Schoolfriend Humiliation (Gay SPH)

By Mirfel98. My parents weren’t home for the weekend, so I invited some friends over to play some games and eat pizza and stuff for the night. It was 8 pm when everyone arrived and together, we were four people. Tim was 19 years old. Had dark brown short hair and brown eyes. He was on the rugby team and muscular. He also was the tallest out of all of us. Leon was 18 and had blond hair, which he

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The Roomer (Gay SPH)

By drmweaver705.     “So the room is three-hundred-fifty bucks a month?” Luke found it a little hard to believe. The house was located on a quiet residential street, close to the bus stop for excursions into town and only a ten-minute walk to the university. The room he was looking at was spacious and fully furnished. It was perfect. “Aside from the room, you share the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, and the bathroom with me. Wi-Fi

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Boy Clit (Gay SPH)

SPH Sub I was at a party in an affluent part of Inner West London thrown by my friend Ophelia, who I’d met ten years earlier at the University. Like me, aged twenty-nine, most of the people here were in their late twenties. We were drinking gin, having minor squabbles over whose Spotify playlist to use, chatting pseudo-highbrow bullshit – the usual party stuff. But a couple of hours ago, a boy walked in who I’d not seen before. And

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