An Old Crush Resurfaces (Gay SPH)

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By timmywells

When Tom Newman first saw the young man nervously enter the campus Ratskeller where the mixer was being held, at first he was certain that someone had spiked the rum punch he had been sipping with something far more potent because that couldn’t be who he thought it was.

It had been a couple of years seen they had shared a gym class back at Colonie High School, and the brown curly hair was now almost shoulder length in the style of the era, but other than that whomever it was the doppelganger of Ron Elmendorf and just the sight of his classmate was enough to set Tom’s heart racing.

Ron Elmendorf was just about the cutest guy in his school back then and happened to be the first boy Tom had fell in love with, even though it was a love affair that only existed in Tom’s mind. It wasn’t until after graduating from high school that Tom came to grips with who he was.

But Ron Elmendorf? What was he doing at a the inaugural mixer of the newly formed Gay and Lesbian Alliance on the campus of Hobart College, almost 200 miles from where they went to high school? The college choice wasn’t all that unusual, but Ronnie Elmendorf at a gay social event? He had to be lost.

Ronnie had the girls wrapped around his finger back at high school, what with his dimples and boyish good looks that always reminded Tom of Beaver Cleaver’s older brother, only with curly dark hair, and his slim 5’9″ frame didn’t carry an extra ounce of fat, unlike Tom’s had back then.

All during his teen years Tom had been battling his weight and always losing, with his 6′ frame carrying anywhere from 30 to 100 pounds extra. That, along with his red hair and his last name made him a frequent target of ridicule, even if he didn’t look all that much like the Mad Magazine icon Alfred E. Newman whose moniker they pinned on him.

Then Tom had decided that enough was enough, and the summer after graduating embarked on a vigorous exercise and diet program. There was nothing new about that because Tom Newman had been there and done that more than once, but the difference this time was that Tom stuck to it.

Now a sophomore at Hobart, Tom had dropped 115 pounds and was a changed man. He regretted wasting his high school years but was determined to change things. Seeing what looked so much like Ron Elmendorf across the room brought back many memories to Tom.

Unlike most people, especially the popular ones, Ronnie had been nice to him, always saying hello and trying to be friendly. That had been a challenge, Tom knew, because he was often sullen and reserved, but Tom recognized and appreciated his efforts.

It was the gym class they shared that really got Tom interested in Ronnie. Watching him run around in his gym shirt and shorts always gave Tom a hard-on, even though Ronnie wasn’t a great athlete he looked so cute to him. After gym class activities ended and they had to go shower and change, Ron looked even better.

The locker room had become Tom’s favorite part of the school day, and while he kept his pudgy body hidden as best he could, Tom developed a talent for observing others. After he saw Ronnie naked he had lost interest in most of the other guys.

Ronnie was beautiful. He had the most flawless body Tom had ever seen, and Tom had seen quite a few by then. It wasn’t that Ronnie was muscular, because while he was fairly well toned he wasn’t a bodybuilder by any stretch of the imagination and if anything had the look of a waif.

It wasn’t that Ron was exceptionally well endowed either. The opposite was far closer to the truth, and Tom remembered cringing when he heard another guy tease Ronnie about the size his penis, even though Ron himself had laughed it off.

Tom was tempted to take a swing at the wise guy because even though Ron wasn’t well hung, he had the most perfect penis he had even seen. Even two years removed, Tom could still see it clearly in his mind; the pale beige tube resting underneath the little patch of brown curls, free of veins and marks, and the luscious pinkish bell-shaped helmet was perfectly shaped. As for the wrinkled hairless pouch below, it held a pair of jawbreaker-sized balls that looked to be just begging to be sucked.

The rest of Ron was equally exciting to Tom. No scars or tattoos, just flawless beige skin that probably never had a pimple. Smooth too, except for a light dusting of fur on the insides of his calves and faint wisps of hair in his armpits that Tom found sexy. He recalled being on the opposite side of the volleyball net in gym and spending most of the time waiting for Ron to lift his arms, nearly getting drilled by a shot in the process of gawking.

Silly teenage crush, Tom though to himself as he looked back at his unrequited love, although the way his heart was skipping now he wondered whether he was any more mature at 20 than he had been at 18.

Then the presumed stranger’s eyes met his across the room, and the shocked look they shared told Tom that it was no doppelganger. It was Ron in the flesh, and as they moved towards each other Tom saw the trepidation in Ronnie’s eyes and he knew what his old classmate was thinking. He knows I know him and now I know him and his secret.

“Tom?” Ronnie said cautiously as he extended his hand, and after Tom nodded the handshake turned into an awkward hug.

“What are you doing here?” Tom asked and quickly added, “I mean at Hobart. I thought you were going to Syracuse.”

“Didn’t work out there for me. This will work out better I think, but you? I hardly recognized you. You look incredible.”

“Thanks,” Tom beamed, feeling like he was going to cry because while many people had noticed and commented favorably on his transformation, this meant more to him than all the other compliments combined. “I just have to keep it off this time. Let’s go over here where it’s quieter.”

Tom herded his old classmate to a less noisy part of the room, and when they got there Tom decided not to be subtle.

“I have to admit that seeing you here at Hobart was a shock, but even more surprising is seeing you here – that is of course unless you’re doing the catering or just got lost. You do know where you are and what this is I hope,” Tom suggested.

“Maybe I was lost before,” Ron mused aloud. “No, I know what this is alright. I was nervous coming in here but seeing you here…”

“I have to admit that out of all the kids back at school, you are the most unlikely guy I pictured – you know? King of the Prom and all?” Tom suggested.

“Guess I fooled a lot of people. Myself most of all. Guys would tell me how lucky I was dating these cute girls and I wanted to scream at them and tell some of them that I would rather be with them. I was just doing what everybody – my folks and all – expected of me. When my folks found out about who I really am, well it didn’t go over well. Still doesn’t.”

“My mother still doesn’t know,” Tom chuckled. “If my old man wasn’t dead he probably would have keeled over if he knew, so I can appreciate what you’re going through. It’s not easy.”

“I didn’t know about you,” Ron offered. “I just thought you were…”

“Fat? Slow? Awkward? Alfred E. Newman?” Tom interjected. “I was.”

“I never said that.”

“I know, and I appreciated that.”

“I just thought you were just shy,” Ron finished.

“That too, and I have to admit that I had a serious crush on you back then.”

“Why didn’t you say something?” Ron said with a laugh. “Just kidding. 1970 in Colonie is like 1950 in the real world so that would have been dangerous.”

“What would you have done if I flirt with you?” Tom wondered aloud.

“Good question. I think the honest answer would have been that if you did it when others could hear, I would have acted all offended and disgusted,” Ron replied. “If there was nobody there but us – I don’t know what I would have done. Up until I got into college I was still denying the obvious.”

“Since we’re being honest here,” Ron continued. “I did notice in gym that you seemed to be looking at me a lot when we were changing and stuff.”

“I thought I was being subtle,” Tom mumbled as he blushed. “I wonder who else noticed.”

“I don’t think anybody else did, because knowing them they would have been all over that.”

“Don’t I know it? Well, I would like to say I’m sorry about gawking at you, but I’m not,” Tom admitted. “Seeing you getting dressed and undressed was the highlight of my senior year.”

“I hated that so much,” Ron confessed. “Having to take showers in front of other guys. I mean, I liked looking but I spent most of my time trying to hide myself. Why did we have to shower and have the coach checking our names off when we went by? I have a suspicion why.”

“You sound like me, only I had plenty of reasons to hide. You though?”

“Believe me, even though my issues might have been different than yours, I was still petrified. I was like a boy among men in there a lot of times, and since you say you got a goodlook at me you understand what I’m saying,” Ron explained.

“Any one of those guys would have changed places with you in a heartbeat,” Tom assured him. “Myself? It would have taken me even less than that. I have the image of those dimples in your butt cheeks embedded in my brain for life.”

“Guess I’m getting too honest here,” Tom said after seeing Ron’s red-face and nervous reaction to that.

“No, you’re fine. It’s me still getting used to who I am, I think,” Ronnie responded. “I kinda wish we had this talk back in high school.”

“I don’t think it would have worked out as well. I was fat and disgusting looking…”

“You weren’t that…”

“Nobody gave me a second look back then, and if they did it would have come with a snicker. Even if I wasn’t as bad as I thought I was, I still felt that way about myself,” Tom said and then added with a chuckle, “The way I was back then I wouldn’t have been nearly as charming as I am now.”

“Probably true,” Ron laughed. “For the record, I did give you a second look. I remember you had hair starting to grow on your chest. I thought that was cool because not that many guys were hairy like you, and that really turned me on back then – still does.”

“Don’t know what to say,” Tom murmured, the thought of him being looked at by anyone back then, especially Ronnie, sending a shiver down his spine.

“I wonder if your friends around here think I’m coming on to you,” Ron wondered as he looked around the crowded room.

“Don’t know many people here,” Tom admitted. “It’s supposed to be a mixer so if you would want to…”

“I am,” Ron interrupted. “Coming on to you. Not good at this I’m afraid. My few experiences have been we shaking and mumbling when a guy would talk to me, and usually I would panic and flee.”

“You aren’t panicking now – or running, are you?”


“Do you have a roommate?”

“Gone for the weekend,” Ron answered.

“Then why don’t I follow you?” Tom said as he arose shakily. “If I pass out keep going.”

“You drunk?” Ron asked.

“No – my first and only drink,” Tom said as he downed the dregs of the punch, the reality that what had been a fantasy was about to come true, and the very idea was making him light-headed.


“It’s just like mine,” Tom said of Ron’s spartan surroundings. “Only my roommate is always around and is a pain.”

“You’re the first friend I’ve had over,” Ron said. ‘Is that okay? Me calling you friend?”

“Absolutely,” Tom replied as he moved over to what seemed like Ronnie’s bed and pushed on the mattress before turning to face him. “I’m honored.”

“Not good at this,” Ronnie admitted as he stood there seeming to be hoping that Tom would make a move. “All I’ve done before is stand there shaking.”

“That works for me,” Tom said as he reached down and slowly tugged Ronnie’s shirt out from his jeans. “Permit me.”

Like a child Ronnie lifted his arms and let Tom lift the shirt up and over his head. Even though the redhead was only a few inches taller and didn’t outweigh him by all that much his broad chest and shoulders made the difference seem greater to the shy and nervous Ron.

Tom was nervous too, but not because he hadn’t done this before. He had, many times, but Tom was usually the passive one being seduced by an older guy, and that would not work with Ronnie who was clearly scared despite his attempt at a brave face.

“You haven’t changed a bit,” Tom commented as he let his hand glide over Ron’s smooth chest, the tiny pink buds barely noticeable but sharp as tacks in his palms, and then Tom dipped to his knees and undid the belt. “Still perfect.”

“I wish,” Ronnie mumbled as his jeans got eased down and off, and after Tom set them aside he leaned forward and nibbled on the bulge in the tight white briefs while bringing his hands up to Ron’s hips.

Tom began inching the briefs down, glancing up and noticing his friend’s eyes seemed screwed shut as he lifted his head towards the ceiling.

“Hey, this is supposed to be fun,” Tom said, stopping the removal of the underwear until Ronnie looked down at him. “So far I think I’m the only one enjoying this.”

“I am – just really nervous,” Ron said.

“We too,” Tom said as he went back to work, sliding the briefs down the flat stomach and past the soap pad sized tuft of hair.

Ron’s penis was even smaller than Tom had remembered it, retreating in fear as the underwear came down, but Tom knew he was going to change that as soon as the briefs cleared his ankles.

Tom leaned forward and made the dick disappear in his mouth, and as the redhead began passionately sucking on the limp stem his hands came up to Ron’s buttocks and squeezed the firm cheeks while continuing to try and swallow the flesh pacifier.

“Oh man,” Ronnie groaned as his knees buckled a bit, forcing him to grab onto Tom’s shoulders as he felt his nervousness begin to ebb away, and the more Tom nursed on his cock the more comfortable he got. “So good.”

Tom slid his lips up the rigid prong, flicking the opening and running his tongue along the ridge of the glans before moving it down the underside of the shaft to capture the balls that were just as perfect a fit in his mouth than he had dreamed.

As Tom gently sucked on the nuts, alternating from left to right, he watched as Ronnie’s stiff dick strained upward, a tiny bead of pre-cum rising to the tip. The more Tom nursed on the sac the larger the drop of cum grew and all the while Ron was writhing on the bedding, clutching at the sheets and clawing at the redhead.

“Driving… me crazy,” Ronnie gasped as he finally was able to get hold of Tom’s shirt and attempted to claw it off of him.

Seeing Ronnie wild-eyed and frantic was exciting to Tom, and finally he moved closer to his friend so he could help yank the shirt off of him. Ronnie threw the shirt across the room and reached out and put his hands on Tom’s broad chest, squeezing the man boobs which were now solid flesh instead of doughy flab.

“Even more hairy now,” Ronnie smiled as he raked his fingers through the red fur which had grown thicker and wider since high school, and as Ronnie tweaked the plump nipples Tom was in ecstasy, not only from the touch of his old crush but for having a body that no longer embarrassed him.

Biting his lower lip, Ron raked his fingers through the soft mat of burnt orange hair, looking so sweet and innocent that Tom reached over and ran his hand over his old friend’s scalp, and when he did Ronnie’s hand slide over from his chest to under his raised arm, blushing as he played with the dense thicket of curls that filled his armpit.

“It’s okay. I like that,” Tom assured his old friend when he sensed he felt self-conscious about what he was doing. “Don’t be shy about anything – just do what you like. No one will judge us here.”

Tom leaned over and kissed Ronnie, a gentle brush of lips that seemed to shock Ron for a second. but he recovered and returned to affection as he let his hand go down to the redhead’s lap.

Tom had tried to keep from getting aroused but it was impossible so when Ronnie’s hand went searching he had no trouble finding what he was looking for. Tom’s very excited cock was already trying to escape from his loose fitting bell bottoms which he had bought not long ago and now swam on him.

The look on Tom’s friend’s face when his hand found the bulge was something the redhead had seen on other lovers faces, and Ronnie mumbled something as his hand squeezed the throbbing lump.

“Let me get these off,” Ronnie said as he eased Tom onto his back and fumbled with his belt. “Feel funny being naked by myself…”

Tom lifted his hips to allow his friend to get the jeans down off of him and then enjoyed Ron’s reaction as he traced his stiff cock through the boxer shorts with his hand before grabbing the elastic and pulling them down as well.

Ronnie gasped when after the boxers cleared the burnt orange bush Tom’s cock swung back hard onto his belly, his eyes never leaving the enormous organ while he slid the briefs down Tom’s hairy legs.

“It’s okay,” Tom whispered after Ronnie finally got the boxers untangled from his ankles, the deer in the headlights look on the face of his high school crush reflecting his inexperience, but his naivety was both erotic and charming as he resumed his position at Tom’s hip.

“Take your time – we have all night,” Tom’s soothing voice purred as he took Ron’s hand and put it on in his cock, pressing his fingers around the shaft’s underside and eased both of their hands up near the ridge of the glans and then back down.

The motion moved the long foreskin down to expose much of the pink plum-sized glans, much to Ron’s interest since he had only touched two men prior to this and both were circumcised. Now Ron’s hand was moving on its own, slowly pumping the shaft while bringing the weighty organ upright, so Tom removed his hold on Ron’s quivering hand.

Ron looked up at Tom tentatively, as if seeking approval for what he was doing before he leaned over and kissed the tip, letting his lips slide down the head a little before starting to move his mouth up and down.

Tom winced when Ron’s teeth scraped the sensitive skin at first but he was oblivious to the discomfort, and as Ron got accustomed to the size of him he began to get the hang of it, letting his lips go further and further down while his fingers stroked the shaft.

“That’s it,” Tom cooed, and he wasn’t lying when he added, “So good. Feels so good.”

Tom knew from the start that because he had fantasized about this moment for much of his life, having it come to fruition like this was far too exciting for him to last very long.

Tom had experienced many men of all ages doing what Ron was doing, most much more proficient that him, but this was Ronnie, his dimpled cheeks and his boyishly handsome face and his perfect body at his hip sucking his cock. Tom managed to let out a warning – one that Ron ignored – and while Tom heard him choke a bit when he erupted into his mouth, Ronnie didn’t stop.

Up and down his mouth and fist went as Tom kept

ejaculating, and even after he stopped cumming and began to go limp in Ronnie’s grip he didn’t stop. Not until Tom was fully drained and utterly flaccid did Ron release the meaty organ and look shyly up at Tom with semen hanging on his chin.

“That was so perfect,” Tom said as he pulled Ronnie up to him and kissed him, hugging him while trying to to break up.

“Haven’t done that very much and never even touched an uncircumcised dick,” Ron said in a relieved voice. “I’ll get better with more practice.”

“That’s a scary thought,” Tom whispered as their naked bodies ground together, and the redhead grinned when he felt their cocks rubbing, one of them dead while the other very much alive. “You’re hard again?”

“Can’t help it,” Ronnie blushed as they looked down at his erection pressing against Tim’s rubbery tube. “That was awesome sucking on your cock once I got used to it.”

“Same here.”

“Remember I told you that I used to look around the locker room at guys?” Ron asked.

“Right, and I told you I did the same thing.”

“Well, I would have remembered this if I saw it,” Ron continued as he grabbed Tom’s limp cock and rubbed it against his dick. “You didn’t look anything like this. Did you get an operation or something? You’re freaking huge.”

“No,” Tom chuckled. “No operation.”

“Oh. Too bad,” Ronnie replied. “If there was an operation I would have one tomorrow.”

“And you’d be crazy,” Tom said as he brought his hand down, and as the two of them squeezed their cocks together Tom added, “You have the most perfect penis I’ve ever seen.”

“Look how small I am compared to you though. Kind of embarrassing.”

“Nonsense. Not only doesn’t it matter I think we look great together,” Tom opined before explaining his transformation. “When I started looking weight, this big triangle of fat above and around my dick began to shrink along with the rest of my blubber. Suddenly instead of a fat little toadstool I had an actual dick you could see. I guess it was there all along hiding until… you okay?”

“Yeah,” Ronnie said as he kept rubbing. “This feels so good.”

“It does that. Anyway, I suppose it’s just as well that I wasn’t stuck taking showers with the class if I had lost weight back then. I got teased and bullied enough so I can’t imagine what would have happened to me like this.”

“I might have run if I saw you,” Ron admitted. “No, actually I would have looked, committed what I saw to memory and then spent countless nights jerking off while thinking about it.”

“You sound so much like me it’s scary,” Tom smiled, the idea of anybody fantasizing about him mind-boggling. “Say, if you like our cocks rubbing together like this, you’ll like this even better. Bet you never docked with anybody.”

Tom tried to steady his rubbery hose while stretching the long foreskin out even further before instructing Ronnie to slide the head of his dick into the beige tunnel.

“Like this?” Ronnie asked as he tentatively eased the tip of his member into the shroud.

“Yeah – push in hard. It won’t break,” Tom explained.

“Damn,” Ronnie exclaimed as he looked down at what was happening, and with a mixture of pleasure and wonder he exclaimed. “It looks like your cock is swallowing mine up.”

“Feels good doesn’t it?” Tom asked as his fist squeezed the union together while moving his hips slightly. “Your drooling is making it feel even more incredible.”

“Better stop,” Ronnie grunted as he released his grip down below, but Tom held tight.

“It’s okay – you’re going to cum aren’t you?” Tom asked, and after Ronnie nodded he continued. “It’s okay. I want to feel you cum all over me – all over us. Push into me – grind it.”

Ron looked up at Tom’s face and then brought his hand down again, helping the redhead crush their organs together. Ronnie leaned into Tom, burying his face in his chest and sucking on his nipple while Tom kissed the top of his head.

The moan came from Ronnie’s lips a second before his dick spurted all over Tom’s, even spraying out into the redhead’s burnt orange jungle while they fought to keep the slippery dicks together until Ronnie had stopped cumming.

“That was the most unreal thing I ever experienced. I’m weird huh?” Ron said sheepishly after he stopped sucking on the redhead’s nipple.

“No, not if you enjoyed it half as much as I did, and I loved it.”

“Made a mess though,’ Ron said as he looked down at his semen pouring out from under Tom’s foreskin and onto his crotch. “Should clean up.”

“Would they say anything if I took a shower down in your floor’s bathroom?”

“I wasn’t thinking about a shower necessarily,” Ron mumbled while blushing.

“Oh,” Tom replied as his old crush began nibbling down his hairy chest to the mess he was going to clean up in a very nice way. “In that case take your time because we have all night, and I’ve waited for this all my life.”

The End.


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