Our Readers SPH Experiences 41

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader needs self-esteem, STAT…

When my appendix ruptured and I needed emergency surgery. After the op, they left my bottom half nude because the surgical scar was apparently in a place where clothing would rub and irritate the wound. The nurse checking on me comes to check all is fine and either knowing full well the situation or being unaware, lifts my cover to see I’m not infected or something then sees me then proceeds to giggle. A laugh would be better as of wrote it as shock but a giggle implied directly what it related to and as if she had prior knowledge. Her and the other female nurse left my ward a few minutes later and both were chuckling and my nurse made what appeared to be a less than flattering hand gesture. Ever since, every woman I’ve known socially has since made big is best comments or jokes. So I’ve never even tried having a relationship.


One reader dreams of a trip to India…

Well, its 4.5 erect and my wife wont SPH me, so I use prostitutes to laugh at an wank my dick whilst they sit on my face with their smelly asses. I haven’t been lucky enough for an Indian girl prostitute to SPH me yet. I’m white an would love for this to happen, but Indian girls seem so hard to find.


This readers son had a growth spurt…

“That’s a real shame,” said my wife as she tugged on the baggy excess material of the pouch of the new swimming trunks she had bought me. “Guess they’re made for porn stars or someone,” she said. “Shame I can’t get my money back.”

A few weeks later, lying on the beach in my Bermuda shorts along comes my wife with our 13 year old son and he was wearing MY rejected costume. The pouch gave everything a lift, looked like it was filled to burst and he seemed completely oblivious to the admiring glances and stares he was attracting! When he ran off to swim in the sea, my wife smiled at me, and said, “At least I didn’t waste my money!” She laughed as she said, “Maybe you could wear the old Speedos he’s outgrown!”

I could only laugh along and say he was a lucky boy, he’d have no problems in the communal showers.


Another reader boasts about his happy marriage…

I have always had a small dick. But lately my wife has decided that a cock cage would be best for my tiny dick. She has also told her friends about it. We have been talking about her getting a friend to fuck her with a real dick, she would like 8-9 inch. We have done a lot of swinging, and for 2 years she was mainly fucking one of our friend but this was a while ago. Now we are going the cuck route and going to make it more permanent.


This reader had a hair raising experience at the clinic…

I always new I was smaller than all other guys, but I thought I could hide it till I died. Unfortunately shit happens. My first experience with true SPH was when I was a hippie living in Berkeley and got a large lump on my ball sack. I went to the Free Clinic and was horrified to get a female doctor who was being shadowed by two very young looking female residents. It would be the first time I ever had a female, other than my mother and grandmother, who would see my tiny baby dick. We went into an exam room and she asked what brought me there. I told her I discovered a lump on my balls that was red and tender. Of course she asked me to drop trousers which I slowly did.

I was horrified at what their reaction would be. When nervous my dick shrinks even smaller than normal. I slowly took off my undies and saw the amused looks in the young interns eyes. The doctor then proceeded to explain in minute detail everything she did. While she was examining my dick, one of the interns asked about my small size and the doctor said I appeared underdeveloped for my age (19), but that was normal for some guys. I was humiliated totally. The girls looked at each other with smirks on their faces and gave me the “poor guy” look. She next examined the rather large lump on my balls, even had the girls feel it. She determined it was an ingrown hair and would eventually resolve itself. If not I’d have to come back. That was the first time women saw my tiny dick.


This reader proves when you go black…

A few days ago I tried to lose my virginity to my more experienced girlfriend. For the record, we’re both black. Things went like magic up until she pulled my pants down. Then she looked disappointed and said we weren’t compatible and left. That did it for me. I’ll never be with another black woman again. I’m not taking that risk again. I’m still hurting over that. I wish I could make her feel as badly as I do.


Another reader discovers that loose lips sink ships…

My wife was getting steadily more drunk at a dinner party for four couples. The conversation was getting more and more risqué and I was getting worried she might say something inappropriate. My wine glass was smaller than hers so I suggested a swap. She then looked me in the eye, and said so everyone could hear, “Your glass is plenty big enough as you could easily fit your junk in it!”

Among the laughter were comments about how you couldn’t even fit your balls in etc. The next thing I know is I am stood on a chair, pants round my ankles and my wife has placed everything inside the glass! Everyone was crying with laughter, especially when another mate filled the same glass with his left testicle! The rest of the night centered around jokes and comments about tiny dicks and everyone had a great night at my cost


This reader coulda been the champion of the world…

This is the truth, I couldn’t stand having a small penis and thin penis but I’ve realized nothing will make it bigger because I’ve tried every thing and nothing works. So I’ve been dealing with it for a long time and quite honestly I love my tiny penis and get so excited on how small I can get it because it’s something I want to express about myself and men with lil baby penises like me.. Am am a grown man in a lil boys body. I will admit it, but lil puny and thin dicks rock it. I will be the tiny dick champ of the world. Jerk my thing with 2 FINGERS and chop sticks like a lil small shrimp dick that I am.


Another reader decided to have good time despite his shortcomings…

Our situation fucking sucks, but don’t let it stop you from having great friends, great relationships, and great experiences. Unless you want to be a porn star, you can still follow your passions, your dreams. Go out, help people, be someone who counts. It just means that maybe the sex part of your life won’t be as great as you wish it could be. And it’s not too good for your self esteem either. It’s fucking shit. But some day you gotta stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, and live your life to the fullest. A small penis is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not greedy, I don’t want a massive dong, I just want a normal sized penis that when erect, I can look in the mirror and say ‘I am a man, check me out with my cock that does a fairly good job of satisfying my sexual partners. At the moment, I stand in the mirror fully erect and think to myself ‘This is some bullshit. I feel ridiculous with this thing. Do I even count as a man?’ But that won’t stop me from enjoying the company of my friends and family, going out and having pints, working, travelling, being creative, all the good stuff in life that doesn’t require a penis. This is the attitude I’ve chosen to adopt and so far so good. Don’t put so much importance on this problem. Think of it as though you’ve been cursed by an evil Small Dick Devil: If you let it get you down, he wins. Don’t let the Small Dick Devil win. Let life win. 🙂


One reader started an office romance…

During a busy period at work my boss and I often stayed at the office until as late as midnight. One Friday we were a lot more relaxed as we were getting on top of the workload and we were enjoying a couple of Whiskeys as we worked. Out of the blue she asked me who had the biggest dick in the office! I replied I did not know and asked who she thought it might be.

“Well your pants look pretty flat so it’s not you!” Came the reply and my stomach turned with nerves.

I told her my pants weren’t flattering and I was as big as anyone else in the office. We carried on working for a while when she dared me to show her how big I was. One thing led to another and I agreed to get naked only if she would, fully expecting her sensible side to take over and the matter to end. The next thing I know is I am staring at the most shapely C-cup tits I’ve ever seen and a shaved vagina. She is giggling away because I am also shaved but my balls have retracted and I am shrunk to less than 2 inches. She tells me I look cute and we start playing chase all around the office but come to a sudden stop when the caretaker catches us! We begged him not to tell anyone and not only did he agree but asked if he could join in the fun – we reluctantly agreed but her eyes lit up when he revealed a hairy, muscular torso and an 8 inch thick semi/hard cock. She said the contrast was unbelievable and now they both tease me constantly at work and others are getting suspicious. Surprisingly, she started dating me and we have a great sex life based largely round teasing me over my small size including a threesome with the caretaker who absolutely dwarfed my penis and was about four times my volume.

Once I hooked up with my boss she would create all sorts of embarrassing situations for me. One situation was yoga classes in Lycra skins or unitards that left nothing to the imagination. We would do the classes and nothing would be said but everyone was fully aware that I was small in the genital area. One day another woman introduced her boyfriend to the lessons and he was wearing the identical outfit as mine but the bulge was massive! Again everyone was polite and nothing was said but the contrast was there for all to see. After the session we were getting ready to go home when the girlfriend said to us both, “Snap! Same outfits – you’re like twins!” She then glanced at my crotch and added, “Almost!”

My boss then asked what she meant by almost and the girl replied that whilst he boyfriend was obviously a shower, I must be a grower. My boss then responded by saying that I was also a shower as I did not get any bigger than I was right now. They both then started laughing and it turned out they knew each other and the whole thing was set up!

“See, I told you he was small,” my boss said to her and laughed as we went our separate ways.


This reader had a ‘love thy neighbor’ moment…

My neighbors are often away at weekends during the summer and I take advantage of the opportunity to sunbathe naked in my garden that can only be overlooked by their house. One Saturday I was sprawled out, legs apart making sure there were no parts of me not exposed to the sun when I saw the curtains moving! I jumped up in a panic but my neighbor flung open her window and said,”Don’t worry I’ve been watching for half an hour and have seen everything – you may as well carry on enjoying the sun.”

She then closed the window and disappeared so I got back in position but with a raging 4.5 inch hard on and balls so tight they were back in my body cavity! Ten minutes later my neighbor is looking over the garden fence two yards from me and asks, “Would you like me to help you get rid of that tiny boner?”

She used step ladders to get over the fence and started playing with my penis. All the while she was commenting on how she had raised 3 sons, had grandsons and none of them were as small as me. She thought the fact I shaved the pubic hairs was hilarious and cried with laughter when I shot my load and shriveled to an inch. She then told me my little secret was safe and was looking forward to her husband coming home on the Monday a he had a fat 8 inch cock. She said she felt sorry for my wife who must be fed up receiving small portions and climbed back over the wall laughing to herself. My neighbors are both in their 60’s by the way, and I’m 29.


Another reader gets outed by his own mother…

My mother always accompanied me to the doctors up toy mid teens. Aged 14, I was getting undressed behind the screens one time, not really sure why I was there. My mother then starts saying to the doctor that she is worried I am under developed for my age as my genitals are the same size they were when I was 10 even though there is now some pubic hair present. The screens then got pulled back and my mother says, “See what I mean – it’s not even 2 inches long, it’s as skinny as a finger and his testicles are tiny!”

The doctor said something about puberty being over several years and developing at different rates. I was then really shocked when she went on to say that my 12 year old brother is already 3 or 4 times my size and that can’t be right. The doctor calmed her down, told me to get dressed and agreed the local nurse should monitor my development over the next year. In bed that night I could not resist asking my brother if he had any hairs yet, boasting that I had mine. He said he had and I dared him to show me. We then agreed to drop our pajamas at the same time – what a shock! There was my shorter, skinnier brother sporting a thick 5 inch dick sitting on top of 2 fat tangerine sized balls while I had a skinny 1.5 inch dick and balls like marbles!

He cried with laughter and eventually asked if I wanked yet or was I too babyish. I admitted I hadn’t so he said he would show me. My eyes were like saucers when he started to stroke his dick and it grew even more to about 7 inches. I rubbed my dick with 2 fingers, sat next to him and grew to a paltry 3 inches. We were obviously making more noise than we realized because mother burst in and caught us in the act! We both thought we were in trouble but she said it was only natural and at least I now knew what my dick should look like. I felt like crying as my brother started to laugh, making his massive cock and balls wobble all over the place. When mother left the room he said that he was now in charge as his dick and balls were about 4 times bigger than mine. Sadly, he wasn’t lying and I had to endure mutual wanking sessions (not on each other) from then on with him shooting much bigger loads much further than me


This reader had a hospital nightmare…

A recent medical operation led me to be hospitalized for a couple of days. The operation entailed inserting a catheter through both sides of my groin in order to repair an aortic aneurysm. As would be the case – most embarrassingly – my “junk” would be exposed while sedated during the operation and while recovering in post-operative after care. So after the operation and coming out of sedation I recall drowsily asking a recovery room nurse if I could pee. (The reader will have already surmised that I have a tiny toddler sized penis; I’m a silver member of the small dick club.) The nurse, a woman whom I couldn’t quite see from my gurney told me in a loud clear voice that a urinary catheter had been inserted with some difficulty into my penis and would automatically draw out urine. She elaborated rather quickly that since my penile shaft was so short the surgical nurse had had to try the procedure a few times and that I might feel some discomfort at first. I think I replied “OK, I understand” but I kind of blanked out and the next time I awoke I was in a bed in my semi-private room. Being conscious again I immediately became aware of needing to pee and rang for a nurse who appeared immediately.

After a few preliminary questions she addressed my peeing concern, responding that the catheter would gradually draw out any urine production but she would check that it was functioning properly. She read my chart for a few moments and with a knowing grin offered, “Let’s see if I can make you more comfortable”.

She proceeded to lift up my hospital gown, examined the surgical site bandages on both sides of my groin and then carefully examined my retracted, flaccid “inny” penis, nudging and pulling it out of my circumcised foreskin and probing the catheter insert. I noticed this was all accomplished with just the tips of her first three fingers. She then reiterated verbatim what I earlier had thought I had heard the recovery room nurse tell me, “Your penile shaft is so short that the surgical nurse had to try to insert the urinary catheter a few times. You might feel some discomfort at first.”

Never mind the discomfort of the catheter, I was now thoroughly humiliated by the thought that every hospital staff member (doctor, nurse, clerical, catering, etc) who came into my room and perused my chart would be made aware that I had a tiny penis! Well, the final insult came upon discharge. A nurse that I hadn’t met before came into the room to remove my urinary catheter. Of course, she read my chart, drew attention to the insertion difficulties and asked if I was feeling any further discomfort. Then almost as if boasting she announced to me not to worry because she had a good deal of experience with post-operative adolescents and shouldn’t have any problem at all removing my urinary catheter!


One reader was caught nude by an employee on holidays…

I was lying on my sun lounger soaking up the Portuguese sun while half asleep when I heard, “hello, Mr Jenkins!” It was Jenny, a recent recruit to the office I manage. Jenny was 21 years old, I am mid 40’s. I reluctantly opened my eyes to find myself staring right up a closely shaved, small, tight looking vagina. I quickly averted my eyes but was confronted by her 13 year old brother who was sporting a slender 4 inch flaccid penis and surprisingly large balls. I looked back to Jenny who was openly staring at my groin with a wide grin! “Have you been swimming?” She asked.

I looked at myself and my shaft had disappeared and my balls had retracted – she was looking at a 1 inch head and no balls. “No,” I said “It goes like that sometimes, but it’s normally bigger.”

I think my lack of embarrassment surprised her, but she must have decided to test how unembarrassed I really was by inviting me to meet her family! Being an experienced manager, I was not going to lose control of the situation to an office junior, so I jumped up, said, “I’d love to,” and put my arm around both of them and walked along the beach.

When we reached our destination, I was confronted by 3 grinning faces all looking directly at my groin which stubbornly refused to relax my balls or grow my dick. The mother was very shapely with large surprisingly firm breasts and a thick bush of hair downstairs. “Pleased to meet you,” she smiled. “Jemmy has said so much about you. She says you are a real ladies’ man!”

She almost laughed as she made that comment. Next to her, her husband had an athletic build was covered in a thin layer of body hair and was sporting a 7 inch very fat flaccid dick and he seemed transfixed by my stubby little softy. The other brother, aged 16, stood up and swung a similar sized but thinner dick out wards has he reached to shake my hand. I couldn’t help but notice that his balls were very heavy looking and huge, hanging about two third of the way down his shaft. We exchanged pleasantries for about 6 minutes, agreed to meet up for a meal that night and I left to the definite sound of muffled laughter. I was determined to show them who was boss and vowed to have sex with the Mum by the end of the holiday.


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