The Church Elder

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By 33WastedYears

Sandi’s newly acquired sexual freedom was just beginning to sink in the following morning. Her husband had made the decision to allow her to indulge her admitted addiction to strange, previously forbidden cock. She was still in a state of shock at the turn of events and was still exploring in her mind the new world of possibilities. She could now fuck anyone she wanted, anytime she wanted, for any reason. He had resigned himself to the fact that he couldn’t fulfil her sexual needs like she needed and he gave her this gift rather than losing her. He loved her too much for that. He wanted her to be happy. He believed, incorrectly perhaps that this would keep them together. She just had to follow a couple of guidelines which didn’t crowd her too much, or crimp her style. It was worth it to her. She was very happy with her life now. She had everything. She could appear to the outside world as the devoted wife, and also feed her fuck lust without guilt, shame, or fear of discovery. Her husband would see to that.

Their agreement brought pleasure to both. It was a logical compromise. She loved him more right now than she had in years. She felt very close to him, lucky to have this incredible gift. She wanted it to stay just like it was – perfect. She kept the security of her marriage, and she glowed when she thought about the possibilities of this new world.

Her phone rang.


It was her “other,” secret phone, the “Bat” phone. Her husband knew nothing about this phone. It was how she stayed in touch with her stable of “dick’s” without her husband’s discovery. It was a vestige of her old life, where secrecy was demanded if she wanted to get satisfaction from her other cock’s and not get caught.

Since her new life had only begun last night, she hadn’t had time to get rid of the “Bat” phone and cancel the contract. She recognised the number by sight.

“Hey, lover. Who else has this phone number? You got your cock in your hand thinking about me?”

It was Robert. He was more than a friend. They went to church together. Their kids had grown up together, ridden horses, played games, celebrated birthdays – grew up together. His son had married her daughter.

Sandi made a mental note to tell Robert that they wouldn’t need to sneak around anymore. She hadn’t worked out exactly how she would tell her current cocks about the new arrangement. She realised she would probably lose some because of the rules, but she would replace them. That could be exciting in itself – new regular cocks. She would savour that later.

Robert was the first of many men over the years that she hid from her husband. And the first after her husband caught her cheating, forcing her under cover. That made him special to Sandi. He represented her declaration of her freedom. She was determined to have her sexual liaisons and keep them hidden from her husband. I was a matter of her will – she would fuck as she pleased and he would never discover it again. It became a challenge she was determined not to lose.

She became involved with Robert by accident. Sandi was an RN. As their families grew closer, Sandi offered to help with his wife’s (Susan) chronic back problems where she could. Susan’s problems prevented her from sleeping in her bed. She could get at least minimal sleep, but only when sitting upright in an easy chair. During their initial conversations, Robert confided in her that this had some negative consequences in their marriage.

Perhaps it was inappropriate when he shared with Sandi that, because of her back problems, they had not engaged in sexual intercourse in several years. He and Sandi both knew they shouldn’t be discussing this while they were alone together, but Robert had a plan of his own that he wanted to try on Sandi, in hopes he could nudge her into fulfilling his fantasy of fucking her. This was a first step toward his goal.

With this heart-felt, yet ill-advised confession, he activated her “RN gene.” She immediately decided she needed to find some way to help. She knew in her heart that it was approaching a line by discussing this with Robert alone, and she knew her husband would not approve, but like before, her desire to help in such a similar situation led her to hide it from him. This time she trusted that she could maintain a “professional” distance. She had more experience with that now. And, truthfully, when she agreed to talk to him, she really didn’t know what Robert was going to say. Robert has initiated his plan by introducing the subject of sex, or lack of, with his wife, and a sense of pity for himself that he hoped would awaken Sandi’s demonstrated tendency to want to help in any medical situation.

“Excuse me, that’s a little personal, Robert.” She said, trying not to sound shocked, or judgemental.

“I’m sorry I said that, Sandi. I shouldn’t have,” He apologised.

“No, It’s OK. I understand your frustration. We just have to be careful, especially with just the two of us here without our spouses.”

“So far so good,” he thought, “She’s not running away, or stopping me.”

“We can do this some other time when our spouses can be here as well,” he said, apologetically.

She knew that would not happen with her husband, and she did want to help. It appealed to the side of her personality that liked to know “little secrets.” It gave her a sense of power to know things that no one would want anybody else to know.

“No, it’s OK. We’ll just be careful.”

“It worked! She would keep it secret. Now, what else would she keep secret? How far can I push her to go? All the way, I hope.”

She would not mention any of this to her husband. She reasoned, “Robert shared this with me in confidence. It would be wrong to share it with David.” Convenient, and soothing to the conscience. The sheer fact was that she WANTED to do this. If for no other reason it would give her a chance to practice hiding something from her husband. She had been working out the details on keeping things hidden from him in her head for some time. So she would hide her “counseling” once again. It had gotten her in trouble before because she let it get away from her. This time she knew she could remain professional and offer help and advice without crossing the line. But it also excited her sexually. She wouldn’t admit that, even to herself. But she had to know what kind of “help” Robert needed.

So she continued, “Does your wife help you with that…um…issue?”

“Well, she did for a while, but she stopped after a few weeks. I know she cares, but she doesn’t help anymore at all. Are you sure you’re OK with talking about this without our spouses here? We can wait.” He was testing her further.

“No, no. It’s OK. We are grown ups and I’m a professional. We can do this. Please continue.”

“Well, OK. Anyway, she never was enthused ‘in that area’ to begin with.”

“Wow. That must be tough on you. As a man, I mean.” She had to make a conscious effort to suppress the self-incriminating voices screaming in her head. Her situation was different, she reasoned. “Maybe I can talk to her, woman to woman. Wife to wife. That might help.”

“It might, but we’ve been to counselling. Even talked to the Pastor about it. It gets better for a while then reverts back. It helped me a lot when she did, but she really feels it’s not her problem. She says she has enough trying to deal with her back, while maintaining some functionality for the things she must do. She feels I should take care of my own problem.”

“Well, maybe I can show her some things that are non-stressful.”

He just sat there looking sadly in her eyes, saying nothing. He could see her struggling in her mind. She still had not said “no.” He was herding her to the decision he wanted her to make. He seemed to be saying something more. At that moment another gene activated, as the implications of this conversation occurred to her.

“Something appropriate…” Her voice trailed off. This was wrong. “I wish…we, maybe…” her hands were trembling. “I can’t,” she thought. “But he needs help. ‘Several years’ is a long time for a man.” (RN gene). Maybe I…no one would know…” (‘other’ gene).

One part of her mind knew what she should do, but there were powerful feelings, born in the passion of an ancient illicit encounter, the ghosts of forbidden pleasures past, coursing through her most sensitive places, confusing her, jamming her system. Those feelings she remembered so well began to sway the argument. The “other” gene was gaining prominence.

“How long did you say it had been, again?” she asked him.

He let her founder on her own for a few moments. He felt she was right at the cusp of giving in. He knew he must say nothing further; the decision must be hers alone. But he must force her decision now. She was ripe. She was willing. He couldn’t let her get away and possibly lose the momentum he had worked so hard for.

Without a word he took a chance. He moved to the chair adjacent to the couch Sandi was sitting on. He reached across the corner of the coffee table and placed the palm of his hand softly on the inside of her jean-covered thigh just above her knee. His hand burned on her leg. He was not being presumptuous, but it was more than innocent.

“Maybe he’ll stop there,” she hoped to herself. She didn’t really know if she wanted him to or not.

“She made no move with her body or her eyes to stop me. She wants it, just as I knew she did!”

Then his hand slowly moved up her leg on the inside of her thigh. She did not stop him! Her eyes had followed his hand on its journey up her thigh. Her knees parted ever so slightly. He felt it.

“I knew it. She is a bitch in heat.”

She looked up into his eyes. He looked back at her, pleading. She searched her mind for anything to slow this down.

“Why me?” She blurted out.

He jumped, then collected himself and calmly continued.

“I have wanted this since the first time I saw you at church. I was glad when our kids hit it off and started hanging out together, asking to come over to our house. It meant I’d get to see you a lot more. And when you were here I wanted to be close to you – to touch you. But I had to be very discreet. There’s just something about your body that makes me want to do nasty things. It’s so different from my wife’s. And everything works. Dave is a lucky man to have a body like yours whenever he wants.”

She did not miss the irony of his statement. She was using a strategy similar to his wife’s to withhold sex from her husband. But Robert didn’t know that. And she didn’t want him to. Too many questions to answer.

“Well, he does seem to appreciate it.”

There was a long pause, as neither wanted to be the one to confirm the direction of the conversation.

“How long, again…” the last foothold was crumbling.

“You’re the only one who can help me, Sandi,” He said, appealing to the RN gene.

“What are you asking, Robert?” He was saying what she wanted to hear. He needed her.

“Will you help me? It’s not her fault; she would help me if she could. It’s nobody’s fault, really. She knows I’m doing this. She feels bad enough. She said if I need a little help and needed to look outside and be discreet, she would understand.” “Give her the last permission she’s looking for to justify continuing to completion.”

“I don’t think she had me in mind.”

“I told her it had been very difficult to remain pure in mind. I’m in an excited state most of the time. Then she asked me if I had anyone in mind. I thought about lying to her, but I decided to tell the truth. I felt she deserved that. I told her I had been fantasising about someone…”

“Who?” Sandi asked, on the edge of her seat. The secret nugget she was looking for.


“Me? And what did she say?” His words shocked and excited her. He could see that he had appealed to her vanity.

“She said she had seen me checking you out when your family came over. She also noticed that when your husband didn’t come with you that I always seemed to be sitting by you at the table. She said I would move anyone who might be there already. She thought we touched a lot.”

“Wives notice things like that. I didn’t notice it, but I always felt comfortable around you.

“Me, too. About you, I mean. “The conversation rested for a minute. “I have another confession to make.” He wanted to lead her to the next step.


“All those times I sat next to you…I had an ulterior motive.”

“Uh-oh. What?”

He leaned into her and in a conspiratorial tone and whispered, “I wanted to look down your shirt.”

“Robert! My shirt? You wanted to see my breasts.” He was pleased. She had said the first overtly sexual utterance, as he had hoped.

“I confess. I couldn’t help myself. They’re so full and heavy.” He continued on this sexual path, becoming more explicit in hopes of getting her excited enough to do what he needed. “After you left I would fantasise about filling my hands with them, squeezing them. They’re so irresistible.”

“I don’t know what to say, Robert. I had no idea I was having that kind of effect on you. I’m flattered. Honestly. Thank you, I guess. I mean, thank you. I’m glad you like them.” She lowered her hands and hefted them up and down.

His strategy was having the desired effect; she was being swept up in the sexual tornado. Robert’s eyes followed her hands, lingering. His hand began crawling up her inner thing, then left her thigh on its way to her left breast.

She intercepted his hand, looking in his eyes, she asked, “Do you know what you’re doing? Are you sure you’re ready to take this step?” She was asking herself as much as him.

“What’s stopping us? You know, I know, my wife knows – we’re not hiding anything. She’s given her blessing.” His logic seemed sound.

“But my husband doesn’t know. What about him? What’s fair to him?”

“You’ll have to make that call. I talked to my wife and she’s OK with it. You’ll have to talk to him. Try to convince him it’s some sort of therapy and you think it would help. You can give him whatever reason you think best.” He had divested himself of any responsibility. “If you can’t help me, I’ll understand. I don’t want to destroy your marriage.”

It seemed so sincere, but it carried its load of guilt, by design. He just wanted to push her a little further. He had given her a way out. But he also left her with a difficult decision. He didn’t know how difficult it was for her, he knew nothing of her history. She knew for certain that her husband would NOT approve of this in any way, shape, or form. But she also knew that he wasn’t the only one to consider here. Robert knew nothing of her infidelity years ago. Nothing of the feelings that had been unleashed back then. Or how, with great difficulty she had suppressed them, and the best she would ever be able to do was manage them. The genie could not be put back in the bottle. They would forever be there, lurking, waiting. Always. This is what she struggled with at this moment.

She had mentioned her husband as an excuse, but she knew it was a cover for the real reason. She really did not care what he wanted. No, she was struggling with her own feelings that were now at a slow boil. She really wanted this. She felt she deserved it. That no one should be able to keep her from something she wanted. It was her decision alone.

It was also a chance for her to stand up to what she considered was unfair. She felt her husband would like nothing better than for her to be chained at home. She was tired of this control that she felt was oppressive and unfair after her infidelity. She would get what she wanted, and make sure he would not discover it this time. She would get what she wanted all those years ago, but she would be more careful. He would not find out. The decision was not about Robert, but about her.

She calmly made her decision. With Robert’s hand still clasped in mid-air, their eyes locked, the storm was building. She brought it to her left breast, surrounding it. She drew in a quick, shallow breath and closed her eyes. This innocent caress set off tiny explosions in the lower parts of her body. The exhilaration from years ago came rushing back as strong as she remembered. Her body was bathed in endorphins. He kneaded her perfect breast for a few seconds, his left hand circling her right breast. She covered his hands with hers, pressing them to her chest. His touch promised only delight and indescribable pleasure. Her back straightened, her breathing quickened.

She removed his hands. He looked into her eyes, questioning, disappointed. But she was the nurse here. She loved the feeling of power over him she felt right now. He would give her everything she needed – for a long time, and no one would ever know. He had as much to lose as she did. It was just too perfect. He deserved a reward.

She reached down and pulled the bottom of her shirt up and over her head, exposing herself to his lustful, wanting gaze. He reached out for her breasts again and was blocked again, confusing him further. She reached around her back and released the hooks which kept her breasts encased in silk and lace. She pulled the straps off her shoulders, holding the cups to her chest. She sat up straight, removing her hands, the bra clinging only to her engorged nipples. A sensuous jiggle of her shoulders sent the bra to her lap, teasing Robert. She turned to face him. He stared for several long seconds, almost afraid to touch her, fearful he would be blocked again. She clasped her hands behind her head, pushing her exposed tits toward him. She rotated side to side from the waist, putting her perfect tits on display. She knew the effect this was having on him, being celibate for so long.

Finally, she took his trembling hand and placed it on her bare breast. He sprang to life and his other hand quickly joined it. He touched her, his hands moving tenderly over her chest in an aura of reverence, but too carnal to be religious. She filled his hands so completely and wonderfully, and under his swirling thumbs, her nipples tightened into beads of arousal.


“Sweet. So sweet…” he whispered. His fingers closed around her nipples.

“You make them so itchy and tingling…”

He squeezed, pushed, mashed, palmed, pinched and handled her. It seemed time stood still for them. It had been so long for him. His hands were remembering something he had never experienced before. He was so grateful to Sandi.

Finally, she removed his hands and lay back with her shoulders resting in the corner of the couch. Her body lay at a 45° angle from the corner, her butt on the edge of the couch with her legs draped off. He thought she wanted him to resume his adoration of her tits, but she stopped him again. She had another idea. She thought he would like better. He would not be the only one to get what he needed today. She needed to feel that feeling of adoration from another man again.

Her hands went to her belt and unfastened it, then the snap to her jeans. She directed him around to her feet, his excitement building in anticipation of more than he could have ever hoped for.

“Take my shoes off,” she told him. He complied quickly. He knew now it was going to happen. “Take my pant legs and pull my jeans off.”

She raised her butt off the couch allowing the garment to clear her full, round ass, down her legs and off. Her panties were right behind. She lay quietly reclined, completely naked and let him adore her. She was basking in his lust for her. The rush was incredibly intoxicating for her. This is what she had missed since her infidelity.

He looked down on her heavenly form, his approval evident and pulsing in his pants. Sandy lay there, panting hard, propped up on her elbows, thighs clenched together, chest heaving. Sweat beaded on his forehead. He removed his belt, lowered his pants and boxers in a single movement. He peeled off his shirt and kicked his flip-flops under the coffee table.

She followed his eyes from her tits, then slowly down her stomach to the thin patch of light brown hair crowning the Holy Land. They lingered there in anticipation. She spread her thighs slowly, deliberately, watching the wonder on his face. Like an eclipse of the moon, the object of his desire was coming into view. Her knees spreading further and further apart, until they stopped. So inviting. So blatant. So lewd. A position no respectable woman should ever find herself in with anyone but her husband. But here she was, on display, hiding nothing from Robert’s hungry, lusting eyes. An Elder in their church.

Her hand snaked its way to the junction of her thighs. Her fingers eased apart, and began to move. She separated and probed, lightly and gently, until she was wet and warm. She lightly dragged her middle finger up and down her slit, then again. As she reached the very top, she pulled her finger away, still attached by a string of her thick fluids. She brought her finger to her lips and “painted” them with her juices, motioning for him to lean down to her.

As he did, she planted her lips on his, mashing and moving them around, them moving away. She indicated for him to lick his lips, along with the nectar she had just transferred. He did, his eyes wide. She reached again between her legs and this time inserted her two middle fingers deep in her pussy and began to stroke them in and out a few times before withdrawing and placing them on Robert’s lips. She forced them open and pumped them in and out, cleaning them on his tongue.

He had never tasted a woman’s juices before. He had never experienced anything this sensual in his entire married life. He appreciated that Sandi was making this a lot easier than he had anticipated.

She was so willing, eager even, so pliable. He attributed it incorrectly to himself. She reached out and pulled him by his dick so that he was standing between her legs. She made a velvet fist of her hand and slid it from the tip of his penis to the root. She moved her shoulders flat on the back cushions, pulling her legs up, holding them back. When her thighs parted, she nestled him between them.

She was so soft, he was so hard. Her body throbbed with longing.

“You can figure out where to go from here, Robert.”

“Thank you, Sandi. Thank you so much. I never dreamed you would do this much for me. You may have saved my marriage.”

“Or cost both our marriages. She will never look at me the same after this. She’ll know I’m a cheating slut.”

All conversation stopped for the moment. She would deal with this later. Right now she needed to be fucked. She felt the tip of his dick breaching the petals of her pussy. He stretched above her and buried himself to the root. She purred, her mind bathed in licentious pleasures. He had forgotten how good it could feel. It had been so long. Maybe never THIS good. His wife was never this wet, this warm. Her tits never as desirable as Sandi’s right now.

He commenced thrusting in and out, slowly at first, then picking up speed. He could not hold back. He placed his hands on her tits, gently rubbing the sensitive nipples with the pads of his middle fingers. He cupped them and directed one to his lips. He planted tiny kisses on the nipple until it pushed its way between his lips.

“You have the sweetest tits, Sandi…the sweetest…the…”

Her hips undulated against the thrusts of his body. Every movement predestined to inflame his passion even more. She needed this. On every thrust he would bottom out solidly in her pussy, banging their flesh together noisily. It HAD been a long time, which meant he could not resist the assault of Sandi’s pussy for very long. And after no more than 30 strokes, his dick swelled inside her, preparing to explode and coat her womb with the end of his celibacy. She felt him swell and shoved her hips up, slamming them into his pubic bone. She seized his hips, pulling them hard into her. She knew well what to do, it came so naturally to her.

She shimmied her pussy back and forth quickly as he launched his first volley in three years. His release was long and scalding and splendid. He fell on her chest in exhaustion. They clung together, survivors of a turbulent storm.

His lips found hers, expressing his abject admiration. His kiss was tender, but possessive. His dick shrivelled until he plopped our of her pussy, trailing his seed, running down between her cheeks, coating her anus, then pooling on the couch.

Suddenly spent, he could not keep his eyes open. He rolled off beside her on the couch, one hand still on her breast, gently rolling the nipple between his finger tips.


She was brought back to the present.

“Hey, lover. Who else has this phone number? You got your dick in your hand thinking about me?”

“Not yet, but give me 15 seconds and I can get that way.

“Yeah, but you’re there and I’m here. What good does that do me?

“As good as it does me to have your tits there and me here. At least they’re safe where they are.”

“Since when have we been safe? We like it on the edge.”

“I’d like it on the tip right now. I could do with a little adultery today.”

“Me, too. And fornication, too. Might as well commit ’em all while we’re at it. It can’t last forever. We’ll get caught. We’re gonna HAVE to be more careful. We have too much to lose.”

“You know, when it comes to fucking that body, the risk is worth the reward. The reward is just too fucking good. We just mesh together so well sexually. And in all the years we’ve been doing each other, it never gets old. I can’t get enough of those tits and pussy.”

“It’s the danger that adds to the allure. The rush of being caught. You can’t get that with a spouse. So when can I get that dick splitting me open? I’m ready.”

“Not tomorrow, I’ve got to act like a farmer and work in one of the back fields. But the next day Susan’s got somewhere to go. She’ll be gone all evening until late. We could fuck ourselves to heaven then.”

“My pussy’s hungry. I could…” She stopped herself in mid-sentence, suddenly remembering the new rules in her life. It had become such a part of her personality: hiding, secrets, smoke, mirrors. Her mind just went there automatically. She was still getting used to her new sexual freedom.

Then, she was lost in her thoughts. “How do I tell Robert? What will he say? Will he agree to Dave being there? Filming? Dave will discover how long I’ve been doing Robert. I can see that disappointed look on his face, knowing I was holding back with him, saying I didn’t need sex while banging someone almost every day. He just couldn’t satisfy me anymore. I shouldn’t have to do without.”

“Hello, you still there? He asked after the long silence.

“Yeah. I was just thinking. Hey, Robert, maybe we can talk for a while next time.”

“OK. Sure,” he said hesitantly, “Anything particular you got in mind?

“No, no. Just there’s been some things happening that are gonna affect us.”

“Nothing bad, I hope. I couldn’t give your body up it I had to. You’ve got me hooked now, you know that.”

“Me, too, Robert. You have been special to me all these years. You filled in some gaps that were missing.”

“Yeah, especially one gap I can think of,” he chuckled at his joke.

“Jeez, Robert. Anyway it can be a good thing for us.”

“Really? How’s that, Sandi?”

“Not on the phone. Face to face.”

“It’s my favourite position.”

“Good day, Robert.” She hung up, rolling her eyes.” This was important. She had to approach this correctly or she could lose Robert AND alienate her husband. The most difficult thing she will have to deal with was going to be how she would explain to him the size of Robert’s dick. She had told her husband that she was addicted to BIG cocks. That was what he agreed to give her as a gift. Now, he would see that Robert did not have a big cock, but was her husband’s size, and he would know that she had lied to him again, withholding sex from him while willingly fucking Robert’s substandard dick.

She would have to be careful with this. What would Robert say about the new rules? If he couldn’t, could she give him up? Would she leave her husband for Robert? After his wonderful gift? She would look like the most selfish bitch alive if she left him now after he made such a huge concession to her.

She never figured on all these complications, only a limitless supply of cocks pummelling her pussy. Be careful what you wish for.

They lay in the familiar afterglow in each other’s arms. He rolled over, resting on one elbow, leaning into her face. His tongue probed her mouth with slow, gentle thrusts that slammed her senses into chaos. Her arms seized him around the neck and pulled him on her. The furnace between her thighs was burning with want, aching with desire, pulsing with need. He positioned himself with her thighs bracketing his and plunged to the back of her heat.

“Oh, God. I never get tired of that,” she moaned. He set a rhythm in motion with his hips like waves on the shore – incessant. Building. It was savagely intense, totally feral, and passionately unbridled. Her hips raised toward him in search of deeper penetration. He tried to accommodate her by bearing down. That mysterious abyss grew wider, drawing Sandi closer. Then, it encompassed her being in an explosion of brilliant light. Her very soul was shaken with the most intense physical experience a woman can feel. Her back arched and she grasped the sheets in her restless fists.

God, she loved this. What was it about Robert? He was no bigger than her husband. No better lover. Her husband studied sex to get better at it for her. So, what was it?

“I have to go, Sandi.”

“Remember , were gonna talk?”

“Yeah, you told me that. I forgot. You said it might have something to do with us, I remember.”

“Yes, I think it will be good,” she tried to put a positive spin on it. “Dave and I had a serious talk the other night.”


“About our sex life.”

“I thought that was pretty much D.O.A.”

“Pretty much. To me, anyway. But he asked me an interesting question. Do I need other men?”

“He knows about us, doesn’t he? I wondered if he did. Did he say anything?”

“No, he still doesn’t know about us. But I told him I DID need them. Then I waited for the mushroom cloud. But it never happened. He did something I thought he’d NEVER do in his lifetime. It was so out of character for him.”

“Wait, he knows you’re been fucking other men behind his back? Does he know how far back it goes? How many men?”

“Not all the details, but he probably knows more than I give him credit for. He pretty well knows I cheat on him, but not to what extent. I didn’t give him any names. I just wanted to see where he was going with his question. I was sweating bullets when I told him ‘Yes, I did.’ He sat there for a long time. I could tell he was hurting, but he was resigned to the fact that I was a cheating slut, and that I wouldn’t change, or ever be anything different. Then he looked at me and said, ‘We’ll have to add that to our sex life.'”

“Unbelievable. He’s gonna let you keep on fucking all those guys you have in your stable?

“Unbelievably, yes. I was stunned. What a gift to give me. Quite a sacrifice for him to make.”

“Wow, just like that? What’s the catch? There’s gotta be a catch in there somewhere.”

“A couple. Nothing too drastic. Nothing to really interrupt us at all. We will be able to continue as we always have.”

“That’s a relief. I’ve come to need your pussy. I can’t even get an erection anymore with Susan. I think it’s a relief for her. She never liked it anyway.”

“Robert! What’s happened to us? Our spouses give us an incredible gift and we end up despising them. They sacrificed for our pleasure because they loved us and how do we repay them? By betraying their love, spitting on their sacrifice, cutting them off, and resenting them.”

“Does sound kinda selfish, doesn’t it? But what are we supposed to be doing about it? They can’t give us the satisfaction we need. It’s not our fault.”

Sandi looked away. She didn’t want to think about guilt anymore. She never told Robert she lied to her husband AND him – all to please herself. She didn’t want either of them to know the truth. There was a time when this kind of double lie would have pricked her conscience. That time was long gone. She had separated herself emotionally from the world. It was hers to use as she pleased. No regrets. No remorse. And no accountability to anyone but herself.

“Maybe it has nothing to do with whether they can give us sexual satisfaction, maybe it’s us. Maybe we got it in our minds that we deserved more and refused to stop our quest to get it. That we didn’t even give them a chance. Or whatever they did we were going to say it was not right or not enough. Maybe it was us.”

“How did we get here. It was just supposed to be some kind of relief for me because of Susan’s back. What we’re doing now, what this had degraded to is nothing short of pure selfish adultery. No other word for it. We don’t even look at is as wrong anymore. It’s like we’re married to each other, but without the moral element of fidelity. More loyal to each other that the ones we made vows to. How did we get here today? I didn’t want to be brought down, I just wanted to fuck you.”

“You gotta do something about that moral streak, Robert. It’s starting to get annoying.” She reached over, turning on his side and played with him. She needed him hard again. Her strokes were having the desired effect. After a few minutes he was ready to service her once again.

She decided not to risk losing him, in case he could not live with the new rules, but instead, she would work out another way for Dave to be there and film without Robert knowing. She still wondered if Robert would have accepted the terms or not. Her own little exhibitionist streak tickled her libido. Maybe in the future. Right now, the size of his dick was her main concern, and how to keep all her hard-earned perks.

It was the next time they got together that the new plan was implemented. Sandi & Dave discussed different options in an attempt to come to an agreement both of them could accept.

It was like when they were first married, planning a major vacation trip. There was a long forgotten camaraderie that warmed them. They were both excited about the final product, but for different reasons. She’d get ploughed with her favourite cocks, he got to watch.

He wanted it perfect. In order to do that some preparation was necessary. No more motel rooms. That was what she told her regular “dick’s.” Her husband found out about them and was OK with them continuing because he wanted to see her happy. But as a compromise, they would fix up a room at their house for the purpose. For a little more anonymity. They all bought it. They were relieved they didn’t have to give up Sandi’s pussy AND they weren’t gonna get shot. David had installed 8 hidden cameras in the room, a full audio system and a PC with several huge hard drives. The latest equipment available. All was put into a small room built behind a two-way mirror in a new wall in the room.

They tested the system on themselves one night. They were both pleased with the results. The first “dick” to use the new setup was, appropriately, Robert. He was her first fuck after her infidelity, her first fuck in the New World.

“This is nice, Sandi,” he said, surveying the room. “What’s under the hood?”

“Glad you asked. King-sized bed, bamboo sheets & blanket, memory foam pillows, lots of them, fresh bamboo towels. In the top drawer of this side of the bed we have dildos, vibrators, in a variety of shapes and sizes. 2nd drawer, anal toys & lubes. 3rd drawer, light bondage toys, restraints, handcuffs, nipple clamps & paddles. Top drawer opposite side, personal lubes & genital stimulator’s. 2nd drawer, sex games. 3rd drawer, various sex books & how-to and misc. items. All in surround sound. Everything the liberated cheater needs to make their adultery more enjoyable.”

“You know, I wonder if infants have as much fun in infancy as adults have in adultery? Just a thought. Anyway, it’s impressive. I can’t wait to strap you down and wear you out. It’s just a lot better that Dave knows and gives his blessing”

“I wouldn’t say he ‘gives his blessing’, but he is definitely on board with it.”

“So we can get together in the evenings now. That’s a lot easier than me having to find another club to join that meets at a good time for us. It’s hard to get away from the office.”

“We’ll have all the comforts of home with the adjoining shower. Cheaper than a motel. What’s not to love about it?’

“Any thoughts as to how to christen the new Fuck Palace?”

“Yeah. Let’s fuck in it.”

“Original. Creative, even.”

“It gets the job done.”

“Are you teasing me now?”

“What are you talking about, Robert?”

“You’re talking about ‘jobs’ and fucking and we still have our clothes on.”

“Speak for yourself, flaccid boy.” And she began liberating her body at light speed. He matched her frantic pace. They both hopped on one foot trying to get their jeans off, shirts and undergarments flying everywhere, landing helter skelter around the new room.

She finished first by a mere five seconds. She turned and sprinted to the bed, her heavy tits scurrying all over her chest. Robert followed right behind, diving for the bed landing just after Sandi. They were both laughing loudly. They had planned to make slow, gentle, sweet love, but in seconds it turned into a wild, untamable animalistic rutting, thoroughly satiating afterwards. They lay panting side by side. Her hand snuck over him. He was still hard and throbbing.

“Feeling macho, are we?” He emitted a low growl. She lowered her head to his stomach, kissing him there. Her mouth inched closer to his hard shaft, moved to his thighs next and finally between them. He groaned his approval, his hips shooting up from the mattress, thrusting to meet her bobbing lips. She tickled his balls lightly as a counterpoint to the hard sucking she was inflicting on his dick. His fingers were entwined in her hair, pulling her head down with greater force until her nose bottomed out in his curly hairs. Sandi loved this aspect of sex. He was using her as a human Fleshlight for his sole enjoyment. He is getting close to heaven when she suddenly stopped.

She crawled up his thighs and threw a leg over him. She lowered herself, taking his dick in one hand. She placed the head at the mouth of her hungry cunt. She moved it back and forth through her sopping trench, wetting it in preparation. It was wet enough to drip down the shaft and pool in his pubic hair. She was driving him crazy as she slowly enveloped him, then withdrew just as slowly.

It was agonising, maddening. He arched his hips against her, trying to pull her down and bury himself farther inside her. Instead of further penetration, she would raise her pussy away. She knew just how to move, just how to drive him wild. They had been mating like this for years. His dick slipped inside her, drawing a breathy moan from her, then the teasing and torment, then inside suddenly again. Sandi’s hips moved even more rhythmically, absorbing his arousal as they moved closer and closer to mutually assured sexual annihilation.

Then, finally, his hips lunged upward for the last time as his swollen dick injected her, basting her pussy walls with shot after shot of his cum. He could feel the tremors flowing through her, as she arched her back and drew her legs up, trying to get his dick deeper. She could feel the hot blast over and over insider her, triggering little mini-orgasms within, each tickling her nerve endings into an ecstatic state. She froze with him pointed toward the epicentre inside, as he unleashed his fountain.

When it seemed all life functions had ceased, she lay with her tits spread out on his chest like two soft balls of dough. Both were heaving, re-saturating oxygen-depleted bodies.

“God, that’s enough for today. I can’t take anymore,” she huffed. Robert could not speak at all. She rolled off him and the bed, heading to the bathroom. When she returned he was buckling his belt, his shirt already on. He slipped on his shoes, carrying his tie in his hand.

Sandi sauntered over to him, exaggerating the movement of her hips. Her shoulders more active than usual, swinging her tits back and forth in a synchronised erotic dance. She threw both arms around his neck deliberately rubbing her breasts and her thighs against him. He cupped her soft, round ass in his hands.

“Why couldn’t I have met you before I got married?” She lamented in a low voice smoky with passion, still lost in her orgasmic fog. He didn’t know how to answer.

“I gotta get going,” he finally said and turned and left.

She fell backwards on the bed, her arms out wide, legs parted widely. She didn’t hear Dave come out of the AV Room. Her eyes were closed. He was as naked as she was. He stretched out on top of her, his legs entwined with hers.

He entered her with a single swift, determined thrust, lifting her hips in his hands to penetrate her fully. Love and frustration drove him. This was a woman, HIS woman, moving with him. She responded, quivering beneath him even as he felt his own climax bearing down on him.

His release was epic – they both felt it. He slumped to his elbows, still inside her, hovering over her.

“Where did that come from?” She breathed hoarsely.

“Where did that bullshit come from that you told HIM?” He said the last word with an emphatic accusation.


“You don’t remember? You don’t remember telling him you married the wrong man? I have it on tape. You want me to play it back for you?”

“That wasn’t what I meant, David.” She was just now coming out of her haze, barely catching blips of things that had happened. “Is that what I said?”

“I quote, ‘Why couldn’t I have met you before I got married?’ Remember now?”

Her brain felt like an old-time steam locomotive trying to get started, her wheels just spinning on the track.

“I believe you, I just don’t remember saying that.”

His heart breaking, he decided to let it pass. She didn’t love him anymore. Was his gift a futile gesture? He felt like a fool. He would have some decisions to make. But not today.

“Never mind. Get cleaned up. We’ll go get some dinner.”

His voice carried no emotion.

The End.


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