Druid and Her Pet Alchemist


Naivara and Stifeson are walking through the forest to collect some herbs. Naivara is walking in the lead, pulling Stifeson by his leash to ensure he follows. Attached to it is a collar inscribed “Stiffy”. Trailing a few meters behind them is Alphonse, Stifeson’s mechanical servant who is stomping his way through the path.

Naivara is a elf druid of the moon. She can change shape into any animal she encounters. She is usually shy and timid around other humanoids. She is much more comfortable in nature with all the wild animals and plants. She is a skinny curvaceous 5’7” women with flowing blonde-red hair and hide armor. Recently she was bitten by a werewolf and is now struggling with the curse of the lycanthrope, which makes her much stronger and more aggressive.

Stifeson is a human artificer, alchemist. He spends a lot of time braking down the magical nature of the world and engineering different machines and potions to capitalize on the worlds magic. He is 5’6” with brown hair, a slender weak frame and a studded leather lab coat. He is very cowardly and is often afraid of confrontation. For this reason, he built himself a mechanical servant, Alphonse, who protects him from the dangers of the world.

“Are you sure you this place is safe? Those trees look awfully threatening.”

“Shut your mouth, would you. It is bad enough that I have to listen to your trash can hammering his way through this beautiful forest, I don’t need to hear your whining as well.”

“That’s my friend, and I can’t go anywhere without him, he protects me.”

“Yes well, he is loud and… unnatural. I just want to hear the sound of the river flowing downstream, and the rustle of the leaves in the wind. It helps me concentrate.”

Naivara stops walking, and so does Stifeson and Alphonse in succession. She takes this moment to study the landscape that surrounds her.

“This way, follow me.”

She says as she pulls tightly on Stifeson’s leash. Stifeson stumbles forward and manages to balance his footing. They walk into a clearing and Naivara spots the plant she was searching for.

“Oh Yay, here it is, the delicate, Sanderplus.”

Naivara brushes her fingertips across the leaf of the plant to feel its presence.

“Now, Stiffy, I need you to identify the properties of this plant to see if it will help us against the Sanguine. I have heard tales that it has features that allow for breathing underwater. But do not hurt the plant, I do not want it to be killed unless we use its essence to aid us in our journey.”

Stifeson crouches to inspect the plant. He pulls out a scraper and collect particles across the plants surface into a test tube. He adds a chemical to identify the magical nature of the plant. After a few minutes of proper inspection, he identifies the plants true nature.

“This plant does indeed grant the ability of water breathing, but it is not very potent. You would need at least ten of them, for the effect to last a minute.”

“That is not okay; It would hurt too many of these innocent life forms, to help us on our quest. Leave it alone, we will have to find another way to traverse the water.”

Stifeson begins to pack up his things and then points to his alchemy bag beside the plant.

“Can you hand that to me, Alphonse.”

Alphonse reaches towards the bag and instead uproots the plant with its strong mechanical fist.

“What are you doing! He is killing the plant.”

Naivara Shouts as she tugs on Stifeson’s leash. Stifeson jerks backward and falls on his bottom.

“No Alphonse, not the plant, my bag. Put the plant back.”

Alphonse picks up the bag with his free hand and places the plant back to the earth, covering its roots with soil. While trying to fix the plant, he accidentally swipes one of his mechanical claws against the steam of the plant, cutting it in half. Naivara screams in horror at this horrendous act of neglect.

“You mechanical monster, how could you be so careless.”

She cries at the unmoved Alphonse.

“Get him out of here. I don’t ever want to see him again.”

“But he didn’t mean it. It was only an accident.”

“It was no accident, it was his disregard for nature and life. He is a machine, he does not value or care for anything. He only obeys your pitiful commands. Now make yourself useful and tell him to leave.”

“B-But he is my friend.”

Using her newly formed strength and rage, due to the curse of the lycanthrope, Naivara pulls Stifeson towards her with the leash. She then uses her other hand to reach down between Stifeson’s legs and grabs hold of his testicles, griping her hand around them in a fist.

“I said command your servant to leave.”

“Please, I don’t want to.”

She squeezes hard against his balls. He screams in pain and tries to break free but can’t escape her strength.

“Do it now, or ill squeeze the life out of your pathetic, little, balls.”

She yells, excited at the prospect of destroying the poor man’s balls and feeling the wetness in her crotch with the power she feels.

“Please. I beg you. just let me take him back to the lab and I’ll fix him.”

She squeezes his balls harder and feels herself becoming damp under her hide skirt. She can smell her pussy being aroused. She starts crushing his balls under the power of her fist. Stifeson starts to cry in pain, tears flowing down his cheeks.

“Please, I’ll do anything.”

She ponders this for a second and then looseness her grip on his balls. Stifeson grabs his balls with his hands and falls to his knees in pain.

“Send him back to your lab now.”

He obeys her command and sends Alphonse back. She then lifts her hide skirt and reveals her dripping pussy to the wounded Stifeson.

“Lick it, Now.”

Naivara commands. He stares at her beautiful hairy pussy and becomes aroused. His dick grows rock hard in his pants as he moves towards her pussy. She grabs him by his hair and forces his face into her wet crotch. He begins to lick her pussy in arousal as she grinds his face with her crotch, covering him with her juices.

“I’m covering you with my scent, so everyone will know that you are my bitch.”

Naivara screams with pleasure as she grinds her pussy on to his face.

“Yes ma’am, I am your bitch.”

Stifeson screams as he licks her pussy with furry. He undoes his pants, and pulls out his dick and starts to stroke it. Naivara moans in ecstasy as Stifeson licks her pussy faster, sucking on her clit.

“Yessss, keep stoking your pathetic little dick while you worship my pussy.”

Stifeson increases his speed and licks her clit faster, vibrating it with his tongue. Naivara screams loudly and pushes Stifeson head, hard against a tree, She rides his face squeezing it between her thighs. She then screams and cums as her juices squirt on Stifeson below her, griping his head hard between her legs. Stifeson struggles to breath suffocated by her pussy and strokes his tiny dick faster as he squirts out in a orgasm. Naivara starts to breath heavily, still griping Stifeson between her legs. He starts to squirm underneath her and she release her grasp, and steps backward staring down at him with authority, as he collapses to the ground, sitting against the tree.

“Good job Stiffy, you have good skills with that tongue.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

She uses her foot to lift up his small soft cock.

“I thought you would have had a bigger cock then this little thing.”

“It can grow bigger; I could use it to fu…”


She steps on his cock firmly pressing into the earth and squishing his balls in the process.

“I’ll have to call a real man to give me a proper fucking. I have a lover that lives in these parts of the woods. He’s big and strong and has a huge cock. Nothing like this tiny thing.”

She says as she presses her foot harder on his cock. Stifeson cries in pain and then Naivara removes her foot.

“But if you behave yourself, I may let you watch as he fucks me. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes! I would love to see you get fucked.”

“Good boy, now follow me, and I’ll take you there.”

She then pulls him by his leash to help him to his feet. He pulls up his pants and they walk to see her lover. Her in the lead, as he follows.


Naivara walks through the forest, her hand tightly griping the leash of Stifeson, who obediently walks behind her, as they approach a log cabin. She is filled with lust for the owner of this homestead, Grenith, who is one of her many lovers. Stifeson on the other hand is very nervous, as Naivara told him many stories about Grenith on their walk leading up to the cabin.

Grenith was a mercenary for hire as part of Naivara’s Druid conclave. He assisted her on various adventures across the land. The would fight battles by day, and fuck at night and he is very aggressive with both activities.

“You wait out here, while I go inside. He can be hostile to people he doesn’t know, intruding on his land”

Naivara says as she ties Stifeson’s leash to a large tree outside.

“What, I have to be stuck out here by myself?”


She says abruptly, then walks toward the cabin, leaving Stifeson in fear.

When Naivara enters the cabin, Stifeson sees a man approaching from the distance. He is a 7’0” tall half-orc, with broad shoulders and bulky muscles. He has black hair and a beard with piercing white eyes. He exudes masculinity as he walks forward carrying a log on his shoulder. The half-orc spots Stifeson, and quickly walks toward him in anger. When he is within ten feet, he drops the log on the floor, sweat glistening off of his healthy body.

“What do you think you’re doing, stepping on my land.”

Stifeson freezes up, unable to speak as the half-orc walks closer to him. His strong body towering over Stifeson’s weak one. He struggles to speak, completely intimidated by the powerful man.

“I a-a-am h…”

“Speak faster little boy! Or do you want me to beat it out of you!”

Then he grabs Stifeson by the neck and lifts him to eye level, staring at him in anger.

“Please don’t hurt me!”

Stifeson cries as he closes his eyes, trembling in fear. A wet patch begins to form in his crotch and runs down his pants. The half-orc looks at this in disgust and drops him to the floor. Stifeson stares up at him, frightened. He notices a massive bulge in the half-orc’s pants, as he shakes in terror.

“You are pathetic.”

“Yes sir, I am. Sorry”

“Shut up!”

In a panic, Stifeson kneels down on his hands and knees in front of the half-orc to show his submission. The half-orc rests his right foot on top of Stifeson’s back to show his authority over him, pushing down with force, to lower him.

” Please sir, I am here wi…”

“Shut your mouth boy! You will speak when spoken too! Now show me your obedience and kiss my foot.”

He then pushes his foot on Stifeson’s back hard, until his face approaches his other foot. Stifeson kisses his foot repeatedly, scared of the half-orc’s wrath.

“Good little bitch.”

Naivara sees what is happening to Stifeson as she walks out of the log cabin. She is aroused at the site of the half-orc easily manhandling her pet. She walks up to the scene and rubs her soft hand on his strong chest. He looks at her.

“Grenith, I see you have already dominated my pet.”

“Naivara? This pathetic thing is yours?”

“Yes, I call him Stiffy and I’m training him to be less of a pussy.”

“It must not be going well.”

They both look at Stifeson as he continues kissing Grenith’s foot. Then they burst into laughter.

“Yes, he needs a lot more work, but at least he knows his place. Say hello to Grenith, Stiffy”

Grenith removes his foot from his back to let him move freely. Stifeson stands up.

“Hello, Mr. Grenith sir.”

As Stifeson stands up, Naivara notices the wet spot in his pants.

“Did you piss yourself again, Stiffy?”

“Yes, ma’am. I got scared. I am sorry.”

“You truly are pathetic.”

“So why did you come to see me?”

“For this.”

Naivara says, running her hand against his massive bulge. Grenith grabs her by the back of her head, clutches her ass tightly and kisses her passionately, their tongues wrestling for power. Grenith grips the top of her hair in a fist and forcefully pushes her to her knees.

“You should know your place too, slut, now suck that cock.”

“Yes, sir!”

Naivara says, as she submissively loosens his pants, pulling out his massive cock, which flops out, slapping her in the face. She feels her pussy becoming wet, as she takes a hold of the big cock and licks up and down the thick shaft with her willing tongue. She then inserts the head of the cock in her hungry mouth and starts to suck.

Stifeson falls to his knees in shock, witnessing his dominant owner becoming a submissive slut to this superior man. His little cock grows hard in his pants, so he pulls it out and begins to stroke it. He is in awe of the huge cock he is witnessing, having never seen one this big before.

Grenith grunts in satisfaction and pulls tightly on Naivara’s hair.

“Mmmm yes, just like that. Show your bitch what a slut you can be for a real man.”

Naivara sucks on his cock harder as it grows to a monstrous size. She forms a suction in her mouth, to please her mans huge cock. Grenith roars in pleasure as he grabs the sides of Naivara’s head, thrusting his hips aggressively, chocking her on his colossal cock. Naivara releases control to Grenith, enjoying the feeling of being used, with his powerful arms holding her in place. The cock slides deep in her throat and she struggles to breath. She can feel the tension building up in his cock, ready to explode at any second.

“Take it you dirty slut, take my huge cock! I am going to bathe you in cum, Arghhhh!”

Grenith screams as his cock explodes in her mouth, filling it with his potent seamen. He pulls his cock out and starts to pump it while holding her by the hair, aiming his cock over her face as more cum erupts. Naivara kneels under his cock obediently, opening her mouth to catch all the delicious cum. It lands on her face, most of it hitting the target of her eager mouth, but also spraying the sides of her lips, her nose, and her right eye.

Stifeson’s cock squirts in a orgasm, watching this erotic performance. He has never seen that much seamen come out of a cock before.

“Good girl, now go share your prize with your bitch.”

Grenith tells Naivara and releases his grip on her hair.

She crawls over to the kneeling Stifeson seductively. Stifeson is unsure of what is happening, he only stares at the cum covered face of Naivara. She pounces on top of him, pinning him to the ground. She puckers her cum filled lips, as she moves her head closer to kiss him. Stifeson resists at first, then obediently accepts what he must do and kisses her back, as she releases Grenith’s thick cum into his mouth. Stifeson becomes increasingly aroused. Their tongue’s collide, as she feeds him the thick cum. He moves his head upward and licks the remaining cum from her face. Naivara releases her hold on him as she stands up.

“Good job Stiffy, wasn’t that fun? I see your little guy liked it”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well, don’t be rude. Thank Grenith”

“Thank you, sir.”

“What are you thanking him for, little Stiffy.”

“For making my owner suck your cock.”


“For making her kiss me.”

“Thank him for his superior cum! And you better do a good job at it or no more playing with your little dick.”

“Thank you for letting me taste your superior cum sir. It is so much more masculine then mine as it comes from a real man with a massive cock. I am your little bitch and will gladly eat it whenever you allow me to”

“Good boy, now come lick it off my cock.”

Stifeson freezes up. He has never licked a cock before and is terrified.

“Don’t just stand there bitch, go lick his cock clean.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Stifeson slowly crawls toward the man, and rises on his knees to face his massive, now soft, cock. He stares up at Grenith towering above him, who is crossing his arms, waiting for his cock to be cleaned. Stifeson lifts the heavy cock with his hand, and brings it to his mouth, then slowly licks up and down the shaft. He then licks the head of the cock as it starts to harden. Stifeson feels his little cock pulse as he pleasures the alpha male. He puts the large cock in his mouth and starts to suck on it, enjoying the feeling of be dominated.

Naivara watches her pet pleasuring Grenith and becomes excited. She starts to rub her pussy and moan with pleasure.

“Ouuuu yes! Suck his dick you little bitch.”

Stifeson sucks the dick faster, lost in his urges to please the superior man. He pulls out his little dick and begins to stroke it.

Then, out in the distance, a group of wild wolves appears. They spot the humanoids and begin to charge with a blind rage to attack them.

Naivara witnesses the incoming wolves and stops pleasuring herself.


She yells as she stands at attention.

Grenith pulls his cock out of Stifeson’s mouth and puts it back in his pants. He quickly pulls out his swords. Stifeson is unsure of what is happening; he is missing the large cock filling his mouth. He opens his eyes and sees the incoming wolves and falls backward in fright.

Grenith and Naivara charge towards the pack of wolves, prepared to fight.


The End.


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