Me & My Roommate (Gay Themes)

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By goodguy2244

As a new Freshman at the University, I was looking forward to dorm life. Hanging out with cool guys, the freedom of being away from home, new experiences. The first morning on campus, I awoke and walked down the hall to the showers. No one was in there, so I slipped my boxers off and turned on the water. No sooner had I started to soap up, my new roommate Alex walked in.

“Morning”, I said. He had thick black hair that was sticking out at all angles, and was wearing a white T-shirt and white boxers. I watched him take his shirt off, and noticed black underarm hair and just a brush of black curls on his pectorals. The hair on his chest gave me a quick pang of envy. I couldn’t wait to get some hair on my chest like my older brothers. Slowly, he slipped out of his boxers and turned on the shower next to mine.

I was shocked. Not only did he have a thick curly snatch of hair between his legs, he also had the thickest soft dick I had ever seen. It wasn’t short either, but the thickness was impressive. It made me feel weird, somehow, like I’d never felt before. I was impressed, but I was also envious, and it didn’t feel good.

I’d really never thought much about the size of my penis. My high school girlfriend liked it, and often talked about it being big, but the lack of communal showers meant that I’d never compared it to other guys, except my older brothers. Their’s were certainly larger, but I always just assumed it was because they were older.

As we showered, two other guys walked in nude. Tom I had met yesterday, the other dude I’d never seen. Instantly I realized they both had huge peckers. Tom had carrot-red hair and skin as white as a ghost, while the other guy had long brown hair and an uncircumcised dick.

“Hello, Alex, who’s your little buddy?” the long-haired guy said with a grin.

“This is Dean, my new roommate. Dean, meet Eric, we were on the high school swimming team together”.

I smiled and nodded to Eric, who immediately put on this serious face and said, “Seriously, man, what’s it like to have a little dick? I mean, that really is a small one. Can you fuck with it o.k. and all that?”

I just stared at him, shocked, while redheaded Tom laughed. I was speechless.

“Fuck you, Eric”, Alex said wearily as he walked out to dry off. I followed him and quickly covered my nakedness. Without a word, Alex and I walked back to our room, towels wrapped around our waists. Once back to the room, Alex removed his towel and stood naked, watching me.

“Don’t let Eric bother you”, he said, “He’s an ass-hole”.

“Sure”, was all I could manage to stammer out as he continued to stand there and watch me. I removed my towel, too, and we just stood there, watching each other. His penis was more than twice the size of my own, and the full realisation of my lack of size made the humiliation sink in. In a moment’s time I realised how different it would be for a woman to have sex with a dick like Alex’s or Eric’s, as compared to a small, thin dick like mine. And as that envy filled my awareness, I began to get hard.

Alex just stood there and watched my dick go from soft to standing straight up, and said nothing. I didn’t know it then, but when I measured myself later, my rock-hard length is slightly less than five inches, despite the fact that I’m 6’4″ tall.

I couldn’t seem to move, just mesmerized, standing naked with my little hard-on, before this guy whose softie was much thicker and a little longer than mine at full mast.

Alex broke the spell with a chuckle, “Well, at least we don’t have to worry whose dick is the biggest, right?” And with that, he started to stroke his fat dick. I still stood there motionless, like an idiot, as he started to get much thicker and much, much longer.

He took a few steps forward, and put his now fully erect dick next to mine. “Crazy, isn’t it? You’re taller than me, you’d think your dick would be bigger, too.” But no, once erect, the difference between us both was even more striking. Much more than double my size, I tried to imagine him fucking my girlfriend, realized how different it would seem to her.

“Wanna jerk off?” he said with a grin, as he reached for a bottle of lotion and sat down in his chair. I still couldn’t speak, but reached out for a squirt from the bottle and sat down opposite him. We looked at each other and masturbated. I came first, and he followed in a few seconds. Alex started laughing, and said, “You’re cool, you and that big dick of yours.”

Thus began our crazy relationship. Alex always pretended that I was the one with the big dick. He’d say things like, “Hey, take that big dick out and let me see it”, or “Pull your shorts down and put me in my place”. Whenever he’d say those things, it would fill my brain with humiliation, but it would turn me on, too. And I never refused to pull my pants down for him.

He’d just grin and we’d start masturbating. Never touching each other, just watching the other jerk off.

After a while, Alex began exposing himself to me in new ways. Hanging out in the room wearing nothing but tight briefs, always following me into the bathroom and making a big show of pissing next to me. And never-failing to join me in the shower. I never stopped being amazed at just how big his dick was. And I never stopped envying him. The feeling of humiliation over having a little dick just grew.

After Eric’s making fun of me in the shower that day, nobody else seemed to notice my small size in the shower. Nobody but Alex, that is. For a few weeks, I’d catch his eye in the shower, and he’d make a point of looking at my dick and grinning. That always flustered me, making me scared somebody would notice. It was one thing for Alex to flaunt his dick to me in private, but not in front of someone else in the shower!

One afternoon, Alex and I were in the room studying, and he looked over at me and said, “Hey, how’s that monster cock of yours hanging today?”

“You bastard”, I said with a grin, “You know I have a little dick. A little bitty dick. My dick is little and there’s nothing I can do about it! You’re the one with a dick like a man”. He just grinned and shrugged.

“Yeah, well, I do have a big dick, don’t I? Big enough to make the girls squeal. Big enough to really fill up a pussy. A big man’s dick.” The more he said, the more he got into it. “Your dick really is little. I showered with lots of guys in high school, and I never saw one as small as yours.” The more he said, the hornier I got.

“Shut the fuck up, you asshole,” I said.

“Little boy dick, short, skinny dick, tiny dick, little dick, little dick…” At this point, I jumped up and shoved him onto the floor. He grabbed me and we started wrestling.

“Quit saying that, you fucker, I hate you”, I grunted out as he twisted me onto my back. In a moment, he had me flat on my back, pinned to the floor, still grinning at me.

“Yes, you do have a little dick. And you’re going to suck my big dick for me right now.” All the resistance just drained out of me. He unzipped his jeans and stuck his huge penis in my mouth and I began to suck, just like he had said. And I liked it. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I liked it, I wanted it, I wanted to make it mine, to somehow make this big manly dick my own. He whimpered and begged me not to stop. He lay on his back and I went down on him as he writhed and moaned. I knew he was about to cum, so I stopped and looked him in the eye.

“Please don’t stop, please suck me, please let me cum, please…”

I stood up and grabbed my belt and tied his hands behind his head. He let me do it without another word. Then I took his own belt and tied his ankles together. And then I went back to his penis. Slowly this time. Bringing him almost to climax, and then slowing down. Torturing him, making him whimper, making him squeal, making him beg. It went on and on for about an hour until he kept begging over and over, “Please let me cum, please let me cum, please let me cum, please…” So I held my left hand at the base of his penis, pulling back and extending him to his full amazing length. And with my right hand, I started stroking back and forth, back and forth. In seconds, he shot cum all over himself and me, moaning “Thank you, thank you, thank you….”

From that day, I owned Alex. The tables were turned. He still talked about how small I was, and how big his dick was, but he knew who was in control. He knew who was the master. And although the humiliation was as sharp and agonizing as ever before, I began to embrace those feelings. I started loving to humiliate myself in the shower, always making sure the other guys saw how small I was compared to my roommate showering next to me. And by torturing and owning Alex, I was able to come as close to having a big dick of my own as was possible.

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