Rodney’s Nude Humiliation

  By aaronburr   Carl Harlson, the tall, tow-haired young Viking, was summoned for rehearsal by Miss Cuff, to be the only boy up on the stage with seven girls, for a particularly difficult scene in Cowgirls and Indian Braves. It was the scene where a lone brave, out on the prairie, wearing nothing but his loin cloth, is surprised by a party of cowgirls and taken prisoner. Miss Cuff wanted the piece rehearsed to perfection. She had invited teachers,

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Hannah’s Bananas

  by TeasedToTears   Even in a class of 200, Hannah was a standout. Not just because she was pretty or because she was smart, but because she had that special something that demanded that you pay attention. I’d been teaching for more than 20 years and very rarely had I come across a student who was so commanding in her presence that I couldn’t help but notice her in a sea of faces in the class auditorium. She had

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