The Cabo Experience

By random136744.

My wife and I just got back from a trip to Cabo this last week. We haven’t vacationed in a while due to the world ‘situation’ this last two years, so it felt good to finally get out and spend some time. This vacation was different in many ways, though. If you have been following my latest updates, my wife and I have been getting a bit more adventurous in our sex life. I have introduced a cock sleeve, and my wife has been totally into looking at men with big cocks, etc.

Anyways, this trip was a bit different, and we decided to go all out for this vacation in a few ways. First off, we rented a penthouse at one of the resorts that were just incredible. The view from the balcony was looking right onto the resort’s pools and ocean. It was cheap considering how nice this place was and that it was operating at 50% capacity. We also got prepped for this trip by tanning a few weeks out, both getting waxed, and I bought her some skimpy swimsuits. These are cheeky swimsuits that you would only wear on a foreign vacation or in Vegas. My wife is five foot nine, and in amazing shape, so the bikinis looked incredible on her. G String bottom and the top showed a lot of underboobs. It probably got a size too small, but it looked sexy regardless.

We were both excited about the trip, but I was also a bit nervous. I knew we had been going down a kinky path and had a fantasy of my wife fucking another hung guy in front of me. I knew that if it were going to happen, it would probably be on a trip like this where we wouldn’t run into the person again and just have a one-time fun experience. My wife has toyed with the idea of going back and forth a million times. She loves the idea of having a hot guy with a big dick but also wasn’t sure she could separate her emotions and didn’t want to ruin the marriage. I had asked if she would be open to doing this with someone she would never know or see again, and she said, “Maybe.”

So fast forward a little, we arrive at the Cabo airport, get taken to the resort, and settle into the penthouse. It’s about eleven AM, so we both put on our bathing suits and head down to the pool. My wife is wearing the white bikini I got her. Her firm ass is completely exposed, and the top is covering her C-cup tits but leaving some space below for the underboob. We get down to the pool, and the attendant takes us over to a couple of lounge chairs near one of the main pool bars. The pool had a decent amount of people there. Mostly Americans and European couples from 25-55 years old.

There was also a group of guys in the pool with beers in hand. It looked like a bachelor party of sorts since there were about seven guys in the group and no women with them. They were tossing around a football and chatting as they pounded beer after beer.

We sat down in our lounge chairs, and my wife took off the robe she wore to go down to the pool. She looked insanely hot and was by far the best-looking and most in shape woman at the pool. Instantly I saw everyone in the area start looking over as she was standing there in her g string, putting on sunscreen. Among the people looking were all the guys from the bachelor party that was in the pool. I heard some whispers and giggles as their conversation died down and the ball wasn’t being thrown.

I mentioned to my wife, “You have some admirers.”

She turned and looked at the guys in the pool and waved! They all instantly looked away, and the ball resumed to be thrown. My wife and I had a good laugh as we sat down, and the attendant came over. We ordered some drinks and enjoyed getting some sun.

After a few hours of drinking margaritas and catching some sun, a hotel employee came by and let us know his name was Marcelo. He was the director of resort activities and was organizing a chicken fight tournament in the pool (for those that don’t know, a chicken fight is when a woman gets on a man’s shoulders, and they wrestle an opposing couple. The first team to fall or topple over loses).

My wife was pretty drunk at this point and instantly sat up and said, “Babe! Let’s do it!”

I was also pretty drunk and just told her I wanted to relax, but she should go play if she wanted to. She stood up and said, “OK,’ and proceeded to follow Marcelo towards the pool.

Again, as she walked around, all eyes were on her and her skimpy white bikini. I ordered another drink and sat up to watch the little tournament that was about to take place right in front of my pool chair. Several different couples had gathered around at this point. Most of them are in their 40s-50s. It seemed that my wife was the only solo participant (scumbag move on my end, I know). Marcelo, the resort director, talked to her for a second and then turned to the bachelor party in the pool.

“Do any of you gentleman want to be this beautiful woman’s partner in a chicken fight?”

Most of the guys at the party laughed a bit and looked at each other. Eventually, what looked to be the leader of the group waved his hands to silence everyone and said, “Alright, guys, I’ll do it! But if we win, you all pay for my drinks for the rest of the stay!”

They all laughed and nodded as the leader waded over to the pool steps and climbed out. He walked over to the participants of the tournament and eventually to my wife and shook her hand. They talked for a couple of seconds, introducing themselves. What I didn’t know was that this introduction would change the rest of our trip and lives.

My wife’s partner for the tournament stood next to her as they all listened to the rules. He was about six feet tall with an average build. Not too muscular, but you could tell he worked out. He had a black pair of swim trunks on and a black backward trucker hat. Under the hat, he had slightly long brown hair. Eventually, Marcelo finished giving everyone the rules, and he announced the first two teams that would face off in the first round. My wife came over just then to take another sip of her drink. She was giddy and excited to play as she told me the prize for winning would be a dinner at their best restaurant the resort had. I then asked, “Who’s your new friend”?

A smile came over her face as she responded, “His name is Conor, and he’s actually from the UK here for his bachelor party!”

“Oh, so he’s engaged,” I said with a bit of relief in my voice.

“Yeah! It seems like it! OK, babe, I’m up next, so wish me luck,” my wife said as she turned to go back and join Conor on the ledge of the pool as they scouted their opponents.

Truthfully, as much as I liked the idea and fantasy of having my wife sleep with another man, the reality of it scared me to my core. So many things ran through my head, but I instantly reminded myself that Conor was engaged.

After the first match ended, my wife and Conor’s turned to enter the pool against their opponents. They were both pretty drunk and giddy at this point. I was laughing as they got in the pool and prepared to wrestle their other team. Conor then went underwater, and my wife climbed on his shoulders. Her legs were straddling his head as he stood up with her on top of his shoulder. Just then, I realized the bikini I bought for my wife was soaked and very see-through. Her nipples were visible through the top of her bikini as Conor moved around the pool to get in position. My wife had no clue as she was pretty drunk and also preparing to wrestle the opposing couple. Conor turned around, and of course, my wife’s Bikini bottoms were seeing through as well and exposing her ass. My wife and Conor braced themselves as the match began.

The opposing couple was about forty years old and not in exceptionally good shape. The match starts, and Conor makes his way over to the other couple with my wife on his shoulder. Instantly the two women lock hands as they try to throw the other one-off their teammate. My wife gave the other woman a big push as Conor kept driving forward. SPLASH! The other couple toppled over very easily. The spectators cheered as my wife and Conor screamed in victory. My wife got off Conor’s shoulders and turned toward him with her arms in the air as they both then gave each other a congratulatory hug.

They continued cheering, and Conor turned to his buddies, saying, “You’re all going to have to pay! Just watch!”

The matches went on. My wife and Conor made easy work of the other couples they faced up against. Each time they won, they would hug each other tighter and tighter. Eventually, Conor picked my wife up, and she would straddle him as they paraded around after each victory. My stomach at that point was in knots. I had lost my buzz, and now all I could think about was my wife being overly touchy and flirty with some random guy. At this point, there were about one hundred people gathered to watch the chicken fight tournament. I was not sure how many were there for entertainment or to see my wife in a see-through bathing suit, but I didn’t want to make a scene since we had a week left there.

We were now at the final match—my wife and Conor versus another thirty-something couple that had also been sweeping their competitors. The match started, and the two women locked hands and wrestled as the men fought for position and to keep the women on their shoulders. Just then, it looked like Conor tripped and started to fall back. The opposing woman gave my wife one big push, and that was all it took. My wife fell off Conor, and he sunk underwater as the other couple cheered in celebration. At that point, I was relieved it was over and ready to get back to the room with my wife. They had won the tournament and the dinner at the restaurant.

As my wife and Conor came up from being underwater, I noticed that my wife’s top had fallen off from the push and splash! She had no idea since she was just underwater and still really drunk. Conor stood there and said, “Oh shit! Your top came off!”

Instantly my wife covered her breast with her hands as Conor searched for the top. He quickly found it and started to help her get it back on. He then helped her tie off the back. My heart was pounding as I got up with a towel and rushed over to her. I know when she got out of the pool, her see-through bikini would expose everything to the crowd. She walked up the steps, and I quickly covered her with the towel and started to walk away with her. She was visibly drunk and laughing as she got out.

“Babe, did you see how far we made it? It was so much fun!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah, babe, it looked like a blast. Let’s get you upstairs so we can nap before dinner.”

I quickly turned around and saw Conor standing with his buddies. He and I exchanged looks as I turned again to bring my wife up to the room for a nap and some water.

Fast forward to that evening, we woke up late, around 8:30 pm. We quickly got dressed and decided to go down for dinner. Despite my wife losing the tournament earlier, I was still craving a meal from the restaurant offered as the winning prize. We headed down to the lobby to get a reservation. Upon being seated, I glanced over and saw the winning couple from the day seated a few tables away from us. We waved over to them, and they waved back.

“Did you have a blast out there today or what?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun! Maybe too much fun, ha-ha,” she replied.

Me: “What do you mean too much fun?”

Wife: “Well, obviously, I was drunk, and my bikini was see-through. Never thought I’d let so many people see me like that.”

Me: “Yes, it was a show for sure. It seems like you and that guy got pretty friendly too!”

Wife: “Yes, he was a cool guy. A bit excited at times.”

Me: “what do you mean?”

Wife: “well, there were a couple of times when we won and celebrated… I think he had a boner.”

Me: “Oh yeah? Was he big?”

Wife: “Umm… Yeah, it was decent sized,” she said with a smirk.

We finished the meal and started on some glasses of wine as the conversation moved to other things. Before we knew it, we were tipsy again. I asked the waiter for a bottle of wine to go, and we paid for our tab and walked down to the beach. We sat on a couple of chairs as the waves crashed in front of us. I poured each of us some more wine. Just then, something came over me as I felt more secure now that Conor was nowhere in sight. Maybe I was a bit horny too.

Me: “So what did you think of that guy today? Your partner.”

Wife: “Oh, he was nice. Sad we didn’t win.”

Me: “No, I mean, what did you think of him? Were you attracted to him?”

Wife: “Oh, we are going down this road again, huh? Ha-ha!”

Me: “I just wanna know! It seems like you were pretty touchy in the pool.”

Wife: “Yeah, I guess the booze and atmosphere got the best of us.”

Me: “C’mon, babe! Give me something here! It’s OK if you thought he was hot. It turns me on to know. C’mon already. Spill the beans!”

Wife: “Ha-ha. OK, OK, I guess he was pretty cute.”

Me: “Yeah? And his dick was just decent?”

Wife: “Well, I may have undersold that part. He was as big as one of your sleeves you use on me.”

Me: “Really? Like nine inches and thick?”

Wife: “Yes, I mean, I was only hugging him, but there was a point where he picked me up, and we were facing each other. I felt his cock right up against my pussy and stomach. It seemed really big.”

Me: “Wow. Did it turn you on?”

Wife: “Yeah, at that moment, I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Lots of people around you know. But yes, now definitely it makes me horny thinking about it. His fiancé is a lucky lady.”

Me: “Hear me out on this. What if I said it was OK for you two to fool around a bit? And maybe he was down with it as a last hoorah before he gets married?”

Wife: “Ha-ha, you’re nuts! He’s getting married. There’s no way he would do something like that!?”

Me: “Well, what if he was. Would you be up for it?”

Wife: “Ha-ha, yes, sure. No chance he’s up for it since he’s probably a faithful guy. But sure, if he is up for it and you’ll be in the room, I’ll give him head. And That’s IT! I’m serious, babe, nothing beyond head!”

Me: “OK, fair enough.”

Wife: “You’re crazy.”


After some more drinks on the beach, we finally decided to go back up to the room and go to bed. It had been a long day of travel, sun, and booze. I tried to initiate sex while we were lying together, but she declined, saying she was too tired, which was odd. Usually, she was super horny on vacations and when she had a couple of glasses of wine. Either way, she fell asleep, and I ended up pleasuring myself, thinking about what she had said that night. The thought of her blowing another guy while we were on vacation got me going. In the back of my mind, I knew she wouldn’t just be able to stop at giving head, though. If Conor’s dick were as big as she said, there’s no way she would deny taking it for a ride. She was used to me wearing a cock-sleeve, but I think we both knew it wasn’t like the real thing.

The next morning, we got up and headed down to the lobby for some coffee and to grab a workout at the resort gym. The gym was beautiful and overlooked the Arch (if you are familiar with Cabo). My wife went to get into a treadmill to do some sprint intervals. I headed towards the weights. Much to my surprise, I noticed a familiar face sitting on one of the benches. It was Conor! I went over to him and introduced myself. I let him know I was the husband of his partner from yesterday’s game. He was very friendly and remembered seeing me by the pool. We got into some small talk and wished each other a good workout. BUT, I was dying to see if he would be open to playing around with my wife… I let him continue his workout, and I got started on mine. Eventually, I saw him get up and go to the area where they served cold lemon water and a towel. It appeared he was finished with his workout, and I knew it would be my only chance to ask him.

I walked up to the water station and said: “Hey Conor are you done with your workout?”

Conor: “Yeah, mate, all done. I’m about to hop in the sauna. Care to join?”

At this point, I couldn’t say no, so I told him, “Sure.”

I followed him downstairs to the spa, where they had A+ treatment. We each got our towels, and they moved us into a locker room area where they provided robes and towels for us to change into. We then followed the attendant into the sauna. It was incredibly hot but felt good! I took off my robe and was just sitting in my gym shorts on one of the benches. Just then, Conor removed his robe, and to my surprise, he was entirely naked! He proceeded to sit across from me on the upper seat of the sauna.

Like I mentioned before, he wasn’t in bodybuilder shape but looked like a regular guy who was fit. The part that shocked me the most was his cock. My wife was right. He was huge! He was, of course, flaccid but was probably seven inches soft and six inches around. Really thick. I am not gay by any means, but I can appreciate a large cock, and this one was nice. We continued talking about random things like the resort, soccer, and what he did the night before. Each time he would laugh, his cock would swing back and forth, making a THUD as it hit the seat.

At no point did I want to take off my shorts in this sauna with Conor. After all, he was huge. My erect penis is only four and a half inches hard and barely a nub when soft. Our conversation continued, and he confirmed he was here for his bachelor party. He was engaged to a woman back in the UK who was also on her bachelorette in Ibiza. We had been in the sauna for about 15 minutes at this point, and I knew our time was dwindling. I decided to just rip off the band-aid and get to the point.

Me: “So Conor, how did you enjoy playing that game with my wife yesterday?”

Conor: “Oh, it was fun! She’s a wonderful lady. You’re a lucky man!”

Me: “Thanks! Yeah, she said she enjoyed her time too. I have a question for you that’s a bit random, so please don’t take any offense, and it’s OK if you say no.”

Conor: “Sure, mate. What ya got?”

Me: “Well, my wife and I agreed the if you were up for it, she would be willing to have some fun with you back in our room. Would you be down? I know you’re engaged, so I don’t want to ruin anything you two have.”

Conor: “Ha-ha funny you say this! My fiancé and I agreed that we had a pass to make this trip one last hoorah. Anything goes so we can get it out of our system before we get married. I’m fairly sure she’s already hooked up with someone on her trip! So yes, I would be fine with coming to hang out.”

Me: “Great! Let’s exchange numbers after this, and I’ll text you. My idea is to make it a surprise, so when we are ready, I’ll let you know to come on up!”

We both exited the sauna and got our clothes back on. We said goodbye and exchanged numbers as he returned to his room, and I went back to the gym to get my wife. She was at the water station and dripping sweat. We both drank some more water and proceeded to go back to the room to get ready for breakfast. After we were finished, we headed down and grabbed a table at the restaurant that overlooked the ocean. We both ordered some food and just engaged in some small talk. About twenty minutes in, we heard some loud laughing and talking. I turned around, and it was Conor and his bachelor party at the same restaurant getting seated about four tables away. Conor saw us and waved.

We waved back. My back was turned to their table, but my wife had a clear view facing them. As breakfast continued, I caught her looking over a couple of times and blushing. I knew Conor was on the other end smiling back at her and giving her looks. I pretended like I didn’t notice and finished my meal. After we were done, we got our things and left the restaurant. I caught my wife giving one last double take before we left in Conor’s direction.

We eventually got back up to the room and decided to begin the day by laying out, so we changed into our swimsuits. As she took off her sundress, her perfect C cup tits, flat abdominal muscles, and waxed pussy looked amazing with the morning light from the sun gleaming into the room. I couldn’t help myself as I went over and grabbed her by the waist and started to kiss her. We both started to make out as I moved my hand down to touch her pussy and massage her clit. To my surprise, she was already wet! I knew why too. We continued to fool around a bit, and I had my phone next to the bed. As she started to suck me off, I grabbed my phone and texted Conor: ‘Room 55, right now.’ I put the phone down and continued to enjoy the pleasure. About 10 minutes later, we both heard a knock on the door.

My wife said, “Oh shit, who is that? Maids?”

I replied with, “Not sure,” and got up, put on my robe, and went over to the door.

My wife covered herself under the blankets from the bed. I opened the door, and there he was, Conor from the UK, here to play with my wife. My heart started beating out of control, and my palms were sweating like crazy. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. Was it too late to back out? At this point, I didn’t feel like I had a choice. I nodded at Conor and motioned for him to walk in.

“Babe, I have a surprise for you!” I said.

As Conor turned the corner, my wife let out a gasp. “Oh my god, babe, are you serious? I thought you were joking! What’s he doing here?”

My wife exclaimed as she covered herself more with the blanket. Me: “Ha-ha, well, you said you were up for playing if he was right? We spoke today at the sauna, and he’s got permission from his fiancé, so I figured I’d let you have a little fun!”

My wife shook her head and let me know I was crazy. Conor then jumped in, saying, “Hey, it’s OK if you don’t want to. I understand. No pressure here, love.”

My wife buried her head in her hands and turned to me, and said, “Are you sure you’re OK with this?”

“I’m sure,” I said.

At that moment, Conor approached the bed and sat next to my wife as they both giggled about the situation. It seemed neither of them knew how to start it all off. I sat in the sofa chair that was in the room that was looking at the bed.

“Why don’t you start by making out a little,” I suggested.

They agreed, and Conor moved closer to my wife, who was still sitting up, holding her blanket over her tits. Conor leaned in and started to kiss my wife gently. Just then, I heard my wife let out an ‘mmmm’ as they kept interlocking lips. At this time, I had that out in my stomach again l. Watching my wife with someone else was not something I thought I’d ever been ready for, and this was no different. I knew that the wheels were already in motion, so I took a deep breath and tried to enjoy it. I undid my robe and started holding my flaccid penis in my hands, trying to achieve an erection to begin playing with myself.

The kissing went on for a few minutes, and my wife let her guard down. She let go of the blanket that fell and exposed her beautiful tits. Conor started grabbing and massaging both of her tits as they continued to make out. My wife loves nipple play, and it seemed Conor caught onto that as he caressed around her nipples, making them hard. After a few minutes of that, my wife stopped and told Conor to lay on the bed.

He did so, and my wife turned to me and said, “Only head!”

I laughed and said, “OK,” as she proceeded to take off Conor’s shorts for him. As she pulled them down, I saw the outline of his massive cock through his shorts.

She continued pulling them down until his cock sprung up like a damn jack in the box. There it was in all its glory. This time hard, Conor’s cock was even bigger than in the sauna now that it was erect. It must have been nine inches long and very thick. “Holy shit! This is huge,” my wife said as she stared in amazement. Conor and I chuckled as my wife sat there staring at his big cock. She turned to me again and said, “You sure you’re OK with this?”

I nodded and continued to touch myself. I didn’t want to start stroking myself yet as I knew I would cum quickly due to the heightened sexual state I was in. My wife turned back to Conor and looked him dead in the eyes as she moved her lips over the head of his cock. She started with a little lick of the head of his penis. Then she grabbed it with both hands, only leaving the tip exposed. She started stroking his big dick with both hands and spit on the tip to get some lubrication going. She then put her mouth over the tip with both hands still on the shaft and started to suck while she stroked his cock. Instantly I heard Conor let out a moan, and my wife worked her magic.

I kept hearing her whisper in between sucking his cock, “God, this is so big. Mmmm.”

My small dick was fully hard now. I looked over at Conor, and he was in a full state of enjoyment as my wife worked his shaft and sucked the head of his cock. It was clear she couldn’t get past the tip with her mouth since it was so big. Just then, my wife looked back at me with both hands still on his shaft. She said, “Is this what you wanted, babe? Me sucking a big cock?” I nodded as I noticed Conor start to leak precum from the head of his cock as my wife stroked him and she spoke to me. My wife turned back to him and licked the precum from the top of his dick and turned to me again and said, “Mmm, it tastes really good, babe.”

“I bet it does, baby. Just think about how good it will feel inside you,” I said, and I continued to stroke my dick.

I was close to cumming from watching them play at this point but knew I had to hold off.

“That’s not gonna happen! Just head, I told you,” my wife replied as she continued to stroke and sucked on Conor.

Just then, Conor reached around and grabbed my wife’s ass, and started squeezing it. He slowly moves his hands further and further towards her pussy. He knew he needed to flip her onto her back to get her more in the mood. He grabbed her head and started to make out with her again. Then he rolled her onto her back and moved his hand down to her pussy again. My wife let out a moan as he inserted his fingers into her pussy and started massaging her clit. I knew she was in total ecstasy and wanted his big dick inside her. I didn’t know how far she would take it, but we were about to find out.

After touching my wife and making out with her for a few minutes, Conor moved down and started to eat her out slowly. He would make moaning noises to stimulate vibration as he moved his tongue all over her clit. My wife was insanely turned on at this point and kept letting out, “Oh my god! This feels so good! Mmmmm.”

I could tell from the way she was moaning and talking that she was incredibly turned on. From my seat, I could see her eyes rolling into the back of her head as Conor worked his mouth all over my wife’s pussy. Conor eventually got up on his knees and moved closer to my wife. She was still on her back, so she was over him with his big cock just above her pussy and stomach. He grabbed his cock with one hand and slapped my wife’s pussy with it! All I heard was a loud ‘SLAP.’ He then started to move the tip around the opening of her pussy.

“Oh my god, it’s so big. That thing would destroy me. It’s even bigger than your sleeves, babe,” she exclaimed as Conor continued to move his tip around her pussy lips.

Suddenly she stopped and got up. She came over to me on the couch and straddled me. She grabbed my face and kissed me. Then she looked at me and said, “Babe, I know I said just head. But would it be OK if I let him put his big dick in me? I didn’t think I would want to go this far, but I just wanted to feel what a big cock feels like. Please?”

Me: “Yes, baby, that’s fine. I just want to see you happy and be pleased. Take his cock if you want.”

She kissed me again. Just then, she grabbed my dick and pointed it at her pussy as she sat down on it. It went right in without any effort. She was so wet and aroused that it was an easy fit. She continued to ride me for about 30 seconds and said, “Thank you, babe. This is a one-time thing, I swear.” Just then, she got off me, leaving my dick drenched in her fluids and Conor’s saliva. She went back over to the bed and got back in front of Conor as he was still on his knees in the bed waiting. “OK, I’m ready for it,” my wife said to Conor.

Conor moved into position and moved his dick around my wife’s pussy again to get it lubricated. He then leaned in and made out with her again as he pushed the tip into her wet pussy. Right then, I heard her gasp again.

“Oh my God, it’s so big. I don’t think it’s going to fit Conor!” my wife said as I could see the tip of his penis spreading her lips extremely wide.

“Don’t worry, luv! We will go slow. It will fit,” Conor replied.

The two of them continued to make out as Conor pushed his massive dick further and further into her. After about ten minutes, it seemed that he had gotten it inside her, but they had not started fucking yet. He asked if she was OK, and she nodded, biting her lip. I could tell he was a lot for her, but she was enjoying it. It was like the first time we used the sleeve. Except for this time, it was a real person with a nice warm and real cock in there. At this point, Conor started to back out and go back in slowly. My wife kept letting out gasp after gasp. Moan after moan. Conor started picking up speed. He started thrusting harder too. I could tell my wife loved it as her eyes kept rolling into the back of her head while she kept making noises. She would never make this much noise with me, so I knew she was having a fun time.

At this point, I was just edging myself. I knew if I kept stroking myself, I would cum everywhere. What happened next, though, sent me over the edge. Conor flipped my wife into the doggy-style position, and she was now facing me from the bed. Conor slowly puts his big dick back in my wife as she lets out a moan and looks down into the sheets. He then starts to thrust into her. It seemed like he was going all the way out and all the way in. No doubt stretching my wife out to the extreme at this point. She then looked at me and started talking with a disheveled look on her face:

Wife: “You like watching me get stretched out by bigger men, don’t you, babe?”

Me: “Yes, babe. I do like it.”

Wife: “Do you want him to cum in me? Deep? Deeper than you can get?”

At this point, I couldn’t hold it any longer. My face turned to mush as I orgasmed and came all over my stomach.

Wife: “Good boy. Now it’s his turn to cum. But he gets to go in me.”

I could tell Conor was close too. He let out a few moans as he slowed down his strokes. He let off one final push and kept his cock fully inside my wife as he released his cum inside her. I wasn’t as horny since I had come, and a few different feelings came over me—jealousy, envy, disparity. I wanted Conor to leave now that this was over. As hot as it was, I could tell this wasn’t just a one-time thing for my wife. She craved bigger dicks now. Having the real thing was life-changing for her. Conor finished and got off the bed and into the bathroom. My wife lay in the bed face down in total exhaustion. Conor emerged from the bathroom and let us know he was grateful and that he would be on his way, which was music to my ears. He then left the room. My wife got up and came over to me.

Wife: “Are you OK, babe?”

Me: “Yeah, it was hot. I hope you liked it. Maybe we will take the next one a little slower, ha-ha.”

Wife: “Yeah, maybe. Hey, wanna feel how much he stretched me? I want you to feel how big he was, ha-ha.”

Me: “How do you want me to feel that?”

My wife got down on her knees in front of the chair and started to stroke me off while licking the cum off my stomach. I instantly got hard again with the arousal of the whole situation. Once I was hard, she climbed back on top of me again. She pointed my dick into her pussy and sat down on it again. This time it was even easier than the last. I felt no sensation of friction. She started pumping her hips up and down, and then I felt it. Conor’s cum. It was deep in her but now leaking down all over my dick and onto my lap. It just made the whole situation more slippery.

Me: “Yeah, he stretched you out a ton. Can you even feel my dick?”

Wife: “Hahaha. No, babe, I’m sorry! I feel nothing with you in me. It’s crazy what a size difference there is between you two!”

Me: “Yeah, I saw.”

Wife: “Don’t worry, babe. I still love you for who you are. Even if your dick is small compared to Conor’s, do you think I’ll be able to see him again before we leave?”

The conversation dwindled as we continued to have sex. She eventually had to jerk me off since I wasn’t feeling much being inside her. We never did see Conor again that trip as it seemed that it was one of his last days there. I know my wife was looking forward to it. That being said, we have a trip planned in September to Costa Rica. I know she’s looking forward to some big things there!


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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  • bambiegirl

    Oh wow, I love your story. Actually my little dick came while I read it. Especially the part where she told you she couldn’t feel you. That brought back a similar scene on my honeymoon. His name is Duane and he had my wife two times during our honeymoon week in the poconos. His hardon is over 9 inches. Mine is almost 5 cm. My wife was in her glory. That was 8 years ago. Ever since that week, Duane visits weekly and sleeps over several nights a week. He and my wife sleep in the master bedroom, I have the guest room. Outside of me eating her pussy, we have no sex. She says that my dick does nothing for her. I’m her cuckold since our honeymoon. She does love watching me get Duane ready for her pussy.


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