The Cuck, the Cage, and the BBC

By Forgiven_Lust.

“Hello, Jay,” says a soft voice.

You see a gorgeous woman wearing a short black dress with big tits, barely staying in the top. She asks you to sit. When a woman like that asks you to do something, you do it. You’re about to sit down, but you get a swift kick in the balls by a black heel before you can. You immediately fall back in the chair and clutch your groin.

“I’ve seen photos,” snaps the cruel beauty. “Of that,” she points at your crotch. “Your poor excuse of a dick. Pathetic, coming to my house hung like a fucking child.”

You don’t know what hurts more. Your feelings or your aching sack. She demands you strip for her, which you immediately begin doing. You’re embarrassed because already the situation has given you an erection, be it a small one. You end up completely naked, and her eyes are drawn to your babydick.

“Oh my God, I bet every girl that’s seen it has wanted to die on the spot. I bet your family is ashamed of that little winky. I know where it belongs.” She turns around and bends over. You see a hint of her sweet round ass peeking from her dress and think you’ll get to fuck her. You couldn’t be more wrong. “This is for you,” she declared.

She brandishes a small cage (a very, very, small cage). She gives you a forceful slap on your balls, making your dick shrivel and caging it quickly. You’re embarrassed and humiliated, which makes you want her even more, you know you can’t have her pussy, but she takes off her dress anyway and bares her huge tits. She looks horny and ready for sex. This is strange, though, because your dick is in prison with no hope of getting out soon.

That’s when she kicks off her heels and lays on the bed with her ass facing you. Her ass is thick, and your dick is fighting to escape its cage to no avail. You hear a door opening to your right. You look around and see a six-foot-two ripped black man walking in wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. The imprint of his cock was still clear. Long, hard, thick, and standing proud above big balls the same size as eggs.

He smirked at you, and the nude beauty locked eyes with his massive cock. You watch the big black bull slide his huge cock inside her, and your dick is in agony from being so hard in your little cage. You constantly feel like you’re about to cum. She’s moaning and curling her little toes as he pounds her harder and harder. Minutes go by, and to your surprise, she stops the bull. He walks out of the room again, his throbbing cock brushing by you.

“You’re pathetic,” she says as she removes your cage.

It feels amazing, and you can finally grow to your full potential—three inches long. She strokes you with two fingers from base to tip, and already you’re dripping with pre-cum for her. You’ve never received a look that’s so disgusted in your life. She has barely any tits, but you would never say that to her face. She is your ruler, and she wants you to suffer. You’re about to finish, so she grabs your balls and squeezes so tight that you almost pass out.

“Beg for mercy,” she shouted.

You feel your little balls get increasingly painful and too close to popping. “Stop, Mommy, stop!” you yelp like a little bitch.

You just want to cum and let it end, but you know that won’t happen soon. You’re lying on your back, scared and defeated. You want nothing more than to cum and get the release that your body needs. Your mistress is still stroking your little cock with her finger and thumb painfully slow.

You’ve seen her being fucked by a real man. The face she made, wow. You’ve never seen a woman experience real pleasure before until this day. She presses her foot on your balls, and you feel your dick pulsing because you must finish so badly.

“Fuck it.” She bends over, puts your dick in her mouth, and sucks up and down for about twenty seconds.

“I can hardly tell when the fucking thing is in my mouth,” she says through laughter.

“Please let me cum!” you plead with your dicklet pulsing on the edge.

She looks at you disgusted.

“No, you can’t fucking cum.”

“Mistress, please” You’re almost sobbing at this point. “I need to. It’s too much. I can’t take anymore”.


She stands up, and you watch her little peach-shaped ass as she walks away. She picks up your phone and returns it to you.

“Do you want to cum?” she asks.

“More than anything, mistress!” you reply with a little prick as hard as a stone.

“Five hundred dollars,” she says with no expression.

You probably have the money to do that, but you know your wife can see the payments you make. You explain this, and she tells you that she doesn’t care.

“If you don’t pay, you can just keep begging.”

You look down at your tiny penis as drops of precum emerge from the tip. If your wife discovers this, she’ll be trampling your balls for hours. It would be best if you had it, however. You take the phone and transfer the money.

“Fucking pathetic. The only way you can ever please me is by handing over your cash.”

The money has been transferred. A rush of excitement floods your body, and you get ready for release. She sits down next to you. Then she does nothing.

“Are you going to finish me off now?” you ask as you’re confused.

“Fuck no,” she responds.

Your face drops, and your dick hardens.

“But the mon….”

“BUT THE MONEY,” she cuts you off mockingly.

“When will you fucking learn? You have a babydick. That means no matter how much you pay. You’ll never be good enough to finish for me.”

You’re close to tears, then suddenly, she grabs and squeezes your pecker. You jolt upwards. She squeezes it tighter and looks deeply into your eyes.

“You will never be a man. You will never have my pussy. You have the smallest, most pathetic excuse of a penis I’ve ever seen, and you will never please a woman without giving them your full pay cheque.”

It’s too much, and your dick is too hard, and with each word, you get closer until, “UGHHMMAHH.”

She points your little pee-pee towards you, and you shoot loads of cum across your stomach and chest. Some even made it to your chin.

The orgasm starts in your tip, then ripples through your full body like a nuclear explosion, and your eyes roll back.

She watches you and lets go of your dick. You’ve never seen such a look of disgust and disappointment, but it doesn’t matter. You’re lying on a bed dripping with cum, and your balls are in agony, but you’d do it again in a heartbeat. If you can afford it, then you will.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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