The Case of the Mistaken Identity


After the excitement of the first few years of marriage died down, their lives moved on and they began to enter into a rut. Instead of being spontaneous and going out on dates and adventures, he began to focus on his career, earning money, and saving for retirement. Most nights, he was too exhausted to make love, and would insist on just watching Netflix until they fell asleep. When he was in the mood, the love making lacked the elevated passion it had before they got married. Although they had talked about spicing up their sex life in the past, most of the kinky things he suggested weren’t appealing to her, and so, they always ended up doing the same positions. While it was a point of contention early on, the newfound responsibilities of married life and advancing in their careers left less time for marital relations anyway. Months had passed since they last made love, and he was too exhausted to notice. She, on the other hand, was beginning to get frustrated, and would often wait until he fell asleep before pulling out her vibrator and masturbating right next to him in bed.

Then, one day, one of her coworkers, Jake, invited her to a costume party the following week for Halloween. She and Jake have always had a professional relationship, even though he is tall, handsome, has an amazing smile, and well-built. Unknown to her, Jake has always had a crush on her, and would admire her body when she walked by his cubicle, or stood in front of him giving a presentation. Although she rarely showed cleavage at work, he finds it hard to avoid staring at her ample breasts. However, since she has been married the entire time Jake has known her, he didn’t feel right about pursuing her. She smiles politely and accepts his invitation, and passes the invitation to her husband. Not surprisingly, he declines, claiming he is too busy at work, but she insists on going.

The following week, they attend the Halloween costume party. They go as characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, with her dressed as Elizabeth Swann (Kiera Knightly’s character), and he as Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp’s character). She is wearing a beautiful, Victorian Era dress, which is a bit low cut around the top, displaying more cleavage than she is used to or comfortable with. However, after spending the money on the costume and begging her husband to go, she can’t back out. His costume involves a Victorian era white, fluffy shirt, with a vest, as well as a 3-sided pirate hat and eye patch.

They arrive at the party, and begin to relax, having a few shots together. Jake walks up to her, and she introduces her husband to him. Jake is wearing a Zorro costume, which is oddly similar to her husband’s pirate costume, but also includes the Zorro mask. After a few minutes of polite conversation, during which Jake makes a valiant effort to avoid looking at your prominently presented cleavage, one of her female coworkers walks up to her and gives her a hug. After a quick introduction, she drags her off to gossip, leaving her husband alone with Jake. As she socializes with others, she periodically glances back at her husband, and notice that he is now wearing the Zorro mask, which Jake had let him try on during the course of their joking around. Meanwhile, she sits down with her coworker, orders a few drinks, and begins talking. Due to the alcohol consumption, she begins to open up to her coworker about how her sex life has been a bit nonexistent lately. Her coworker responds by saying that it happens to all couples and that all that is needed is for them to add a little spice.

She then winks and tells her that there are a few rooms in the back, and gives her a little nudge. She rolls her eyes, but since she has to go to the bathroom anyway, she decides to get up. She wanders around the apartment, into a dark hallway, finds the bathroom and relieves herself, and as she stumbles out, she walks breast-first into Jake, who is now wearing his mask again. Being a bit tipsy and owing to a lack of light, she cannot tell the difference between the pirate costume and the Zorro costume. She stares down at Jake and putting on her best British accent, asks him if he would help her adjust her dress, smirking, hoping he would get turned on by his fantasy of wanting to do it somewhere spontaneous, like at a party. He stares down at her, looking into her beautiful eyes, and having a once-in-a-lifetime view of your cleavage. Unaware that she saw him give his mask to her husband for a moment, he thinks his dreams are finally coming true. He nods his head. She grabs his hand and leads him into a room, closing the door behind them both. She walks up close to him and says.

“My dress doesn’t seem to fit right. My breasts feel like they are popping out of my dress. Are they?” she asks him, leaning over a bit towards him. His eyes widen, as he stares down her shirt, as she waives her chest back and forth in front of him.

“I don’t know. Maybe they need to be adjusted a bit?” she asks, as she turns around, and presses her butt up against him, grabbing his hands and lifting them up towards her breasts, but not letting him touch them.

“Well, what do you think? Do they need to be adjusted?” His heart skips a beat as his hands hover over her breasts. Blood begins being diverted into his member, as it grows in his pants. She immediately feels his hard tool on her butt and tries to speed up the process by rubbing her butt around his crotch. She smiles since it finally seems like she succeeded in waking her husband’s manhood up. As his tool grows and grows, she begins to think that it feels bigger than she remembers. However, since it’s been so long since they last made love, she wonders whether or not she forgot its size. She lowers his hands away from her breasts and says:

“Well? Are you going to take me or not?” Jake takes action. He grabs her hands and begins kissing her on the back of the neck. His hands slide up her arms, squeezing and massaging until he gets to her shoulders. He continues to kiss her around the neck, as his hands touch her collar bone. She can’t help but let out a moan, which only makes his erection grow harder. By now, he is fully erect, and it feels significantly bigger than she remembers. However, she is so much enjoying the newfound passion that she doesn’t want to stop it. He turns her around and begins kissing her on the lips. Their kiss is so passionate that she begins to get wet in her own panties. His arms placed around her back, pushing her into him. His hands lowering to her lower back, and then her butt, squeezing it tightly.

She’s had enough. “You had better fuck me already!” she says to him. He takes her and throws her onto the bed. He walks up behind her and lifts her dress up to her stomach, revealing her lace panties. He slaps her ass with the right amount of force, and then forcibly pulls down her panties to her ankles. She then hears him unzip his pants. After what feels like eternity, he finally grabs her arms and holds them down as he begins to insert himself into her. She lays there, held down, having a cock stuffed inside her. She once again notes that it feels bigger than she remembers, but isn’t complaining. The bigger girth presses more firmly on the sides of her pussy, and overall, it feels more like she is being stuffed and filled with cock. As he slides it in deeper and deeper, she continues to notice a difference in the way it feels. Even after it feels like he is all the way inside, he continues to slide it in deeper. She begins to realize that she might be fucking the wrong man.

But she has never felt anything like this. His fatter and longer cock fills her pussy up. She begins to wonder if this is why some of her girlfriends prefer big cocks. Her husband, while not being small, was never able to fill her like she was being filled now.

She continues to lay there as he begins to pump in and out of her. Instead of each pump being quick, his pumps were able to last twice as long, since his dick was twice as long. She lays there as he inserts his massive tool in and out of her. She recalls how he passionately he kissed her and allows him to pummel her further. His hands let go of her hands and he slides them underneath her stomach, up her body, until he gropes her breasts. He gropes them tightly as he begins to pick up speed, pumping in and out of her. He lets go of her breasts temporarily and grabs her dress and lifts it up and off. She is on the bed, butt naked, with this man’s large and in charge erection inside her. Her bare breasts touching the bed comforter, he nipples erect and rubbing back and forth on the sheets as he pummels her. His hands grope her bare breasts. He uses them like handles as he fucks her like an animal. Years of passion built up into only minutes of a fantasy coming true.

It is finally too much for him. He begins to cum, as he picks up speed. Each pump feels harder, like she is being impacted, like being pummeled by a jackhammer. As he begins to cum, he lets got of her breast with one hand and grabs her hair, pulling her head back as he thrust into her.

As he finishes cumming, he leaves his cock inside her. He stops moving, and she can clearly feel his cock throbbing inside her. He slowly pulls it out, leaving her in awe of how deep inside her he was. She turns around and looks at it. It’s definitely bigger than her husbands, and decides this will have to be their little secret.

The End.


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