lay on the vinyl bench under her asshole like an oil slick.

“Jesus, Angie – you’re such a hot, hot lady,” Jason said softly. Angela sent him a pleased smile, and he turned slightly, and I looked down to see the condom on his now half deflated cock; the bulbous end of the rubber bulged with a copious amount of his cum. He reached down and gently unrolled the condom from off his manhood and looked askance at Angela.

“Roll it up and poke it into your empty beer can, and then crush it,” she told him. “I’ll bin it later.”

He nodded, and ambled over to the spa and did as she asked. My wife slowly sat up, swung her legs over the bench, and then strode over to Jason just as he crushed the beer can containing the used and full condom. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“Why don’t we slip back into the spa, sweetie?” my wife suggested softly. “After that, I think we both need a good, long bath!”

Jason chuckled, and voiced his agreement. Angela darted upstairs to get them both another drink as Jason sank gratefully into the bubbling water, a contented half-smile flooding his face. Angela soon returned with another beer for him, and a wine for herself. She then climbed into the spa beside him, and they kissed briefly before sipping their drinks.

For the next fifteen minutes they simply sat side by side in the spa and talked. I was, of course, still wired and horny beyond all belief, and even their soft post coital conversation turned me on. The carnal buzz trilled through me like a drug, and I glanced down at my mobile phone and awaited the signal from Angela to press the button that would speed dial her phone.

Angela presently arose from the spa and popped upstairs again to replenish their drinks. After she returned, another ten minutes passed while the pair softly chatted and bantered as the swirling hot water soaked over them. When Angela finally finished the last of her wine, she placed the empty glass on the shelf next to the spa instead of on the spa decking.

I looked at the empty glass: That was my cue!

I gingerly plucked my mobile phone from the table with my shackled right hand, and pressed a button on the touch-pad. The LED display glowed into life. I clicked twice to bring up the internal phone book, and then I pressed the green button to dial Angela’s mobile number.

Several seconds passed. I held my breath.

Out in the gym, Angela’s phone trilled. Angela scowled, and she arose and reached for the warbling gadget. She answered the call:

“Hello? Oh, hi hun!” Angela darted a glance towards Jason and raised her forefinger to her lips – the classic “shush!” gesture. She then continued talking into the phone. “Yeah… Just down in the gym right now – I just did a few K’s on the treadmill, and now I’m taking a dip in the tub… Uh-huh… Uh-huh… Ah, okay… Okay, hun… How long will you be?… Yeah, that’s fine… Good flight?… Ah, I see… Yeah… Sure… Okay, I’ll be up… drive safe… See you soon, hun… Love you, too… ‘Bye.”

I had to admire both Angela’s acting skills and her aplomb.

Jason had been listening to the conversation, and as it progressed I could see him stiffen in apprehension. It was almost comical to watch his expression changing.

“Who was that?” he anxiously asked when Angela had placed her phone back on the shelf.

“That was my husband,” she replied, leaning back into the spa. “He changed his mind and took the last flight from Sydney, and just landed at Melbourne airport. He’ll be here in just over an hour.”

Jason sat upright. “Shit! I had better get going!”

Angela laughed. “Calm down, honey! He’s still at the airport on the other side of town – not just up the street! We still have plenty of time to get you dressed and on your way.”

Jason relaxed a little, and the pair sat talking softly for several more minutes. I was still dazed and incredibly excited by the sight of my naked wife and her equally naked lover as they sat chatting and giggling in the spa. I flexed my shackled ankles and wrists in anticipation of Angela releasing me. Lust and desire bubbled in me like fermenting syrup.

Out in the gym Angela finally sighed. “Well, I suppose we’d better get you on your way before hubby gets here, sweetie.” Jason nodded, and they climbed out of the spa. Angela simply dried herself and slipped her black kimono back on, and then perched herself up on the spa decking with her legs crossed. Jason, of course, needed to completely redress, and as Angela sat watching him slide his jeans on, I saw her glancing towards the mirror. A soft, slightly naughty smile formed on her lips. I gazed back at her in apprehension – something unexpected was forming in that evil mind of hers.

When Jason had finally slid his boots on, Angela quickly rose to her feet and approached him, and the pair kissed. I could see that my wife was really putting a lot of passion into the kiss, and Jason duly responded. My wife pulled back, and looked up at him.

“I want to do something before you go,” she told him.

“What’s that, sexy?” he asked.

“I want to give you a blowjob,” she replied.

I think Jason was just as startled as I was.

“Now?” Jason asked her.

My wife nodded. “There’s something I have always wanted to do – and that’s to be able to watch myself sucking a big cock – a big cock like yours…” My wife gestured toward my hiding place. “I want you to stand in front of the mirror as I kneel down and suck you. I want to see myself taking you into my mouth – will you do that for me?”

I gasped in astonishment, and Jason himself seemed surprised, but naturally assented. The pair strode towards my hiding place, and I again cringed involuntarily as they approached and came to a halt no more than two feet from the mirror. They stood facing eachother, side-by-side – Angela to my left, and Jason on the right. My wife smiled at her lover and slowly kissed him deeply again. Her fingers fluttered downwards to loosen the strap on her kimono; the thin material parted under its own weight, revealing her firm, golden breasts. She broke their passionate kiss, and lifted the kimono from her shoulders, and it slithered to the floor, crumpling at her feet. She was once again totally naked. I drew a deep breath as she kicked her kimono to one side.

My wife then smiled demurely at her lover and sank to her knees in front of him. She then did a curious thing; instead of unbuttoning his jeans, she simply reached up and unzipped his fly, and slid her slender hand inside the opening. I could see her easing the front of his briefs down, and then she gently drew his cock out of the slit. Her hand reached in again, heading downwards, and she even more gently lifted his balls out of the fissure.

I gazed in perplexity at the pair for several seconds – Angela completely naked as she knelt in front of him, and Jason standing beside her, fully dressed except for his genitals dangling out of his fly. Jason himself seemed puzzled, but not displeased; he simply gazed down at my naked wife as she briefly cupped his balls in her small palm before wrapping her fingers around his cock. His shaft wasn’t hard, but I could see that it was in the process of becoming so. Angela’s lewd proposal had obviously excited him, and I envied his prowess in being able to rise to the occasion twice within thirty minutes; one of the many benefits of youth.

“Mmm, such a beautiful cock…” my wife cooed. She softly jerked it with her right hand, looking into the mirror, almost right into my eyes… She knew, of course, that it would drive me practically insane to watch her fellate Jason to the ultimate conclusion – and she had arranged to do it almost right under my nose. My own cock gave yet another excited twitch as I watched her stroking him to hardness.

Her head slowly eased forward, and she parted her lips and flicked her tongue over his large, plum-shaped glans. I sat mesmerized, watching every move she made. She looked up at Jason and smiled, and then slid his growing tool into her hot, wet mouth.

Jason grunted, and placed his right hand behind my wife’s head. In a burst of recollection, I suddenly realised why Angela had elected to ease his cock and balls out of his fly rather than lowering his jeans completely: I had once told her that the notion of her being completely naked as she fellated a virtually fully dressed man was a huge turn-on for me. It seems that she had remembered my lewd observation, and was now acting on it.

Angela pulled back and let his hardening cock slip from her mouth. “Mmm, it’s so hot to watch myself suck your big cock, sweetie. Watch with me…” She gestured to the mirror, and once more took Jason’s dick into her mouth, sucking it with growing enthusiasm.

I sat there as both of them watched their reflection in the mirror – Jason watching her suck his cock, and Angela gazing up into his eyes. The different angles of their gazes meant that both of them seemed to be looking me directly in the eyes as Angela fellated him. The deliciously lecherous contrast of Jason’s almost fully attired state and my wife’s nakedness as she knelt in front of her lover and sucked his cock was incredibly carnal. I don’t think I had ever seen a more wanton and wickedly indecent sight in my entire life! I swallowed heavily and panted.

“Mmmmmm…” hummed my wife. She began stroking the base of his cock faster, and her head bobbed back and forth more vigorously, sliding her mouth and soft lips up and down his shaft, over and over. His cock was now completely hard, and at this close range the impressive size of his manhood was all too apparent to me. I suddenly realised that he would have compared very favorably with Angela’s large dildo, and the insatiable little buzz seemed to chortle inside me! My own cock once again quivered, and I found that my pelvis was spontaneously writhing, desperately trying to stimulate myself.

“Jesus, Angie!” muttered Jason. “Oh, Christ, that’s so good!”

His hips began to sway, rocking back and forth to match her bobbing lips and mouth. From this close range, I could see every vein on his cock, and see the bulge of Angela’s cheeks as Jason’s tool filled her mouth, over and over. Angela looked up at him and again pulled back.

“Jason?” she whispered huskily. “I want you to cum in my mouth… I want to watch as you cream… Fuck my mouth, baby… Shove your cock in and out for me…”

She immediately slid his cock back between her lips, and disengaged her hands. In fact, she placed her hands behind her back in what was almost a gesture of submission and surrender. Do whatever you want to me, her body screamed, and I won’t stop you! Jason gasped, and immediately complied with her last request; he now began pumping his hips harder, placing his left hand behind her head as well. He held her face steady as his large cock pistoned in and out of her mouth. All the time her gaze never left their reflection in the mirror, and she started to hum, making a soft, sexy noise each time his cock touched base: “Uhmm… Uhmm… Uhmm… Uhmmm…”

“Oh fuck, Angie!” gasped Jason. He, too, was watching their reflection in the mirror. He sped his thrusts, sending his tool spearing into my wife’s hot mouth even faster. A rivulet of her drool trickled down her lips and pooled on her chin. My wife’s muffled moans kept pace with his accelerated thrusts: “Uhmmm!… Uhmmm!… Uhmmm!… Uhmmm!… Uhmmmm!”

I found I was again silently adding my own encouragement, watching in feverish expectation as Jason became more and more urgent in his quest to fill my wife’s mouth with his semen. He had now achieved a perfect rhythm, his smoothly pumping hips thrusting his cock into her mouth as though it was a warm, sucking cunt. I was shocked to realise that I was actually mouthing silent words: “Do it… Cream her… Cum in her mouth…Do it!” I got control of myself with an effort, and watched as his balls gleefully jolted and swayed, occasionally bouncing playfully off her chin

Angela’s little moans and whimpers intensified, and I could see her nipples standing proud and erect as her tits swayed to the beat of his thrusts. Jason suddenly uttered a soft gasp. “Jesus, I’m gonna cum, Angie!”

My wife looked up at him, and she rapidly nodded and then winked at him; her message was clear – Cum in my Mouth

Jason tensed, and his legs shook, and I could actually see his balls contracting again. He gave two soft moans, and then he held the bulk of his cock inside her mouth and groaned softly. I could see the base of his cock throbbing and pulsing, and I could also see Angela sucking and swallowing as his cream exploded in her mouth, her humming now taking on a tone of delight… Jesus, he had just cum in her mouth! I felt my cock leaking doomed pre-cum again.

Jason’s grunts of pleasure slowly dwindled, and Angela tenderly resumed fellating him, her head weaving with deliberate slowness in and out as Jason struggled to remain steady on his feet. My wife kept up her soft, post-orgasmic oral ministrations for almost a minute as Jason regained his breath. His shaft had reluctantly started to deflate, and Angela continued to softly lick and suckle it as it shrank. She finally gave it several deep, gentle sucks before she let it slip wetly from her lips.

Angela looked up at him. “Mmm, you taste fucking yummy!” She opened her mouth and slid her tongue out to show him (and me) that she had indeed swallowed every drop of his cream.

He uttered a soft chuckle of mingled praise and contentment. “Jesus! You’re so fucking good at that, Angie… Oh my sweet Jesus, you are the best I’ve ever, ever had…”

My wife smiled sweetly at him, and gently eased his now drooping balls back through his fly, and then did the same with his half-deflated cock. She finished by pulling the front of his briefs up through the slit and then re-zipping him. My wife then gathered her discarded kimono from the floor and arose from her knees. As she slid back into the thin gown, she turned her head towards the mirror and smiled at her own reflection. I knew her smile was directed at me.

“So you liked that, sexy?” she asked, turning back to her lover.

“Oh, yeah!” he quickly replied. “I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed you doing it!”

My wife laughed softly, fastening the kimono strap around her narrow waist. “Well, sweetie, I’d better send you on your way, and tidy up before hubby gets home.”

Jason nodded, and the pair slowly walked to the far doorway.

“You got everything?” my wife asked him.

Jason nodded. “Yeah – I just came with my wallet, so there’s not a lot to leave behind.”

“Okay, sweetie,” my wife replied. She opened the door, and they disappeared through the doorway. I could hear the pair talking softly in the garage for a couple of minutes, as well as engage in a long parting kiss. A car door opened and then thudded shut, and then I heard the whine of the garage door raising, followed by the bark of Jason’s car starting up. The engine gradually dwindled until it was gone, and then I heard the garage door close again.

A minute passed.

Angela suddenly strode back into the gym. She smiled softly towards my hiding place, and walked to the laundry hamper and lifted her black jacket. She reached into a pocket and retrieved her key ring, and then walked towards the spare room door.

A few seconds later I heard the outer door open, and then I heard the key sliding into the deadbolt on the inner door. The door opened, and my wife slowly walked in. She clicked the light on, and I blinked in the sudden glare. Her kimono did little to hide the contours of her body, and I stared hungrily at her.

“So, lover,” she began softly, dropping her key ring on the desk. “How was the show?”

All I could do was croak.

Angela giggled softly. “Was it good, my little Cuckie?”

I nodded.

She reached up to retrieve the small brass keys from the clip on the wall, and began to unlock the padlocks. The wrist cuffs were finally free. I lifted my hands slowly, flexing them, and I stared hungrily up at my wife, who stood looking down at me with a soft ruminative smile playing across her face.

I gazed into her eyes. “Please kiss me!” I begged.

Angela’s soft smile broadened into a leer. “You want me to kiss you after I just finished kissing my lover? And just after I gave Jason a blowjob, Cuckie?”

“YES!” I gasped. Angela leaned down, and pressed her lips to mine. I opened my mouth to let her tongue slither inside, and I groaned as I tasted both her own essence and the tinge of her lover’s cock flavoring her saliva. Angela slid her tongue over my teeth and teasingly pulled back. Her green eyes blazed with an inner heat.

“So – how was it, baby?” she asked again.

“Fucking mind-blowing!” I panted huskily, undoing the wrist cuffs.

“Did you see and hear everything?” my wife inquired as she pulled my chair out from under the desk. She spun me around to face her.


My wife chuckled and sank to her knees to unclip my ankle cuffs. “And was it everything you expected?” she asked as she unclipped the straps and slipped the cuffs off completely.

“More than that, ” I replied shakily. “It was fucking, fucking mind-blowing!”

“So – are you ready for your little reward, honey?” she asked as she stood up, glancing at the single bed behind me.

I nodded, and shakily rose to my feet, and undid my jeans and slid them off. My briefs followed, and I shivered as Angela gazed down at my cock. I was further excited as I saw a soft flickering smile curl her lips as her gaze swept over my limp shaft; was she mentally comparing me to her lover? My mouth went dry again, and I trembled.

“Okay, lover,” my wife said softly. “Lay down on the bed.”

I did as Angela asked, and my stomach did flip-flops as Angela sank onto the bed and sat cross-legged between my knees.

“Mmm,” my wife intoned. “All ready…” Her right hand reached for my soft cock. I moaned as the warmth of her soft fingers closed around it.

“Now, my little Cuckie,” began Angela. “Tell me how it felt to watch Jason fuck me…”

I moaned again as Angela’s nimble fingers began caressing my flaccid tool. “How it felt?” I gasped. “It felt so hot, so, so hot to watch!” My voice had almost a hysterical tone to it.

“Did you see how big his cock is?”

“YES!” I almost moaned.

“It’s bigger than yours, isn’t it, Cuckie?”

“Fuck, yes!”

My wife grinned up at me, and her fingers found that sensitive spot under my glans, and she tickled it. New waves of incredible pleasure tore through my loins. “Do you like being my little cuckold?”

“Yes! I love it!” I gasped. “I want to be your cuckold – always!”

My wife raised an eyebrow. “Do you, now? So you want me to cuckold you again?”


Angela gave a teasing chuckle. “I can stop if you want…”

“NO!” I screeched. “Please don’t STOP!”

“Aww… You want me to offer my hot, creamy pussy to Jason again?”

“Jesus, YES!”

“I’m sure he wants it, Cuckie!”

“I know he does!” I croaked. Angela’s fingers tickled and teased my flaccid little cock, and I could feel the first stirrings of a building climax!

“Did you like watching him cum in my mouth?” she asked me.


My wife giggled and increased the tempo of her soft ministrations. I nearly screamed as she used her other hand to caress my full, aching balls.

“Did you see him cum when he fucked me, Cuckie?

“Yes! I saw him cum!”

“How did that make you feel – to watch him cum as he fucked me? To watch him cum inside me?”

“I wished that he didn’t have a condom on!” I blurted.

“Oooh!” my wife said, raising an eyebrow again. “Is that right? Would it have been better if he’d shot his hot, creamy load inside me without a rubber on, baby?”


Angela giggled. “Well, next time, I’ll let him fuck me bareback then, won’t I?”


“And I’ll tell him to cum inside me…”

“Jesus, do it – DO IT!” I shrieked. Orgasm sent teasing, exploratory tendrils through my loins. I felt almost faint as muscles at the base of my cock began to tighten. My heart pounded like a jackhammer.

My wife tilted her head and smiled that sexy smile. “Mmm… are you sure you wouldn’t mind if he explodes inside me, Cuckie?”

“No! – I wouldn’t mind!”

“You’re sure?” Angela teased.


Angela grinned. “Did you see how much I creamed when he fucked me, Cuckie? All my cream is still out on the bench-press…”

“I saw it! Jesus, I want to lick it up!” I blurted.

Angela raised her eyebrows again. “Ah! Do you, Cuckie? You want to lick up all the cream that dribbled from my hot, wet, sticky cunt as another man’s cock made me cum?”

“Oh, fuck! YES!” I was so close to cuming!

“Then I’ll make sure you lick it up before you go to bed, Cuckie! Every last fucking drop…”

I unleashed a moan of pure lust! Angela’s dancing fingers swirled and teased and stroked. My legs shook violently, and my balls rippled as her fingernails trailed over them.

“Hmm,” my wife said thoughtfully. “Let’s hope your little cock is able to get hard soon, Cuckie. Because if it can’t, then you’ll probably have to watch some other man fucking me – a lot! Your were right – I need a good, long, hard FUCK!”

“I KNOW YOU DO!” I howled.

“Ahhh! There’s an idea!” my wife chirped. “Maybe I should get some of those nasty little pills from work, and get you to keep taking them – and that way your soft little toy cock will never be hard again, hmm?”

I almost screamed! “DO IT!”

My wife giggled. “Oh, my little Cuckie – don’t make rash wishes – you may get what you ask for! Just imagine never feeling your thin little dickie sliding into my pussy ever again! And then imagine having to watch some other man with a real cock do what you can’t – slide his big, hard cock inside me again and again!” My wife giggled again.

“OH MY GOD! PLEASE DO IT!” It was going to happen! I was on the verge of tears as I felt orgasm screeching along my loins. I bucked and writhed on the bed, and I gazed into my wife’s beautiful face!

Angela sent me a wicked leer. “Mmm, by the way? Next time I hook up with Jason? Maybe you should ‘be in Sydney’ overnight – and then I can spend all night fucking his brains out! I could leave you tied to this bed, and then I’d take Jason upstairs to our bedroom, and you can just listen all night as he fucks your wife, in your bed, over and over and fucking over, hmm?” She uttered a tinkling, evil giggle. “I just might let him fuck me in the ass, too! Wouldn’t that be so bitchy of me! You’ve never been allowed to take my ass – but I think I’ll let Jason have it, CUCKIE!” She tilted her head back and amplified her giggle!

Climax suddenly tore through me like an erotic scythe. My whole body shook, and my back arched. I turned my face upwards, and screamed! The room shook, and with each and every heavy, ecstatic throb of orgasm I bucked and shook anew, I could feel my semen flowing from my cock like a river, and all the while Angela’s teasing, tickling fingers stroked and caressed, sending me up through the ceiling, past the stars, and into a place I had never been before! I convulsed and screamed again:



An hour later, Angela was curled up beside me in bed, her arms wrapped tightly around me.

“Wow,” she repeated again

I smiled softly. “I take it you enjoyed driving me out of my fucking mind, honey?”

My wife chuckled languidly. “I’ve never seen anyone climax like you just did… it was… mind-blowing, as you put it…”

I grinned. “Well, let’s just say that you really nailed what I find the most arousing.”

“Oh, that I did! And very unwise of you to let me know, lover! You do realise, don’t you, that you just gave me a shitload more ammunition – and that I’m going to drive you fucking insane?”

“I have no doubt.” I replied truthfully.

Angela simply smiled. “In fact, I can think of at least half a dozen new and evil little thoughts and ideas…”

This remark aroused my interest. “Really? Care to elaborate?” I asked.

Angela did care to elaborate – she talked softly for about twenty minutes. As I listened, my respect for both her imagination and her wickedly lascivious sense of eroticism went up to a new level.

“So, baby?” she concluded. “Do you like any of those ideas?”

I did indeed! “Oooh, yeah – all of them, in fact!”

My wife giggled. “Well, we can have a good, long talk about them over the next few days, baby. I love you, Michael.”

“I love you too,” I replied.

We slept until late Saturday morning.


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