The Catcalling Comeuppance

By Babydicklover.

Since I was younger, I didn’t want to follow in my father’s footsteps as a construction worker. As someone who graduated as the valedictorian in high school, I received a full-ride to Stanford University to pursue a degree in Forensics. Once I arrived at university, I became more out of place as someone who was now “ordinary.” I was the hottest and brightest guy in high school with a promising future. I was even voted the most likely to succeed out of everyone. No one would have predicted I would fail university, but I learned higher education isn’t for everyone. I felt stuck in my high school glory days.

I returned home with my pride and wanted to get a job, but I needed to gain practical experience. I had my eyes set on getting an office job because I was too good for physical labor. It’s not that I couldn’t do it, but I was just better than that. After months of applying for jobs with hurtful rejections, I swallowed my pride. I accepted a referral from my dad at a construction company.

I was stationed to fix an old warehouse because a new company would be occupying it shortly. Many people didn’t travel to this isolated area, but you would get a couple of people walking by. The crew was mostly made up of older Hispanic guys in their 40s. I was the rookie, and the other guys didn’t shy away from reminding me. It was slightly irritating, but I actually enjoyed my work. Apparently, everything came full circle.

I became too comfortable because I made the biggest mistake of catcalling an attractive girl who walked by. She wore high heels and was probably a worker at the local strip club near the warehouse. This was my chance to prove myself and finally fit in. I didn’t want to be the oddball out anymore. I was under the impression that proving your manhood was a rite of passage, so the crew would no longer see me as an inexperienced rookie. They treated me like a child, but I wanted to be taken seriously.

I whistled and shouted, “Look what is walking by. Those are huge tits, and I can’t imagine what I would do to you in the bedroom.”

She continued to walk past us and rolled her eyes. She didn’t even acknowledge me.

Some of them laughed, but most of them looked offended.

The foreman, Jose, talked to me to the side, “Grant, we know you are new here, but we don’t do that here. We don’t disrespect anyone walking by. We have a job to do.”

I thought he was joking and played it off, “Sure, okay, boss.”

“I ain’t playing, boy, don’t do it again.”

What an arrogant prick, I thought to myself. Jose was just jealous that I was more attractive and younger than him. The next girl walking by would be berated even harder because of what he said.

As we unloaded tools and equipment a day later, another girl strode past us, even more, attractive than the first one I hit on. This was another golden opportunity to display my masculinity in front of these guys.

“Check out the bitch walking past us. If I were alone at night, who knows what I would do to that perky ass of yours–”

Jose looked at me with demanding dissatisfaction, “What did I tell you yesterday–”

“I would launch my massive cock in your juicy sweet spot and dance in heaven–”

“That’s enough, Grant.”

“You are one sexy girl, and I would love to pop your charming cherry.”

I looked at the girl, and she didn’t even look at me. She gave me no attention, and it was like I didn’t even exist. Jose ran up to me, grabbed me by the shoulders, and dragged me to his office.

I was appalled he would embarrass me like that in front of the entire crew.

Trying to act tough, I yelled, “How dare you treat me that way–”

“Boy, shut your pie hole. I already warned you that we don’t do that here.”

“I don’t care. I am doing a good job, so you have nothing on me.”

“Your father would be ashamed of your disrespectful behavior. That isn’t the man he would ever raise. You are doing a terrible job representing him and your family. I’m sorry, but I need to extend disciplinary measures.”

I acted scared, and you could hear it in my voice, “Ooh! What are you gonna do to me?”

He looked at his pad with a sigh, then at me with a smirk.

“I was going to give you a demerit for your obscenity, but that won’t give the real-life spanking you need to learn a proper lesson. We need to do something else to drill inside your blockhead that this isn’t the place to be offensive.”

He grabbed my hand, hauled me to the crew, and announced to everyone, “Guys, we have another arrogant youngster here who can’t control his urge to be a repulsive chauvinist. What are we going to do?”

They all looked at me with scandalous smiles and said in unison, “The usual.”

Jose laughed, “That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

They all creepily surrounded me and grabbed me.

I screamed, “What the hell do you think you are doing–”

“How we treat obnoxious, undisciplined boys around here who can’t manage their libido. Now, shut up!”

One of them covered my mouth with their dirty hand. They grabbed my shoes and socks and took them off me. They stripped my shirt and touched my tight abs. They were laughing while they were doing this to me.

“Check out the pretty boy’s hairless abs, almost like a woman’s.”

They mocked my slim body because most of them were overweight. They were jealous that my toned body was beautiful compared to their misshapen bodies. After some childish pokes at my body, they proceeded to undo my belt, unbutton my jeans, and slowly unzip my fly. My face burned in this nightmare as they tortured me. They brought down the jeans to my ankles. They were going to strip me completely naked, and I wouldn’t let that happen. I was squirming so much, but it didn’t stop them. I kicked one of them in the face, which they did not appreciate.

“Hey, don’t do that to your own crew member. This is going to be even more satisfying now.”

They kept laughing at my body, even more so now that they had the upper hand over me. They removed my jeans from me and threw them in a puddle of sewer water. I was left just in my tight underwear, which had several embarrassing holes.

“Check out his bulge if you can even find one. There isn’t much going on inside his chonies. Boy, what’s going on down there?”

Jose hooked his thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and asked, “Are you all ready for the big reveal?”

They enthusiastically nodded their heads with venomous delight.

“Let’s see what you are hiding from us, big boy.”

He ripped my undies right off my manly body, leaving me completely naked in front of around 50 brawny men. Suddenly, my body felt feminine compared to theirs. Looking at my tiny, in-shape body compared to their mannish, big guts made me feel womanly and emasculated. They all instantly darted at my abnormal crotch.

I didn’t mention it, but I had the tiniest penis anyone’s probably ever seen. The crew member’s enlarged eyes scrutinizing and judging my really, unbelievably small penis almost had me in tears. I knew it was over for me as they saw my petite, shameful secret right before them. I conserved my little, hairless, one-inch penis from everyone in all my years. No one has ever seen it before.

The sensational silence garnered by these men felt like a slow-motioned lifetime. They began laughing incredibly loud upon seeing my little bouncing acorn as I squirmed around like a tiny earthworm. Even though an earthworm would probably be way more giant than my teeny pink worm. My life flashed before me, and I closed my eyes after reaching the inevitable conclusion.

Jose looked at my crotch with curiosity and asked, “Holmes, what is wrong with your dick? Were you in an accident, or maybe you were born with just some birth defect? Speak, boy.”

I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction they got inside my head.

They let go of my mouth so I could talk, “There is nothing wrong with me. This is my dick, and that’s the end of it.”

“Can you really call this a dick?”

I yelled, “Of course you can. What are you looking at?”

“Boy, what do you see? Look at it.”

They grabbed my head and forced me to look at my little, tiny wee-wee.

“Look how damn tiny it is. I’m surprised you can even see it from where you are.”

Jose grabbed it with two fingers and wriggled it right before me.

“I’m grabbing the whole thing with two fingers. Damn, homeboy, that is the smallest penis I have ever seen in my life. I have two young boys at home that are way bigger than you. That is just sad, baby boy.”

He kept flicking the little guy back and forth. They wouldn’t quit laughing at my shortcomings.

“I mean, this baby pee-pee would make sense if your mama was knocked up by a midget, but your father is tall and bulky. This is what every man fears he will have. I guess your father’s cock skipped a generation, and you were left with a little twiggy tee-tee.”

They all continued to laugh. Unfortunately, they grabbed their phones to record closeups of my little cock.

One of them narrated, “As you can see, little Grant here is being punished for being a big-mouthed catcalling misogynist. His attitude really reflects what he is packing. He told us when he whips it out in front of the ladies, they either kick him out or just laugh mercilessly in his face, like he deserves. Men with micropenises should carry both tweezers to pull it out or a magnifying glass, so she doesn’t have trouble finding it.”

Each one grabbed my penis and kept flicking it back and forth.

“How you gonna claim you are a macho man with a big dick when all you have is this little grape.”

“Guys, enough of that. Let’s continue with what we have planned for little Grant here.”

Another guy left and returned with a sharpie marker, ruler, and handcuffs. It wasn’t over, I thought in my head. What more did they have planned for me?

“We have a kit we always have handy in case we need to deal with nasty boys like you.”

Jose took the sharpie marker and wrote on my stomach, “Humiliate this catcaller’s baby dick.”

“Now, let’s see how tiny it really is.”

They placed the ruler next to my little bitty baby cocklette.

Jose was shocked, “Oh my goodness, it is only half an inch. That must be a world record.”

I shouted, “Shut up, it is an inch long.”

They all laughed, and Jose said, “That isn’t the flex you think it is and only hurts your case, micro-man.

Jose wrote, “half-inch” on my stomach. They picked me up and lugged me to the nearest pole by the street.

“You can’t leave me here. I could be arrested.”

“Calm down, you micro-dicked fool. This area is a little busier, but only by a little, like your little package there. Even if the cops come by, you can just explain to them why you are here in the first place.”

He grabbed my arms, placed them behind my back around the pole, and handcuffed my hands. This left me utterly powerless and naked in public where anyone could see me. He reached down and grabbed my little cock with his cold hands.

“I still can’t get over how tiny your penis is. Have you ever been with a girl before?”

I looked down and said, “Once, but she told her friends she wanted to have sex with me so bad, but my micropenis wouldn’t even penetrate her vaginal lips.”

He looked at my dicklette and said, “Haha, I can’t say I blame her.”

Everyone left and laughed at my little penis, except Jose, who stayed.

“I will stay with you and make sure no one tries to help you escape. This is a fate you deserve. I still can’t believe I am standing next to what would be better labeled a toddler. That’s what you are where it counts in the lovemaking department, right?”

The worst part was that it was pretty cold outside, and I felt my little shrimp shrink to an even smaller nub. My manhood could barely be seen.

He saw and laughed, “Boy, you are packing nothing now. Isn’t shrinkage a fantastic thing for someone like you? You don’t even have any balls.”

As he was laughing, an attractive woman, the one I catcalled the day before, walked by. She looked at my little penis and laughed to herself.

“Wow, what is going on with your groin? You’ve got a tiny, little weenie pecker,” she said. She looked at Jose and asked, “Is this your kid?”

“Hey, I am not a kid.”

She giggled, “Oh my, I am sorry. You can understand why I would be confused when confronted by a man with a shaftless putz. I remember you from yesterday, actually. You were the guy who catcalled me. It is nice to see you in your rightful place after disrespecting me. You’ve got the tiniest little willy I have ever seen. I mean, what do you even do with it?”

Jose budded in and said, “I don’t know what you are getting at because he doesn’t do anything with it. He is a little virgin boy with no sexual experience.”

“It should actually be locked up in a chastity cage. There is no use for such a little micro-peen here.”

Jose laughed, “It is super tiny, isn’t it? I feel bad for his father, who has this guy to show for his worth. His father must be ashamed for having a boy with such an incredibly tiny penis, maybe ever recorded in history, I am guessing.”

“Do you have anything to say for treating me like dirt?”

I stammered, “Yes, ma’am–”

“Ahem, mistress.”

“Yes, mistress, I am sorry for how I treated you.”

She looked at my teeny tiny little peter and laughed, “You should also be sorry for any girl, who is interested in you, you dickless fool. You better be ready to apologize for giving her false hope when she sees this. You should get one of those ‘I have a tiny cock’ shirts. Are you remorseful for having this pitiful half-inch micro-cockle excuse of a dick?

I couldn’t say anything, but Jose helped.

“Grant, tell the nice lady you are sorry.”

“I am sorry for having a little needle dick incapable of making anyone feel anything. I have basically nothing between my legs.”

She knelt down, looking at my dick, “That’s a good boy. You better be good, you little inchy winchy baby spring. Before I go, let’s take a selfie.”

She took a picture of her and me. She put her small arm around me and gave me the small penis symbol. She took another one where she squatted down and laughed at my micropenis.

She pulled out a cigarette and compared it to my stunted, diminutive penis, “Haha, it is way smaller than my little cigarette,” she said. She lit her cigarette and started smoking. “I am sure you won’t get any action with this nublette. I am a pro and would love to service you, but you must pay an expensive fee. It will be even more pricey for you because I won’t enjoy any of it. I am over there at that strip joint if you ever find yourself sexually frustrated, which you will. Bye, little baby.”

She tugged at my little penis and left, which caused Jose to laugh, “Damn boy, that was rough.”

“That was so humiliating. Why are you guys doing this to me?”

“Because you need to learn that you can’t treat people like crap, especially when packing a little baby tinkle down there. I’ve seen your type before, a pretty boy like you. You were probably adored in high school, but you couldn’t handle being normal after you graduated. You are probably also frustrated that you were born with a pathetic, shriveled, wrinkled pinky. Am I right, holmes?

“Okay, I see now. Yes, you are right.”

“It must be hard, but you must learn to be good.”

There was an awkward silence for a while until I needed to pee.

I started moaning, “Jose, I need to piss.”

“For starters, you aren’t allowed to use that word. You go potty with your little teeny weenie. Start again.”

“Jose, I need to potty.”

“You must have difficulty finding it when you need to pee-pee. You aren’t leaving this spot, so just go right here.”

“No way, I can’t do that.”

“Too bad, then.”

I groaned, “Fine.”

It took me a while, but my tiny little minuscule tinkle started peeing.

Jose saw, “Aww, look at the tiny petito go, you’ve got a small ass micropenis. I would beat my boy if he had a penis so small and pathetic.”

He smacked my little ass to show his power over me and the little maggot-sized dick.

“You should be riddled with sickening guilt.”

He wiggled my pee-pee so that all the piss would come out.

Many cars honked their horns. Some others walked by and giggled at my tiny, little penis. It was pretty uneventful until an attractive young woman walked up to us. I recognized her from high school. Her name was Michelle.

She laughed offensively, “Oh my goodness, what do we have here? Grant, is that you?”

“Hello, Michelle.”

Jose looked confused, “You two know each other?”

“Yes, we attended high school together. He treated me like crap because I wasn’t ‘popular’ like him. Now I understand why you were angry. You have aggressive micropenis energy. Too bad we can’t all have big, mega schlongs.”

“Looks like the tables have turned. We are punishing him for acting out and cat-calling people passing by.”

“How typical of him. I can’t believe this entire time when I was crushing on you, you had this itty bitty hairless penis. I couldn’t imagine how I would react to seeing something so unsavory and off-putting. Thank god you never gave me a chance. This is just unacceptable for anyone to have something so tiny and useless. I feel sick to my stomach.”

She couldn’t stop laughing at my little member. Her laughter caused my little milk-dud goober to shrink even more to the point where nothing was between my legs except a scared little nub head barely poking out.

“Aww, the little guy is scared to come out. I won’t hurt you, little ding-a-ling. Look at the little slugger. Does that work? Or little jimmy? Baby carrot? Little cardigan button? Angry inch?”

Jose interrupted, “How about a millimeter monster?”

“Is a millimeter too big to describe Grant’s clit here?

“You’ve got a good point. He might be transgender.”

“He probably is. This petite puny penile is a transgender man’s hormone-enlarged clit before gender reassignment surgery. I am excited for you to transition. You will get more activity as a woman with a tiny clit than a man who can’t measure up.”

Jose laughed and said, “He would be a good girl.”

“I want to see how tiny it is when it’s hard.”

“Good luck. That thing has been tiny and soft all day.”

She massaged my little penis and touched me all over, but it didn’t do the trick. She caressed my butt cheeks, but still nothing.

“There must be something that will excite him. Maybe he is a sissy cuck. Come here, you brown daddy.”

Jose and Michelle began making out and touching each other. She revealed her giant tit, and he pulled out his enormous cock. I felt my small pee-pee grow. After seeing them enjoy each other, my entire dick stood at full attention.

“Aww, he is a little cuck boy.”

She placed her pinky next to my hard chode, “His hard dicklette is smaller than my pinky. I will have more pleasure masturbating with my pinky than your thimble-sized cock.”

Jose measured it with his ruler, “That is expected. It is hard at an inch.”

She covered her mouth and laughed, “Holy shit. That has to be the smallest penis mankind has produced. I can’t believe it. I want to pay it forward because of how horrible this guy treated me in high school.”

She pulled out her phone and recorded my wet, hard dingle.

“This is Grant Lopez, the most popular guy in high school. Look at how tiny his hard penis is. I thought he was a stud, but I don’t believe that anymore. Talk to the camera, Grant, and tell your fans what they need to hear.”

I was a defeated man and succumbed to her cruel ultimatum.

“This is going to be released anyways. You might as well admit and acknowledge who you really are.”

She backed away, so you could see me entirely.

“Okay, I am Grant Lopez, and I have the smallest penis known to man. It is just a tragic undersized nubbin incapable of pleasuring anyone.”

She came closer and filmed closeups of my penis bouncing around as she flicked it.

“Wow. Someone is leaking pre-cum out his clit. You like having your little cock humiliated and recorded?”

She stopped recording and thanked me, “This will be amazing. I am going to share it on our alumni Facebook group. You and your little guy will be famous.”

My dick twitched, “Aww, you are so horny.”

She put my entire one-inch hard dick in her mouth, slurping the little pool of pre-cum.

She pulled out, “That’s all you get, one suck, which is what you deserve. It felt like a cherry tomato in my mouth. Good luck with everything, you baby-dicked prepubescent loser boy.”

I could hear her laughing as she left.

After several hours, numerous people appeared and made fun of my tiny, pointy underdeveloped dingus.

I was super annoyed at this point and wanted it to be over with, “Are we done?”

“Calm down, you womb disappointer. There is one last thing.”

He pulled out his phone and called the police, “Hi. I am near the old strip club, and a pervert out here handcuffed himself utterly naked to a pole. He is staging some type of radical animal rights protest. He says he will be naked like the innocent animals carved up and murdered every day. You should get here soon because he is starting to act real raunchy.

He looked at me and laughed, “Bye-bye, little man, with your pinky winky toy. I will see you on Monday for work. Enjoy your weekend, haha.”

He wrote on my chest that I was an animal rights activist that would do anything to save the animals.

He left, and I was alone. After 45 minutes, the police arrived.

These tall men looked at me, “Sir, what do you think you are doing handcuffing yourself naked at night where children might be.”

“I know this looks bad, but I was stripped and handcuffed against my will.”

“I think you decided to be a radical activist and perform a little show to get viral.”

They shined their flashlights over my minute crotch and laughed instantly, “That is one tiny cock, dude. What in the blazing balls do you think you are doing running around in the nude with such a little dick?

I tried to save an ounce of dignity, “It’s only tiny because it is cold.”

“Haha, It isn’t that cold, little man. That’s always the excuse with you small-dicked virgins. I must say, you really are ‘brave’ to expose your shortcomings for a cause you believe in. We still need to take you in, though. Sorry about this, little fella.”

They uncuffed me from the pole and placed me in the back of their police car. After listening to their lecture on why public nudity is wrong, we reached the station.

“Are you all gonna go inside and bring me a towel or something?”

“Why in the hell would we do that? You decided to do this, so live with your decision.”

They brought me out of the car and handcuffed me with my hands behind my back. My little penis was exposed again. They walked me to the station where all the police officers and folks brought in for minor crimes boomed the room with echoing laughter toward my tiny unpleasure pump. Everyone started clapping, catcalling, and hooting at my tiny tater tot.

“We love the streakers. They are always the best. Look at his tiny baby fetcher. My newborn daughter is bigger than that.”

After enduring countless humiliating remarks from everyone, I sat down by the computer on my bare fanny with my baby carrot squished inside me.

“Let’s see. I am not seeing much here in your records, just like I don’t see much dangling between your legs. You are squeaky clean. Alright, baby dick, I will give you a warning, but no more streaking or you will be charged with indecent exposure. I will be calling your father to pick you up.”

I sat there wholly exposed with my little pee-pee nestled between my legs, all shriveled up like a raisin. Two men sat next to me.

“Hey, dickless, what are you in for?”

The guy beside me responded, “Obviously, he is in for having a tiny micro-cock.”

“Haha, I envy your confidence. If I had a dick that tiny, I would not show it off. I would be too embarrassed. Good for you.”

I saw my dad walk in. They explained the situation to him, and he did not look pleased. The moment he saw me, his eyes widened at my child-like nimrod. It was horrible for my father to see me in my shrunken state; now he knew what his boy was packing. I prayed he would never mention it to anyone.

The police came up and said, “You are free to go. Let’s take a group picture before you leave.”

All the police officers gathered around me, and he took a picture of them, giving me the small penis symbol.

“These will look great back in my office. Thanks, little man.”

He slapped my back and released me.

“Let’s go, son. I am very disappointed in you.

He looked right at my microscopic ding-dong. I finally had a chance to cover my naked penis.

“Did you bring me any clothes or anything?”

“Nope, you don’t deserve that, not after the stunt you pulled. I thought I raised you better.”

We walked out of the station, and he drove me home. I just sat down, looking down at my bite-sized peanut.

“There is something we need to talk about, son.”

“I already know. I will never streak again.”

“I already know you didn’t streak, but Jose told me about your recent behavior. I think you rightfully learned your lesson, but that isn’t my only concern. We need to talk about your penis. Why is it so damn tiny?”

I was hoping he wouldn’t mention it, “I am not sure. I was just born this way.”

“Who are you, Lady Gaga? I can’t believe my son has such a tiny dick. You actually looked bigger when I changed your diapers. You know what, maybe you aren’t my biological son. I will have a talk with your mom when we get home.”

We arrived home, and my mother was sitting in her chair. I still firmly cupped my baby cock in my hands, away from her view.

“I am going to my room.”

“You aren’t going anywhere. Boy, I don’t give a rat’s ass if you are buck naked. You are going to stand there until we resolve this matter.”

I just wanted to escape this mayhem and hide under my covers. My little pee-pee already endured enough torment.

With an angry demeanor, he uttered, “Margaret, I need to talk to you right now.”

“What is it? What is going on? Why are you mad at me? You should be mad at Grant for being a bad boy and exposing himself.”

“I am, but I need to know something. Did you cheat on me with someone else?

“What? I would never do something like that. What are you talking about?”

“I am talking about this.”

Before I could react, he grabbed my hands and tore them away from my crotch. Oh my god! Not this again. My little hairless penis was exposed in front of my mother. He pointed at my good-for-nothing, scaled-down genitals. It’s one thing to be naked in front of strangers, but not your own mother.

I quickly covered up the scared little innie.

“Move your godamn hands, boy.”

My dad’s threatening tone left me with no option, so I obeyed, revealing my vagina-like penis to my mother.

She looked at it and screamed, “Holy moly. Grant, why are you so tiny?”

She covered her mouth and began laughing, which was mortifying to my diminished ego.

“I’m sorry, my honey bunch. I didn’t mean to laugh. I can’t believe you have such a little penis. What a surprise.”

Sarcastically he responded, “Sure you are. I think you cheated on me with a dude with no dick, and he is Grant’s real father.”

I stood there awkwardly and embarrassingly as they openly spoke about how tiny my dick was.

“Oh, honey, I would never cheat on you. You know me. I’m a size queen and can’t handle anything smaller than five inches. I would never do another man with a micropenis. No offense, Grant. Honestly, I have no clue why Grant’s penis is smaller than an infant’s. He is nothing like you down there.”

They both came close to me and closely examined my little penis. They both touched it and looked at it from every angle.

“This is horribly small. I am ashamed you are my son.”

“Honey, show your son what he missed out on.”

My father grabbed his pants and yanked them down to his ankles with no hesitancy. He had a huge cock.

My mother gasped at the size difference, “See, Grant, your father is huge compared to you. I mean, the head of his dick dwarfs yours completely.”

She touched my father’s balls.

Actually, one of your father’s testicles is bigger than your entire dick. You must be so embarrassed.”

“I can’t believe you are comparing me to my father. It is embarrassing.”

My father stroked his large dick, “Get over it, you big baby. This is what a real cock looks like. Do you get the picture now?”

“Yes, father.”

He shook his head, “We are very disappointed in you.”

I can’t believe they acted like it was my fault for having such a mingy doodie dick between my legs.

I tried to say something, “I am sorry, but I can’t help the way I was–”

“Save it. Go to your room, boy. We will deal with you and your tiny penis later.”

I ran to my room, and they watched my little penis bounce around ridiculously.

I fell on my bed and lay with my one-inch pinch gherkin sticking up. I opened the door a little to hear my parents talk about my mini boyhood.

After a moment of silence, they both were laughing like crazy.

My dad asked, “What are we going to do? His penis is fucking tiny. It’s upsetting but hilarious at the same time.”

“I am worried he won’t get a girl with whatever that little thing was.”

“We already know he won’t get a girl. I haven’t seen anything like that before. We have been to several circumcision celebrations with babies with bigger penises.”

“He also doesn’t have any balls. He probably can’t even ejaculate. We will have to call a doctor tomorrow and see what they can do with his micropenis situation. Maybe he can get plastic surgery to make it look bigger. Or they can remove it, so he can be a woman.

I couldn’t believe they would mutilate my body, so I wouldn’t have a micropenis.

“This is so embarrassing for me as a father. What will people think of me?

“They will think you both share nub-sized cocks. But I am sure Grant is aware of how tiny it is and won’t show it to anyone.”

“Grant is a boy, so he will eventually whip it out and try to play with it near someone. Hopefully, they won’t think of me any less as a man. Grant needs to learn how to deal with a pinky tip pee-wee.”

He started crying, but my mom told him everything would be okay.

I couldn’t believe my parents were more concerned with their reputation than my life. They shared no sympathy for me and my penis.

“Don’t worry. I love your cock; our boy’s baby dick doesn’t define you. C’mon, I’ll show you a good time, daddy.”

They walked to their bedroom and started having sex. I couldn’t believe my parents were fucking each other right next door.

“Babe, give me your big cock. I am so turned on thinking about how bigger you are compared to our son. You have a wine bottle while he has a little wine cork.”

My parents were actually turned on by my little dick and balls. At that moment, I closed the door because I was getting turned on. I can’t believe their fucking and derogatory statements about my little manhood firmed me up.

My phone was still at the warehouse, so I decided to log in to Facebook to see if Michelle had actually shared the video of me. There were hundreds of notifications. She shared it with the alumni group but was taken down shortly after due to the inappropriateness. It didn’t matter because the damage was done. People saw and shared it on their personal pages hundreds of times, and it was viewed by thousands. It was going viral with the people I knew. The number continued to increase, and there were horrible comments about my little penis.

No wonder Grant was always an asshole. He was carrying around such tiny baggage. 😆

I always knew he was packing a baby penis. It was just obvious. 🤏🏽🍆

I’ve never been a fan of baby carrots. There’s a reason why. 🥕

I thought Grant was an adult, not a baby. 😅

I would probably feel nothing with him inside me. 🤭

I guess the positive would be anal wouldn’t hurt at all with Grant’s little pee-pee. 🤪

His father must have a tiny cock too. 😭

Do they even make condoms big enough to fit his little guy? 😂

Poor guy, you will never find anyone with a cock so damn tiny. 💔

He deserves this for treating us like crap for years in high school.

“Well, tops need bottoms, am I right? 🙃

I would get lost trying to find it. OMG.

At least he shaves it, so you can actually see it.

Does anyone have a magnifying glass? LMAO! 🧐

I feel bad for the girl he tricks into his bedroom. She will be in for a little, short surprise. 🛏

After reading hundreds of similar comments, I was officially destroyed. My life was over, and everything was going to change drastically. I was afraid of tomorrow, but today I learned an important lesson. My little penis will always be a constant reminder to be kind and treat people with respect.


The End.


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