The Evolution of a Marriage

By MarkLane.

This story is about a lady named Beth and her husband. This is about the events that culminated in Beth becoming a hotwife and her husband a cuckold.

HOTWIFE is a married woman whose marriage is open on her end only so that she can date other men and have sex with them, with both the permission and encouragement of her husband in order to fulfill his fantasy of sharing her with other men, to the benefit of their marriage.

Here are some things about Beth: She is tall for a woman, regular build, nice boobs, and curvy hips. Beth has worn my hair in many styles: short, long, flowing, curly, Usually reddish, but not always. Full lips blue eyes, she wears glasses. Her legs are shapely and long, and her ass is nicely rounded.

Sexually, she is aggressive, a little wild, and always willing to experiment. Beth loves the taste of male cum, giving blowjobs, and feeling a hard cock ejaculate in her mouth.

Her love of giving blowjobs began in high school. Like most girls, I think, she started giving hand jobs to some of her dates. Later when she had a steady boyfriend, he convinced her to suck his cock. Beth knew from the first time that this was something she would become very good at. She immediately understood the power and control this act gave her.

Beth also learned at an early age that sexual acts must be reciprocated. Her pussy loved to be licked, and she insisted on this fair trade if she offered up a blowjob. For some reason that will never be explained, Beth was determined not to have intercourse until older. Therefore, I hoped reciprocal oral sex would be a satisfactory alternative for her boyfriend and herself.

Beth had just turned 22 the spring she married. Her husband (Mark) is a few years older. Beth and Mark grew to know each other very well during their courtship and engagement.

Personality, ability, goals, dreams, and sexual kinks were things they learned about each other.

Although Mark was older, he was shy, and his sexual experience was limited. He was, however, very curious about Beth’s experience with the guys she dated before him. Beth confessed that she had been in relationships with four boyfriends that included reciprocal oral sex. Short of a cock inside Beth’s pussy or ass, her body had been fully explored by Mark’s predecessors.

Beth and Mark often talked about fantasies and roleplayed them. Beth would often exaggerate for effect, but Mark’s obsession quickly became obvious. Mark enjoyed and became aroused hearing the details of what Beth had done with the other guys.

Not far into their sexual relationship, Mark was preparing to enter Beth. He asked her if she ever thought about fucking any of her old boyfriends. Mark turned into a machine when Beth admitted that, looking back, she would have enjoyed fucking all of them. She admitted that although she had waited to be engaged before having intercourse the first time, Beth now realizes she should have started fucking her boyfriends years ago.

Mark asked her, if you happened to run into one of them now, and you had the chance, would you cheat on me? Beth knew where this was leading and played along. Mark came instantly when Beth replied, “Mmmm, yes. I believe I would.

Mark’s favorite fantasy was revealed. Imagining his fiancé, soon-to-be wife, cheating on him with another man. Mark has one other fetish/fantasy, which I’ll save for later. Beth continued the teasing verbiage and confessed to Mark that if her boyfriend Dave had been more patient, he would have been the one to take her virginity.

“Truthfully, I was really in love with him, and I often thought if he had asked me, I would have married him. Yes, Mark, better hope I never run into Dave because I sucked his big cock many times, and I’d sure like to have him fuck me with it now.”

Little by little, Beth and Mark explored the boundaries of their fantasy life. Their admissions were open, honest, and wild. Hotwifing was the fantasy that excited them both the most.

Their roleplays and fantasies became more intense and elaborate. Beth became intoxicated with the thought of fucking another guy. Beth remembered smirking to herself as she gave her wedding vows to forsake all others. As she spoke the words, looking at her new husband, she smiled, thinking of the times he had already asked her to fuck other men.

They had a few rules: one was fantasy mode began with the words, “We’re in fantasy,” and ended with the words, “Fantasy out.”

Simple and effective. It was agreed that anything said between in and out during the fantasy session could never be held up as fact or ever used in real-time against the other. They both found it incredibly erotic to say things that were not necessarily true. Beth found it very arousing to tell Mark about her make-believe lovers. Perhaps not as arousing as Mark, who was now obsessed with the desire for his wife to cheat on him.

Their fantasy nights were countless, but some were more memorable than others. One memorable time occurred as they were making love, and Mark was between his wife’s legs. Beth was on her back in a missionary position. Mark slowed his action as he sometimes does when he is about to cum and wants to edge. He kissed Beth deeply and tenderly and said, “Beth, I believe you really want to fuck another man. I’m sure your orgasms would be more powerful if you were fucking a guy with a long, thick cock.”

Being engaged at the moment and loving the game, “Mmmm” was her reply.

“I love to imagine you cumming on another man’s cock. It’s so naughty,” he continued.

“Mark, sometimes I think you really want me to do it,” Beth cooed back.

“Yes, Beth, there are times when I do want you to do it. There are times like right now when my desire to fulfill this fantasy is so strong. I’d love it if you fucked another man. I’d love to know that you came on his cock.”

Mark continued. “I would love to know that you consented to unprotected intercourse and that your lover had ejaculated his sperm deep inside you. I don’t know why this fantasy excites me, but it does.”

They were in fantasy. However, Beth wasn’t sure if this was fantasy talk or if Mark was serious. They both came hard as Beth whispered her reply seductively into his ear, “The idea of cheating on you truly arouses me, the sinfulness, the wantonness of it. Mark, I will be your naughty, cheating wife. Mark, the day will come when I cheat on you. It’s only a matter of time before I really start fucking other men. When I do, I’ll bring my cummy pussy home to you.”

Beth continued, “For all you know, I’ve already cheated on you. Maybe several times. Sometimes, our roleplays are so real. During those times, I do want another man’s cock and cum inside me. At those times, I would definitely cheat on you.

“My high school boyfriends had much bigger cocks than yours. I love imagining one of their big hard cocks inside me. Fucking me. Making me cum. It would feel so good to have one of them deep inside me.

“I sometimes dream it’s Dave. His long thick cock gives my pussy a long hard fuck. I wonder how many times I would cum with his cock inside me. At least once, when he blasts his cum load deep inside me. Mark, I want another man’s creampie inside my married pussy. Do you?”

Their fantasy adventures progressed, and Mark pressed beyond his desire to have Beth tell him stories of how she was fucking other men. It became common for Mark to ask her to let him watch while she had sex with another man.

They would sometimes roleplay that Mark was another man. In those games, Beth would call him by different names and pretend she was cheating on her husband. To assist with the fantasy, they would often use flesh-like dildos of various sizes and shapes so Beth could experience different cocks inside her. Beth found this very erotic and exciting, and she would orgasm intensely and multiple times.

Beth and Mark were both somewhat addicted to the endorphins released during arousal. Their fantasy world became larger and more daring. Mark began to order various surprise boxes from mail order.

One box contained items that Beth greeted Mark with as he arrived home from work. When she heard him enter the apartment, she called out, “I’m in the bedroom.”

Mark was greeted by Beth lying on the bed dressed in white fishnet stockings, a sheer white baby doll, and sheer white bikini-style panties. On her left ankle was a hotwife anklet, and in her right hand was a clear 8-inch dildo.

Mark started to say something, and Beth stopped him, “Shush, the show is about to start. We’re in fantasy.”

Pointing to a chair conveniently positioned at the end of the bed. As Mark took a seat, he looked at his wife and her neatly trimmed pubic hair, which he could see through the sheer panties. She moved her heels to her butt and leaned back on some pillows so that she could look her husband in the eye.

Beth had a naughty grin on her face as she made eye contact with him and said, “Watch this, Mark, I’m going to fuck another man’s cock.”

Maintaining eye contact, Beth slowly moved the new dildo down between her legs. She let out a sigh when it contacted her panty-clad clit, and then used her free hand to caress her breasts. As she worked the toy up and down her slit, her breathing became heavier, and she slowly let her legs slide out from under.

Beth saw Mark’s cock was about to bust through his pants. Mark reached for his belt and zipper, causing Beth to stop his actions with a curt, “It stays in your pants for now.”

Beth called Mark to her and, in a quiet voice, said, “Remove my panties.”

Mark complied and moved toward Beth to complete his assigned task. Beth that I had flattened herself out on the bed and had moved the dildo to her mouth, licking the tip and shaft. Mark’s hands touched both sides of her waist, and she lifted her hips off the bed to aid her husband in removing her now moist panties.

Beth lifted her legs straight in the air while he slid her panties past her feet. Mark spread her legs and watched intently as his wife guided the dildo toward her pussy.

Mark watched, mesmerized, as Beth teased herself with the tip for a few seconds before asking her husband, “Do you want to watch me fuck this cock?”

He could barely reply but nodded in the affirmative.

“Mark, keep holding my legs in the air and pay close attention while another man’s cock fucks your wife.”

Mark held Beth’s stocking-clad legs and kissed her hotwife anklet.

“Do you want to be married to a hotwife, Beth asked?”

Looking deep into her eyes, “Yes Beth, oh yes,” was his reply.

He then broke eye contact and watched as she pushed the “cock” inside her wet, slippery pussy. Beth gave a low moan, enjoying the initial penetration, then gasped as she pushed it in as deep as she could take it.

Beth’s vagina was always incredibly tight, and this toy wasn’t exactly small. She must have been extremely wet to take it to the hilt so easily and quickly. Mark applied a little backward pressure on her legs, and she rolled my hips up.

Now Mark had the full view. His wife’s pussy was wrapped around a cock that didn’t belong to him. Beth began to fuck herself at a moderate pace with long, even strokes. Her moans were audible and were mixed with the sounds of a ‘cock’ working in and out of her very wet pussy. Beth’s juices were flowing and started to leak out and run down her ass.

“Mark, look at me, look at your wife,” she said. “I’m fucking another man, just the way you want me to.”

Mark took his eyes off of cock that was fucking his wife and made eye contact.

Beth continued, “Do you like watching my married pussy being stretched by this big cock?”

Mark replied, “Oh yes, Beth.”

She then asked him, “Do you want me to cum on this big cock?”

Mark said hell yes, providing his wife verbal assent to orgasm on another’s cock. Mark knelt for a close look, letting Beth’s legs go free. Beth moved her feet to the edge of the bed, and Mark looked on as his wife continued fucking herself. Hard, steady strokes in and out.

“I’ve been waiting to cheat on you all day,” Beth cried. “This big cock feels so fucking good, Mark, so much better than your little baby dick. I’m going to cum all over this long thick cock. Another man’s long thick cock is going to make me cum cos your baby dick can’t make me cum.”

Mark knew his wife was having an orgasm when her little flower started to contract, and her hips rolled up. Beth had the ‘cock’ buried deep inside her vagina. Deeper than her husband could ever go.

‘Next time,’ she thought, ‘I will use a longer, thicker dildo,’ then she climaxed again as she contemplated maybe a real man with a great big cock. Beth’s mouth opened in a silent scream as she rode the orgasm to its completion.

“Holy shit,” Beth said in a quiet tone as she extracted the cock from her vagina.

Beth then moved the cock to her lips and flicked her tongue across it. Her legs dangled off the bed. Mark was face to face with a very used pussy, and he could see her juices had made a mess of the closely cropped pubes surrounding her slit.

“Mark,” Beth said, bringing him off of his knees.

Mark stood up, displaying the tent in his trousers. Beth tapped her husband’s crotch with her foot and giggled, “Do you want the sloppy seconds, little boy?”

Mark had his pants down and off in a flash. He put her feet over her shoulders and slid his little dick into his wife with one stroke. He could feel how wet and loose her pussy was from the fucking he hadn’t given her. Mark immediately started to reclaim his wife. Mark had never fucked Beth this hard before. They both loved it.

“That’s it, bury your little babydick into your cheating wife,” Beth said with an untamed look on her face.

Her brow was knitted, and beads of sweat started to form on her forehead. Beth slid her legs off his shoulder and brought him in for a kiss.

As she broke away from him, she whispered seductively in Mark’s ear, “I just fucked that dildo the same way I fuck other men. Real men with proper cocks. Yes, Mark, I’ve started to fuck other men. I’ve cheated on you, and I will again. This lover didn’t give me any cum. That’s the trouble with condoms. My pussy is hungry and needs a load of hot cum.”

Speaking these words caused Beth to orgasm again. She flexed her velvety muscles around her husband’s four-inch dick. That did it. It hit him all at once, and he exploded into her.

Beth dug her heels into his ass and murmured, “That’s it, Mark. Fill me with cum.”

When his spasms finally stopped, she let her legs drop, and Mark propped himself up on his elbows, looking down at his wife. The untamed look was now replaced with one of almost pure innocence and contentment.

Beth spoke calmly and softly. “What a lovely gift box. Imagine my surprise when I saw the jewelry. Isn’t a hotwife ankle bracelet worn proudly by women who cuckold their husbands?”

“Yes,” he replied, “I hoped it would add to our games.”

“Games indeed.” Beth giggled, “Mark, it’s not a game anymore. Maybe I’ll have to keep wearing it. Fantasy out.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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