The Cuckold Part 2

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by sissyboycamille

Since that strange evening the sex with my wife had become very intense. We had gone from having sex once every month or two to a few times a week. She seemed to have discovered a new found interest in sex. Everything turned her on. A few times she came home very late and had me on my knees in the living room licking her pussy for ages, her pussy smelling strongly after a long day at work. Then we would have to race upstairs to use her toys. Her favourite was a new dildo, bigger than all the other’s and black.

After teasing out of me that I had enjoyed her finger in my butt hole, she revelled in probing her fingers deeper and deeper. Eventually she suggested we try one of her smaller vibrators, I wasn’t going to complain, I was over the moon that I was getting so much sex, it didn’t matter that it was a bit kinky. She used plenty of lube and I have to say it was pretty good.

As long as she didn’t tell anyone I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Like she said, just because you have something in your butt during sex it doesn’t make you gay. A married couple can do whatever they like in their own home. I had to agree with her logic. She was always so careful when inserting them, so skilful. It wasn’t very long before she was using some of the bigger dildos on me without any pain at all.

I was quite proud of myself for adapting to this new sensation. The feeling of the dildo going in and out of my butt while she sucked my cock was so intense it was difficult not to come straight away.

The sessions would always end with her inserting the fleshlight into her pussy and me pounding away until I came. She didn’t seem to mind if I came quickly, in fact she seemed to encourage it. She seemed radiant and satisfied all the time now, so obviously all this was working.

Never the less, I had doubts about myself and my ability to perform adequately. Specifically my penis size if I’m being honest. My wife had accidentally mentioned that the fleshlight came in different sizes. When I checked out the markings I found it had an ‘H’ moulded onto the inner wall. The fleshlight website stated that the three sizes were named ‘Hare’, ‘Bull’ and ‘Stallion’, hare being the smallest.

I double checked the penis size website that I had referred to before; it had given me the impression that I was within the size margin to be regarded as average, admittedly the lower end of average but average none the less. On further inspection I realised to my horror that not only was I looking at the circumference measurements by mistake instead of length but I had not measured myself properly according to the instructions.

When I re-measured i realised that my penis was not only in the small bracket for length but also for girth. At three and a half inches in length and three inches in circumference the statistics stated that only four per cent of men have a penis as small as mine.

I was devastated. No wonder my wife needed to use toys to satisfy her. She was doing her best to spice up our sex life so I should do my best too. I vowed to be more understanding of her needs and experiment a bit more. I wondered what else she wanted to try. She’d been right about the fleshlight and about using dildos on me. I decided that I should trust her instincts and do my best to go along with it or risk losing her.

I tentatively brought the subject up after dinner one evening. We were lying on the settee together, facing the television, me behind with my arm around her. She was sipping a cup of tea while I worked my way through a bottle of wine to get the courage up to speak. “You have some pretty good ideas, darling.”


“You know, about some of the things we do. In bed.”

“I thought you would. I do it all for you dear.” She said, patting my hand.

“Really? I enjoy it. All of it.”

“I can tell.” She said and pulled my arm around her tighter.

“It makes me wonder, you know, what else you have planned.”

“Planned? Nothing, not really.” She said, “Why, do you have any new ideas?”

“Me? No, I’m just saying I’m open to suggestion, that’s all.”

“You must have some naughty fantasies dear, everyone does.”

I hadn’t been prepared for this, I thought she would be doing most of the talking at this stage. I had to come up with something or I’d look very boring indeed. “Er, I’m not sure really. You mean like sex in a public place or with another woman? Isn’t that what most men dream about?” That was the best I could come up with, not very original.

“Another woman?” she said with a laugh, “You’re not thinking of cheating on me are you?”

“No, no, no, that’s not what I meant. I meant like a threesome or something. Men are always on about that sort of thing.” Oh my god I was sinking fast, I didn’t even know what I was talking about now.

“A threesome? I’d give it a go.” She said, “You’d have to find the other woman though. I’m not doing all the work.”

I couldn’t see that happening. What woman would be interested in what I had between my legs? “No, I just said that as an example, you know. I didn’t mean we should do that.” I quickly switched onto something a bit more familiar. “You like the dildos but they’re just dildos, it’s not like we’re having sex when I use them on you. Maybe we could get a strapon one that I could wear and then it would be more like regular sex.”

Where all this came from I don’t know, but I’d seen porn films where lesbians use them. She was silent for a few seconds while I lay there and clamped my teeth together waiting for her to respond and eventually she said, “That’s actually not a bad idea.” She patted my arm that was still wrapped around her and we went back to watching television.

The following Saturday we went shopping for the new toy. I thought we would get one online but my wife said she wanted to see it properly before we bought it. To my surprise she didn’t buy the largest one, she opted for one fairly big but not as big as the dildos she already had. I was eager to get home and try it out.

She decided she liked the look of a realistic pink flesh coloured one with a see through harness and straps, it even had large balls moulded into the base of the cock. I just agreed, I wanted to get out of the shop as quickly as possible, I felt that the other people in there were staring at us, wondering what we were going to use it for.

When we got in I went straight upstairs and stripped off my clothes. I couldn’t wait to try it on and see how I looked. I put my feet into it, pulled it up and tightened the straps so it was firmly in place. Going over to the mirror I gazed at my reflection. I looked fantastic, finally I had something to please my wife with. I was going to give her the ride of her life.

At that moment my wife walked in and saw me admiring myself. She gave out a little laugh and walked over to me. “What have we here?” she said, holding my new cock. She still had all her clothes on and in her heels she was a little taller than me. Looking down at me she said, “And what are you going to do with this, big boy?”

“Let’s go over to the bed and you’ll find out.” I answered with a new found confidence.

She sat on the edge of the bed and took her panties off. “Lick my pussy first darling.” She said pulling up her skirt.

Getting down on my knees I put my head between her legs and got to work. I ran my hands along her thighs, desperately impatient to try out my new toy, my little cock rock hard, pressed up against the inside of the harness. She held the back of my head in place to make sure I didn’t move away. After what seemed like ages she put a hand on each side of my head.

“Alright dear, you can do it now.”

Eagerly I stood up but instead of lying down properly like I thought she would she just leant back on her elbows, still sitting on the edge of the bed. I crouched over her and gently inserted my new cock inside her. It went in very easily, her other toys were much bigger. I started fucking her, getting off on every thrust as the harnessed pushed against my erection. Because of the position she was in she couldn’t put her arms around me, but stayed motionless, half sitting, half reclining.

I tried thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster until eventually my legs started to get tired and I slowed down. She sat up a little and put one arm around me, rubbing my back.

“That’s enough dear.”

“Was it good? Did you enjoy it?” I said, standing up and undoing the strapon.

“Yes, it was fine.” She moved over to the dresser table and took off her earrings. Unbuttoning her blouse, she asked, “Is it comfortable?” She removed her bra.

“Er, yes, I suppose so. Tightens up nicely, stays really firm, doesn’t move around or anything.”

“I hope so, it cost enough.” She said picking it up and looking at it. “Does it feel like a real one?”

“A bit, I suppose.”

She undid the zip on her skirt and let it drop to the carpet with a giggle. “I want to try it on and see.” She said sitting at the dresser table and pulling it up her legs. She stood up and pulled the straps tight. Standing in front of the mirror, naked apart from her heels and the strapon she admired herself, hands on hips. Turning to me, “What do you think dear?” she said laughing, “I think it quite suits me. Shall we give it a go?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you’ve had your turn. I did let you have first go.”

“I didn’t think…”

“But you love having something in your bottom. You’ve had bigger than this.”

“Yes I know but…”

“Oh, I thought we were going to have some fun. Things have been so good recently. Oh well.”

The last thing I wanted was her going off the boil for good and things going back to the way they were. “I suppose we could try it.”

Her face brightened up, “Really?”

“I suppose so. We can give it a go. You will use lots of lube though won’t you?”

“Of course dear.” She had the lube out of the bedside table and smeared over the strapon in a few seconds flat. She loomed over me expectantly. I looked up at her.

“Okay,” I said nervously. “what do you want me to do?”

“Just kneel on the bed I suppose.” I climbed onto the bed and got on all fours.

“Is this okay?” I peered over my shoulder as she positioned herself behind me.

“Oh yes.” She said quietly, “Right where I want you.” I felt the end of the cock touch my butt hole and my wife pull my cheeks apart.

It slid in just a slight amount, maybe less than an inch and then she began rocking in and out gently, barely moving at all. She wasn’t forcing it in, she had become very skilled at inserting the other dildos into me and knew exactly what I could take. I heard her squeeze more lube out of the tube. Gradually she worked more and more of the cock into me, taking her time, her hands gripping my hips.

“How much is in?” I asked.

“Almost the whole thing.” She started taking longer strokes in and out, never rushing. I looked down between my legs, my cock was harder than it’s ever been. “Is that okay, honey?” she asked, speeding up a little.

“Yes, that’s okay.”

“Are you enjoying it?”

“Yes.” I didn’t know what else to say, I didn’t want to seem too enthusiastic, she might think less of me. She moved one hand from my hips and grabbed the top of my shoulder. By now she was pulling the strapon almost all the way out before forcing it all the way in again.

“Do you like it when I’m in charge?” she demanded in a voice I hadn’t heard her use before. “Do you like being fucked in the ass?” She smacked my butt cheek hard.

“Yes.” I gasped, “Yes.” My wife was fucking me quite hard now.

“I knew you would. Are you ready to come now?”

“Yes, make me come.” I managed to spurt the words out.

Still pounding my butt hole she crouched over me, breathing heavily in my ear, reaching around she gripped my cock between her thumb and index finger, and with a few short strokes I came all over the bed. She slowed to a stop and collapsed on top of me, forcing me flat on the bed. We lay there for a while, both breathing hard, exhausted.

She whispered in my ear. “I think you enjoyed that, didn’t you dear.”

I nodded.

“Oh don’t be shy, I could tell you did.” She giggled. “Who do you think is the best at using the strapon? Me or you?” She laughed, “I’m only joking dear.” She slowly slid the strapon out of my butt hole inch by inch and stood up. “Okay dear,” she towered over me, hands on hips, the dildo pointing down at me, “I’m going to have a shower. Can you put some dinner on?”

Head held high, she strode out of the room, her new cock bobbing up and down as she walked and left me lying there in my own come my butthole throbbing.

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