True Stories: Our Readers SPH Experiences 8

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Readers and visitors to this site have been sending us their own moments of small dick Zen. Enjoy.


One reader had an embarrassing encounter at the pool…

When I was 15, I still hadn’t gone through puberty. I was at the pool in town changing after a swim. I had just pulled down my shorts and walking to the shower, when a mom came in to help her son get dressed. Somehow, I ran into her and fell down. I bumped my head, but I didn’t pass out. I did get dizzy. She helped me up, and asked if I were OK. I wasn’t even thinking of covering up at that moment. I looked over at her son who looked 4, and realised he was about double my size in every way. Longer, thicker, and a bigger nut sack. Mine was 1/2 an inch flaccid at the time. I looked at his, then at mine, then at her face. She was looking at my penis, then looked at me with a wry grin.

She said, “Are you OK little guy?” I realised she thought I was younger than I was, when she asked, “Is your mom here? Can I go get her for you.”

I was too shocked too say anything.

She asked nicely, “How old are you, honey”. When I didn’t answer, she said, “I’m guessing about 8 or 9, but your tall for 9?”

I stupidly said, “I’m 15.”

She said, “Oh!” and I noticed her glance down at my dick again with a smirk.

I wound up jumping up, and just running to my locker, and getting dressed in the toilet cubicle. Then I ran out of there.


A reader is curious whether others share his fantasies…

I would like to know if it happened to you that happened to me? I’m 52 years old, and my cock was not always as small as it is now. After a medical treatment, I saw that my cock was shrinking, and I grew boobs (and what boobs). I’ve been married, and I have had women of course, but now I feel intimately like a woman. I love cock, especially I would like a man to dominate me, to please him, and dressing like a women in obedience to his orders. What especially excites me, though, is to show my little dick to women. I do it often on webcam chat. Once, I was in the hospital for an operation, and of course I have completely stripped. Oh Boys, this was exciting. The glances and smiles of the nurses looking at my prick I enjoyed like crazy. My recurring dream is to walk naked through the crowded street, and hear the comments and watch the smiles! Does any other small dick guy have these fantasies or experiences?


Another reader had an embarrassing moment at a Pool Party…

I was very recently at a pool party hosted by a friend of my girlfriend. I had just been for a dip in the pool and had gone to the cooler to grab a beer. I was standing there talking to a couple of girls I know when some drunken guy (whom I didn’t know) came up and said something like “Don’t just talk show them what you got” as he pulled my swim shorts down and ran away laughing. Before I could pull them back up both the girl’s had a very good look at my tiny, baby-sized cock, and I don’t know who blushed more but they had bigger grins on there faces. My girlfriend had seen what happened, and thought it was very amusing as well. She told me later that both the girls had told her how surprised they were at how tiny my penis is. It is only 2″ soft on a good day but after a swim it is 1″ at best. On this occasion it was shaven down there as well (I do that on occasion particularly in summer) so I truly would have looked baby-like.


Another Reader remembers a harrowing slumber party experience…

When I was 17, my best friend was a girl called Samantha. On her 16th birthday (two weeks after my 17th) she had an ‘all girls’ party at her home but she felt bad for leaving me out as I was her best friend so she let me come to the party. It was just like any other small house party, music, drinks, dancing etc. As the night was nearing its end all the girls (8 in total) changed into their pajamas and we all sat in the living room having a chat. One girl then asked why I wasn’t wearing my pajamas, I told her I had none and they all agreed that I probably slept naked.

They then decided that since they were wearing what they would normally wear to bed that I should do the same. I thought they were kidding but all of a sudden they all grabbed me and pulled my shirt and jeans off me. I pleaded with them to leave it at that but they were having none of it and the honors fell to the birthday girl to remove my boxers. As soon as they came down a roar of laughter came from every one of them.

There were several comments such as: “I didn’t know you could have one that small!” and, “Maybe it is an all-girls party after all!”

They still had me pinned down and began to take pictures of me. Eventually I admitted defeat and stopped struggling, at that point they decided I’d suffered enough and gave me back my boxers. The rest of the night consisted of jokes about the size of my willy, and constant pinkie wiggling. They were gracious enough to delete the pictures, but soon everyone knew about the events of that night.


One Reader had to prove his manhood at the Pool…

Me and this girl used to go out, and when we broke up she told everyone I had a small penis. So, during swim class at school these girls walked up to me and said, “So, John, we heard you have a tiny dick?”

All the girls started to giggle and titter, so I just ignored them, and went on with the class. When I eventually got out of the pool, these girls were still laughing at me. So I told them, “Look, my dick is like 8 inches so screw you.”

It’s not anywhere near that big, I just wanted to shut them up, and that was my mistake. One of the girls goes, “Oh yeah? Prove it.”

So there I was, five girls just watching my crotch ready for me to show them, and remember, I just got out of the pool. I told them, “No way, I’m not going to just show you my dick!”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a girl pantsed me from behind! It was an ambush, and the girls saw everything. I pulled my bathers up right away, hoping they didn’t get a good view, but the all did. Those girls laughed like crazy at me.

One of the girls screams at me, Eight inches? More like eight-centimetres.”

I never heard the end of it from that day forward.


A reader got taught a lesson in poker…

Many years ago, I found myself playing strip poker with five girls, and two other guys. My friend and I were really good at poker, so we thought we had the odds stacked in our favour, which in the beginning we did. When we had gotten the girls down to only panties and bras, inexplicably I started having a losing streak. Soon, I was down to only my boxers, but when I got three kings I felt sure I had won, but one of the girls had three aces, which beats three kings. So embarrassingly, I had to stand and pull my boxers down in front of everyone.

They made me stand for the rest of the game. My penis was two inches soft (I was 17 at the time). Soon my friend lost all his clothes too, and the girls made us compare our dicks. One girl went and got a ruler, we had both gotten boners with all this attention. So they measured our erect dicks. His measured at seven inches erect, mine measured four inches erect. The other guy refused to participate, claiming he’d won.

The girls took pictures of us, and later sent them to all their friends. At the time, I never really thought my dick was that small, but all the hazing I got as a result of those pictures made me realise the truth in a hard way. Funny thing was, that the girls that night never really teased me with words. Sure I noticed their smirks, double takes, and knowing glances to each other, but being naked in front of them had made me very horny. Add to that my inexperience in life, and you could say my judgement wasn’t very good. I later learned that the other guy was a real poker shark, and he was the one that made us lose.

It remains to this day one of the most vivid memories in my life.


One reader got busted doing a dare…

Okay, so one day I was really bored, so I decided to hang out with a friend. Lets call her Ashley. She lives really close to the local Recreation Centre in American Fork, Utah. So we settled on playing ‘Truth or Dare’. I dared her to walk over to the Recreation Centre bare ass naked (this is in Utah on a snowy day). She dares me to run around the track at the Recreation Centre in her panties and bra. So we both stripped down butt-ass naked, and she comments on how small my penis is. But I think nothing of it and put on the panties and bra she had just been wearing. Then we walked to the Recreation Centre, her naked and me clothed. When we arrive, I run into the Men’s locker room, take off my clothes, and put them in a locker. The other men and boys in there just give me weird looks. As I walk out of the locker room, another friend (not Ashley) seen me.

He came up to me, and questioned why I’m wearing girls panties. I replied it’s a dare. So I ran around the track several times before Ashley says it’s all good (she was still naked because she had left her clothes at her house). So I go back into the Locker Room, and I get changed. As we are walking home she dares me to walk home in her underwear. I do it.

Later that day, I got sent a text picture of me running around the track in Ashley’s panties and bra. Subsequently, I got banned from the Recreation Centre after that. As that picture began being circulated around the whole town, what started out as some sexy fun, turned into the most embarrassing and humiliating episode in my entire life. The cops even questioned me about it, as they had gotten hold of the picture. It appeared on nearly everyone’s Facebook page. Funny thing though, Ashley never got into trouble for being butt-ass naked, and lots of people seen her that day too.


This Reader has a nasty neighbour…

I recently moved into a small two unit place, I hadn’t seen my neighbour much until the weather got warmer. Don’s an older guy, maybe in his late 50’s, shorter than me but big barrel chest, beer belly, could tell he was a tough guy back in his day. We share roof access of our place, so starting in May he’d always be up there sunbathing. Completely nude. I know that lots of older guys are more comfortable being naked in the open, like the men in my family or older men in the gym, so I wasn’t surprised. What did surprise me was just how much he was packing. Don is more than 5’9 but his big hog looked to be about six inches soft, hanging lazy and low between his legs, and wrist-thick too. He always laughed at my initial shock but I began to get used to seeing him on the roof in his birthday suit with that big snake unfurled on his belly as he soaked up the rays.

One weekend up on the roof, he shared some of his beers with me, and as we shot the shit, me in just a pair of nylon shorts and him proudly buck ass naked as always. He bragged to me about all of his sexual adventures, and the huge cock right in my face there seemed to verify his stories. My face went red with embarrassment- I’m a good looking guy, and well built, but my sexual experience is very limited for a guy in his 20’s, mostly due to my inadequacies in the dick department. As we drank and I loosened up, he began to egg me on into joining him. Surprising myself, I stood up and dropped shorts. He immediately laughed out loud.

“Damn boy, I didn’t know they got that small. No wonder you’re a virgin.” He winked at me, somehow he knew.

My face bloomed in new embarrassment but I sat down opposite of him, legs spread like his, our respective manhood were open for comparison. The contrast was staggering; real man and undeveloped boy

“Pretty damn small, son. How long does that thing get hard?”

He had a big shit-eating grin on his face and I just smiled along sheepishly.

“Uh… about 4 inches, sir. Maybe a little less.”

“God-damn, and on a big guy like you? It looks positively tiny. I’m nine inches hard. Guys in the service used to call me ‘Moose’ because of it,” he gloated, and it almost looked like his penis thickened as he spoke.

He then sneered at me and pointed at my neatly trimmed pubic hair, almost touching it.

“What’s this little trim job? Why do you young fella’s shave your pubes off like a woman, huh? Don’t want to be a man? Trying to look good in your bikini?”

He laughed loudly at his own joke

“No, it’s just… guys my age like-”

“Yeah, you kids are all pussies. In my day, we were proud to have a big bush. You look like a damn 12 year old, son.”

It was true. He had a huge swirling bush of dark pubic hair to compliment his big fat hog and big balls. Looking down at my own meagre manhood between my legs, the difference couldn’t be more clear. Mine was small and smooth, his big and hairy. It looked like a grown man next to his prepubescent son.

We had a couple more beers, and hung out. He continued to talk about his sexual experiences, making constant jibes at my lack of manhood and lack of sexual prowess. At one point he stood up and walked over to the edge of the roof. I saw his hairy ass jiggle as he held his big schlong in his hands and pissed for a long time over the edge.

“Ah, that’s VERY liberating. But I don’t think your little todgers long enough to get over the edge. You’d just end up pissing all over yourself, probably. If you need to make a tinkle, you better just pop a squat over in the corner.”

He then slapped me on my bare butt cheek to indicate that he was joking. I laughed along dumbly, as if I was in on the joke, and not the butt of it. Some part of me liked being exposed to him..

For the next week he was a lot more friendly, coming by to watch stuff on my TV. He also gave me little chores which I obediently performed. He’d open up his door when he heard me leaving and asked me to take a bag of trash down to the street. No problem, but then he’d say hold on and appear back at the door with three other giant bags for me to awkwardly drag down the stairs. Because we were the only two in the house, he also took to walking around partially undressed, or fully naked. It started to feel natural, passing him in the hall as he strutted by ‘hanging hog’, completely comfortable with his big, hairy, manly body.

As the weeks went on, he got a little bolder. Errands, sending me down to the corner store, get him this or that, never any money offered. I never demanded it. Only reward I got was a slap on the back or butt, and this kind of contemptuous laugh, a surprised smile, surprised that I was letting him get away with it. One Friday night he caught me in the hall.

“What are you doing tomorrow, pal? I got some chores I need you to help me with.”

He had an evil grin on his face. The next thing I knew, I was committed to helping him.

That morning he awoke me, banging on my door. I groaned in bed, I knew it was going to be a hot day, and I had to help this pushy old dude. I had to help him move all the junk out of his sweltering apartment down into the even hotter basement. His apartment was pretty messy and I knew it was going to be a long day.

It was hot as hell, and his apartment was not air conditioned. I pretty much did all the work, while he hung out and watched TV in my air conditioned apartment. It took forever moving old furniture and boxes of crap down the narrow, awkward sets of stairs. After only two trips I had sweated through my shirt and decided to strip it off, leaving it crumpled in front of my door. I heard him howl with laughter at the TV in my apartment. I felt resentful but then a strange feeling rushed over me and I was happy to be serving this man who so eagerly took advantage of me- it felt right. I hustled back into his hellishly hot apartment and got back to work.

Around noon he came to check on me. I could see that he was drinking a beer he had helped himself to out of my fridge, and was still wearing the boxer shorts he had been wearing when he woke me up, and put me to work.

“We’re making some real progress here. Now, just one more favour.”

And he had me scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors with just a tiny sponge. I was on my hands and knees, my shorts and underwear were so filled with sweat it felt like I had an accident. At one point as I toiled away on my hands and knees, trying to scrub away a stubborn stain on his bathroom floor, I heard him coming in. Paying me no mind, he stepped over me, both of his big, hairy dirty feet inches from my face.

“Oh, sorry.” I apologised and started to stand to give him promise.

“Don’t mind me, don’t get up, just keep at it, son.” I obeyed and kept toiling for him, feeling more pathetic than ever.

And then I heard his stream of piss. He didn’t flush and then walked over me again. As we went he shook that big dick, and a few drops of his piss fell on my neck and back..

He finally let me go around sunset. I was exhausted, and stunned that I had let myself be put to work like that. He looked just as surprised. But in his mind I had passed some test and he must have known he had a true small dick wimp on his hands. Now, Don gives me about a chore a day, some big and some small. He comes over whenever he wants, and takes what he wants, and I never object. When I went back to my apartment I just fell to bed, filthy, sweat and worn out. When I woke up I saw the mess he had left in my apartment- dozens of empty beer bottles, food he took from my fridge left on the counter and floor, cigarette butts and ash on my couch and carpet, and he used my toilet multiple times without flushing. I cleaned it sleepily, my little hard on reminding me why I liked it, why it was right for Don to treat me like this.

The other day he came over when he heard a delivery man stop by my place. Letting himself in, he attacked my Chinese take-out before I could get a chance at it. He drank the wonton soup from the container, and he ate entire egg rolls in two bites. Don ate like a slob, using his hands, mouth open, getting sauce and pieces of food on his face and stuck in his chest hair. He wiped his hands on my couch as he took the remote and changed what I was watching. When he finally let me eat the food I had bought for myself, there was about 5 bites left in total. This made me hard too, and as my stomach rumbled with hunger, my shorts tented up from my little boner.

Don likes to show off his big dick to me too, I know he gets a kick out of it. I think he also does it to remind me why it is the most natural thing for him to be exploiting me constantly. He especially loves pissing in front of me, because he knows it embarrasses me while establishing his masculine dominance. I’ll never forget watching him drink my last beer as he stood pissing with the bathroom door open, wantonly peeing all over the seat and floor.


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