My Cuckold Wedding


I stood at the altar alone with Rev. Carl, the minister, looking out at the wedding guests. It wasn’t a large wedding, still to me it seemed there were a lot of people looking at me. I saw my parents and my brother, as well as a handful of cousins, all with big smiles on their faces. My family had approved of Laurel as soon as they met her. My father and my brother kept telling me how lucky I was to be marrying her. On the bride’s side of the aisle there were many more guests than on my side. There were far more men than women on her side, all of whom appeared tall and fit.

Music began to play and soon the first of my groomsmen began to walk down the aisle. I say “groomsmen”, but they were not the usual ushers that a groom would have. None of them were my friends or family. All five of them were my bride’s current or former lovers. Laurel was not exactly picky about the kind of man she would fuck, but she was very picky about the kind of penis he had to have. It had to be very big. It had to be both long and very wide. My ‘groomsmen’ were guys Laurel had spent some time with, as opposed to the many guys she had one-time encounters with. All of them were well over six feet tall, making me feel tiny at 5’5″. One by one they made their way up the aisle and took their places on the altar beside me. The last one, who was Laurel’s current man took his place closest to me. I guess he was my best man as he had Laurel’s ring in his pocket.

Next, the bridesmaids came. There were only three of them, Laurel’s sister, her cousin and her best friend. They were well aware of the special nature of our relationship. One of them carried a silk pillow which had an object on it covered with a velvet cloth.

Then “Here Comes the Bride” began to play. I had not seen Laurel’s wedding dress and was anxious to see what beautiful bride she made. Her face was covered with a traditional veil. Her dress, however, was far from traditional. The top was a deeply plunging halter that plunged all the way to the waist. Her firm, braless breasts could be seen nearly entirely. The skirt was ridiculously short barely covering her otherwise naked pussy. In the back the skirt was cut away so that her ass was in full view. She wore thigh-high white lace stockings and white stilettos.

She took her place next to me on the altar. I looked lovingly at her and whispered, “You look beautiful Honey. I love you.”

She smiled.

The minister began, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this woman and this cuckold in holy matrimony. The marriage of a woman and her cuckold is a serious thing and should not be entered into lightly or ill-advisedly. Today we come to bless the union of Laurel and Paul, woman and cuckold. Each of them will have duties and sacrifices.

Paul will sacrifice his right to engage in sexual union with Laurel and will have the duty to provide for her comfort and make her feel supported as she seeks her sexual gratification from men. In time he will have the duty of raising and nurturing children fathered by Laurel’s lovers.

Laurel will sacrifice the opportunity to marry a virile, strong man, but she will not be denied sexual congress with virile men. She will have the duty of achieving an amount of sexual pleasure the would normally be achieved by two partners. She will also have the duty of keeping Paul aware of his status as a cuckold, beta male.”

He continued, “Paul and Laurel have written their own vows. Paul, face Laurel and drop to your knees.”

I was on my knees before my super-sexy wife and from that angle I could nearly see her pussy. I began my vows. Looking up into her eyes and holding her hands I said, “Laurel you are the light of my life, the only woman I could ever love. From you I have learned so much. I have learned that my natural place is not to be your sexual partner, but to be supportive of your sexual relationships with real men. You’ve taught me that my sexual gratification is unimportant and unnecessary, especially in comparison to that of you and your lovers. I have learned from you that my little penis could not possibly provide you or any women sexual satisfaction. To you my darling, I make these vows.

I promise to never try to engage in sexual activity with you

I promise to never stand in the way of your sexual satisfaction with any lover you may choose

I promise to help you prepare for your encounters with your lovers and to clean you of their bodily fluids when you are finished

I promise to never refuse any sexual request from any of your lovers

I promise to love and nurture any children you may deliver, fathered by any one of your lovers, as if they were my own

I promise to show gratitude to your lovers for providing you the sexual pleasure I cannot provide.”

Rev. Carl spoke again, “Laurel, look down upon your cuckold and say the vows you have written.”

Laurel kept her hands in mine and looked into my eyes.

“Paul,” she said, “you have been such a great source of support to me. Since meeting you, my life has been so much easier. You have and will continue to help me achieve sexual bliss with my lovers without the need for me to have a job, do housework, or even clean my lovers’ semen from my body. You understand my need for real men with large penises. You also understand why your tiny penis makes it impossible for me to even consider having sex with you. To you my little beta male cuckold I make these vows:

I promise to always deny you my body

I promise to control your orgasms, allowing you to come only when I choose

I promise to make you an important part of my sexual gratification by helping me prepare for my lovers, by cleaning my body of their semen with your tongue, by helping to prepare my lovers for me, using your hands and mouth to bring their cocks to erection.

I promise to allow you provide my lovers with any sexual services they may desire.”

Once again, the minister spoke, “While a man would be angry and jealous if his wife were to take one or many lovers, a cuckold does not get angry. A cuckold knows if his wife does not have virile, endowed men to satisfy her sexually, she will leave him. A cuckold is grateful to his wife’s lovers. He is grateful because his wife’s lovers relieve the cuckold of the task of trying to satisfy his wife, which would only result in frustration for the cuckold and his wife.”

“At this point in the service, Paul will show his respect and gratitude to Laurel’s lovers who are with us on the altar today.”

Turning to me he said, “Paul, you will kneel before each of the men on the altar. You will unzip his trousers and take out his penis. You will kiss his penis and then look in his eyes and thank him for helping you and Laurel. You will also vow not to stand in the way of his sexual relations with your wife.”

I went to the first of my “groomsmen” and got on my knees. The first one was Eric. He was tall and lean but still very muscular. I reached up and found the zipper. I pulled it down and reached my hand inside. To make this part easier, the groomsmen had been asked not to wear underwear. I felt his large warm flaccid penis and gently pulled it through his fly. I cradled in my two hands and placed a gentle kiss on its head. Continuing to cradle his cock I looked up at him and said, “Eric, I thank you providing Laurel the sexual pleasure I could never possibly give her. I promise never to stand in the way of your sexual relationship with my wife and promise to provide any services you may require of me.” I kissed his penis again, and let it go.

Still on my knees I sidled over the next man. I now knelt in front of Elijah. Elijah was an African-American man who had a football players build. Everything about him was big. Again, I found the zipper and pulled it down. I reached in and withdrew a cock that was about the same length as Eric’s, but was wider. A held it in my hands, kissed it and repeated my words of gratitude and my vow to never block his access to my wife’s vagina. I repeated this ritual two more times and finally found myself in front of Laurel’s current lover, my “Best Man,” David. I looked to my left and saw the four big men standing there with their magnificent cocks out. I was jealous. I was jealous of them for being born tall and manly with such huge tools. I was jealous of Laurel for being able to play with big cocks whenever she wanted.

Laurel had been seeing David for about eight months and he spent a considerable amount of time at our house. I knew him very well. He was generally nice to me and didn’t try to humiliate me, except by fucking my fiancĂ©e and making me fluff him. I think he knew that was humiliating enough without adding on verbal abuse as some of her lovers do. I took David’s cock out and held it. I was very familiar with this penis. David really liked to have me fluff him before he fucked Laurel. I think seeing a little cuckold on his knees with his mouth full of cock made David feel very powerful. Well, he was very powerful. I took out his penis as I had done with the others and kissed it. I recited my lines and when I went to kiss his cock again, David quietly asked me to open my mouth. I complied and sucked and stroked until he was fully erect. I’m sure he liked making me do that with an audience, but mainly, I think he wanted everyone to see his hard cock. Laurel looked like she was ready to jump on it at any moment.

Rev. Carl motioned for me to resume my place, on my knees next to my bride. “A ring is a symbol of love and of the eternity of the marital bond,” he said. “By exchanging rings, Laurel and Paul give each other symbols of their special love for each other. Does the Best Man have the ring?”

David, who still had an enormous erection, handed the ring to me.

I turned to Laurel and with the ring in my hand I said, “With this ring I thee wed, with all my body and soul I thee worship, with all my worldly possessions I thee endow. I forsake all others and I freely forsake a physical relationship with you.”

With that I slipped the diamond eternity ring on her finger next to the five-carat engagement ring she had picked out a year earlier. The inside of the ring was engraved with the words, “I Am Your Cuckold Forever, P.”

The minister spoke again, “The cuckold will now remove his clothing and face the congregation.”

I had been dreading this part, but clearly I had no alternative. There was a little table on the altar for me to put my clothes on. I removed my tuxedo jacket first then my shoes. I took of my pants next, but my genitals were still covered by my shirt tail. I took off the shirt and again got on my knees facing the congregation. My nervousness and the somewhat chilly room had caused my penis and balls to shrink, making them look extremely miniscule, especially compared to the five other penises on display. There was some general murmuring among the guests and more than a few snickers could be clearly heard.

“And who has the cuckold’s ‘ring’?”

Laurel’s best friend Emily replied, “I do.”

One of the other bridesmaids removed the cloth cover from the object on the pillow. On the pillow lay a shiny steel chastity cage.

“The bridesmaids will now place the cuckold’s ring on Paul. Paul, please rise,” the minister said.

I got to my feet. Emily continued to hold the chastity device on the pillow. The other two bridesmaids knelt on cushions on either side of me. Deftly, the two women pulled my balls through the ring of the device, then my little penis. The cage, which had been specially made to my measurements was small to say the least. They easily slipped it over my peepee and put the padlock in its place but did not lock it. One of the women took a gold chain off the pillow and slipped it through the padlock keys. She handed the chain and keys to me.

Laurel looked at me and said, “With this ‘ring’, I thee wed. With this cage, I thee control. With this device, I take your sexuality.”

I walked toward Laurel holding the chain out in front of me. “Laurel, I freely offer you the key to my sexuality. I am yours to control,” I said.

Laurel turned her back to me and lifted her hair so I could place the chain around her neck. When that was done she turned toward me and said, “I will be the holder your key. I will control you and when I see fit will allow you sexual release in the manner I choose.”

With that, she locked the padlock.

I got back on my knees. The minister smiled and said brightly, “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Wife and cuckold. Cuckold, you may kiss your bride.”

I turned to Laurel, still on my knees. She, standing, turned her back to me. I crawled closer to her and wrapped my arms around her thighs. I then put my face between the cheeks of her ass and found her puckered little hole. I puckered my lips and kissed and tongued her anus until she pulled my arms from around her and moved away.

“The happy couple ask that you please join them in the reception hall for some refreshments and for the consummation of the marriage,” announced Rev. Carl.

Mendelssohn’s Wedding march began to play. Laurel, surrounded by my “Groomsmen” proceeded down the aisle and into the reception. I remained with the minister on the altar as the rest of the congregation filed out and into the reception.

Rev. Carl looked at me a little sheepishly and said, “There is the matter of my fee to take care of.”

“Oh my gosh,” I said. “I wasn’t expecting to have to pay anyone. Laurel made all the arrangements. I don’t have the checkbook. Let me check with her.”

I hurried into the reception hall. In the center of the room, there was a king-size bed, and in the center of the bed, was Laurel. My “groomsmen” surrounded her and she was going around the circle sucking their cocks.

I squeezed in between two of the men and got her attention.

“Oh Honey, this is the best day of my life. I’m so happy!!” Laurel exclaimed.

I explained about the minister and she said, “Oh I forgot to tell you. I worked out a deal with Rev. Carl. Everything’s agreed. Just go back and take care of him.”

I explained that I had no money or checks.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need money. Just go take care of him! He’ll show you how to pay him,” she said with a big smile.

I went back in the now empty ceremony room. Reverend Carl still stood on the altar. “Your new bride and I made an arrangement to cover the cost of my services. She had a part in this arrangement and so do you. I require half the fee in advance, so, when Laurel met with me to discuss your wedding she paid the first half. Of course, she didn’t pay me with money, she paid me by giving me her cunt to pound all afternoon. When she saw my cock, she said she knew she had chosen the right man.”

Reverend Carl was about 60-years-old and had the appearance of a televangelist. He had his dyed hair perfectly hair sprayed in place. He had a fake tan which made his skin orangey and it contrasted starkly with his white robe.

“My son,” he said, “it is time for you to pay the remainder of my fee. Crawl under my robe, Cuckyboy.”

Knowing I had just vowed not to deny any of Laurel’s lovers, I had to comply. I crawled over to him and ducked my head under the hem of his robe.

“Take my staff in your mouth and start praying, you little faggot.”

He wore nothing under his robe. I felt my way up his legs and found his penis hanging about half way down his thigh. I took his huge, soft penis in my mouth and began sucking. His dick hardened quickly. As he became erect, it became harder and harder to properly suck it in the limited space under his robe. Rev. Carl was aware of this too and unzipped the robe allowing me to suck his huge tool more effectively. I continued to suck as I caressed his big balls.

“Oh yeah! That’s good you fuckin’ homo. Suck my balls. Lick down to my asshole queerboy!” Rev. Carl ordered.

I followed his instructions and soon I was licking his asshole while I stroked his cock.

“Suck my ass you pathetic wimp! You won’t ever fuck that hot cunt you just married, will you, you dickless loser!”

After a while he pushed me off him and said, “Get your little sissy faggot ass up in the air. I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you!”

I got on my hands and knees with my shoulders down and my ass up. I was trembling with fear at the thought of that monster cock entering my ass. Laurel had pegged me with a strap on a few times and it hurt a lot at first, but it wasn’t as big as this.

He got behind me and spanked me hard a few times. I heard him spit and felt it hit my asshole. Then, I felt the head of his massive hard penis pressing against my tightly closed anus. I tried to relax as the pressure increased. I felt more and more pressure and suddenly, all at once, the head of his dick entered me. He paused. Searing pain shot through me. I prayed he would take it out. Instead I felt his big hands on my hips as he thrust farther into me. He began pumping in and out. With each stroke he entered me a little more. In time I felt his big balls slapping my little ones. For the first five minutes, the pain was nearly unbearable and I began to cry. Eventually, the pain began to ease and I could focus on the sensation of being fucked. It began to good, and then, very good. My little dick tried to get hard, but met the resistance of my new cage.

Rev. Carl stopped thrusting but I still wanted to feel that glorious dick moving in me. I began to thrust my ass back at him.

“I thought so! You love this don’t you!? You’re nothing but a queer little cockwhore who can’t get enough. Well here it comes sissyboy!!”

And then, he began thrusting faster and deeper than ever, his big hands gripping my hips and pulling me back onto him.

“Beg me to fuck you!! Beg me to cum in you!!”

I begged him to fuck me hard, to cum in me, to cum in my mouth, to spank me.

As he fucked me I felt his hand on my little balls. He began to squeeze them painfully

“I ought to rip these little balls off you! They’re fuckin’ useless”

He squeezed them tighter and then thrust deep in me and froze. I could feel the spasms in his cock as ejaculated deep inside me. He stayed deep in me for a few minutes, catching his breath, before pulling out.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness, my son. And so, I want you to clean my cock with that faggot tongue of yours,” he said still breathless.

I did it and when I was done and his erection finally began to go down. He put his robe back on and felt his hair to make sure it was all in place.

“Thank you for choosing me to officiate at your wedding. I wish you and your lovely bride all the best life has to offer. I will mark your account as paid in full. He offered me his hand to shake and said, “Congratulations my son.” He walked a few steps away then turned back toward me. “My son, I wanted to remind you that I am available for private Bible study in the comfort of your own home. I would be happy to meet with you and your lovely bride, Laurel, together or separately to study the scripture or to provide any counselling you two may need as you adjust to married life.”

I was still on my knees as I thanked him. I got up a little painfully and felt his semen running down the back of my thigh. I looked around for a towel and couldn’t find one. During the ceremony I had undressed on the altar. Now, however, I could not find my clothes. A little hesitantly I made my way toward the reception room. Thanks to Rev. Carl, walking was a bit uncomfortable. Taking small steps like an elderly person, I entered the reception.

Laurel was completely naked on the bed and one of the guest was on top of her. He was fucking her hard and very deep with her legs on his shoulders. Two other guests were kneeling on the bed on either side of her head and she was stroking one huge dick and sucking the other. A man, who had apparently just finished fucking my wife, was wiping his penis off with my tuxedo shirt. My tux jacket was under Laurel’s ass.

I moved closer to the bed and finally one of the guests noticed me. “Look! Here comes the groom,” He shouted. There was silence for a moment as everyone’s attention was on me.

“Come here, honey,” Laurel said. I walked slowly toward the bed. When she noticed how I was walking, she said, with a laugh, “Well, I guess you took care of the Minister!”

She looked at the three studs on the bed with her and said, “Boys, will you please give me a minute? I promise I’ll be right back to your wonderful penises. At this moment however, I want to present a gift to my new husband. Holly, do you have the box?”

Laurel’s sister, Holly, appeared from somewhere carrying a fairly large wrapped box with a big pink bow on it. She handed the box to me and I noticed that there was some semen on the shoulder of her bridesmaid’s dress. I held the box until Laurel announced, loud enough for the entire room to hear, “A big part of being a cuckold is ‘cleaning up’ your wife and her lover. Another big part is servicing my lovers as they desire. Being a sissy goes hand in hand with being a cuckold, and I wanted to give my new cuckold a gift that expresses these parts of him. Go ahead, open it!”

I slowly removed the bow and the wrapping. Under the paper there was a pink, polka-dot box. I took the top off and peered inside. I kept looking for a bit and soon heard a single voice in the room say, “Show us!” Many voices followed and soon the crowd was chanting, “Show us! Show us! Show us!” I gently took my gift out of its box and held it up to the crowd. I was holding a beautiful, satin French maid’s dress. It was black satin with lace trim and came with a white lace pinafore. Also in the box, there were white ruffle panties and petticoats as well as black seamed stockings. There was also a pair of black pumps and a black wig.

Holly took me by the hand and lead me to the brides room where Laurel and her bridesmaid’s had gotten ready earlier. Laurel’s friend Zoe was on her hands and knees on a sofa with her dress pulled up while my ‘groomsman’ Eric pounded her cunt. They didn’t seem to mind the intrusion and kept fucking while Holly helped me into my new outfit. She did my makeup and then helped arrange the wig. I stepped into the shoes and with great difficulty tried to walk. It took a little time to be able to move in those heels but in a few minutes I could walk without falling down even if I didn’t look too graceful.

Holly led me back to the reception and explained that Laurel wanted me to fluff her partners so they’d be ready when they got on the bed with her. Men were actually lined up waiting to fuck my bride. At that moment, there were seven guys in line. I went to the first man in line and dropped to my knees. I looked up at his face and asked him if I could please suck his dick so it would be ready for Laurel. He nodded and I reached for his zipper and pulled out another monster cock. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked. It wasn’t long before he was hard. I was enjoying sucking that dick. However suddenly, Laurel was ready for him and he pushed me aside to climb up on the bed with her. I stayed there and kept fluffing men before their turn with the bride.

As the 5th man moved up in line, I heard a very familiar voice. I looked up, and saw that man number five was my brother, Frank Jr. Behind him was my father, Frank. Before I go any further, I must say that my father has a huge cock and my brother inherited it. My dad used to tease me by saying, “I guess you got my eyes and your mothers cock!”

I looked up at my Father and complained, “Seriously, Dad? My own father and brother are going to fuck my bride too?”

He ignored me and said, “Congratulations son! I never really thought you’d find a girl to marry you, yet here you are marrying a beautiful woman who is also an amazing piece of ass! Ya’ know the first time you two came over for Thanksgiving three or four years ago, when you two had just met, I saw her checking out my package and I told your brother, right then, that I thought she was a real cock whore. And, just as soon as you fell asleep in front of the TV, she put her hand in my lap and started feeling my cock. Your brother and I both fucked the shit out of her that day!”

“Jeez, Dad!?” I whined. “At that point we had only been dating for a month. I hadn’t even seen her naked yet, but my father and brother had fucked her!? I understand how things are now, but at that time we were just a normal couple.”

“Well, we knew you two weren’t just a normal couple. We figured out right away what she wanted with you. She wanted someone to support her in a comfortable style and be devoted to her like a little puppy dog. Someone who never expected to have a hot girl like her and so would do anything she asked to avoid losing her. And look at you, son, you’re here at your own wedding dressed in a sissy maid costume, on your knees, getting her lovers’ cocks hard for her! Nope, you two have never been a normal couple. You know, your brother and I fuck her at every family function. Some of your cousins do too!”

“Well, I’m not going to provide fluffing service to you or Frank,” I said defiantly.

“Well, that would just be wrong. Although, I believe if you fluffed Frank Jr, it wouldn’t be the first time his cock was in your mouth,” he said with a little chuckle. “Hey Junior, look, it’s our turn!!”

They got up on the bed and it wasn’t long before Frank Jr. was slamming his giant dick into my wife doggy style, and Laurel was hungrily sucking on Frank’s huge tool. When they had both finished with her and gotten off the bed, the next man in line, whose hard penis was in my mouth at the time, moved toward the bed. Laurel stopped him and told him to wait a bit, because the photographer wanted to get some pictures of Laurel and me. She beckoned me to the bed and I climbed up.

When I got close to her I could see that she had quite a bit of cum on her in various places. She was sitting up on the bed with her ass on my tuxedo jacket. A stream of cum was slowly flowing from her swollen cunt. There were small globs of cum on her lips, face, tits and tummy. The photographer got in position and asked us to kiss. I she brought her cummy lips to mine and we kissed. He snapped several pictures and as we parted a string of slimy cum connected us.

“Let’s get one of the sissy cuckold licking cum off his bride’s body,” the photographer said. I began to lick cum off her tummy while looking into the camera. My wig was getting sticky with semen and my pretty satin maid’s dress was collecting cum stains just from being on the bed.

“Beautiful!” said the photographer. “Now we’ll shoot the happy couple’s wedding portrait. Laurel, would you please get up on your knees with your legs spread. That’s perfect. Now, Cucky, lie on your back with your mouth underneath Laurel’s pussy and open wide.”

I did so and looked up at her pussy. The little stream of cum continued to flow from her cunt. A wad of it broke free and fell onto my upper lip and in my mouth. I heard the photographer shoot a burst of photos when that happened, and later when we got our wedding album, there was a great picture of cum just landing on my face. He took some of me with my face buried in her pussy, getting the last few drops of sperm. Laurel told me to take my maid’s dress off and she posed near my locked-up dick, holding the key to my chastity device. Finally, they had me put my tuxedo jacket. It was cold and wet with semen and there were many globs of thick cum on it. They had me pose wearing only my wig, the jacket and my chastity cage.

After that, the last few guys who had been waiting in line got their turn with Laurel. The evening was winding down, but there were a couple more items on the agenda. Apparently, my mother had asked to make a toast. My mother stood and someone handed her a microphone.

She began, “Frank and I truly want to thank all of you for joining us today at our little man’s wedding. We are so thrilled that Laurel agreed to marry Paul and we look forward to many years of happiness for our family. We will never forget the day Paul was born. At that time, Frank Jr was about six years old and was already playing flag football and doing all the male things a six-year-old boy does. He was such a little man! We wanted to another child and we really didn’t care if we had a boy or a girl.”

“After I delivered Paul, they dried him off and examined him and wrapped him up tightly and handed him to me. He was so precious. While Frank Jr had weighed nearly ten pounds, Paul was only six. It was such an easy delivery. I held him and held him. Well, after a while it was time for his first diaper change. That was the first time I saw him naked. Well, I thought there was something wrong with it at first, but the doctor told me that some boys and men just have small penises. I really have to say that Paul had the cutest, tiniest little weenie you could possibly imagine.”

There was laughter in the room after she said that part.

“No, really! It was so tiny, like a little nipple with two little peas under it!”

Roars of laughter.

“Well, as he grew up, Paul tried his best to be like the other boys, but he could never really compete on the field or in the locker room. So many days he came home in tears because other boys teased him in the locker room about his teeny weenie. In gym class the other students all called him Paula. One day, they made him put on a bra and panties and walk around the locker room swishing his hips. Paul, honey, come up and show everybody how they made you walk around the locker room. Come on honey, everyone wants to see. It’s so cute. Please Honey” my mother said.

Jesus! I really hadn’t been planning on this. I remembered swishing around that locker room in girls’ underwear while other boys, mostly naked boys, snapped wet towels at me and called me Paula as tears rolled down my face. I also remembered that my own little penis got hard as all this was happening. I remember masturbating in my bed that night as I thought about it.

I was very embarrassed at the thought of doing it now. Soon the crowd began to chant, “Paula! Paula! Paula! Paula!” Laurel came up to me and reminded me, sternly, that I should not disappoint our guests. She handed me the ruffle panties from my maid’s uniform and told me too put them on. She helped me out of the tux jacket and from somewhere a bra appeared in front of me and I put my arms through the shoulder straps and felt someone fasten it in the back. I still had my high heels on. I heard some kind of dance music begin and then I was being led into the middle of the dancefloor. Somehow, a spotlight was on me.

I had no choice but to do this and so I began to walk around swishing my hips from side to side in time to the disco music which was playing. I began to sing along with the song which was about men raining down from the sky. I kept walking around in a circle trying to look feminine in a very exaggerated way. People were whooping and clapping. After a bit the furor died down and the music stopped. I didn’t really notice this and kept prancing. Soon I realized that my mother had me by the arm and was telling me to sit back down. Into the microphone she said, “Honey, I just wanted you to show them your sexy girl walk, not put on a floor show!” I walked off to more hoots and applause.

My mom continued her toast.

“The one thing that Frank and I knew about Paul was that he could never be useful to a woman sexually. I have been very fortunate to be married to a man whose gigantic penis has kept me happy all my adult life. I can’t imagine how disappointing it would be to be fucked by a little one. Thank you, Frank, for all the amazing fucking you have given me! I love you Baby!”

“When somehow Paul met this extraordinarily hot woman over here we hoped that she might turn out to be the kind of woman who would be willing to stay with him and make him her cuckold. Since Paul never had sex during High School or College, he had lots of time to devote to his studies and has become a success in business, if not in the bedroom. We knew that if he could make a woman comfortable and secure, she would stay with him as long as he didn’t try to fuck her and as long as he let her fuck who she wished.”

‘On the first day we met Laurel we knew she was a winner. That day, Thanksgiving day, three years ago, Laurel came to our home and in less than twelve hours had fucked my husband and our son Frank Jr. This was all before Paulie had even seen her body. We’ve never wanted our special little guy to be alone and so this day is extra sweet. Laurel, we love you. We are all thrilled to have you as part of our family. Frank and Frank Jr are especially happy to welcome you to our clan. And so, let’s all raise a glass and toast to Laurel!”

Everyone drank to Laurel and finally it was time for the wedding cake. The cake was on a table in the back of the room. Everyone was invited gather around for the cake cutting. On the top of the three-tiered cake, there were figurines of a bride, a groom and another man. The bride was naked except for a bridal veil as was the other man who was fucking the bride from behind with his enormous cock. The bride held a leash in her hand that was connected to a collar around the groom’s neck. The groom wore only panties and was on his knees.

Laurel picked up the knife and pantomimed that she was going to cut my little penis off. That drew howls of laughter from the guests. She went to the cake and made the first cut. There were cheers. The first piece of cake was put on a plate and Laurel asked my ‘groomsmen’ to form a semicircle facing the crowd. She told the men to take their cocks out. She asked for five unmarried female volunteers and picked them from the twenty or so who raised their hands. She told them to each stand next to one of the men. Laurel held the plate of cake in the middle of the semicircle and told the volunteers to begin stroking the men’s penises, and told the men to give her some warning before they came. She said the first one to make her man come would be the next to marry a cuckold.

The women began pumping their hands on the five monster cocks and after a while, the first man announced that he was about to come. Laurel rushed over with the plate and instructed the woman doing the stroking to aim for the cake. Soon he was ejaculating, giving the cake’s white icing a shiny pearly glaze. The girl stroking him squealed as she won the contest. The remaining four men came and in the end, the piece of wedding cake was hidden by a thick coat of semen. The men and women who did the work of glazing the cake went back into the crowd. Laurel called me over, and handed me the plate. She told me that she wanted me to have the first piece and that I couldn’t use a fork or my hands to eat it, just my mouth. Fifteen minutes later, the cake was gone and I had licked the plate clean. Yellow cake crumbs were stuck to my face, held there by the semen, making it look like I had a blond beard and moustache. Everyone thought that was hysterical. The photographer got a picture of it which is now framed and sits on Laurel’s nightstand.

Soon the crowd began to thin, and in a short time the guests were gone. I helped load up Laurel’s gifts and then drove her and David to the fancy downtown hotel where they would be spending my wedding night.

In the morning, I picked them up again and took them to the airport to start my honeymoon. I had planned the trip for them. I suggested Tahiti, but Laurel insisted on Jamaica. “I have a feeling the men in Jamaica will know how to make the trip memorable,” Laurel had said. I took their bags out of the trunk and set them on the curb. I looked at Laurel. She was so beautiful. I looked into her eyes and said, “Thank you, Laurel, I love you so much. No other woman would be right for me.”

“I’m happy too honey. I love you very much, my little man.” She gave me a little peck on the cheek and turned to walk into the airport with her lover.

The End.




  • peanutboy1003

    It seems as if the author thinks that only little guys have small dicks. I am 6’2″ tall and wear as size 12 shoe. When I am fully erect my Dick is 3.5″ . Flaccid, it is between 1″ and 2″. Other points were right on. My wife tells me I am useless as a lover and she only wants huge cocks. I like being humiliated and really enjoy seeing her getting fucked by a huge cock. The bigger the better. Good story!!

  • this is So Good But Really Crazy


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