Mommywife: Nightlife

By tinybetacuck. Warning: This story has some Gay/Bi sex scenes. Do not read it this offend you. ***** Doug lay in the bed, waiting. She would come to tuck him in. She always came, every night. She pulled the covers up his chin and smoothed them across the bed. Then she would give him his goodnight kiss. Doug looked forward to it all day, especially after putting away the dishes from dinner. It made him tingly, knowing he’d get his

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Mommy Likes To Suck My Pinky Dick

By Anon. My name is Ken. I’m 32 and pretty average. I’m five foot ten, hundred sixty-seven pounds, sandy blonde hair and a mustache. I did say pretty standard, except I have what is known as a ‘pinky dick.’ Not an average or small dick, but a real pinky dick. When it’s at its hardest, it is barely two and a half inches long and maybe three-quarters of an inch across. It is almost the same size as my little

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