Nice Guy + Small Dick = Cuckold

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by xavxav

Fuck, it’s Saturday, Tom thought as he awakened with the bright morning sun shining through the bedroom window, blinding his eyes. His beautiful wife Jenny was still asleep next to him, her full, proud breasts rising and falling in time to her breathing. The night was too warm and humid to wear any clothes. Her nude body, as sexy as any nude magazine model’s, lay open and seemingly ready to be taken by some appreciative lover.

Saturday, the day of his boss’ dreaded pool party. His co-workers from the small plastics factory would be there,the most outspoken ones sporting their tight bathing suits, exhibiting their hard-earned muscles. Many of them went to the gym daily and this kind of opportunity to show off was the prize for their dedication at the bench press. Most importantly, they seemed to get off on showing off their crotch bulges to all the ladies. They acted non chalant about it, but it was clear how cruelly vain they really were.

Tom, on the other hand, had a huge paunch, he never worked out, and his tiny dick was almost completely hidden from view, lost in his beer gut. He wore loose-fitting swim trunks, boxer style, as to not bring attention to his very small endowment. He had met his wife before he started to let his body go, and yet she still loved him and kept faithful to him. The guys at the factory wondered how such a hot woman could settle for ‘Pencil’, as they called Tom among themselves.

They originally called him ‘Pencil Dick’ after seeing his tiny dick in the showers after work one day, but as they got to know and like him, they shortened it to Pencil. A familiar nickname for a truly a nice guy. A nice guy with a wife every guy wanted to fuck, with full breasts and an ass to die for. The thought of sucking on her titties would cross every man’s mind upon seeing her.

“Hey, did you get that order out?” One co-worker might ask another.

“Yeah, I think Pencil took care of it.”

It was such a mean-spirited name to begin with, said with a laugh, but now it was used without any thought, like any other nickname. Tom overheard them sometimes, and it was always on his mind what a tiny dick he had and how others find him inadequate

Tom’s boss, Mark Jacobs, was his wife Jenny’s biggest fan. His huge dick leapt to erection in his slacks whenever he saw her. He had made a vow to himself that he’d fuck her one day. He knew as well as everyone about her husband’s 4 inch cock, which only made him more determined to someday stretch her pussy on his 9 inch, thick prick. The ladies were always all over Mark. His reputation for having a huge dick, his muscular body, and his great success as an aggressive businessman, made him a winner with women.

Mark often worked out with his favourite employees at the gym, and he would comment with lust in his eyes, and in a serious tone, how he was going to fuck Jenny one day. They all smiled and wanted to do the same thing, of course. It was a matter of giving her a taste of what a real man is like, a dick that would satisfy her pussy. Jenny and Tom were married for 9 years. Nine years of that 4 inch dick, and Tom’s ever expanding beer gut.

Mark would bring rich deserts to the small factory for the workers, knowing only Tom would really pig out on them. He chuckled as he stopped into the bakery by work, knowing he was getting a fattening treat especially for Tom. ‘Feeding the Paunch’ is what he called it. Make that tiny dick disappear further from sight, make Jenny long even more for a real man. And by God, one day she’d get one.

Namely Mark, and his hefty 9 inches.

“Hey, Tom, I brought a cheesecake for everyone. Dig in, Buddy, I know you like cheesecake.”

And then he would smile secretly, and think, Feed the paunch, loser, make yourself even less appealing to your wife. Make that tiny dick shrink even more under that out of shape belly. I’m gonna fuck her one day , wimp.

Tom would take seconds, sometimes take some to go, as the other guys headed for the gym. “Man, did you see Pencil go after that cheesecake?” they’d say.

Tom only thought of going home, and resting after work, leaving poor Jenny unsatisfied day after day. Tom’s co-worker’s wife always bragged about her sex life, Jenny practically didn’t have one.

This pool party would be just as painful to Tom as the last one. The tightest, most revealing swimsuit would be worn by his arrogant, big dick, muscular boss. Mark would make sure to let the name Pencil slip out in Jenny’s presence, in reference to Tom, letting her know that they were all aware of what she got in bed. Yes, it was going to be painful and embarrassing.

Glancing at the clock, Tom noticed it was going on 10 o’clock. Time to wake Jenny. Hopefully, she wouldn’t want to make love, as usual, his small dick was soft and his head too upset to perform. The vision of his boss and co-workers showing off their endowments made his tiny dick get smaller in anticipatory fear and shame. Grudgingly, Tom shook his wife’s shoulder.

“Wake up, Honey. We have to be at Mark’s by noon.”

The End.

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