The Fishing Trip (Gay Themes)

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By anon.

I was a nice looking teen, and friendly. I was staying with my grand parents at a holiday resort. My grandfather had hired a little row boat for he and I to use for fishing and love to fish all day long. A family was staying I opposite to ours and I became friendly with some of the boys. They had a family friend staying with them, a man about 45 if I remember rightly. He was also very friendly and kind and one day when I wanted to go fishing and my grandfather couldn’t take me for some reason, this man offered to take me instead. It never occurred to me that it was strange that the other boys in his house were not coming too.

We went out in the boat and he was really nice to me. When we had been fishing for a little while, I used an expression I had heard the big boys saying. I said, “You prick” when a fish fell off my hook as I got it close to the boat.

He then asked me, “Do you know what a prick is?”

I said no and he told me it was another name for a penis. He talked about the fact that all boys had a prick and said he would show me his.

He slid his penis, which looked very small to me, out the leg of his shorts and told me it was OK because we all have one. He told me to show him mine. I was a bit shy but used to doing what adults told me so I just poked it out the leg of my shorts as I wasn’t wearing any underpants. He said it was a beautiful prick and said that no one could see us out in the boat so I should slip my shorts down so he could see it properly. I knew something was naughty about it but he was very persuasive so I pulled my pants down to my knees.

He gently felt me and said it was a beautiful prick. He asked me if he could kiss it and I said, “OK” so he did.

He then took my hand and said I could feel his. He got me to wrap my hand around it and move it back and forth. All the time he was stroking my little penis.

After this, he was lying on his back stark naked and I was massaging him with oil. His fat buttocks are shining hard. Suddenly he turns around, I can see his fat flabby thighs, woman like sagging breasts and nipples and a hairless body. His cock is so small and hairless again with a semi erect cock.

I held his cock and started licking its tip like a lollipop. I am not gay but this sight makes me excited and I start stroking my own cock. Then he takes my fully erect cock in his mouth and starts sucking. I feel the pleasure of his mouth.

He turns around and raises his fat buttocks and I applied oil on his asshole, then I puts two fingers in. This surprises me how can such a large cock like mine go into his asshole? He then starts to push and slides my cock in and out, he increases pace and moans. I definitely enjoyed, and started to make faster movements. This goes on for a few minutes .Seeing this makes me very excited, I was pumping my cock into his asshole and stroking his small cock with his left hand.

Then we are both enjoying, I think, but I am not gay so why do I like doing this? Anyway instead of questioning myself I enjoy it.

He commands me to take my dick out his wet hole and I pull my dripping penis out of warm ass and lie down besides on the bed on the boat . He gets dressed and comes to the window and draws the curtain. As I am putting my pants on and getting up. He sees me leave to the roof of boat.

Curiosity got the better of me I had to admit and as I sit on the sofa below deck I think of my erection in my pants. He comes naked in front of me and starts to put pillows on the edge of the bed. I don’t understand, then and he go to his bed. He sits on the edge of the bed I feel his hand on my pants, he is opening my buttons and unzipping me, I say to myself that I should leave, but I am too excited. He makes me naked from waist below all together. I am feeling his tongue on my erect cock in his mouth and he starts to suck.

I really enjoy his warm wet tongue on my cock. He takes some oil and starts applying it on my erect penis, I like his touch as well and he holds my penis and puts it in asshole and with slow movement my cock enters his asshole.

Its really nice, warm, oily and smooth. I start moving my penis in and out of him. Then I notice the sound of me pounding his ass and slapping his fat buttocks becomes faster and louder. I am thoroughly enjoying it, its heaven.

He takes my whole cock and tightens his asshole, I cum in his ass. After a minute that he licks and starts swallowing it and feverishly strokes his own small cock and cums on himself.

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