The All Male Gym

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By PeePeeBoy (edited version)

The first thing Steve noticed about this all male gym is what amazing shape everyone seemed to be in. Still new to the area, the gym had only been open a few months, and as a result, enrolment was small, but those in attendance appeared to be dedicated gym regulars. Steve marvelled at what good shape everyone was in, from the seventeen-year-old kid lifting twice the weight Steve regularly does to the almost fifty-year-old man with biceps twice Steve’s size! No slouch in the fitness department, Steve was 27, well-built with only a hint of a belly but arms that we the envy of all his friends. This gym and its motivated clientele would no doubt bring him the drive and motivation to fully transform his body into the Greek god and object of lust he had always wanted to be seen as.

About two weeks into regularly going to the gym Steve noticed something else about this particular gym. The showers, open concept, were always unused, and the change rooms, almost always empty. Guys here didn’t seem to linger showering, doing their hair in the mirrors, or chatting. Everyone was in and out of the change rooms in a flash. So it was a shock when a complete stranger started chatting with Steve as he dried himself off from the showers next too him.

“You must be new,” said the stranger, extending his hand and introducing himself as Jack.

“Yeah,” replied Steve, “How did you guess?”

“Cause you have to be the only one in this place not on roids, man,” said Jack, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a vial. “Have you noticed how everyone around here is in awesome shape? Here’s why. You need to try some if your going to compete with the guys around here, man.”

“Look,” said Steve, “It’s not like I haven’t thought about it before, but, um, doesn’t steroids shrink your junk?” Steve asked as if he were half kidding, but his concern was genuine.

Sensing this perhaps, Jack reached for the white towel around his dripping body and pulled it off his hips, thrusting his long, fat, cut cock out at Steve. “Dude, does it look like my dick is small?” he asked proudly.

Steve’s mouth fell open. This guy Jack had to be almost six inches soft. Steve figured he is maybe the same size hard as Jack is soft, but he had read six inches is average so he had always felt really good about himself. However, next to Jack his modest four-inch soft, uncut cock felt small. Add Jack’s six-pack, and bulging arms, he felt even worse about himself.

“Sold!” said Steve reaching for his wallet.

Jack said the effects would be almost over night after injection. He said this particular steroid was unlike any Steve had ever tried or heard of. “Be prepared to be shocked and amazed.” he said mischievously.

The next morning Steve woke up feeling weak and noticed his sheets were wet. At first he thought he had a night sweat but then the smell hit. Steve had wet the bed. Odd, thought Steve. I haven’t wet the bed since I were 10. Most have drank too much water before bed or something. Slipping his wet boxer shorts off as he stood up, Steve noticed curly black hairs on the ground. “What the fuck?” said Steve looking to the floor and then to his wet underpants and then to his own balls and cock.

Steve’s balls were hairless, his treasure trail gone, replaced by the hardest, eight-pack of abs Steve had ever seen. Hair loss must be a side effect he realised and his hand shot to his head of hair. Nothing pulled out, his head of blond hair was still intact. Steve rushed to the mirror. His body was amazing, over night his baby fat belly was gone, his thighs huge and his arms even bigger! Flexing for a good ten-minutes, Steve’s attention slowly returned to this crotch. His balls and cock were completely hairless and his balls looked pulled tight. Like it was cold in his bedroom only it wasn’t. I wonder if my pubic hair will grow back, Steve wondered? God, the guys are going to think I’m odd when they see my hairless crotch at the gym.

Stepping out of the showers that day at the gym, Tony, a young Italian body-builder there, greeted Steve as he walked out of the showers. As Steve dried off he noticed Tony checking out his guns. “You’ve tried Jacks stuff, huh? I can tell already,” said Tony pointing at Steve’s crotch.

Steve felt uneasy. “What do you mean?”.

“My dick hair fell out on day three, and my dick started shrinking pretty fast after that. I use to be able to go so deep into my girlfriend’s pussy man, now she just laughs at me. But she stays for my body, no guy has one better than me. On that Jack really delivers. Have you had any problems with pre-ejaculating yet? Half the time I can’t even get my shorts off before I shoot,” Tony said.

Steve felt sick in his stomach. Oh my god what have I taken, he thought in a panic.”Um, no, nothing like that,” Steve replied.

Did his voice sound higher too

“Ah, um, OK,” replied Tony, sounding defeated and a little envious thought Steve?

Tony dropped his towel and began to quickly pull up his briefs. Steve couldn’t help it, he looked right at Tony’s meat, only were Tony’s man cock should have been, was a tiny, hairless, useless looking two inches of skinny flesh resting on a pair of very tiny hairless balls. It looked like a babies dick. Tony quickly pulled up his briefs and reached into the locker, pulling out a sock, and instead of putting them on his feet, he stuffed it down his briefs.

“Um, see you around huh, later,” Tony said sheepishly.

The moment he left, Steve whipped off his own towel. Right under his eight-pack of abs, and his manly pecs, was Steve’s hairless dick. It did look smaller. Frightened, Steve started to jerk on it, and pull it until he got hard right there in the gym. His dick looked smaller, maybe by an inch.

The next morning was worse. Once again Steve had wet the bed. Pulling back his loose-fitting briefs Steve looked down on his cock, only to find little more than a head poking up and only an inch of shaft. Reaching into his underpants to shake it awake Steve realised with horror, he had a morning hard on! Over night his dick had shrunk to a barely there 2 inches hard!

Hard! He could barely get his thumb and finger on it! He looked cut too! His foreskin had shrunk right back to give him the look of a cut cock! Steve cried out in a high-pitched wail and his dick went flaccid, and shrunk to little more than a cock head. He was smaller than Tony. His dick was pathetic! No wonder no one showered at the gym! They all had tiny, embarrassing pee-pees!

To Be Continued . . .

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