The Cuckold Part 1

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by sissyboycamille

I sat down and finally relaxed. After a hard day at work it was good to put my feet up. I flicked through the channels on the TV and left it on the news. My wife had made a lovely dinner and was now upstairs in the shower. I took another sip of my wine and looked at the glass for moment. This evening could end very nicely if I played my cards right. I went into the kitchen and brought back another glass. I filled it with wine and waited for my wife to come back downstairs. After five years of marriage the sex was scarce. I tried to think back to the last time we did it. Two months ago, on my birthday. Birthday sex. Still, with a little help from the grape juice maybe it would be my birthday tonight.

I had a very good relationship with my wife, we agreed on most things, went on lovely holidays regularly, we were comfortably well off and since the last of her children moved out to go to university we had the house to ourselves. I thought the peace and quiet might equate to more sex but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Admittedly our sex life had never been explosive, even at the beginning when we first started seeing each other.

She had always been very self-conscious of the way she looked. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean her face, she’s beautiful, and her figure too, knockout, I couldn’t have wished for a better looking wife. No, I mean the way she looks, you know, down there. After having two children she wasn’t as tidy as she once was and this caused her some embarrassment. She went to great lengths, when we first started to have sex at the beginning of our relationship, to apologise and ensure I was aware that her labia had at one time been a bright pink colour and so trim at was barely noticeable.

Whereas now it was saddle bag brown and could probably be stretched out to several centimetres. I’m not complaining though, I was happy to except her the way she was. She often complained that she had been stretched a lot, especially during the birth of her second child. I tried to assure that everything felt fine to me and that she was imagining it. Truth be told, I often found it difficult to get enough friction to really enjoy the sex properly. Though, right now any sex at all would be a welcome change. I don’t see how we ever got to this stage in our sex lives.

I was always happy to use the dildos on her that she bought off the internet. Gigantic things some of them. Surely there’s a point where it’s just too big isn’t there? I couldn’t see how she could get pleasure from them. I read somewhere that only the first two inches of the vagina are sensitive, so my equipment should be enough. At four inches erect I’m within the national average. I’ll admit to my manhood being on the slender side but it’s the length that counts. Isn’t it?

I heard my wife’s footsteps down the stairs and she walked into the living room. “Okay, I’m off out dear, I’ll see you later.” She said. She was wearing a tight dress that showed off everything and a sexy pair of high heels that I’d never seen before, she looked stunning.

“What do you mean? You never said you were going out tonight.”

“Darling, I told you about this on Tuesday. I’m going out for a drink with the girls.”

“But I thought we were going to have a quiet night in.” I said desperately. I could see any chance of sex tonight disappearing out the window.

“We can do that any time dear. I just want to have a little bit of fun, that’s all.”

“I was thinking we could get an early night and have a little bit of fun ourselves. You know.”

“Well,” she said, and looked at her watch, “I suppose I’ve got a few minutes.”

“What, you mean right now?” I doubted she meant sex, probably just a hand job.

“Yes, as long as it doesn’t take long.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by that but it looked like the best offer I was going to get for a while. She was making for the stairs and looked over her shoulder. “Are you coming then?” she asked. I almost tripped over myself to follow her.

Once in the bedroom we lay on the bed kissing. In my excitement I was already naked. “Aren’t you dressed a little bit too sexy for a drink with your friends dear?”

“We might go to a club after.” She said. I didn’t see how this answered my question but I let it pass because I was very horny by this point. I slid off her panties and went to lie on top of her. “Wait a second dear,” she said, “I’ve got a present for you.” She reached into her bedside drawer and pulled something out. She showed it to me. “Have you seen one of these before? It’s called a fleshlight. I was saving it for a special occasion but now is as good a time as any.”

I made out that I didn’t know what it was but of course I knew what it was, I had even considered buying one for myself. “What’s it for?” I asked.

“I thought we could get have some fun with it.” she said. She pushed her thumb into the rubbery part where it joined the plastic edge. Working her way round she gradually prised the rubber insert from the outer casing. She threw the plastic part on the floor. “We won’t be needing that.” She said.

She took a pot of vaseline from the bedside table and scooped out a glob with two fingers. She started smearing it up and down along the length of the rubber shaft. “What are you going to do with it now?” Without answering me she separated her labia and placed the narrow end just inside the opening to her vagina. Gently she pushed it in a short distance and began pumping it in and out a little, gradually working it further in, bit by bit. Why was she doing this?

Was it meant to be a private show to turn me on? If so why didn’t she just use one of her regular dildos? She kept pushing until the whole thing was inside her and only the bright pink dome with its little moulded slit was visible. She pulled her pussy lips out and stretched them over the surface as far as they would reach.

“What do you think?” she asked. I was dumb founded, what on earth could I say? I knew she was quite big down there but I never would have thought she could have accommodated something so thick. She saw that I wasn’t going to answer. “Why don’t you try it out?”

“Try it out?” as soon as the words left my mouth I realised what she meant. Had it really come to this? That two healthy people had to resorting to prosthetics just to get their kicks?

“It’ll be nice and tight for you. They make them in different sizes…” She stopped mid-sentence, I wondered what she was about to say. T

he thought of sex like this was absolutely alien to me but I hadn’t had it in so long. “I can see you’re excited.” She said.

I looked down at my slender penis, it had betrayed me, it was engorged bigger than ever, at least four and a quarter inches. Without saying a word I slid my cock into the opening. It was better than I could ever have imagined, not just tight but flexible, it gripped gently and seemed to milk my cock. I was humping slowly at first; I wanted to savour the feeling, the wonderful, long desired sensation of a tight pussy at last.

“Good boy.” she said.

Why did my wife say that? She didn’t normally speak during sex. Maybe she was getting off on this whole thing, perhaps the fleshlight was acting like a huge dildo and my pumping actions where turning her on? I began pumping in and out faster; maybe I could make her come like this, finally, after all these years. Had we inadvertently found the missing element to our sex life? She slid a hand down my back and squeezed my butt.

I felt her finger touch my ring piece and worm its way round and round until the tip found its way inside. I glanced at my wife’s face. She was wearing a peculiar little smile and if I didn’t know better there was a slight hint of amusement in her face. I couldn’t blame her, I suppose the situation was quite odd but she was clearly enjoying it.

“Don’t hold back dear, come as quickly as you like.” She said and with those words I came, convulsing like a bolt of electricity was focusing every nerve ending in my body directly to my cock.

I collapsed, my head on her chest, my hair damp with sweat, sticking to her skin. “Well done darling.” She said and patted me gently on the back.

Eventually, still panting, I slid off and lay next to her. She removed the fleshlight, stood up and slid her panties back on. “What are you doing?” I asked.

She picked up her handbag and standing in the bedroom doorway, said “You’ve had your fun dear, now I’m off to have mine.”

I heard her footsteps down the stairs and then the front door open. “I’ll see you tomorrow darling. Don’t wait up.” she called out, and with a little laugh she closed the door behind her.

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