The Small Dick Adventures of Tommy Green 1


Mrs. Mills scolds Tommy Green

Tommy hurt himself skateboarding again.

This is Tommy Greens second story, but I’m writing this as it was a first-time event. Fresh meat so to speak. Tommy Green, as most boys growing up, enjoyed looking at porn and playing with himself constantly. Also, as most boys, he had taken a pick around the locker room sizing up his peers compared to himself. Mind you, Tommy only went into the locker room once and had a rude awakening that he was much smaller than all the other guys. Even little Jimmie Walker who at 16 was still only 5 foot 1, little Jimmie had a bigger dick, Tommy got a quick glance when Jimmie was changing because Jimmie was a bit shy having a 2″long soft pecker. what got Tommy’s attention wasn’t the length although soft Tommy was shorter, the girth, Jimmie’s dick soft was much thicker than Tommy’s, actually, it soft was thicker than Tommy was hard. when Tommy was soft his little pecker was very thin, Almost as thin as a pencil, Tommy just assumed everybody was like that, but to his horror, it seemed every guy in his class had a thicker by far penis than him.

Immediately life changed for Tommy, he grabbed his clothes and ran to the bathroom stall, this with it’s locking door would be his new changing room, ( anyone with a tiny penis has pulled that trick at least once ) Tommy was very upset over this but more embarrassed at the thought of anyone ever finding out. from that point on he wouldn’t even use a urinal as for fear someone would see his little dick, Tommy knew over the years being a bit taller than most he had teased many of the other boys, even beat a few up, Now these same guys were walking around laughing and joking with their big, average and modest dicks on full display. Tommy was terrified because they were teasing Hal Jones for having a tiny penis, Hals dick soft was bigger than Tommy could make his when he rubbed it, and it got hard. Tommy decided team sports, not for him, His new stepmother insisted he does something, idol hands, she thought, stroke boys glans, And Mrs. Green would have no stepson of hers playing with himself on her watch. So Tommy got the idea skateboarding, that’s something gets me out of the house.

Mrs. Green wasn’t sure. “Oh, Tommy, you’ll break your leg.”

She really didn’t want to let him, but she didn’t want him around the house all day either. Therefore, Tommy got his skateboard but with strict rules about helmets and kneepads, elbow pads pretty much everything a hockey player would wear minus the jockstrap. Mrs. Green hadn’t even thought of a jockstrap or Tommy would have had to wear 1. Now as I said earlier Tommy as most everybody liked to watch porn. He knew enough that the guys on there were the big guys in the dick department so he never really compared himself to them, but after his awakening in the locker room. Now he was worried. Omigod, he thought girls watch porn too. They will be expecting a dick this size.

Moreover, he looked down at his little dick as he was stroking it with just his first two fingers and his thumb, almost an OK hand gesture. His eyes welled with tears, he didn’t stop playing with himself though, the dirty little bugger. He imagined that he was just a late bloomer. I’m only sixteen, he thought, maybe it will grow?

Dreams of having a large cock fill his mind. Soon, he had one of the biggest cums he could remember, then almost like fate, an ad pops up for Dr. long und schlong’s stretching device: guaranteed to stretch even the tiniest penis a full extra two inches, and now Dr. long und schlong’s new thicken pump. Guaranteed to add thickness to your new, longer penis, and available at for $39.95, plus $50 shipping and handling.

Tommy couldn’t believe his eyes, his dreams were answered, this has to be true that guys a doctor, Tommy got hard again just reading the ad. Now a guy who thinks he can get his tiny penis bigger. Well, that’s an extremely desperate man, he’d do things he normally wouldn’t do. Tommy was just that desperate. Tommy see’s his stepmother’s purse, now, he’s grabbed the odd fiver now and again, but this was more like a hundred. Tommy paused for a minute but the thought of getting a bigger penis was like a drug. He ripped the purse open only to find only twenty-five bucks. Damn, he thought, then he saw the credit cards, he remembered his father joking about his new wife likes to spend my money.

“I don’t even think she has a clue about half the stuff she buys,” his father had said.

Tommy grabs the visa.”Too easy,” he said to himself.

Tommy ran back to the computer, ordered his products, but in his haste; he didn’t check the box that said for discreet shipping and billing add $3.99. Tommy couldn’t sleep for days in anticipation. Every night he was hard as a rock dreaming of being bigger, stroking his little dick like mad, so much, he was actually sore by the time the two weeks shipping period was up. Tommy was pleased when just like clockwork on day fourteen he saw the delivery person pulls in the driveway.

Tommy thought, right on time, that Dr. long und schlong is true to his word.

A knock at the door, Tommy answers it, and there stands a smirking middle-aged woman, Tommy doesn’t understand the look on her face till his eyes drop to the package and there in big bold letters is the name Dr. long und schlong’s magically penis stretcher model 001 small for men 3″ and under. Tommy’s cheeks turn bright crimson red. He can’t even move he’s just stuck in place.

The delivery woman asks, “Is your father home, he has to sign for his—(she giggles)—little package.”

She has noticed Tommy’s height and his little mustache and figures he’s old enough to get her little joke. Tommy who thinks his heart is going to beat his eardrums out barely heard her but got her drift.

In a low mousey voice, he said, “It’s for me.”

The delivery woman pauses for a second, then not wanting to pass up such a golden opportunity. “Oh, you’re the one with (looking at the box ) an under 3″penis?” she asks.

Tommy just about throws up right there, butterflies in his stomach have turned to elephants. In a matter of seconds, this woman knows my deepest secret. (I will return to this meeting in a later story)

The delivery woman laughs. “It’s no big thing, just sign here,” she said. Then not wanting to let this young, handsome, tall boy off the hook just yet, she looks down at his little pecker, which in all the excitement beforehand, is still poking straight ahead and very visible in his pajama bottoms. “Did you want my pencil or are you going to use that one, it looks a little short.”

Tommy looked down, and to his horror, there was his little pecker hard as a rock, and he had to admit about as skinny as a pencil.

Tommy said, “Ah, no, no, I’d better just use yours.”

He quickly signed and grabbed the package. That was to this point the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to Tommy. If anything, it fueled him on to stretch his penis. He opened the box and read the instructions, Tommy’s heart dropped, it said results vary and may take up to a year before showing growth. Tommy couldn’t wait a year. High school is only three years, and Tommy didn’t want to have to go through any of it with a tiny dick. Therefore, when the instructions said start slow, Tommy didn’t listen. He doubles every exercise. His already sore penis from all that masturbating is now really feeling the burn. Tommy can barely walk the next day. Oh man, he thought, this hurts. Disappointed as there was no growth either. Tommy stepmother saw Tommy limping around.

“Tommy, what’s wrong?” she asks.

Tommy froze, he couldn’t very well tell her the truth, so he quickly said, “Oh, I, err, ah, I fell, skateboarding.”

Mrs. Green asks, “Oh, did you hurt your leg?”

Now normally Tommy would have just said yes, but his delicate little penis was sore. Therefore, he said, “Ah, nooo, not really my leg.”

Mrs. Green was about to ask why he was limping but she was smart enough to know what parts were sore. “I told you, I told you, no tricks on that skateboard. Well, let me see how bad it is.”

Tommy thought, Hell no. No way is my stepmother going to see my privates. Tommy says, “Oh, they’re fine, just a bit sore, I’m OK, honest. Really, I’m fine.”

Mrs. Green knew her stepson was shy so she figured she would let him off the hook this time, then she laughed well sore balls might keep him off that darn skateboard. Mrs. Green gives Tommy an ice bag, and says, “Here, this will help, but no more skateboarding tricks. I mean it.”

Tommy agrees and holds the ice. Later that week, Tommy is at it again really over doing it. His little penis is very sore but no bigger. Again, Mrs. Green notices Tommy limping around. Mrs. Green asks in a stern voice, “Thomas Green were you doing skateboarding tricks again?”

Now there is no way Tommy is going, to tell the truth about why he’s sore, so he figures well it worked before why not again. Therefore, Tommy says yes he was doing tricks, and the skateboard popped up and hit his privates. So when Mrs. Green handed him the ice bag, he thought he was home free, but what he didn’t take into account was he had just said yes he had disobeyed his stepmother and worse got hurt doing it. That was all the fuel Mrs. Green needed. He’s shy, she thought, well he should have thought of that before he disobeyed me.

She pulled out her phone, Tommy’s ears perked up when he heard his stepmother making a doctors appointment for him. Tommy hated going to his doctor; Old Doc Potter was the only one who knew Tommy’s little problem. But he was always respectful of the boys privacy and being a man he would send the nurses and Tommy’s stepmother out before he ‘checked under the hood.’ “No ladies in the garage,” he’d say.

Tommy always appreciated it, not knowing, of course, that he only did this with what he told the nurses were ‘petite’s,’ a term he had picked up during his time in France. The nurses there would call the smaller guy petite’s, so when he would give his famous line time to check under the hood, he was pretty much saying to them we have a tiny one here lets spare this poor small dick boy the embarrassment.

Tommy’s face turned white when he heard his stepmother say, “Oh, good, Dr. Spark can fit him in.”

Tommy knew Dr. Spark was his stepmother’s doctor and a woman. Mrs. Green said the next few things and Tommy couldn’t believe his ears.

“Oh, well, Tommy hurt his, well, his testicles, and I’m very concerned… What’s that… You’ll need a nurse and parent present… Well, yes, that’s fine, but I don’t wanna wait for his father, so I’ll stand in… What’s that, you’ll take him right away? Great.”

Tommy’s head was spinning. Omigod, Omigod, Omigod, this can’t be happening, he thought. I can’t let my stepmother see my penis. Omigod, Dr. Spark is a friend of my best friend’s mother. I see Dr. Spark all the time, and now she’ll know. Omigod, her nurses, I always hit on them when I’m there waiting for my stepmother. They see me.

Tommy says, “Ah, I’m fine really, I am.”

But Mrs. Green will hear none of that talk. “Grab your coat, and your ice pack and let’s go,” she says.

To be continued…


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