Mrs. Mills scolds Tommy Green


Mrs. Mills was sitting by her window when she heard neighborhood troublemaker Tommy Green say to her sweet nieces as well as the Smith sisters a few very vulgar things. One that really got her steaming was when Tommy said, “Suck my big cock.”

Mrs. Mills was going to grab him right there, but she figured she had better call his new stepmother first. “Hello, Mrs. Green, yes, this is your across the street neighbor Mrs. Mills, I thought I’d call you and let you know Tommy said a few very vulgar things to my sweet niece. If he were one of my boys, he’d be getting a stern talking to as well as a few smacks.”

On the other end of the line, Mrs. Green had none of this. Why that little brat, she thought. “Well, Mrs. Mills, I’m sorry Tommy was acting up, and seeing as your boys are so well-behaved I see no problem with you giving Tommy what he deserves,” she said knowing full well this would mean a bare bottom spanking. Tommy, although brash, arrogant, and rude was very shy when it came to nudity. “May I ask what it was he said so I can discipline him too?”

Mrs. Mills replied, “Well, a few words I didn’t quite hear but I know he said, ‘Suck my big cock.’ I just can’t allow that type of talk.”

Now Mrs. Green almost mentioned seeing Tommy’s not-so-big cock making a little tent in his pajama’s the other day at breakfast when he thought nobody could see. But see thought: No, I don’t wanna spoil Mrs. Mills surprise to find out for herself. So Mrs. Green said, “No, Mrs. Mills, I have full trust and give you full permission to discipline Tommy as you see fit.”

In addition, Tommy’s fate was set in stone. Tommy who had always avoided locker rooms, changing room, and wouldn’t even use a urinal afraid someone would get a peek at his most guarded secret would be know exposed. He’s this cool, arrogant tough guy macho type and would go to extreme trouble to avoid any chance someone would see his little dick.

Mrs. Mills grabbed Tommy’s arm and spun him around. “Hey, you old—” is all Tommy got out before Mrs. Mills landed a slap across his face that froze the boy in his tracks.

Mrs. Mills authority was without doubt. She marches him into the house, and before he knows it his shorts are yanked down to his ankles, and Mrs. Mills gives him 3 hard whacks to his underwear covered bum.

“OUCH—AH—AH,” is all Tommy could say.

He froze with fear and embarrassment as he was standing in just his tighty-whites in front of his neighbor from across the street. Mrs. Mills lectured the boy between smacks for a good 10 minutes. To Tommy, it seemed like an hour, but at least she didn’t pull his underwear down. He was sure she was going to when she yanked down his shorts, but all this emotion and embarrassment had a strange effect on Tommy. Oh my God, he thought, not now, please, not now.

But to no avail, his penis was filling with blood. Every time he looked down it throbbed up and harder until it was fully erect. Hopefully Mrs. Mills won’t notice, Tommy thought. When the punishment was over, Mrs. Mills got up but wrong he was. His heart dropped into his stomach when Mrs. Mills went to the door and called to her nieces to come in the house. “And, oh yes, bring the Smith sisters with you,” she said. “Tommy hands at your sides and don’t move.”

The girls enter, and Mrs. Mills allows them a few minutes to drink in the sight. There stands Tommy Green their tormenter for most of their childhood with bright red cheeks and just in his t-shirt and tighty-whiteys. In addition, what’s that? Is he? OMG, he is poking a tent. Laughter erupts. After a few minutes, Mrs. Mills says, “OK, OK, girls, this is a serious matter I’m teaching Tommy here a lesson. Now, what was it that Tommy had said?”

Brenda, the oldest, pipes up and says, “Suck my big thingy.”

She uses the word thingy as not to receive a spanking herself and this gets another quick round of laughs.

“I see,” says Mrs. Mills and over to her desk, she grabs a ruler that was sitting there.

Oh, no, thought Tommy, she’s going to spank me with the ruler. How wrong he was. Mrs. Mills walks behind Tommy, grabs his shoulders and squares him up to his audience of eager viewers as he had been trying in vain to hide his tent with his twisted body. Tommy now braces for what he thinks is going to be a whack when whoosh, he doesn’t feel a whack instead a rush of cold air on his privates. Oh my God, she just pulled my underwear down, Tommy thought, almost fainting as his throbbing, rock hard, dripping precum, tiny erection pointed straight at the girls.

First, they just gasp in disbelief at what they’re seeing, then laughter erupts. Mrs. Mills says, “OK, well let’s see if Tommy really has a big thingy.” With that, she holds the ruler to his rock hard erection and sets his shame in stone. “Three inches,” she announces, “Yes, three inches, girls, and as skinny as my little finger.”

The girls laugh loudly at this until they pee themselves. They may be young, but they know this is a tiny penis. “You see, girls know guys like you Tommy with your tiny, skinny penis will brag and say they have a big one. But as you can see they usually don’t, do they, Tommy?” Mrs. Mills asks. Tommy doesn’t respond he’s too busy crying with embarrassment. So Mrs. Mills gives him a hard smack on his bum with the ruler. She repeats, “Do they, Tommy?”

This time Tommy sobs, “No, they don’t.”

Mrs. Mills asks, “And do you, Tommy, do you have a big thingy?

“NO,” sobs Tommy.

Mrs. Mills asks, “Do you have a tiny penis, Tommy?”

She gives him a light tap with the ruler on his still hard pecker.

“Yes,” says Tommy in a very low voice.

Mrs. Mills says, “What was that, Tommy? In a louder voice please.”

Tommy sobs in a louder voice, “Yes, I have a tiny penis.”

The girls absolutely die laughing, big bad Tommy Green with a tiny penis.

Mrs. Mills says, “OK, Tommy put that little worm away and go see your stepmother. I think she wants to talk to you as well.”


The End.



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