Massage Parlour Playtime

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By Nerdy1979

I went for a massage one day, and the attractive woman who works there told me she had no other clients for the day. She locked the front door, since she‘s the only one working. The massage room is in the back of the shop, so she says, “Go on into the room and strip down. The table and towel are all ready for you. We’ll start with your backside so lay face down under the towel and I’ll be in there in a minute after I’ve finished heating up the massage oil.”

I undress fairly quickly to be ready and get under the towel before she can get back so I’ll be ready AND so she doesn’t see my tiny package. I’m only about one and a half inches soft. When I’m really turned on, it gets to four inches, but my semi hard state is only three and a bit inches. Either way, it’s small!

I probably could have left my underwear on but she said strip. She’s the masseuse here after all.

She comes in, sets the oil on the table and turns on some quiet, soothing music with rainforest background noise. I’m a bit nervous as she looks late thirties early forties, five feet nine inches tall, has perfect skin, a beautiful smile, light green eyes a man could get lost in, small perky titties and shoulder length curly auburn hair with light blonde highlights. Her name is Jules.

“Are you ready?” She asks.

“Yes.” I’m early thirties, but my voice cracks a bit like I hit puberty again.

She softly giggles. “Don’t worry, I’m here to take care of you and relieve your stress. Nothing to be worried or ashamed of. Just relax baby.”

I take a deep breath and Jules begins working on my head and neck, caressing them ever so gently but enough pressure to knock those kinks out. She keeps working down my back, arms and on my legs with similar technique, but skips my upper thighs and buttock area. She must’ve sensed I wondered why.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get those areas in a moment.”

After fifteen minutes, Jules finishes with my feet and then grabs hold if my upper thigh/buttocks region. As she starts rubbing my dicklette starts to twitch. My body shivers a bit and I’m nervous since I’m sure she knows I’m getting a bit aroused.

After about five more minutes she says it’s time to roll over and do the front. I’m a bit afraid as my little dick is now semi hard and the only thing between me and her is a towel. I’m afraid that if I roll over the towel might move or slip off and expose me.

“Let me help you” Jules says as she tries to keep the towel in place over me, but as I turn my hand gets caught and yanks the towel from her hand and pulls it from her grasp. I’m already in the process of turning over. No time to turn back. I’m now laying front side up and fully nude on the table in front of her.

She stammers as she sees my half chub staring her in the face, “Oh… OH, my, um… I, uh…”

I gasp!

“I’m so sorry, it… The towel just came out of my hands.”

I watch her say those words to me as her eyes are fixated on my crotch region. She chuckles slightly.

I instinctively put my hand over my wiener and balls, but at the same time knowing it’s too late. She’s seen it.

“Oh, baby… You’re embarrassed. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t laugh. It’s just, well, it’s so cute. The cutest little baby-sized winky I’ve ever seen,” she says.

My face goes beet red and a tears well up in my eye.

“Shh,” Jules says, “It’s OK. Like I said, I’m here to help you relax and relieve tension. Besides, I really like your little guy there and he obviously likes me.” She goes to move my hands away from my crotch…Somehow I’ve no power to stop her from doing it.

“See, look how he’s standing up there, and it’s very pretty.” She touches my dick, “Soft too, I bet you lotion him up quite a bit?”

I can’t speak, I just nod a confirming yes.

“Does it feel good when you do that?” She asked me.

Again, I nod yes.

“I bet it does. Let’s see if we can’t continue that lotion regimen for him, huh, would you like that sweetie?”

This time I speak, but with a cracking voice…”Yes, please.”

“What good manners, we’ll have to reward that for such a cute little boy huh?”

“Cute?” I asked, more surprised that she was still here and not bursting out of the room laughing. I didn’t even think to ask about this reward she mentioned.

“Yes, baby doll, cute. I think you’re just sweet and this little penis proves it. I bet he even…” And just as she was asking, Jules glanced down at my little guy again and saw a slow, small but steady flow of pre cum was trickling out of my tiny mushroom head. “That’s sexy little man. How’s it taste?”

Before I could say anything, she bent down and gently licked the droplets from my pecker and licked her lips.

“Mmmmm… Yummy! Ok, time to take care of you my little sweetie-pie. Just let Jules take care of you, baby.”

She reached for some more massage oil and started going to work on my midsection.

I couldn’t believe it, she wasn’t running in disgust or immediately texting her friends or laughing about the tiny penis she just saw! She lovingly caressed my balls with one hand, gently rubbing the warm oil over my little ball sac while at the same time stroking my dicklette with great care and attention. Mind you, she only needed three fingers for my dicklette, but it was heaven!

Her touch kept me fully aroused but she pulled back a bit whenever my balls and penis twitched so she could keep me from cumming.

“Not yet my little boy, I’ll let you cum when I say you’re ready ok? That’s my good boy.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I mustered as she continued to fondle me. I held my load back as she said, wanting badly not to disappoint her.

After about five more minutes of this, she stopped. She stepped back and began to unbutton her top.

“Ok,” Jules said, “It’s time for the first part of your reward”

Jules took off her blouse, unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor to reveal her beautiful bare breasts. They were even perkier than I’d imagined!

She adjusted my legs so they were spread just ever so slightly. Then she reached for some more of the warm oil and put it on her hand. I had an idea of what I thought was happening. I was right!

Jules lowered her head toward my crotch at the same time her oiled hand went between my legs and under my ass where she felt around for and found my asshole with her finger. As her finger slowly entered my behind I could feel her lips close around my small dick and began to lick and suck me like I’d never felt before!

I didn’t realize I could receive this much ecstasy at once, not to mention discover someone who would enjoy my tiny penis so much! It felt amazing, I hoped it would never end!

Jules took her mouth off my winky for just a moment, and said, “Remember, hold it in until I say it’s time, OK?”

“Oh… K,” I moaned.

“Good boy,” she said and then continued back on the best BJ anyone had ever received. I don’t know how I held back, but I did.

For 10 minutes this went on! Feeling her finger massage the inside of my anus while beautiful, full lips continued sucking my little penis I thought, it will never get better than this. Then Jules stopped sucking one last time…

“OK, it’s time. When you’re ready, let your load go, baby!”

She returned to sucking, but this time Jules hummed while sucking on my sex button, causing a stir on my dick like I’ve never felt before in my life! I felt vibrations of sheer delight flow through my small cock and it felt like it was trying to grow another inch too, as if it would rip out of the skin.

Meanwhile, her finger quickly circled around in my butt, stimulating my prostate gland. All these things happening at once, it was the most uncontrollable mix of hurt and pleasure is ever experienced and just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.

“OOOHHHHHHHH… AHHHHHHH!”I screamed as I felt what seemed like gallons of semen pour out of my dick into Jules’ mouth!

“Mmmm… Mmmm… Mmmm,” Jules moaned, as she swallowed it all.

I lay there shivering for a couple minutes, unable to speak. Jules cleans the corner of her mouth, just the little dribble she couldn’t get down, and then proceeded to get a warm washcloth and gently rub my genitals down to not only get the small amount of cum left but to help relax my spent little dick.

“Wow! I didn’t think you’d have quite that much in you. Your little balls hold more than I thought, huh?”

I looked at her, still flush in the face and unable to talk, and nodded yes.

“Well, how did you like your reward? That’s what good boys with manners get, a special treat. Did you enjoy it?”

I caught my breath, swallowed and finally said, “It was amazing, thank you!”

“You’re welcome. Now, our session is over, but I’m gonna need to schedule us another one. However, I think this good little boy needs extra special attention with multiple visits a week and in a more comfortable setting.” Jules stated.

“When and where?” I asked.

“We’ll meet again tomorrow at 6 pm at my house. Does that work for you sweetie?”

I told her it would be perfect.

“Great. Now, get dressed and go home for tonight. I’ve gotta clean up around here and close up.”

She left the room and I got dressed. I have to admit, I was a bit weak in the knees. I could barely stand up as I put my clothes back on. She had sucked the life out of me, and I couldn’t have loved it more! Jules gave me her address and phone number when I came out of the room.

“See you tomorrow, honey,” she said as she let me out if the shop. “Have a good night.” She kissed me and I could taste a bit of my own cum on her tongue. I liked it!

“You too, see you tomorrow.” I said as I walked to my car.

I couldn’t wait. Looked like I found someone who appreciated and wanted to continue to appreciate my shortcomings. That made me happy and I couldn’t wait to continue our sessions together.

The End.


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