The Examination!

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by anon

I recently went to my urologist for an examination He had me strip and lay down on the examination table completely naked. My little penis, barely 1 inch soft, pointing to the ceiling.

Seeing that I have small little balls, my doctor says, “OK, let me examine your little boys.”

Just as he started to roll one of my little balls between his thumb and his pointer finger, his cute 25 year old assistant walks in. Her eyes go straight to my soft penis and an instant ear to ear smile comes out.

“Oh, Kathy, come here and feel this,” the Doctor tells her.

She begins to role my balls between her fingers. “While much smaller than average, this is what a healthy male testicle feels like,” he tells her as she fondles my balls.

The Doctor walked to a cupboard suddenly and Kathy turned and faced me and behind his back she suddenly held up her other hand with only her little pinky finger extended. Her smile turned into a smirk and I realised she was taking the piss out of me for my small wang. The Doctor turned back and she immediately returned to her more Professional demeanour as if nothing happened. But she was still holding my balls which was odd to me.

To my further embarrassment I started to get hard. “Doctor, looks like someone is getting a little erection,” Kathy says nonchalantly.

Just then, the doctor is paged from the room and excuses himself, “Err sorry Ted I have to take this call I will be right back! You can get dressed now.”

Then he was out the door and gone leaving me alone with Kathy who suddenly turned and smirked at me again. Then she says to me, “OK let’s see what this baby dick of yours can do!”

Kathy starts to pull on my little balls to see how far she can get them to stretch. She hears me groan and laughs. I am now at full mast and as she lets go of my balls she flicks my penis with her finger and giggles.

“Such a tiny little penis must be what 3 inches hard? The girls outside all thought you were good looking and wanted to see you naked. But I am the lucky one I guess.” Kathy leered at me.

She had grabbed my cock with her finger and thumb and was jerking me off vigorously and was feeling my balls tighten as the sensations of pleasure rippled through me.

“The doctor will be back in a few moments so you better cum quickly although I know most guys with tiny cocks like yours do suffer premature ejaculation!” she smiled at me in a most belittling manner as she said that.

After a few seconds she chided “Come on baby dick, I know you needs to cum.” and wanked me off faster and faster. I was so turned on and my cock throbbed as she jerked me off in my Doctors office.

“Come on, I want to see how much cum those little balls can produce,” she said scowling at me.

Just then, I started to spurt on my stomach.

“That’s a good little boy. It felt good didn’t it.” I nodded as she left with a smile, making sure she left the door slightly ajar.

I quickly got up and found some tissues and wiped myself off and jumped back into my clothes and sat waiting for my Doctor to return. He finally came back in after another ten minutes of waiting and sat down at his desk looking me over.

“Well Ted, you have a clean bill of health, your blood tests are normal, and so I am afraid your small penis is not caused by a medical condition,” he informed me.

“Then why do I have it?” I asked.

“Well sometimes its genetic but you claim as far as you know recent male relatives have average sized dicks. Sometimes it’s a hormonal thing which your testosterone level is normal. Sometimes it occurs from exposure in the womb to the wrong hormones at the wrong time. I think in your case that is probably it,” the Doctor smiled sympathetically at me.

“So you are saying my Mother did it to me?” I said shocked.

“Unintentionally Ted, but sometimes the mothers own hormones can have an effect. That is the most realistic cause of your err condition,” he said again.

“Do I have micropenis Doc? I have been reading about it on the internet!” I asked.

“Micropenis is usually picked up at birth and treated. I think your dick in this case is too long to be classified as micropenis,” he told me.

“Can I do anything about it now?” I asked hopefully.

“Surgery can help but it’s a big step and you should think about it before you commit to it. Get some counselling maybe and learn how you can maybe live with it. Besides many guys out there, more than you realise, have been caught short in that department,” he tried to encourage me.

So there is nothing much I can do about it then?” I said feeling deflated.

“Ted, I will get Kathy to give you some pamphlets on the surgical options, but there are no magic pills, herbs, or exercises or any other of that bullshit you see peddled out there that will increase your penis size,” the Doctor told me then he suddenly reached into a draw and pulled out a card and handed it to me.

It read Dr Erica Swanson, Psychologist.

“She specialises in this area Ted and I think it would be good for you to talk to her. Not because you are crazy or anything like that but she can help you learn to accept yourself and thus have a happy life,” the Doctor smiled at me.

“Thanks Doc!” i said not really thinking a guy like me is in for much happiness. Not if all the shit I had to put up with for the last twenty-five years was any indication.

He walked me to the door and called out to Kathy and asked him to get me some pamphlets on penis enlargement surgery which made me blush red faced in embarrassment as he said it loudly and everyone turned and looked at me. Kathy smiled at me a knowing smile and gestured me to follow her.

I followed her through another door and into a staff tearoom where four other girls were sitting eating various types of food and drinking coffee. “Ahh what’s going on?” I asked Kathy a bit confused. Why would the pamphlets be in the staff tearoom?

Kathy turned and faced me with an evil grin and said, “The Girls here don’t believe me that you have a pin dick. They think you are too good looking for it to be true as most pin dicks we see are fat fuckers,” Kathy said and all the women watched me closely.

“Ahhh well I am sorry but….” I began but one of the women who looked in her forties suddenly blurted, “Show us your cock, dickless!”

Kathy walked behind me and closed the staff room door and whispered in my ear, “Come on, how many times do you get to jerk off in front of a group of women?”

I felt my cock harden and Kathy’s hands reached around my waist from behind and started undoing my pants. I felt like the world suddenly stopped and everything was going in slow motion as I felt my pants and underwear being pulled down by Kathy and the cool air hit my hard cock.

The women all gasped in a horrifying mixture of shock and insolence and laughter echoed throughout the room.

“Jesus, I think you were right he may just be the smallest one we have had yet!” the older woman smirked.

“My ten year old son has one bigger than that!” another woman guffawed.

“It’s more like a clit than a dick!” a blonde woman in her twenties said.

Even though I was feeling very humiliated my cock was rock hard and as they all looked and touched it I was feeling very turned on. Kathy came and squatted in front of me and pulled out a tape measure from her pocket and proceeded to measure me in front of the women.

“Well is he the new leader?” one of the women asked excitedly.

Kathy stood and faced them and said, “He is officially 2.9 inches erect. That makes him our new leader!”

The women all cheered and lifted coffee mugs to toast me which I was completely confused about. Before I could ask anything phones were being pointed at me and pictures of my cock were being snapped.

I blushed again and Kathy said, “Don’t fret sissy boy, you should be honoured!”

Honoured? What do you mean?” I asked.

“You are now officially the smallest dick we have had come into this office. You’re the new leader!” Kathy smiled at me.

“OK pin dick, jerk it off for us!” one of the women ordered and as if my body had a mind of its own my hand reached over and started stroking my cock. The new leader? this was the most humiliating experience in a whole shit load of humiliations I have suffered because of this damn small penis of mine.

I not only had a small cock but one of the smallest these people had ever seen and they see cock every day. Then as if on cue jets of semen spurted out of me and left streaks of white along the table. One woman moved her sandwich quickly as I nearly shot a spurt over it.

“Wooooo these little ones are gushers!” the older woman smiled at me.

“That’s two big loads in a short period I think he has done well ladies,” Kathy smiled and they all nodded. She handed me some tissues and told me to wipe it all up which I did and then I pulled my pants up. The women then turned and ignored me back to eating their lunches.

Kathy led me out another door and I found myself on the street. “What about the pamphlets?” I asked,

Kathy reached in and handed me a card. It had her name and a cell phone number under it. “Forget surgery Ted. You are far more interesting as you are. If you want to explore what that is then call me. I have an opening right now for one such as you and I promise you will love it!”

She turned and walked back inside closing the door leaving me in a state of shock about what just happened to me. I needed to think about it.

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