The Impotence Files: Take Your Medicine, Honey: Part 5

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By Micky D

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Part 2
Part 3
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Part 5…


‘Dear Cuckold,’ began the note in Angela’s flowing script.

It was the following Tuesday morning after Angela’s jaunt to the hen’s night and her subsequent coupling with Jason. I had just made my way down to the garage, and as I opened the car door, I noticed a slip of paper laying on the steering wheel. I felt my stomach flutter as I settled into the driver’s seat and pulled the car door closed behind me with a dull thud. The note lay innocuously on the steering wheel before me like a slumbering flounder. The garage was in semi-darkness, illuminated only by two small windows mounted above the closed garage doors behind my car. With fluttering fingers I gingerly picked up the slip of paper and turned on the car’s interior light so I could read Angela’s message more clearly:

‘I hope that you don’t mind me calling you “Cuckold”, but I guess it’s the truth, isn’t it, honey? *sexy giggle* Of course, if “Cuckold” is too formal, I can soon shorten it to “Cuckie”, or even just plain ol’ “Cuck”. Let me know which one you prefer, lover! *grin* For now I’ll run with “Cuckie! – think of it as a term of endearment!”

‘Anyway, I just wrote you this brief letter because I wanted to tell you that last Friday night was very erotic, and I’m glad that you enjoyed it so much, and that it was everything that you thought it would be. I know it’s been a fantasy of yours for so long to imagine another man taking me, and I loved being able to bring it to life for you. I also loved all the little talks we’ve had about it since, and I now know a lot more about how it makes you feel when I’m being so deliciously naughty! *sexy grin*

‘Of course I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it too, Cuckie. As I’ve told you (and as you heard on the tape), I did enjoy being “unfaithful” to you, and to be able to take a lover – especially one so young and hot as Jason! I’d forgotten just how good it feels to be “filled”, lover – to be properly fucked again! And yes, Jason DID have a bigger cock than your lil’ soft one! *teasing giggle!*

‘OH! By the way, you didn’t see me dress for work this morning – but I have to tell you that I’m wearing stockings and suspenders today, and this morning I also shaved my pussy into that neat little bikini line that you love so much! I’m also wearing those see-through panties that make you drool! So just think about what’s underneath my skirt while I’m out working today – I’m sure a lot of other men will be doing the same when they see me! *wink!*

‘Now Cuckie, since last weekend we’ve talked a lot about what I did with Jason, and you’ve told me how much you’d have loved to have actually been able to watch me with him – especially if you have to watch while those nasty pills are stopping your poor little pecker from getting hard! *evil grin* Well, being the wicked girl that I am, I’ve thought of one way that you could sit there and do just that! Would you really like to see some hunky young guy fucking me, Cuckie? Would you really like to watch as some hot stud gives your wife a good seeing-to, and gives me the deep, hard fucking that you can’t? *teasing giggle* If so, then turn the page and read on!’

I felt my balls contract, and my jaw slowly dropped as I flipped the note over and read the next few paragraphs. How long had it taken my wife to dream this up, I wondered. I sat thinking for a few seconds; what Angela was proposing in the note was quite feasible – all too feasible, in fact! The familiar carnal buzz slithered into my loins; I found that I was just as excited by her seeming willingness to once again cuckold me as by her plan to enable me to watch her doing so! My hands began trembling as I turned my attention back to her note.

‘So Cuckie – what do you think of my idea? I know it would take a little work and money to set up, but not too much. Of course,would have to pay for the things needed, but I think it’s an exquisitely kinky twist that you would essentially work and pay for the privilege of watching your unfaithful wife getting her horny little ass fucked off, hmm? *wicked grin* Besides – you’ve already told me that you’re getting bored at home, so preparing for my little idea would be one way to occupy your time, huh? *wink!* Just think of it as a way for you not to be bored at home by preparing to watch me get “bored” at home! *teasing laugh*

‘Oh! One thing I forgot to mention… In your kinky little dream where you lost me in a poker game, you had to sit there unable to move as you watched another man have me. I know that the idea of you being immobilised as I let another man take me really turned you on, and there’s a way I can make that happen too, if you really want to try it. Just imagine – you not only watching some other hot guy fucking me, but also being unable to STOP him from fucking me, even if you wanted to! Does that turn your crank and make your limp little dickie tingle, honey? *evil grin* Here’s how I’d do it…’

I hungrily read the next few paragraphs, and my heart raced faster. Jesus, even that part was all too feasible! I realised I was panting slightly as I came to the last part of the note. A sympathetic quiver seemed to dart through my cock.

‘Well, lover? I know that you’re probably reading this just after breakfast. Give me a call on my mobile phone at around lunchtime today and let me know what you think! In the meantime, take good care and know that I love you very, very much! *cheeky grin* – even if you are my flaccid little Cuckold! *wink*

Your loving (and very naughty!) Wife!


P.S. When I get home from work tonight, you’re going to LICK ME! *sexy grin!*’

I glanced up from the note and stared through the windscreen at the rear wall that separated the garage from Angela’s gym – realising as I did so that she had left the note in this particular location as a subtle message. I realised I was shaking as I sat behind the steering wheel, the note in my left hand and the car keys dangling from my right, and my cock sending inquiring tendrils along my loins. This wasn’t going to be a regular Tuesday morning

I began to imagine what it would be like to put Angela’s evil little scheme into action; to be able to watch her beautiful face cloud with pleasure as another man’s cock slid hungrily into her warm, wet pussy; to see her long, sexy legs wrapped around another man’s back as she coupled with him, imploring him to take her, to penetrate her, to fuck her. I imagined it just as she had described in her note, with me immobilised and helpless to interfere or prevent my wife from cuckolding me right before my eyes! I uttered a soft moan, and I realised that my right hand had drifted down to my crotch – the metal car keys clicking softly as my forefinger caressed the head of my flaccid cock through my jeans…

I blinked and took a deep breath, and shook myself out of the looming erotic daze. The carnal buzz tingled through me like a determined mosquito. I folded Angela’s note and placed it in the glove box, and activated the remote control to open the garage door. I started the car as daylight flooded the garage. I made a mental note to drop into the hardware store and the electronics shop after I had finished the grocery shopping this morning.


At around lunchtime I dialed Angela’s mobile phone. After several rings she answered: “Hello?”

“Hi, hun,” I replied into the telephone receiver. “It’s me.”

“Hi baby! How you doing?”

“Fine, babe,” I told her. “Shopping’s all done, and I’m back home again. How’s work going?”

“Not too bad at all, sweetie. I’m running ahead of schedule today, which makes a change.”

“Glad to hear it,” I replied. I cleared my throat. “I got your note, by the way.”

Angela uttered a soft chuckle. “I figured you would, honey.”

“Can you talk freely about it now, or are you busy?” I asked.

“No, I can talk, baby – I’m sat in the car. I just pulled up in High street to grab some lunch.”

“Okay, good. Now tell me – how the hell did you think up that plan?”

Her tinkling laugh echoed down the phone line. “I told you, lover – I’m wicked!” She laughed again. “So – do you like it?”

“Actually, I do,” I said softly. “I guess it would be one way to see you… well, you know.”

“To see me with another man, lover?” Angela gave a low giggle. “It would be – if that’s what you really want. I kinda added in everything you told me that would drive you insane, and that’s what I came up with.”

“It would drive me insane, alright,” I agreed softly. “I went to the hardware store this morning and made a few inquiries about what we would need to put your little scheme into effect.”

“Ah – you are an eager beaver! Can you get everything that we want?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “They told me they have can have everything I need in two or three days – they have to order some of the stuff, but they’ve got most of it there already. I also talked to the guy in the electronics shop, and he has everything we would need in stock right now.” I cleared my throat again. “There’s a few other items in your letter that we wont be able to get around here -”

Angela cut me off. “I know what things you’re talking about, honey. Don’t worry – I’ll pick those up myself while I’m in town, so scratch them off your list.” Angela’s lewd chuckled floated down the phone line again. “So, lover – there’s no reason why my little plan won’t work?”

“No reason at all,” I agreed. My pulse quickened.

I could almost picture Angela’s grin as she replied: “Okay, honey – how long will it take you to make the alterations?”

“Not long. A week maybe, but probably less. There’s only two major modifications, and after that it’s all minor stuff – as you pointed out in your letter.” In some ways I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation.

“So you could have everything ready by the weekend after next?” Angela asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Once I get the all the hardware and material, it won’t take long at all.”

“Okay, baby,” Angela said. She paused for a second or two. “Are you sure that you wanna go through with this?”

I swallowed. “Yes – I am. It would be incredibly hot to watch you – to me, anyway.”

“Well then, lover? Why don’t you order what you need to, and we’ll do it.” Her voice took on a teasing tone. “How much will it all cost, Michael?”

“All up? About seventeen hundred dollars. Maybe a little more.”

Angela gave a short giggle, and her voice took on a playful edge. “Aww, that’s a lot of money to spend, baby – just so you can watch some frisky young stud slide his hard, throbbing cock deep inside me… Are you sure you wanna spend that much… Cuckie?”

“Jesus Christ!” I gasped. “Yes!” My grip on the phone tightened. I could hear the click of Angela’s cigarette lighter and the intake of her breath.

“By the way – did you like the tone of my note, lover?” she asked. “Kinda bitchy, wasn’t I?”

“Yeah, you were,” I replied shakily.

“But you don’t mind me being a nasty little bitch, do you?”

“You know I don’t!”

Angela chuckled quietly again and changed tack slightly. “And what name do you prefer, hmm? Cuckold, Cuckie, or Cuck?”

I gulped. “Cuckie.”

“Mmm, my little Cuckie it is, then! You are my little cuckold, aren’t you?”


“You know what? If I were really bitchy, I’d call you my little, soft-dicked cuckold, wouldn’t I? Or – even better – if I was parked somewhere a little quieter than this busy street, do you know what I’d do right now? I’d reach down and start fingering myself, and make you listen to me over the phone. I might even start moaning Jason’s name as I teased my hard button, Cuckie. Imagine that, Michael – me sat in my car, reaching under my skirt and caressing my warm, juicy pussy and stroking my hard little clit as you listened… hearing me panting and moaning softly, and finally hearing me gasp Jason’s name when I cum… Mmm, yummy!”

I nearly dropped the phone. “Oh… My… God!”

Angela’s sensual giggle caressed my ear. “Aww, I’m sorry baby! I couldn’t resist – and I know how much my nasty little bitch mode drives you insane!”

“Jesus, I want you!” I panted.

“And I want you!” my wife replied earnestly. “And I meant what I said at the end of that note – tonight you’re going to lick me when I get home, aren’t you.” Her reply was a statement, not a question.

“For hours!” I affirmed shakily. “I want you to cum in my mouth over and over!”

Angela’s throaty chuckle tinkled. “Then get ready for a long night, honey! Of course, if you aren’t up to the job, I bet I could always find someone else who fancies a serving of hot, steamy tacos!”

I answered with a half-suppressed groan, and Angela laughed.

“Jesus, I’m sorry baby!” she said. “I really can’t help picking at you – you’re so cute when you’re frisky! I’ll behave myself – until I get home at least. Then you’ll be in a lot more trouble.”

“I can’t wait,” I half panted.

“Me either. Well, baby, I’d better go get some lunch, and then hit the road again. I should be home around the usual time, or hopefully a little earlier. Take good care, okay baby? I love you, Michael.”

“I love you too, Angie. Drive safe, okay?”

“I will. See you tonight, lover! OH! Before I go?”

“Yeah?” I asked.

“In my little letter I kinda told you a little white lie about the panties I’m wearing today. I’m not really wearing the see-through ones, baby…”

“You aren’t?”

“Nope,” Angela confirmed. “I’m not wearing any panties! ‘Bye, lover!” With a final giggle, she hung up.

I gave a light gasp and stared at the receiver. I should have known there’d be a wicked parting shot; I know my wife far too well. I pressed the receiver button until I got a dial tone and punched in a new number. After two rings a nasally voice said: “Good afternoon, Reynolds hardware – Trevor speaking.”

“G’day Trevor,” I replied. “I was in there this morning making some inquiries about some material I need for a renovation project, and I would like to confirm the order if I could…?”


On Tuesday afternoon of the next week I was putting the penultimate touches to the alterations outlined in Angela’s plan. I had always taken pride in my work, and this was no exception, regardless of how bizarre the real purpose of the renovations would seem to an outsider. I had attacked the task with gusto, and as the job approached completion the carnal buzz loitering in my loins intensified. The sole purpose of the work was, after all, to allow me to watch my beautiful wife cuckolding me. I couldn’t help but smile at the strange irony of it.

Angela had watched with interest as the work progressed. She had gently refused to masturbate me for the last week, telling me that it would heighten my arousal to wait until she could enact her lascivious scheme. Her refusal to indulge me didn’t dampen her own cravings, however; almost as if her own excitement was rising as the prospect of carrying out her kinky plan approached, she had me perform cunnilingus on her with increasing frequency – something I was only too happy to do.

To add to my bitter-sweet dilemma, Angela would verbally tease me as I pleased her, looking down at me and telling me things like: “Mmm, lick my pussy slowly, lover. Just think – in a few days some other man is going to slide his hard cock exactly where your eager little tongue is right now – and you won’t be able to stop him! You’ll just have to helplessly sit there and watch him fuck me! Maybe I’ll have to get you to shave me so I’m nice and smooth for him, hmm, Cuckie?”

You can perhaps guess why the evil little buzz had heightened to new levels in the last week.


The next afternoon I finished the last of the painting, and the renovations were finally complete. Angela and I tested my handiwork, and everything worked just as it was supposed to. Angela had even written out a checklist for just about every contingency she could imagine, and I had to admire her devious and thorough planning. When we were finished discussing what would occur, a soft half-smile flooded her face.

“So, lover – when do you wanna put my little plan into action?”

I felt my stomach flutter. “As soon as you want.”

“Well, you have you last appointment with Rogers this Friday, don’t you?”

I nodded. “Yeah – at least I hope it’s the last damned appointment.” With any luck, I was optimistic that Mr. Rogers would give me the all clear to cease taking those fucking pills.

“Okay,” my wife continued. “How about if I was able to set something up this Friday night, lover? Would you like that?”

I nodded again. I could feel my balls tighten, and that familiar, almost queasy, ripple of masochistic excitement slid warmly into my loins. “So what will you do?” I asked tentatively. “Go out to a club again?”

My wife grinned. “No, lover – I have a better idea. I told you that Jason gave me his telephone number, didn’t I? What if I was to give him a call and tell him that I may be free on Friday night?”

I swallowed. “You could do that, I guess.” I croaked.

Angela gave a throaty chuckle. “I’m sure I could, lover. So what if I was to call him tonight and see if he’d be free to take me out Friday for dinner, and also tell him that my hubby has gone interstate again, and that I’m all alone and need some company, and maybe a little hot lovin’, hmm?”

“Jesus Christ,” was all I could gasp.

“Of course,” Angela continued smoothly. “It’d be very handy if you arranged to take your car in to get the shock absorbers replaced on Friday afternoon, and left it there overnight – just like we talked about. That way Jason wouldn’t see your car in the garage, would he? He’d think that your car was parked at the airport, and that you’d be unlikely to intrude on us.” My wife flashed me a salacious wink.

I swallowed again and nodded, almost hypnotized. She slid her arms around my neck and kissed me. I am sure she could feel me trembling.

“Michael?” she asked. “I’m going to ask you this one last time – you’re absolutely sure that you want me to do this?”

“Yes,” I croaked. “I want you to do it – I want to see you…”

“Okay, sweetie,” she replied softly. “I’ll give Loverboy a call later tonight. I’ll let him know that I’ll be free this Friday night, and see if he wants to join me for dinner somewhere. If we hook up, then I’ll also let him know that we can come back here for a nightcap, seeing as my hubby won’t be disturbing us.”

“Jesus Christ!” I half moaned.

My wife’s smile widened slightly. “Getting hot thinking about what you might see Friday night, lover?”

“You know I am!”

“Oh, that I do,” she cooed, and then wrinkled her nose. “Now Lover, you’d better go in for a shower – you reek of paint!”

I sent her a grin, and kissed her, and did as she asked.

After I had showered and dressed, I made my way to the lounge room to find my wife sat watching TV. She smiled as I settled onto the couch beside her.

“I made a phone call while you were showering, baby.” she announced suggestively.

My heart fluttered. “Yeah?” By her soft smile I had an inkling of what was coming.

“I called Jason. He said that he’d be only too pleased to take me out to dinner this Friday night. He did have other plans, but he said he’d cancel for me.”

I swallowed. “So it’s really going to happen at the end of this week?”

“Yes, lover – in about forty-eight hours, in fact. I told him that hubby wouldn’t be home until Saturday, and that we could come back here after dinner – if he wanted.”

“What did he say?” I asked breathlessly.

“He said that’d be great,” replied my wife. Angela’s tone became playful. “He sounded very keen, actually. Do you think he wants a repeat of the other Saturday night, lover?”

“I’m sure he does,” I answered in a tight voice. What red-blooded male wouldn’t fancy taking Angela to bed again?

My wife chuckled gently. “Well, it’s all arranged, baby. Tomorrow night, I want us to do a dry-run – a kind of rehearsal, just to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything, okay?”

“Okay,” I replied softly. “That’s probably a good idea.” The carnal buzz had just skyrocketed inside me.

Angela could obviously see the reaction that her disclosure had produced in me, and she flipped me a salacious smile. “Are you going to enjoy watching him fuck me on Friday, Cuckie?”

Unable to answer, I simply nodded.

Angela’s smile broadened: “Don’t worry, Cuckie – I’ll make sure that you see everything. I’ll make sure that you finally get to see every little part of your biggest fantasy becoming fulfilled – I promise you.” Angela’s eyes flashed at me. “Mmm, all this naughty talk is making me frisky. Why don’t you slide my panties off from under my skirt, baby – and then plunge your delicious little tongue deep inside my hot, wet cunt?”

I thought she’d never ask!


The next evening – Thursday – we did as Angela suggested, and went through a rehearsal of her little scheme; everything went smoothly, and I was once more impressed by my wife’s devilish attention to detail. She had thought of every possible contingency, and as far as I could see she left nothing to chance. We checked and tested the alterations and additions that I had made, and everything worked perfectly.

Angela finally seemed satisfied that everything would go according to plan tomorrow night, and we finally called it a night.

Later, as we lay in bed, I found that I couldn’t stop thinking about what was going to happen tomorrow night. I could feel the delicious carnal buzz swirling and dancing in the pit of my stomach. My cock seemed to be constantly tingling, and my balls felt full and heavy, and ached slightly. Angela, of course, had sensed my arousal.

“You thinking about tomorrow night, baby?” she asked softly.

I nodded. “Of course I am, sexy.”

“Making you hot?”


“I bet you want to lick my pussy, don’t you?”

“Jesus Christ, yes!”

Angela simply smiled and shook her head. “Not tonight, lover. I want both of us nice and frisky tomorrow night – so tonight I’ll give your eager little tongue a rest.” Her tone was playful, but I knew that she meant what she said. I gave what was a half-hearted moan.

Angela giggled. “Don’t worry, Cuckie. Tomorrow night I’ll make sure that the wait is well worth it! Trust me.”


Mr. Rogers smiled benignly at me from behind his desk. “Well, I can honestly say that it appears everything has healed completely – you should be as good as new. You can stop taking all medication from now on.”

“Thank Christ,” I muttered. “How long before everything’s back to normal?”

“Not long at all,” replied Mr. Rogers. “The medication should be out of your system in about forty-eight hours or so – maybe a little longer.”

He picked up a silver pen and flourished it like a magic wand. “I do have to stress, however, that you will need to take things easy for several more weeks. Just make sure that you don’t overdo any sexual activity for a few more weeks – just take things nice and easy.”

I nodded, and the consultation wound up with Mr. Rogers offering several more nuggets of advice. I thanked him for all of his help, and soon departed.


On my way back from my consultation with Mr. Rogers I dropped my car off at the local garage to get the shock absorbers replaced – as per Angela’s suggestion. The manager told me it would be ready to pick up Saturday afternoon, and then graciously arranged to have one of the apprentice mechanics drive me home; there are advantages to being a frequent customer.

The afternoon passed slowly, and I found myself pensively awaiting Angela’s return from work. She arrived home just after 5:00pm, and I told her all about my consultation with Mr. Rogers. She whooped in delight when I told her that he had given me a clean bill of health, and that I could now stop taking the pills that were keeping me flaccid.

“Do you still want to carry on with our plan tonight, lover?” she asked me.

I nodded. “More than ever.” I found myself answering.

Angela smiled softly. “Okay, honey! I have to meet Jason at a bar in town at around 7:00pm, and then we’ll head off to a restaurant, okay?”

I silently nodded. Angela glanced at her wristwatch.

“Jesus, I had better start getting ready. It’s gonna take me forty-five minutes or so to drive into town, so I better go shower now, baby – okay?”

“Sure, hun,” I replied. My mouth felt suddenly dry. Angela flashed me a sexy smile, kissed me, and then headed off to shower.

When she reappeared, she was dressed in a shortish (but not too short) beige skirt, a black blouse and a matching black jacket. She had once again spent a little extra time on her hair and make-up, and I could see that her legs were freshly shaven and smooth as silk. She saw me glancing at her, and she playfully pirouetted.

“Do I look okay, baby?” she asked.

“You look fucking great,” I replied honestly.

Angela grinned. “Thank you, honey! By the way – this time I am wearing those skimpy see-through panties under my skirt, and the matching bra.”

“Are you now?” I asked, my throat tight.

“Yes, lover. But I’m sure that you’ll see all that in a few hours as you watch me undress for Jason…”

“Jesus Christ!” I gasped.

Angela uttered a sexy chuckle. “Aww, I don’t mean to pick at you, honey – but I do love how it makes you squirm!” She giggled.

“It does more than make me squirm,” I replied huskily.

“I have no doubt, lover,” my wife told me. She glanced at her wristwatch. “Well, baby, I had better be heading off soon. You know exactly what to do when you get my call later tonight?”

I nodded.

“Okay, hun. Also don’t forget to leave the lights in the house off – at least the ones that can be seen from the street; we don’t want any unexpected visitors, do we? That would really make things kind of interesting! And make sure to put the answering machine on – just let the machine pick up and take the call as if nobody’s home. If there are any problems, then call my cell phone right away, okay?”

I nodded again. Angela had previously called all of the people who were most likely to turn up at our house unexpectedly; the calls had ostensibly been just for a chat, but Angela had also offhandedly let them know that ‘we’ were going to be out Friday night. This would mean that nobody should drop in unexpectedly whilst Angela was acting on her carnal little plan. Keeping the house lights off and the telephone answering machine on would reinforce the ruse. Fortunately our house was well shielded from our neighbors by trees, and they weren’t the nosy type anyway.

Angela approached me, and wrapped her slim arms around my neck. Her warm perfume enveloped me, and my cock gave a twinge.

“I’d better head off now, baby. You gonna be okay here?”

“Yeah,” I replied tightly.

“Okay, hun. Just stick to the plan, and I promise you the most erotic, exciting and kinky night of your life, okay?”

I drew a sharp breath and found that I could simple nod.

Angela smiled and kissed me deeply. Her warm, moist tongue slithered between my lips, and I felt my legs go weak. She broke the kiss after several seconds, and withdrew. She picked up her leather purse and slipped it into her jacket, and retrieved her car keys from the kitchen bench.

“Well, hun,” she said. “I had better get going.

“Okay, babe,” I almost croaked in reply.

“I should be back here anywhere from 9:30pm onwards, ok?”

I nodded.

My wife gave me a sexy smile. “Alright – let’s do this, honey! Take care tonight, Michael, and know that I love you!”

“I love you, too,” I replied huskily.

She gave my another brief kiss and then headed toward the front door. She opened it and turned to me. “While I’m out, lover? Just think about what you heard on that tape two weeks ago – and imagine seeing it actually happen in just a few hours!” With a final sexy wink, she was gone. The front door closed with a thud of finality.

I listened to her high-heels clicking their way down the front steps. The muffled bark of her car soon floated through the front window, and I watched her reverse down the driveway, and then drive off. I walked over and closed the front curtains.

It had begun.


For the second time in just two weeks I felt the growing erotic angst building in me as I waited. The house slowly grew dark as the sun sank, and I didn’t turn on any lights. I had retreated into the kitchen – which was at the rear of the house – and was sat watching the small portable TV. I briefly wondered if the need to keep the house completely dark was overkill – but I could see Angela’s point; we didn’t get many unannounced visitors, but certainly from time to time someone dropped in unexpectedly. To have a surprise guest tonight would possibly be disastrous, so I could understand Angela’s concerns.

My mobile phone trilled at just before 8:50pm. My heart gave a double thump when I saw it was Angela calling from her own mobile phone. I answered with trembling fingers.

“Hiya, sexy,” my wife smoothly greeted me, sotto voice.

“Hi, hun,” I replied. My voice sounded as tight as I felt.

“I can’t talk for long, lover,” Angela continued in a whisper. “I’m calling from the ladies room at the restaurant, so I’ll be brief. We are just about to leave now, and we should be there in about forty-five minutes. Jason will follow me home, so what I’m going to do is call you when I’m about ten minutes away. That will give you plenty of time to do what you have to do, okay?”

“Okay,” I replied shakily.

“Cool,” Angela said. “After that, I’ll do exactly what we planned, okay?”

“Yeah, I understand.”

I heard my wife’s sultry giggle. “You starting to shake, my frisky lover?”

“Jesus, yes!” I replied huskily.

“Good – I want you very, very horny when me and Loverboy get there. Tonight I’m going to make all your hottest fantasies come to life.”

“Oh, Christ!” I almost yelped.

Angela’s languid voice became playful. “Is your tiny dick still soft, my little Cuckie?”

I swallowed – hard! “Yes!”

“Well, that’s okay, Cuckie. I wont be needing your little pecker tonight, will I? Jason’s long, thick, hard cock will do just nicely – as you will see in just over an hour!”

“Oh my God!” I gasped.

Angela’s throaty chuckle tinkled through the phone. “Well, Cuckie, I am going to have to head off. Get ready for my call at about -” a short pause while I assumed she checked her wristwatch. “- nine-thirty, okay? You know what to do when I call.”

“Uh-huh,” was all I could stammer.

“Okay – I’d better go, as Jason is waiting. Talk soon, my little Cuckold! Love you!” With a final giggle, the line went dead.

I stood looking at my mobile phone, panting and feeling my pulse skyrocket. I had no doubt that the next forty minutes or so would be the longest on my entire life.

I was right.


My mobile phone trilled at just before 9:30pm. In my now hyper-wired state I jumped at the electronic warbling. I could see it was Angela calling.

“Hi, honey,” she announced. I could hear the rumble of the car coming through the receiver. “I’m just getting off the freeway and Jason is right behind me in his car, so we’ll be pulling into the driveway in about ten minutes. It’s probably a good time to go downstairs, my little Cuckie!”

I gulped involuntarily. “Jesus, okay,” I replied.

Angela’s sexy low giggle floated through the line. “Are you hot, baby?”

“Hot? I’m way past hot. Jesus, Angie, I’m shaking!” My voice was tight and almost squeaky.

“Mmm, well get ready to shake a little more, Lover – tonight I’m going to make you melt.”

I gave a soft moan in reply.

“Well, sexy,” Angela continued smoothly. “I had best hang up in case Jason is able to see me using the phone, and starts wondering who I’m calling.”

“Okay,” I replied.

“You know what’s gonna happen, so I’ll see you in about twenty minutes or so, okay? But of course you’ll hear us for a little while before then.”

“Uh-huh,” I replied, almost in a trance.

“Talk soon, my little Lover! Or should that be more accurately, my little Cuckie!” With a tinkling giggle, the line went dead.

I arose from the kitchen chair, and I discovered my legs were weak and shaking. I made a last minute check, and then grabbed a small flashlight and turned off the portable TV and the kitchen light. The house was now in complete darkness, and I flipped on the flashlight and made my way downstairs, through the now empty garage and into Angela’s gym room. I closed the door behind me.

I aimed the flashlight at the closed door to the small spare room adjoining Angela’s gym, and I eyed it with a flush of excitement. I walked over and opened the door, and I knew that once I strode inside, I would be pushing the steamier boundaries of sexuality – both mine, and also Angela’s.

I took a shaking breath, opened the door, and walked gingerly inside.

To be continued….



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