The Bully Fetish

By Max Swan.

Ben Rendell’s strange urges filled him with dread and delight.  He’s a bright Caucasian guy many called a weirdo during high school.  Back then, his peers would snicker or shout sneering jibes at Ben.  The main reason he was bully bait was that his height grew only to five feet, he weighed only seventy pounds, and so was scrawny and thin, and due to a genetic condition called XXY Syndrome had a tiny micropenis.  He had short blond hair and bright blue eyes.  Add his utter clumsiness at any sport or physical activity, and the bullies could not stay away from the boy.

Now that he’s eighteen and a freshman at Seattle University (SU), nothing has changed in his physical appearance.  The frat guys had a reputation for bullying freshman guys with one particular prank favored—an excellent old-fashioned pantsing.  When Ben accepted his place at SU, he had heard of this frat prank and hoped it would happen to him.  Ben had been a victim of degrading name-calling and even humiliation for most of his life.  So, it was kind of normal for him.  Some would say he had a bully fetish, especially if they exposed him publicly.

In his first few weeks at SU, Ben witnessed the bullies embarrassing some guys on the college grounds and always wished it was him.  On each pants-pulling prank, the bigger and stronger frat guys (jocks) who initially acted casual and even friendly had surrounded the intended freshman victim, then deprived the target of his pants and underpants.

Their method was almost always the same.  Once trapped, the bullies gave the poor freshman a choice.  Pull down those pants, or they’ll kick him in the balls.  If the freshman refused or resisted, he’d get a light tap on his nuts and punch in the stomach.  The bullies would then warn the victim to expect a hard punch to his nuts if he didn’t drop his pants in ten seconds.  At that point, the victim always took their pants off.


Ben figured he would likely become one of the victims of the frat bullies because those same guys were also bullies in high school.  He continued to dwell on the excitement and joy he felt watching a freshman’s stripping embarrassment.  Ben had followed the bullies from a distance to observe their antics.  Of course, watching these moments always involved someone else being humiliated.  But he was sort of sharing in it, almost as if the act of being forced to strip was an irresistible urge inside him.  However, Ben wanted to be in their place.  He could not get it out of his head.

He saw himself in their shoes and then out of those shoes.  Also, his socks, shirt, and pants.  Then waiting for the bullies to order, he drops his underpants.  Closing his eyes, Ben saw himself slipping his underpants down to his ankles and stepping out of them to reveal his tiny dick.  He became obsessed with stripping humiliation.  He’d always had a vivid imagination.

Thinking about that gave Ben the chills, but it also led him to think about why and how it might happen.  He spent much time daydreaming of nude nightmares, imagining why and how they could come about.  Then how he’d feel when it happened.  It was like becoming addicted to the idea, hating it, and needing it.  Needing the feeling he feared most.


Ben loved playing online and joined a forum specializing in nude dares.  One day he decided to let the forum members control him at a large local park where he risked public exposure.  The forum promoted the game for several weeks, so other members arrived at the park to secretly video it so everyone online could watch.

I must be out of my mind,’ Ben kept telling himself as he walked through the park, past the swings and the duck pond, beyond the walking trail, beside which was a large expanse of lightly wooded forest.  Very few people go in there, and no adults, because there are no paths, and the trees are close together.  The wooded area went on and on, away from the roadway and the well-cultivated sections.  It was a place you could be alone and feel unafraid to play.

Ben’s excitement drew him closer and right into the forest as he mused, ‘This place is perfect for a guy to get caught unawares, innocently wandering naked and lost.’  Ben’s imagination was running wild as he stared at his phone.  I can’t believe I’m gonna do this,’ he thought.  Reaching a spot where he cannot see anything but trees and bushes, he types into the forum that he is ready, takes a selfie, and posts it to show them he’s serious.

Someone called ‘NotSoSweetEmma’ types: ‘We want to play a game of ‘hide and seek’ with your clothes, and you better play along, or else the mods will ban you from this forum.’

I promise I’ll do whatever you say,’ Ben types.

While waiting for his first instructions, Ben goes deeper into the woods and further from the park paths.  He suddenly realized it would be all right if he obeyed these online bullies.  The fear and excitement he felt were intense.  Ben could have it both ways.  He could enjoy his fear but be safe from the consequences.  ‘Here’s how it’s going to work,’ NotSoSweetEmma wrote.  ‘First, you will hide your clothes.  Then you’ll try to find them naked.’

How?’ Ben typed, trusting NotSoSweetEmma would have a good answer.

Close your eyes, spin around ten times and stop.  Then take ten steps, remove your t-shirt, ball it up and throw it as far as possible.  Then keep walking for twenty seconds before opening your eyes.,’ NotSoSweetEmma posted.

Ben doesn’t hesitate.  He spun about, walked, pulled off his shirt, and did what NotSoSweetEmma ordered.  Then he walked for twenty seconds with his eyes shut before opening them.  His shirt was nowhere.  Ben had no idea where it was and was only slightly anxious but incredibly excited.  The freshman was going to get naked and did not know where his clothes were.  ‘No.  Even better,’ Ben thought.  I’m being forced to get naked and never find my clothes.’

NotSoSweetEmma wasted no time.  It felt good to play by the bully’s rules.  Twenty steps in two directions later, Ben had to stop, unbutton, and unzip his pants.  The following command came.  ‘Step out of your pants, close your eyes again, and walk away, counting fifty steps turning direction at every ten steps.  At fifty paces, stop, open your eyes, and tell us what you see before you.’

It was difficult, but he managed the stripping journey, only falling twice but bumping into trees a few times.  At the fiftieth step, Ben opened his eyes and saw a clearing where half a dozen girls were sitting on the ground next to an oak tree, chatting and passing around a joint.  They hadn’t seen him.

NotSoSweetEmma took things further now.  ‘Remove your shoes and socks, Ben.  Toss the shoes over your shoulder without watching where they land,’ the online bully ordered.  Ben kept his eyes straight ahead.  ‘Socks off, Ben.  Roll them into a ball and toss them over your shoulder as hard as you can with your eyes closed.’

Ben was now in just his underpants, not far from a group of college coeds who had snuck into the woods to smoke pot.  All his clothes, except his underpants, were somewhere in the woods, scattered all over the place.  The next move took much courage, but he could see he had no choice now.  He looked down and saw the front of his underpants was moving.  His tiny dick was making a tent.

NotSoSweetEmma then types, ‘Drop your underpants, just like you did with your pants, leave them at your ankles, close your eyes but keep facing forward.’

For five minutes, Ben stood there near naked, and though alone, he had an online forum watching and a nearby group of coeds chatting and laughing.  His dick stayed semi-hard at a pathetic two inches and dribbling pre-cum, and the cheeks on his face were beet red.

His phone buzzed, and he opened his eyes to read, ‘Walk out of your underpants, Ben.  Pick them up, close your eyes and toss them.  Then walk fifty paces to your left with your eyes closed.’

Everyone watching online that morning would have seen an eighteen-year-old guy wandering about in the woods, casually removing one piece of clothing at a time.  Then tossing it as far as he could, moving away from his clothes and into his dreamlike state until he was wearing only footwear and underpants.

Such a hidden audience would see him toss his socks and shoes, step out of his underpants, and stand naked for several minutes before picking his undies up, only to toss them away like trash.  Watchers, were there any, would then see the nude teen’s tiny dicklette sitting on underdeveloped balls.  Given the size of Ben’s physique and height and genitals, they would have thought they were seeing a prepubescent boy, not a college freshman.  It was just an online fantasy game.  But this game of bullied shame and Ben’s stark nakedness was real.

As he opened his eyes, he saw he was very close to the edge of the clearing.  The group of stoned college coeds was still chatting, but none had seen him yet.  Then, NotSoSweetEmma laid out his final and greatest humiliation.

Put your phone down somewhere hidden.  Then shut your eyes tight and take hold of your baby dick, then slowly jerk off until the girls see you,’ she commanded.

He did it gladly.  Ben took his time stroking his dick to total hardness at three inches.  After a few minutes, all hell broke loose.  One of the girls cried, ‘Fucking hell, that kid is naked and jerking off.”

They get to their feet quickly, staring into the edge of the tree line at the pale, skinny small male pumping his little boner as fast as possible.

“How old is he?” one asks with a smirk.  “He looks like an eight-year-old boy.”

“He’s hung like an eight-year-old boy, that’s for sure,” a blonde girl said and laughed.

They take out their phones and take pictures and videos of Ben jerking off his tiny dick, and as they stare and make degrading comments, the teen shoots three wads of jizz onto the ground.

“Eww, what a freak,” the blonde said, screwing up her nose.

Suddenly, one of the girls comes charging at Ben, still in a post-coital glow and kicks him directly in the balls.

Ahhhhhhhhhh,” he yells, clutching his hands over his tiny dick and balls, and falls to the ground, groaning and rolling in his jizz.

The other girls burst out laughing.  The one who kicked him said, “Maybe that’ll teach you not to be a fucking pervert.”  She turns to her friends and says, “Come on, girls.  Let’s get out of here.  This shrimp dick freak has ruined my buzz.”

Perhaps fifteen minutes later, Ben gets to his feet after checking to see if his balls are OK.  ‘That girl kicked me hard,’ he thought.  Ben was delightfully exhausted.

His small testes still ached from that well-planted Doc Martin’s boot.  That girl didn’t hold back at all.  Ben turns and moves back in the direction he thought he threw his underpants away, but no matter where the teen looks, he can’t find them.  His phone is also gone.

“Oh, fuck,” he mutters.


He looked for his clothes.  They were nowhere.  ‘Was I so disoriented and confused that I lost all my clothes too?’ Ben wonders.  He panicked and tried to retrace his steps, moving gingerly in the woods as he was barefoot.  He spent nearly an hour roaming the woods in vain, stark naked and again intensely feeling conflicting yet clashing emotions of dread and delight.

Several times he had to hide in the bushes or behind a tree as some hikers passed nearby.  It was exhilarating to think they were so close without knowing a naked man was just behind a tree.  However, in his futile search for his clothes in the woods, Ben eventually realizes what must have happened.  One or more forum watchers had grabbed his discarded clothes and taken them.  Ben had to laugh or cry at his stupidity.  He did both.  But he also knew he would be in trouble if the police caught him naked in a public park.

It was not even an online prank gone wrong that would help him much, especially after he had just jerked off in front of a group of girls.  That’s also sexual assault.  ‘Public indecency and sexual assault,’ he mused.  ‘A felony record at my age will fuck my life.  No, think Ben.  There has to be a way out of this.’  Then he remembered how the girls thought he was a prepubescent boy, given his trim physique and tiny genitals.  Aided by the fact that he kept his body hairless with the help of hair removal cream.  Even his genitalia are as bald as a baby’s.

So, Ben devised a plan to turn himself into a poor little boy victim in everyone’s eyes instead of a perverted, nasty little man who just wanted to expose himself to people.  It would also mean real public humiliation, but he’d get sympathy with no blame.  Ben had no choice but to run back into the cultivated area of the park where most people were.  He’d be stark naked, running bent over with his hands cupping his groin as if he was embarrassed because he had just been stripped bare by a bunch of bullies who’d run off with his clothes.

It was, in a sense, true anyway, but he’d leave out the part where he participated willingly in this online game.  It meant making sure people saw him naked and crying as he pretended to flee from the bullies.  Those he encounters this way could back up his story, the details of which would be vague.  Ben would say he was too traumatized, had been threatened with a beating, and that they made him keep his eyes shut the whole time.  That would mean he couldn’t say who had done this to him.  It seemed like a good plan.

Making his way back to the edge of the wooded area that borders the cultivated part of the park with its lawn and flower beds, Ben scans the site ahead of him to see the nearest person.  Ben has never felt so afraid in his life.  He’s trapped naked in a public park.  The online watchers stole his stuff and left him naked.  Ben thought about making a run for it, yet the prospect of sprinting through the park naked scared him just as much.  He’s trapped in the woods as he decides which people look for a better chance to spring his escape.  A man in his twenties jogs by and spots him.  Seeing he’s naked, the fit-looking brunette man runs over to Ben.

“Are you OK, kid?” he asks.

“No.  I’m naked,” Ben said glumly.

The jogger frowns.  “Whom the fuck did that to you, kid?”

“Some bullies stripped me naked and took my clothes,” Ben said, forcing the tears from his eyes.  “It was awful.  Please help me.”

“Bullies, eh?”  The man smiled.  “How old are you, kid?”

The teen remembers what the girls in the clearing said about his appearance but decides not to push it.  “Eighteen,” Ben said.

The man laughs.  “You are not.  That tiny pecker gives you away.”

“How old do you think I am?” Ben asks.

“Hmm, you look under ten to me.  You naughty little boy.”

“I’m eighteen, I promise.”

“If I were eighteen and had a dick that tiny, I’d kill myself.  It gives you away, kid.  Stop lying and accept your fate.”

Ben frowns.  “My fate?”

The man smiled and glanced around.  Then as bold as day, he pulled down his shorts and started jerking off on a rather large cock.  The phallus throbs with every beat of the jogger’s heart once it’s tough, and a thick glob of slimy pre-cum is already hanging off the end.  The head is broad, helmet-shaped, and purplish, while the sturdy shaft is smooth and creamy with some prominent veins.  A sizeable hairy ball sac at the base with two golf-ball-sized testicles jiggling around under the wrinkly scrotal skin.

The man finally speaks, asking in a harsh whisper, “You want my help, kid?”

Ben stares bug-eyed at the throbbing eight-inch cock before him.  “Ah, please, don’t do this,” he says.

“Touch it, kid.  A baby dick guy like you must dream of touching a real man’s cock.  But looking at that little pee-pee, no chick will ever fuck you.”  The man laughs again.

“No,” Ben says and recoils.

“Come on, touch it, or I’ll just leave you here.”

“Please, dude,” Ben begs.


Slowly, Ben reaches his hand forward, shaking, and his skinny body is sweating.  He put his fingers on the shaft, feeling the fleshiness of the cock over the hardness inside.

“Both hands,” the cruel voice whispers.

Ben does as he’s told, and soon he’s grasping it with his tiny hands side-by-side, and still, a few inches poking out the end.  Then, finally, he heard the man gasp and felt the big cock twitch violently in his hands as he grasped it.  Then, more pre-cum formed on the tip and hung off like a big teardrop.

“Stroke it, bitch.”

Ben sighed, yet knew he had no choice now that he’d gone this far.  Awkwardly, he moved his hands, feeling the smooth cock skin pull against the hardness underneath.  He leaned closer to the strangely attractive erection waving at him as he stroked the rubbery flesh, and the man groaned.

“You like my cock, don’t you?” the man asks hotly.

It’s OK,” Ben says.

“Rub over the head,” the jogger urges.  “Get those fingers sticky.”

Ben grimaces as his hand engulfs the purplish head of the stranger’s cock, feeling his slimy ooze squish in his fingers.  Then he rubs back over the shaft, making it slick.  Finally, he finds it easier to jerk the jogger off.

Mmm, yeah, that’s good,” the man moans.  “Now, lick it.”

What?” Ben said and gasped.

“Lick it,” the jogger said sternly.  “If you want my help, lick my cock.”

OK.  OK.  You fucking pervert.

Ben bent closer, his stomach was roiling, and he poked his tongue and touched the turgid cock with the tip.  He shivered and felt sick, yet his hands kept stroking, and his tongue explored the stranger’s cock.

“Lick the head, taste my pre-cum,” the jogger urged.

Clenching his eyes, he does it, feeling his mouth fill with the salty, slimy pre-cum as his tongue licks the bulbous cockhead.

Oh, yeah, lick that cock, little boy,” he moans.  “Taste my man meat.”  The jogger laughs harshly.  “Rub it on your face, come on,” he orders.  As Ben rubs the rubbery cock over his face, the man groans loudly as his throbbing cock dribbles pre-cum all over it.  “Yeah, now suck me off.  I wanna cum in your mouth,” he said, “and you’re gonna swallow every last drop, or else.”

Ben knew what a blowjob was but had never done one.

“Look up,” the jogger suddenly says.  Above Ben is a phone, the camera is pointing at him, and he shivers.  “Suck it good for the camera,” the harsh voice said, making Ben tremble.

“Please, don’t film me,” Ben said, trembling.

Just suck my cock like a good little boy,” the man shouts.

With tears streaming down his face, Ben kneels and takes the cock in his hand.  Closing his eyes, he leans forward and positions the bulbous head at his lips before slowly sliding the rubbery cock into his mouth.  Feeling the warm mouth engulf the head of his cock, the stranger thrust himself into Ben’s mouth, groaning in explicit pleasure as the naked boy sucks on him.  What he hadn’t got when he licked the cock was the flavor of stale urine, and it made Ben gag.  The flavor improves as the penis thrusts into his mouth, sliding over the passive tongue as Ben sucks.

Oh yeah, your mouth feels sooo good,” he moans.  “Suck my big man cock.  Suck it.  Ooooo, GOD.  Fuck.”

Without warning, Ben suddenly feels a jet of thick, brackish-tasting liquid cover his tongue as the man ejaculates.  Ben pulls back and spits out the unpleasant mouthful as the jogger spurts over his face, neck, and chest.  After the squirts become a dribble, the man pulls his cock back, and Ben can hear him panting.

“I said you had to eat it,” the jogger said harshly.  “Eat my cum, little boy.”

Ben sighs.  “It tastes awful.  Please, I sucked you off.  Just give me your t-shirt so I can go home.”

“Eat my cum first.”

“I-I can’t.”

“All right, just that big glob hanging off your chin,” the jogger said.  “Swallow it, and it’s over.”

Ben shakes his head, scrunching his features, and making the said glob of jizz jiggle.

Come on, do it.”

With a trembling hand, Ben scraped the offending semen off his chin, glanced at it briefly with a screwed face, then popped it in his mouth.  The slimy substance tasted bitter and tangy, so he swallowed as fast as possible, making a loud gulping sound.  Then he opened his mouth wide to show the jogger he had eaten it all.

“Good, boy,” the jogger said.  “Now stand up and come closer.”  Ben gets to his feet and moves close to the man.  The jogger grabbed him, lined his soft little dick up next to his large semi-erect cock, and started taking pictures of the comparison.  “God, it’s so small,” the man mumbles as he takes photos.  Then he pushes Ben back.  “Spread your legs and put your hands on your head,” he ordered.

Ben shivered because his bully fetish was getting a real workout today.  His little dicklette is growing into a baby boner, and the man laughs and keeps taking pictures.  Then he grabbed his thick cock, pointed it at Ben, and started to piss on the naked boy’s genitals.

Ahhhh,” Ben groaned, feeling the hot piss on his tiny dick and little balls.

The force of the stream was strong and hurt as it smashed into his already sore balls from that kick.  It seemed to last forever, but the urine stream eventually stopped, and Ben looked down to see piss dripping off his genitals and legs.  The acrid smell was strong.  After putting his cock away, the jogger laughs and runs off, leaving Ben staring wide-eyed at the retreating figure.


“What the fuck,” Ben whispers, watching the jogger retreat.

Ben knelt on the soft grass, so he was well-hidden and peeked through the leaves of a bush to scan the park.

“Fucking hell, look at the ass on him,” a voice said behind him, causing Ben to jump in fright.

Ben scrambled around, acutely aware that the way he was kneeling would’ve exposed his asshole explicitly to anyone standing behind him.  Instead, wide-eyed and trembling, he saw two homeless men staring between his legs at his genitals.

“Oh, God, not again,” Ben moaned.

“Wow, yeah, that’s seriously hot,” the second homeless man said, a wrinkle-faced gap-toothed black man in a hooded top and combat trousers.  “Not every day you see something like that out here.”

Ben turned to run.  However, he heard a vehicle coming from beyond the trees.  ‘Oh no,’ he thought, horrified.  ‘It’s the park patrol.’

“Little boy, you better not go out there,” the black guy said.  “The park patrol will fine you a grand for public indecency.”

“Is he a streaker?” the other man asked.  “Why else would he be naked out here?”

“I suppose,” the black man said, nodding and scratching his chin.  “Why are you out here naked, kid?  Does it get you off or something?”

“No,” Ben said, trembling still.  “Bullies took my clothes and left me here naked.”

“Bullies, eh?  Didn’t they know leaving a sweet thing like you naked in public would get a lot of dirty old peckers hard?”

Ben nods, realizing he has not considered this possibility when agreeing to play the online game.  ‘I need to get out of here,’ he thought.

“Shit, boy, I love your little clitty dick,” the black man said.

Ben feels dizzy.  ‘What’s the lesser of two evils?’ he wonders.  ‘These two disgusting men, or being caught naked in public by the park patrol?’ Ben can’t decide.  The decision, however, is moot as the men lead him, as if in a dream, further into the woods.

“It’s OK, little boy.  We’ll look after you,” said the white man who’s heavily bearded and smells terrible.  “Won’t we, Bubba?”

“We certainly will, Kenny,” Bubba said, grinning with yellow teeth.  “You’re in our park now, boy, and we don’t let anyone do messed-up shit here without paying.”

“I don’t have any money,” Ben said, eyes welling with tears.

“Oh, I’m sure you can repay us in other ways,” Bubba said and winked.

Ben’s eyes widen as he understands what they’re suggesting.  “No.  Please.  I’m not like that.  Please don’t.  I’m not gay,” he said, pulling back on Kenny’s grip, yet the homeless man was too strong for him.

“We saw you sucking off that jogger,” Kenny said.  “So don’t give me none of that ‘I’m not gay’ bullshit.”

Ben listens to the sound of car doors closing and some chatter.  Ben can’t go out there as the park patrol would not be kind to him.  Especially once they find out he’s an eighteen-year-old college freshman, not an eight-year-old little boy who was a victim of bullies.

“What do you want me to do?” Ben finally said despondently.

Kenny and Bubba smile delightedly at each other.  “Show us that little boy dicklette,” Kenny said harshly, causing Ben to flinch at the crudeness of his language.

“No, please, don’t make me,” Ben said, his chin trembling.

“It’s either that or you go out and meet the park patrol, boy,” Bubba said quietly.

Sighing again, Ben spread his legs to show the hobos the special treasure there.

“Oh, wow, that’s fucking sweet, boy.  Such a tiny little dicklette.  Spread your ass cheeks so we can see your cute butthole.”

Ben sighed but obeyed.

“Mmmm, little boy asshole is better than pussy.  Are you tight?” Bubba asks, reaching a grubby finger forward to touch him.

Ben jumps back.  “No.  It would help if you didn’t touch me,” he growled.

However, Kenny stood behind him while Bubba continued to reach forward.  Ben felt trapped.  Ben’s conscious of the unpleasant presence of Kenny behind him as the man grabbed his arms.  The boy watched bug-eyed as Bubba’s thick dirty finger touched him lightly between his ass cheeks, gently stroking his anus.

Ooh,” Bubba moans as he probes at his tight pink anal opening, trying to push his disgusting finger into him.

No, please, don’t,” Ben begs, pushing himself back into Kenny’s arms.

“You let that jogger play with you, so shut up.  Tell you what, you sort us out with your pretty mouth, and we’ll leave your little boy pussy alone.  What do you say?”  Ben’s hesitation makes Bubba smile broadly.  “Come on, just a little suck, and you can hide here safely with us.”

Ben nodded miserably.  “OK,” he whispered, resigned to having to orally satisfy the two homeless men to avoid them fucking his virgin asshole.

“Fuck, yeah,” Kenny shouted with a fist pump.

In a blue daze, he felt their hands instantly grasp his nipples, cruelly pinching them.  For the next few minutes, Ben stood limply while the two men groped his entire body, exploring every part of him with their dirty hands.  Ben squealed in surprise as Bubba sucked his nipples in turn, and he could feel himself blushing in shame as he enjoyed how the man’s tongue worked across his rosebuds.

When Bubba knelt in front of Ben and kissed him between the legs, the boy stood still, fearful he might give away his ambiguous feelings.  When Bubble wiggled his tongue across Ben’s tiny soft dick, he gave an involuntary moan of excitement, and Bubba smiled at him knowingly.  At first, Ben felt relief that his body wouldn’t betray him when Kenny pulled him around and pushed him to his knees in front of him.  Then, however, the teen saw Kenny’s disgusting cock encrusted with dirt, grime, and a cheesy white substance.

No way,” Ben groans as Kenny pushes it toward his face.

Kenny, though, just thrust forward, pushing his foul six-inch member between Ben’s lips and into his warm mouth.  The taste and smell were awful, and Ben tried to pull back, but Kenny started fucking his mouth, depositing all his cock filth there.  Eventually, Ben manages to pull free and spits and gags at the foulness Kenny’s cock left in his mouth.

Fuckin’ hell, Kenny,” Bubba shouts, pushing the man away.  “Sleeping rough ain’t no excuse for being a pig, motherfucker” Bubba said with a sneer.  “Go wash your junk, man.  There’s soap in my pack, you dirty old cunt.”

“The boy’s nearly washed it with his mouth already,” Kenny said with a pout.

“Go wash it, or I’ll kick your ass,” Bubba shouts.

Ben thought Kenny might try to thrust his filthy cock back into his mouth in his crazed lust for a second.  Instead, Kenny pulls back and walks away, grumbling as he goes.

“Here, boy,” Bubba said, holding his eight-inch black cock.  “Give this one a try.  I ain’t pristine, but I keep my junk clean.”

Bubba’s cock, as promised, isn’t as filthy as Kenny’s sordid junk, and it tastes much better.  Ben, his mouth stretched wide by the black cock, stares into Bubba’s eyes as the man slowly thrusts in and out of his mouth.

Oh yeah,” Bubba moans.  “No teeth now.  Yeah, oh yeah.  Suck on it.  Hmm, that’s good.  Move your tongue.  That’s it, boy.  Lick it.  Ooh, that’s good.”

Ben did his best to please Bubba, knowing his ordeal won’t finish until the homeless man’s satisfied.  So, he was oddly pleased when Bubba gave a sudden thrust and ejaculated copiously into his mouth.

Oh, yeah, don’t stop.  Keep sucking, little boy,” he moaned as he spurted this thick brackish semen across Ben’s tongue.

Once he stopped, Ben spits the jizz onto the ground, grateful the experience hadn’t been too distressing.  As Bubba steps back, Kenny returns without delay, putting his now much cleaner cock back into his mouth.  Again, Ben sucks the homeless man to orgasm much more quickly.  Even expecting his climax and finishing him with his hand on the grass.  Despite having just satisfied two homeless men with his mouth, Ben felt pleased he had managed to handle the situation.  Fortunately, the park patrol seemed to have moved on.

“Hey, boy,” Bubba suddenly said, his big cock hard again.  “How about we fuck now?”

No,” Ben shouts.  “You promised.”

“Aww, come on,” Kenny said.  “I even cleaned my cock for you.  I don’t do that for just anyone.”

Knowing these guys wouldn’t take no for an answer because he’d blown them.  Ben did the only thing he could think of now: run.

Bubba shouted after him, “If I ever catch you here again, boy, I’m gonna stick my cock where the sun doesn’t shine.  In your little boy pussy.”

The young man ignored the threat and sprinted away naked as the day he was born, through trees and bushes, and out into the cultivated section of the park toward an old lady casually strolling through some flowering rose bushes.

God, I hope she helps me get home,’ he thought.


To a great extent, his plan worked.  That day, the kindly old lady in the park could see Ben was in distress and believed his tale of bullies taking his clothes.  She lent him her shawl and walked him back to his college dorm.  Ben cried all the way to make his shame look natural, which it was.

The dorm supervisors fell for his story, too, and called his parents and college security.  The security men were a bit skeptical.  Still, his staged tears convinced them it might have happened.  Ben had told them he was afraid of having his balls kicked, which he knew the frat bullies at the college sometimes threatened to do when a guy resisted their instructions.

“When these bullies told me to take off all my clothes,” he told them, “and hand them over, I didn’t dare disobey them.”

It was a believable, if unlikely, story.

Unfortunately, news of his troubles soon made the rounds.  Enough people had been in the park that day to witness his nude race, to say nothing of the gossip from the campus security, who had a big laugh over his stripping plight, so word got out.  Bad news (and naked pictures) travels fast, they say, and within a few days, everyone in his college knew he’d been stripped naked by bullies.  After this episode, Ben figured he was in for much more embarrassing bullying in college.


This is a free sample of Max Swan’s novella called The Bully Fetish. Buy the eBook to read the whole story (28,000+ words).


*This story has NOT been edited by this site. The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This free sample of The Bully Fetish has been published with permission from GW Enterprises Publishing Company.

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