The Cabin

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By Katiekatsman

Katie rose bright and early on a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun shone through the bedroom windows and looking outside she saw nothing but blue sky and an occasional puffy white cloud. The daffodils were in bloom and the redbuds and dogwoods were about to shout that spring was here to stay. It was indeed a beautiful day. Rising she let left her husband, still asleep and showered. Dressed, she found him unmoved. Smiling she approached and delivered a hard smack on his bare bottom.

“Ouch! Oh my God! What are you doing?” He said, as searing pain shot through his buttocks.

Acting as if she had done nothing out of the ordinary she responded, “Just waking you up dear. Come on, time to rise and shine. We have a full day – or I should say – I have a full day planned for you.”

Ken gingerly massaged his now bruised and tender ass. Wincing in pain he turned and slowly sat. Realizing that he could not sit without radiating intense pain spreading across his back side he quickly stood. The memory of Tracy beating him rushed to his conscious. Yes, he had quite an evening and the memory of it would remain for many days.

“Oh come on. Don’t be such a wimp. So she spanked your bottom. I do it all the time. Go get a cold shower and let the water run over you. You’ll feel better in a few minutes.”

“What bee got up your bonnet this morning?” he asked rhetorically.

Katie was indeed in a unique mood and for whatever reason he wasn’t sure what brought it on. Maybe it’s the party that she’s thinking about.”

“Kenny, “she called. “Hurry honey I want my breakfast. The girls will be here shortly and you have a ton of things to get done.

Bathing quickly he finished his daily chores upstairs and headed down to fix Katie a breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt and fruit. No sooner had he served her that she presented him with a long list.

“Okay honey, here’s the plan. I need these things done and the guys should be here shortly to help.”

As he read through her list, she watched intently looking for his reaction.

“That’s a lot of work!” He said reading aloud:

Clean every room

Strip beds

Clean sheets

Prepare menu items

Decorate house

Assist movers when furniture arrives

Scrub bathrooms

Clean toilets

Fresh towels and robes in each bathroom

Dry clean all carpets

Scrub floors

Feather dust every room

Vacuum all rugs

Clean and polish all glassware and silverware in and out of display cabinets

and, and, and.”

The list seemed endless.

Seeing him roll his eyes at the in enormity of the task ahead, she snatched the paper, squared her jaw and stood.

“Look,” she said sternly, “Don’t give me any crap! You’re my sub and you’re going to get this done. You should be thanking me for this. This is what you live for. We’ve an understanding?”

“Yes Mistress,” he said apologetically. “I’m sorry. I just have a lot on my mind right now.”

Katie smiled. “I’m sure you do.” There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice but he knew enough to know when and when not to press her for information. Now was not the time.

“Make sure everything is finished. I mean everything. If it isn’t done, know that your bare bottom will be a whole lot sorer than it is right now. I want tonight to be perfect and all of the preparation is your responsibility. You are the submissive. You’re the one whose job it is to make it happen. Make it happen!”

“Yes Mistress,” he said with a puzzled look on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. Something seems different about you today and I can’t put my finger on it.”

“I’m feeling dominant. That’s all. Get over it.”

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Ken welcomed his three helpers along with their three beautiful wives. Introducing the guys, Katie eyed each greeting them warmly. While the women chatted the guys struck up began talking about the day ahead. Ken started reading through his list when Katie interrupted them. “Okay gentlemen,” she said getting their attention. “I have a rule that Ken will recite to you. It’s a rule I follow whenever am at home alone with him or whenever he is alone here. Ken, recite the rule.”

Ken looked curiously at her and then to the guys. Obediently he stated: “The rule Katie is referring to is this: whenever a submissive is in the house alone or with a dominant woman the submissive will remain naked.”

“Okay gentlemen, you now know my house rule and because you have professed your submission to these three hot babes,” she said looking at them admirably and seeing them break into bright smiles, “I expect you to follow my orders.”

The guys looked from one to another and then to their respective spouses. Surprised and confused they stood motionless, not sure if Katie was serious were simply joking. After all, they had only been in the kitchen for less than two minutes and the party wouldn’t start until early evening.

Katie looked steadfastly had her husband. Knowing ‘that’ look, he immediately stripped, folded his clothes and placed them in the adjacent mudroom. Not being in a mood to wait for them to comply she walked to Tim, undid his belt, button and fly, and with one swift motion yanked his jeans to his calf. His little cock sprung free almost hitting her in the face. Tracy started giggling and the others soon joined her. Although Katie didn’t turn to look, it was hard keeping a serious expression from turning into a bright smile given the shock on his face. She repeated the same process on both Mark and Rick.

“Look guys,” she said in the commanding tone, “if there is one rule you men need to learn sooner rather than later it is learning the rule of obedience. When a dominant woman tells you something, no matter who it is,” her eyes peered penetratingly at her husband, “you need to obey. Now, do what I said and get-out-of-your-clothes!” Annunciating each syllable of those last few words.

With visible apprehension they followed Ken’s example. Looking pensively at one another and at the ladies, they couldn’t help but notice the wide-eyed stares and beaming smiles of the three new dominants appearing ever so pleased as they watched the guys strip. Soon they returned standing next to Ken who was already at attention with his hands clasped behind him. Seeming to understand she expected this, the guys followed suit forming a line next to him and presenting her with an identical stance.

“What do you think?” Katie said motioning with an open hand to the four men standing naked. “I told you that being a dominant woman had its perks and, as you can see, the boys are enjoying themselves as well.” The ladies took in the scene of the handsome guys standing each with their cocks protruding somewhat perpendicular to their body.

“That’s better gentlemen,” she said walking first to Mark. Now, if I tell you to present tonight, this is how I want you; standing, hands behind your back, and looking forward. Focus your eyes against the far wall where the wall meets the ceiling. Don’t talk, blink, or move. When you are in ‘present’ position you are in a position to be inspected and ready to receive instruction. Obediently they listened. As they did Tracy’s eyes focused not on her husband but on Ken. She smiled a pleasing and devious smile.

“Had she not given him a ‘different’ present posture just last evening?” The thought of putting him into a position of decision marinated pleasingly in her thoughts.

Meanwhile Katie casually ran her hands over Mark’s chest abdomen thigh and cock acting as if she had done it a hundred times before. Kneeling she took nearly the full length of him into her mouth sucking him vigorously. He stood mesmerized by her actions. He looked pleadingly at Jenny but she stood staring blankly, showing him no apathy in his predicament.

“Nice cock,” Katie said.

She moved next to Tim and engulfed him completely. Her teeth bumped against the hard surface of his pubic bone every time she took him. Stroking his member afterward she inspected his goods.

“You’ve got a little one and some boy balls too.”.

Debbie, thinking the thoughts of everyone burst forth in laughter. “Tracy! Oh my god, he is so little!”

“He is,” she replied, “but that’s all I have to work with.”

Moving to Rick, Katie gave him a quick blowjob and complimented him on the size of his thick cock.

I like the feel of that one in my mouth,” she said. Ken was next but she stood, only grabbing him firmly. She took the liberty of digging her fingernails into the soft underbelly. He winced.

“But you’re my favourite,” she said in a hushed voice, “and the biggest too.”

Stepping back she looked at them now standing fully erect.

“That’s better boys, “she said looking at their cocks.”I like seeing a man hard. It makes a woman feel appreciated. Wouldn’t you agree ladies?”

They acknowledged her and looking pleased with the four submissives they’d be enjoying later in the day.

Jen commented, “Now if that doesn’t give you boys’ inspiration to get your work done, I don’t know what will.” Her comment broke the tension in the room and they all laughed.

Dismissing them she said, “Now get your work done. The girls and I have places to go and things to do.” And with that, she escorted the young women out of the kitchen and out through the front door. The guys stood silent waiting for the door to shut. Afterward they collectively took in a deep breath and sighed with relief.

“What just happened?” Rick asked.

“I think we just got our first blowjob from a dominant woman,” Mark said laughing. “That was pretty powerful.”

“My Katie sure has a way of making a first impression,” he added, shaking his head in amazement. “She is acting so different today. I have no idea what has got her wound so tight.”

“I like her,” Tim commented. “She definitely speaks her mind.”

All the guys laughed knowing his comment referred to her statements about his genitals but no one said anything more about it.

Well, wasn’t that interesting,” Mark said.

Looking at Rick he said, “Yeah, it looks like she’s got a thing for your cock now doesn’t she?”

Feeling pleased, he stroked the length of his eight-inch shaft and smiled. “I guess she does.”

“I noticed she doesn’t think the same about yours.” Ken said looking at Tim whose cock had already shrunk back to something less than two inches long.

“What’s up with that thing anyway?” Mark asked sincerely. “How big is it?”

Tim’s face reddened and it was obvious that although he was a thick muscular man he was not appreciating their comments.

“Hey, it’s what God gave me. It works just fine and when I cum I cum with a gigantic load.”

“Really?” Mark asked.

“Oh get real,” Ken argued, “Look at the size of your balls. They’re like a third the size of mine.”

“I’m telling you, I am a heavy cummer,” he insisted.

“Whatever,” he said dismissing him. Cupping his balls he said, “I can tell you that these boys can fill a shot glass.”

Rick broke into a laugh. “OK, you win,” he said acknowledging his was the second largest one of the group.

They all laughed, but Tim wouldn’t let it go, “Yeah, I come a ton. And besides, you know what they say. Size really doesn’t matter.”

“Is that what Tracy thinks?” Ken asked.

Tim wasn’t sure if he picked up a tone of superiority in his voice or not but answered him.

“She’s fine with it just the way it is.”

Rick came to his aid. “And that’s all that matters man. That’s all that matters. And besides, you have a beautiful wife.”

“Thanks. She is beautiful. And so is yours.

“Indeed she is.”

Tim slapped the back of Rick’s shoulders affectionately.”So, where do we start?”

The guys went over the list, item by item. Formulating a plan they decided to prioritize the floors, carpets and laundry over that of the other items, figuring that if they worked together, knocking off one room at a time, they could finish cleaning the house and still have plenty of time to take care of the food preparation and decorating duties before the ladies returned sometime after six.

“You’ve got yourself quite a place here,” Rick said.

“Thanks. Why don’t I show you guys around before we tackle this project?”

He led them from the kitchen, through the swinging door that led immediately into the Living area. The dining area was located to the right. Beyond the dining room against the back of the house was an adjoining double door that led into a large sunroom that looked out into the backyard. Walking back through the dining room he showed them the living area, which was an immense room containing a large fireplace, two sofas, several chairs with accompanying end tables and plenty of room to spare.

“This place is huge!” Exclaimed Mark. What’s this room, like 25×30 feet?”

“Something like that,” he replied. “That’s why I’m glad I got you guys here to help me clean,” he said smiling.

“Yeah, but I bet you didn’t anticipate you’d be cleaning it with four naked men.” He laughed and the others chuckled as well.

“It’s hard to believe,” Mark said “that here we are, four submissive man who pledged to forever serve our wives and treat them with this kind of authority. I mean two weeks ago I had no idea that I had these tendencies or desires. I wonder how many other guys are out there like us. I mean,” he added, “we are everyday normal guys like everyone else.”

Rick added, “I’ve thought about that too. I wonder if I work with submissive men that just don’t know they are and live lives that go against the very nature of who they are.”

“We live in a male dominated society. It goes back to prehistoric times when physical strength kept you alive. Women needed the security a man gave her and so she submitted to his will. Today we don’t live barbarically and higher levels of thinking are needed. We guys are so sex driven that it clouds our minds. I mean, who won’t admit that marrying a beautiful woman and having sex with her is not of the utmost importance?

The guys all laughed in agreement.

So why are we naked then?” Asked Tim.

Because dominant women know how to turn our sexuality against us to make us submit.”

And it works, said Tim.

It does but even more than that, we are programmed to crave them as sex objects. Beauty is important to guys more so than it is for them.

“Maybe that’s why Tracy doesn’t mind you having a small cock.”

Thanks Mark. You know how to make my day.” He cracked a smile and the others grinned as well.

“So, Ken said, we’ve seen the light and have vowed to serve our wives no matter how they treat us or what they do. We love them and we see the value of our place serving them rather than they serving us.”

“I wonder sometime about Tracy,” Tim said. “My wife has a mind of her own so who knows what kind of life this is going to be for me.”

“You’re not second-guessing yourself are you?” Rick said.

“No, not at all, but she is incredibly independent and can be a real fireball sometimes. I mean, she’s as tall as me and her beauty intimidates me. And,” he said squeezing his penis, “I wonder about this sometimes if I am really honest with myself. I look at you guys and I think she deserves better. I just hope she treats me with respect as her submissive.”

“Ah, don’t’ make a big deal about your cock. We were just teasing. But, with that said, she may choose to treat you more of a slave than a submissive.” Ken said. “Every woman that I’ve ever met seems to have their own way of dominating their man and reminding him of his place. But regardless of what she does, if you love her than my advice is to embrace her decisions and make them yours. I know that has helped me learn to love Katie the way she wants to be loved.”

Well,” Tim said quietly, “If she makes me her slave, then a slave I will be.”

“I guess the bigger question is,” Ken said, “is how she will treat you sexually. As you can see sex is a big part of domination. It’s why we’re standing here naked. Service involves doing chores, yes, but it also involves pleasing her sexually however they want.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. We’ve always enjoyed one another in the past and even though my cock isn’t the biggest, I do think that I satisfy her.”

“I don’t know if I sex is that big a deal for Debbie,” said Rick, “she has never has had a big sex drive so I don’t think sex will ever be a big part of our marriage. She is so busy with the boys. That’s her primary focus these days.”

“To bad for you,” Tim said “she’s one fine-looking woman. I’m surprised she isn’t taken by that rod of yours. What is it, twice as long and twice as thick as mine?”

“At least he has a healthy view of that tiny little cock of his,” Ken thought.

“Like you said, Little Tim,” Rick replied sarcastically, “size isn’t everything.”

Ken brought the conversation back on topic. “Now that you are her submissive, you might find sex taking on a whole new life.”

“I’m not getting you.”

“You are no longer a man who makes his own decisions. If she wants you to take care of the kids or cook dinner so she can take a break, then you better be ready to rise to the occasion.”

“And…” he asked wanting more.

“And taking that burden off her may spark her desire for you sexually. I don’t know how playful she was when you first married but my guess is, if she really embraces her dominance you will rekindle that old lovemaking you had when you were first married.”

Rick smiled. “So that’s all I had to do, all these years?”

“I’m not saying it is, but be ready for some significant changes sexually, especially as her comfort level in governing you increases.”

“And what about you Mark? Is your wife a big cock guy? I mean, you got a nice looking one too,? Tim said enviously.

“No, I don’t think my wife would care how big I am. All she wants from me is to put her first and that’s what I’m going to try to do. But she does love sex so I’m not complaining.”

Tim thumped him hard on the back. “I thought she looked like a playful one. You lucky guy you!”

“You guys are going to do just fine,” Ken said encouragingly. “I’ve been lucky enough to have a woman that’s been pretty easy on me. I know she loves me and she has never disrespected or abused me. I’m sure your wives will treat you with similarly. “Come on let me show you around the house here.”

With that he led them out of the immense living room and down a hallway that paralleled the front of Katie’s home.

“Down here is Katie’s office and at the opposite end is her den. They walked from one end of the wooden corridor to the other. Opening the den door, he revealed a lavishly furnished room sporting a large screen TV, surround sound stereo and several comfortable chairs that all were coordinated around a pink and green color theme.

“This looks like a man cave!” Rick said.

“There isn’t man-anything in this house,” he said laughing. “I take care of it but she owns it. And besides, I’m not a pink and green guy. Those are her colors.”

Leading them partway back to where the living room and foyer met they stopped. Looking through the living room once more they could see the dining room and behind that the large sunroom. Heading toward the front door they entered a spacious foyer. A wide staircase ascended, wrapping up and around to an upstairs hallway.

“Up here are the bedrooms.” He pointed to the left. “The master suite is down there and we have three other spare bedrooms, each with king-size beds and their own private bathroom.”

“Did you win the lottery or something?” Tim asked. “This place is a mansion!”

“No, I have a good job and all but it so happened that we inherited a fair some of money. We were looking for a house at the time and Katie fell in love with this the day she spotted it. We could have never afforded it if the economy hadn’t crushed the housing market. She worked a fantastic deal with the realtor. It’s huge, I know, but it sure makes hosting friends and family a joy, having all this space.”

“Damn,” Mark said. We better get to work. This is going to take us longer than I thought.”

The guys plunged headlong into their jobs. While Rick dry cleaned the carpets and Tim scrubbed the kitchen and hallway floors, Ken and Mark stripped the beds and started doing laundry. Ken ran from room to room gathering up dirty clothes, comforters, throw rugs and other miscellaneous items piling everything in the mud room where the washer ran with the first of many loads.

What he noticed about the guys, was there surprising level of comfort working and socializing nude. Initially there was some shyness having their genitals on display, especially on Tim’s part after comments were made about the size of his minuscule penis, but once that topic was discussed, everyone seemed pretty comfortable. Besides Tim getting razzed, he took a bit of a verbal beating because he was the only one of the four who was shaved. Because shaving his cock, balls and ass had become normal, having done it for so long, he didn’t think twice about it, and in fact, encouraged the guys to consider shaving theirs as well.

By the end of the first hour the floors were immaculate and the guys headed upstairs to the master suite and slowly worked their way from room to room, finishing the upstairs and then tackling the rooms below. Just as they finished cleaning the den, the front doorbell rang.

“Oh shit!” Mark said, “Who’s that?”

“Damn! I betcha it is the furniture guys,” said Ken.

Quick, get dressed. I’ll stall for time.

Speaking through the security system speaker to the two guys at the front door he said, “Be right with you guys. Hang on.”

A minute later he answered the door. Two young guys from a local furniture company introduced themselves.

“We got some furniture we are supposed to drop off.”

“Great!” Ken said. “I’ve got some friends with me. Let us give you a hand. We can get it all inside in one trip.”

“Okay. We got three pieces here to deliver.”

“Not a problem,” Mark said. “Let’s get this done.”

Five minutes later the truck left and the guys stood in the living room once more looking at two large plush sofas and the oddest looking piece of furniture they had ever seen.

“What the hell is this?” Ken asked.

“Do you know what it looks like?” Rick said. “It looks like a mini gymnastics vaulting horse.”

“You know, it does!” Agreed Tim.

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s got the same leather covering and looks exactly like one. The only problem is that it’s not long enough. Aren’t those things like four or five feet long? This one is about half that size.”

“I don’t know,” said Ken, puzzled as to why his wife requested such a weird object.

He left and fetched the list of instructions Katie had left. Returning with her papers in hand, he thumbed through them, finding a hastily drawn diagram of the living room.

“Okay guys. Here’s how she wants the room arranged.”

Quickly they carried out the smaller chairs and coffee table storing them in the den. They pulled the two existing sofas further apart and then added the two new ones along with the strange-looking vaulting horse, arranging everything in a kind of Pentagon shape with ‘the horse’ placed on the opposite side of the room from the ornate fireplace. The guys scooted end-tables next to the sofas and stepped back to admire their handiwork.

Mark looked at Ken and asked, “Should we be undressed?”

“Oh my god, yes,” he said ashamed. “Damn, this is my mistake. I should’ve had us strip as soon as they left.”

“No one’s got to know.” Said Tim.

“Things don’t work that way around here. Katie expects me to tell her everything and she expects me to tell her if I disobeyed her even if something like this happens,” he said guiltily. “I’ll tell her when she arrives and take what punishment she has in store for me.”

“It was an honest mistake,” Mark chimed.

“It was. But that’s not the point. The point is she expects me not to keep secrets.”

“Is she going to beat your ass again like she already has?”

Before Ken could comment, Tim interjected, “yeah, I was wondering about that. You took quite a beating on that ass. What happened?”

Ken’s face flushed red. Feelings of guilt and shame surfaced. How ironic that Tracy’s husband should be the one asking him this question.

“I did something wrong, and I paid the consequence for my action,” he said deceptively.

“Well, I hope I never cross your wife, for a little lady she packs quite a wallop!”

“Yea she does. It’s going to take some before my ass stops hurting and the marks fade. But you know, she made her point and I won’t disobey her again.”

“I wouldn’t either if I were in your shoes,” he said sympathetically.

Just then, the guys all heard their cell phones chime in the other room. Looking at one another curiously, they went to see what was up.

“You got to be joking,” Ken heard one of the guys say. A second later he heard another laugh. Finding his cell, he read a text from Katie:

“Stand facing one another in the sunroom and get it up and keep it hard for ten minutes. Then pick a partner and keep their cock hard for another ten. Partners are Rick and Mark, Tim and Ken. Olive oil in cupboard. Use it.”

He shook his head and walked slowly into the sunroom with a bottle of oil. Waiting for the others to arrive he said nothing but felt humiliated. “Sometimes submission can be a stretch to a man’s well-being,” he said.

Mark took a deep breath, “Let’s do this. It’s what Jen wants and I’m going to obey.”

Lubing himself he passed the bottle around and they took to getting themselves hard.

“Just so you know, when your told you to keep it up, the object is not to cum. They just want us to keep it hard,” Ken instructed.

“Do you do this often?” I do it all the time Mark. It’s a technique she uses to keep me horny. There’s biology behind it and it works. Trust me.

Ten minutes later, the split into pairs and went through the awkward process of grabbing one another and keeping it up. The room was awkwardly silent the entire time but the cocks remained hard. Ken couldn’t believe how thin and short Tim’s penis was. It was the size of a twelve-year-old kid and on his muscular frame looked inordinately small. Furthermore he hardly had to touch him to keep it hard. He was so sensitive. He wondered what he was thinking of his knowing his was way larger. “Was this a planned pairing?” He wondered. Things seemed too coincidental.

As soon as Rick called ‘time’, Mark spoke, “Let’s finish this house and do something productive.”


As soon as the front door closed, all four of the women burst into uncontrolled laughter.

“I can’t believe you just sucked three cocks in there,” Debbie said between intermittent giggles.

Did you see the look on their faces? Jen yelled. “I mean, when she pulled Mark’s pants down he looked at me and I thought he was going to faint.”

“Tim did the same thing.” Said Tracy, That look was priceless. It is going to be so fun keeping that man off of his game.”

“Sometimes a girl has got to do what a girls got to do,” Katie said. “I don’t know what got into me but I thought I needed to set the tone from the start. I knew I was going to have them strip but sucking them -I have no idea where that came from.”

Debbie said, “Well you’ve got my permission to suck Rick’s cock anytime you want.”

“I just might have to take you up on that someday. He’s got a nice one.”

“And if you only want a snack,” Tracy said tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, “you are more than welcome to enjoy my guy’s little one.”

“Only if I go on a diet,” she said chuckling.

Everyone giggled hysterically.

After getting into the car, Katie drove into town and treated the ladies to another mid morning brunch.

“This is getting to be a habit,” Jen said.

“It sure is,” Tracy added. “Two days in a row. I think I’m starting to get spoiled.”

After the women got their pastry, fruit and coffee they socialized. It was then that everyone shared a bit about their background. Debbie was a stay-at-home mom with two boys that kept her busy and satisfied. Rick had a great job working as a civil engineer for the state and was a bit of musician. Jen talked about her roll managing one of the major jewelry stores at the nearby mall and noted that Mark worked as an accountant for an automotive company that sold several brands of cars. Tracy, normally bubbly and outspoken remained quiet, listening to everyone while picking at her food. Katie wondered why she didn’t want to talk about her and Tim. Breaking the temporary silence Katie told everyone that she worked part-time in marketing and her husband managed and consulted for a major physical therapy chain. Eventually Debbie asked about Tracy what Tim did and she immediately broke down sobbing. After gaining her composure she talked about their financial woes, how Tim had lost his job in the HVAC industry, his injury after losing medical insurance that ravaged their savings and retirement, and his inability to find anything more than temporary, low-paying work that didn’t meet their basic needs.

“To put it lightly we are both stressed and we’ve lost most everything. Even with me working as a bank teller we can’t earn enough to get by. Our savings is about gone. But,” she added, changing the subject, “meeting all of you and being introduced to this lifestyle has been a godsend. I can’t thank you enough, Katie, for your openness and generosity and for you girls for befriending me.”

Katie, feeling a special bond with this beautiful woman excused herself from the table and embraced her warmly. The others did likewise, expressing their sympathy and support.

“We are here for you and I will not let you fall too far,” she added.

“Tracy didn’t understand the full ramifications of her comment but thanked her and the other beauties seated for their support and concern.

Two hours later, Katie turned the conversation back to the day ahead.

“I want to take you girls on a shopping spree. Even though I know where we are going, and do have a few things that you must get, what you end up purchasing will be your choice as I want you to be happy with it. Just know that I’m paying. It’s my treat.”

Everyone but Tracy objected but Katie reassured them that this was something she really wanted to do. She explained how pleased she was having been able to introduce three couples to the femdom lifestyle and, in the process, formed friendships with three wonderful women. The objections to her gratitude quickly subsided and the girls headed off to Delilah’s, an adult gifts and novelty hotspot located not too far away.

Pulling in to the parking lot Katie asked if they’d each select a sexy outfit to wear tonight select both a strapon harness and a dildo to go with it.

“Excuse me,” Debbie said shyly, “I don’t know how I feel about using a strapon on my husband.”

Jennifer agreed, “I was thinking the same thing.”

Tracy looked at them with an odd expression. “Oh come on girls, we’re just having some fun.”

“I understand your apprehensions, but whether or not you choose to ever use it, there’s nothing like seeing his expression when you put one on and he realizes what you might do. Their expression is always a picture of complete submission. Even if you never use it but pull it out every few months, he will give you that same ‘ut oh’ look. I love that look. It’s the look of a submissive. It’s the best.”

They all laughed uncontrollably. Katie explained that there would be no pressure or expectation to fuck their husband’s ass tonight. All she requested was that they be open to the possibility and realize that real power has more to do with the confidence they demonstrate than the extent of their kinkiness.

“Just as I impulsively sucked on all three of your husband’s cocks without asking you, I did it to send a message. I wanted all of you to understand something. What do you think the message was?”

Debbie answered, her statement verbalized more as a question. “That you’re the one who’s really in charge.” She said, the inflection of her statement rising in pitch.

“That’s right. Now I know I’m not. I know you are responsible for your husband but the impression that I left you and I know I left your man will linger. And, to be frank, I like you thinking of me that way.” She smiled.

Jen squeezed her arm. “What you did worked. That’s for sure. I know I thought, “Who is this woman acting so freely with my husband and has the gall to do it right in front of me?””

“And you were paralyzed to do anything to stop me weren’t you?”

Not waiting for her response Katie added, “you felt paralyzed because I did it with such confidence. That’s what I want you girls to understand. I want you to ooze confidence in every situation even you feel unsure. That’s what a leader does.”

Debbie said, “I don’t know that I can do that.”

“Neither could I when I first accepted Ken as my submissive. It took me months. But, I never had a role model to guide me either, and that’s what I hope I can be for you. I don’t want to tell you how your husband needs to submit because you all have different needs and different leadership styles, but I want to be there for you and I hope that you can be there for me, supporting and encouraging.”

A tear pricked the corner of Jen’s eye. “You’re going to make me cry. I feel like you’ve become a second mother to me.”

“Me too,” said Deb.

“I feel a special kinship with you Mistress Katie,” Tracy added. “I love you.” She said with sincerity.

“I love all of you too.”

The girls sat quietly, deep in thought as they considered Katie’s words.

“How about we have a little fun before we go shopping?”

“What do you have in mind?” Jen asked.

“I think we should make the guys all ‘get it up and keep it hard’. It will be a nice remote training session.”

“Can I write the text?” Tracy asked. “I have an idea.”

The girls all agreed and waited for her to forward the text to their cells before they passed it on to their husbands.

“This is so good Tracy,” Deb stated. “I love it.”

“So do I.”

“So do I,” Tracy, said quietly. “So do I.?”

Katie kept her comments to herself but thought the text was perfect indeed. “I would have paired them up just as she did,” she thought. “This woman is bone of my bones.”

Forty-five minutes later the ladies exited, each carrying a single package. Collectively they decided that the negligee choices were too cheaply made but they sure had a fantastic time modeling several of the skimpy outfits. Even the store clerk and other patrons stopped their shopping to admire these beauties when they stepped out of the changing room and into the store to show off their legs, breasts, hips and figures to their friends amidst accompanying giggles and applause. Each woman’s figure was the envy of others. Tracy was voted the hands-down bombshell but the petite and perky blonde Jennifer looked equally sultry in her maroon nightie. Debbie and Katie both drew rave reviews from the others when modeling their pink teddy’s and thong panties.

Once back in the car Jen was the first to pull out her strapon and assemble the dildo appendage. All four purchased a top-of-the-line Joque harness. Not only had it received great reviews online but the store manager, a sexy black woman in her early 30’s, raved about the comfort and security the harness provided when she impaled her bull of a man, something she said she did often. Whether or not her tales were true couldn’t be verified, but after each tried on the floor model harness and compared it with the other leather and vinyl designs, each agreed this was the most comfortable and made them feel both sexy and powerful, especially when they felt the weight of a nice dong bobbing around in front.

While Jennifer was slipping in the lavender Tantus dildo Tracy assembled her enormous Doc Johnson 12-inch cock complete with massive balls. She spotted it almost immediately while browsing the store inventory. The fact that it had been molded from the very cock of a black porn star sealed the deal for her. She made the comment that this cock could literally eat Tim’s for lunch and it of course; it drew laughs and giggles from all of the other women.

“Let me see yours,” Tracy said to Debbie.

Pulling it out and fitting it into the two-inch retaining ring she said, “It’s exactly like Jens. I didn’t want to get something so big that it would hurt Rick.

“I think Rick’s own cock is bigger than that thing,” Katie said eyeing her in the rearview mirror.

“Oh, I know it is but I was still afraid of getting something that would cause damage to my beautiful husband’s pretty ass.”

“Well, I’m not,” said Tracy running her finger down the thick vein on the underside of the molded monster. Personally I’d love to find a real one like this. Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious?”

“It sure does! Can I see it?” Asked Jen turning around to look at it.

“Sure, have at it!” Just then, their car drew alongside another just as Jennifer held the black cock up proudly. A middle-aged woman driving beside them looked and then looked again just as Jen swallowed as much of the massive prick as she could. The cock was so thick that it filled her entire mouth. Katie slowed her speed while Jen plunged the cock in and out giving it a virtual blow job. The appendage was indeed more than she could handle but she temporarily lost herself in the act of swallowing the massive appendage.

The woman stared at first and then burst into laughter giving her a thumbs-up. Everyone laughed uncontrollably. Katie’s eyes started tearing she was so taken by Jen’s show and the woman’s sign of approval.

“Another, Domme,” Jen commented, pointing to the average looking woman who had just approved of her action.

“Yea, right,” Deb said. “No way.”

“Men are so easy,” said Tracy still giggling.

“What do you mean?” Ask Katie.

“You know exactly what I mean.”

“Appease me.”

“Okay. I’ll give you one example. If I wear a T-shirt that is tight-fitting with no bra underneath I could get a man’s attention immediately anytime I wanted.”

“That’s because you have boobs we all wish we had. They’re big and beautiful,” Katie said.

“They’re just big, that’s all. It’s not any of my doing.”

“But you obviously know how to make the most of them,” she replied, meeting her eye in the mirror.

Tracy smiled knowingly, “I’m not stupid and like you said, a girl has got to do what a girl has to do sometimes to get what she wants.”

“And what is that?” Katie asked.

“What I want at the time,” she said coyly.

“I think we are peas from the same pod, Tracy”

“We just might be.”

Debbie jumped into the conversation, “I can get Rick’s attention even if I have a bra on. All I need to do is unbutton one too many buttons and reveal a little more cleavage.

“If I wear a short skirt I can make Mark do almost anything. He is so easy when I show him some leg.”

The conversation paused momentarily.

“Come on Katie, it’s your turn,” said Jen.

Katie thought for a moment. “Okay, here’s one: If I call Kenny my sub or my slave I can make his cock stand at attention within five seconds.”

“You are lucky too. He has an impressive one,” Tracy added.

“He does indeed.”

Jen turned and looked at Debbie who was sitting behind Katie. “Your turn Deb.”

“If I wear a pretty nightie, Rick will want to have sex with me every time.”

Tracy said, “If I wear my spandex workout shorts that cling to my pussy and ass crack I can get twenty guys to stare at my pussy or ass within twenty minutes. I’ve even done it on purpose just to have fun. It works every time.”

The girls burst into laughter, Jen noted that she knew exactly what she meant and felt disgusted when old guys looked at her with ‘that’ look. Debbie echoed her comment saying she thought that every man was a lecher. Katie reminded them all the power they all held when they used their sexuality to their advantage.

“I know I already took my turn but” Tracy said. “I love to use my girls.” She cupped both of her breasts fondling her enormous orbs. It wasn’t that she had 44 D’s but on her slender torso her 36’s sure drew the eye of almost everyone, male and female like.

“You do have quite a set of tits,” Jen said admiring them. “What are they 38’s.?


“Oh they are not! I’ve got 36’s,” Said Deb.

“OK, they are double D’s. My body is just thin. Well,” she said fessing up. “Actually they are almost triple D’s. They keep wanting to fall out of my double D bras.”

Katie said, “Oh my god girl, you are so lucky. They’re beautiful I wish I had them.”

“You can’t.” Tracy teased. “They are all mine.”

“I almost groped you the other day. When we were all together. I could barely keep myself from walking over and pushing Jen out-of-the-way just so I could suck on them.”

“You should have. I love to watch my tits being sucked. It turns me on.”

Jen looked at Katie surprised at her comment.

“Are you bisexual? She asked.

“No. But I do think a woman’s body is a beautiful piece of work and Tracy, you have to admit, is one that’s absolutely perfect.”

“And mine isn’t?” Jen said with a pouty face.

“I didn’t say yours wasn’t. All I said was Tracy’s is. Are you trying to push me into a corner?” Katie said smiling brightly.

“I think we are all perfect.”

“That’s right, Debbie, we all are,” said Tracy.

“Katie, can I see the cock that you got?” Asked Debbie.

Katie passed the black bag over her shoulder.

“Mind if I put yours together?”

“Not at all.”

Katie had selected a cock somewhere between the size of Jim and Debbie smaller nondescript ones and Tracy’s monstrous molded one. She chose one that was also molded but not quite as thick or large. After Debbie had slipped the Caucasian stiffy threw the retaining ring Tracy grabbed it and held the two harnesses side-by-side.

“I think you should go first Katie and then I can finish him off.”

“So who goes first? Jen asked “Debbie and I have ones that are the same size.”

“First we got to find a man,” said Debbie. “You really don’t want to use this on Tim do you? She said wide-eyed

“I might. I really didn’t think about it. I just like the look of this thing. Personally, I’d like to find the man they molded it from and let him use the real thing on me.”

“Tracy! You’re married.”

“I know I am. But I’m a domme. Can’t a domme have a little fun every now and then?”

“You’re getting us onto a heavy conversation Tracy. I think we need to keep it light and just have fun,” Jenny said.

Just then Tracy’s cell rang and shortly after she giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Deb asked, leaning over to look at her message. A moment later she said, “Oh my god!” She gasped. “I can’t believe you wrote this. OK girls listen to this. Is it ok if I read this?” She asked Trace. “Sure.”

“What?” Jen asked. “Read it!”

“OK, so Tracy told Tim this: Tell me how it felt to have your cock stroked and how it felt to rub his.”

They all burst into laughter.

“OK. OK, here’s what he wrote. His is huge and I think mine felt like a kids in his hand.”

They laughed once more. This time uncontrollably.

“Ladies, I hate to interrupt your fun,” Katie said through giggles and gasps, “but we are at one of my favorite stores. The store has the most beautiful nightwear and clubwear. You are not allowed to leave without picking out something that is completely jaw-dropping. Let’s go have some more fun.”

The girls entered the store still unable to control their hysterical laughter. Tracy had really crossed the line this time.

The End.


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