Schoolfriend Humiliation (Gay SPH)

By Mirfel98.

My parents weren’t home for the weekend, so I invited some friends over to play some games and eat pizza and stuff for the night. It was 8 pm when everyone arrived and together, we were four people.

Tim was 19 years old. Had dark brown short hair and brown eyes. He was on the rugby team and muscular. He also was the tallest out of all of us.

Leon was 18 and had blond hair, which he also kept short. He was part of the baseball team and a bit less muscular than Tim but still in good shape.

Jonas was 18 as well. He had reddish hair and was a bit chubby. He did not participate in any club activity but preferred to play video games in his free time.

I, Theo, was 18, and I had short blond hair. I recently started to work out, so I was developing some muscles, but I still was more on the thinner side.

So when all my friends had arrived, we decided to order the pizza and started playing some PlayStation games, all the while talking and making stupid jokes. As he was the oldest of us and the fittest, Tim liked to tease Jonas and me, but it was always harmless, and we could laugh about it. An hour later, the pizza arrived, and we began eating and talking about different things happening in our lives. None of us had girlfriends, so talking about the girls we liked was always a big topic. As usual for boys our age, we were pretty horned up and made a lot of stupid sex jokes while eating.

After we were done, we decided to talk a bit longer, and the topic started to get even more sexual, and all of us were getting rather horny about all the sex talk when suddenly Tim had an idea.

“Man, I’m so horny right now. I really could use some relief right now. My balls are killing me. How about a little game?”

“What do you have in mind?” Jonas asked him.

“How about we compare dick size to determine the last man in our group and have that guy suck the other guy’s dicks?”

“Dude, what the fuck? That’s so gay!” I screamed, laughing at him

“Not a bad idea. I really could use that as well.” Leon chimed in.

“Sure, I’m not going to lose anyways,” Jonas said.

Suddenly I started to feel a bit awkward about the situation. Were we going to that? I didn’t know if I was large or small. I never really cared to check if my dick was average or something like that.

“Theo? Chickening out already, or do you have a small dick and are afraid to lose?” Tim teased me.

“As if. I’m probably way bigger than all of you.” I tried saying sounding confident.

“Big words, let’s hope you can keep them.”

So we all decided to go back into the living room and undress to our underwear. As Tim was the oldest, he already had a nice amount of chest hair, and the other two had some already. I still did not have any chest hair, and my pubic was also not as thick as I would have liked.

“OK, we have our ruler. Here let’s go around and measure each dick, but first, we have to get hard, right boys?” Tim laughed while he started touching his bulge through his underwear. It already looked rather big, and I was getting nervous. We decided on an order to measure dicks. First was Leon, then Jonas, then Tim, and then me.

Leon dropped his shorts and already had a hard-on. He had a rather nice amount of pubic hair, which he kept trimmed. His dick looked bigger than mine, but I still wasn’t fazed. Maybe he was just enormous.

“Fourteen centimeters, average, I’d say,” Leon said while holding the ruler to his dick.

Next up was Jonas. He also dropped his boxer, and he was rather hairy down there. I immediately noticed his dick seemed to be larger, but his massive balls were the most noticeable. They were huge.

“Fifteen and a half centimeters, so I’m already safe,” he said, relieved.

“Well, boys, it’s my turn now. Get ready to see a real dick.” Tim laughed.

He dropped his boxer, and we all just stood there speechless. He had a massive dick with visible veins on the shaft. He also had a thick pubic bush around his dick, covering his balls. They weren’t as big as Jonas balls, but still quite large. I started to get nervous. Were they all bigger than me?

“Eighteen and a half centimeters and thicker than all of you.” Tim laughed. “Just one guy left to save you, Leon.”

Everyone looked at me, and I started removing my pants. When I held the ruler to my dick, I almost puked, and everyone was looking at me waiting for me to say it, even though they could see I had lost.

“So, how small are you?” Jonas teasingly asked while the rest laughed at my dick.

“Seven centimeters,” I mumbled.

“What? Speak up.”

“I said seven centimeters.”

“Well, guess who will be sucking us off then,” Leon said.

All of them walked towards me and made a half-circle around me.

“Get on your knees and start sucking us off. You lost fair and square, and you better keep up your part of everyone will know that you have a tiny dick.” Tim said to me.

I slowly got on my knees, still dazed by realizing that I had a small dick and was about to suck off my friends.

“Let’s start by smallest to biggest, so Theo has a chance to get used to the increasing size,” Jonas suggested.

“Good idea,” Tim said and pushed Leon in front of me.

I was kneeling directly in front of Leon’s hard dick and could smell his body aroma. He seemed excited as his dick leaked a bit of pre-cum on the floor, and he immediately grabbed my hair and pulled me towards him. He pushed the head of his dick against my lips.

“Open up, baby,” he teasingly said as he pushed, and I slowly parted my lips, letting him enter my mouth. He immediately pushed forwards, sinking nearly half of his dick entirely in my mouth before pulling back a little and moaning.

“Guys, he has a nice mouth,” he moaned. He now started to slowly fuck my mouth with his dick, and I could begin to taste his pre-cum. He was humping my face in a relatively fast rhythm and enthusiastically moaning.

“Don’t destroy his mouth. We also want to have a go,” Jonas said mockingly, slapping Leon on the ass.

I could see his trimmed pubic bone rhythmically getting closer and further away as he fucked my mouth and the pre-cum steadily got more in my mouth. My eyes teared a bit by the humiliation of being used as a sex toy in front of my friends, but there was nothing I could do now. It felt like he had fucked my face forever, but it was only like four minutes when he suddenly picked up the pace.

“Guys, I won’t last much longer. Our little Theo here will learn soon what cum tastes like.”

“Not sure he even can cum with those tiny balls of his,” Tim remarked, humiliating me further. Not did I have a small dick, but it seemed like I had tiny balls as well.

Then it happened. Leon started to moan louder, and his dick expanded in my mouth. I tried to pull away, but he pulled my hair, not letting me get away from his dick. He erupted forcefully in my mouth while he kept fucking my face. He shot five spurts of cum into my mouth. It tasted somewhat sweet and a bit salty at the same time, but I wanted to spit it out.

“Swallow, bitch,” Leon said, not removing his dick from my mouth forcing me to swallow his semen. After that, he pulled his dick from my mouth and fell exhausted on the sofa.

“Nice show, but now it’s my turn,” said Jonas walking up to me.

He looked down on me and started to slap his dick around my face.

“I’m sure you like being fucked in the mouth by a friend, am I right? You even got hard while doing so. You will like sucking on my big sausage even more.”

I did get hard. I shamefully realized as Jonas was still smearing his dick around my face, leaving traces of pre-cum all over my face. I could smell a much more pungent sweat from his crotch and see his massive balls swinging with each movement.

“Open wide,” he started pushing against my lips which I again opened for him, and he immediately pushed his dick in my mouth. I tasted a lot saltier than Leon’s, and I could feel it was a bit bigger. He didn’t wait for a moment to hump my face, and his balls still were swinging, getting closer to my chin.

“You will take my whole dick, cocksucker. And you will like it,” he said.

“Yeah, make him deepthroat your dick,” Tim said, really turned on seeing me being used as a toy. Jonas started pushing deeper into my mouth with every shove forward, and I began to choke, which did not stop him. After a while, it felt like I would pass out since I couldn’t breathe, so Jonas pulled out shortly and let me breathe.

“You can do better, sweetie,” he teased me and pushed his dick in my mouth again, much more forcefully. This time he pushed himself in. Pressing my face in his thick pubic hair, making me smell him intensely and smacking his balls against my chin. I felt so humiliated having him in my mouth. The other two laughed hysterically at the sighed and encouraged him to keep fucking my face. He started to fuck my face now while tears were rolling down my face from this humiliation. His balls constantly slapped my chin, and Jonas grunted with every shove.

“Damn, that’s so hot. How long do you still need? I need to fuck now.”

“I will still last a while, but you can fuck that bitch’s ass. He likes it anyways. Look how hard he is.”

I thought I didn’t hear him right at first.

“Good idea, let’s show him how real man fuck their bitches, not that he will fuck anyone with that small cock anyway,” Tim said, and I started to panic as he moved behind me. I tried to get away but was impaled on Jonas’s dick, and he kept me in place.

Tim seemed to get lube from somewhere as I felt something cold on my as and heard slicking noises as he lubed up his monster of a cock. Jonas still kept fucking my face, and Leon started to get hard again on the couch, watching the whole scenario. I was getting scared of being fucked by Tim, but what should I do? Before I concluded, it was too late. I could feel something warm push against the opening of my hole.

“Get ready to become a total slut,” Tim said as he slowly pushed his dick inside me. It felt like I was being torn apart. The pain was intense, but suddenly I felt Leon stroke my dick, which reduced the pain for some bizarre reason.

“Look at that bitch being spit-roasted,” Jonas laughed as he still was fucking my face.

Tim slowly kept pushing his dick into my now opened ass. It felt like forever when I suddenly felt something tingly on my ass. Where that his pubes? Oh my god, he had his whole dick pushed inside of me. So easily?

“That feels so good. Tighter than anything I ever fucked before,” Tim moaned as he slowly started to move. I felt like my intestines were pulled out when he slowly pulled his dick out, but there was also a spot that he hit that started to tingly.

Jonas was not getting into it. Seeing me being fucked by Tim, he speeds up again, slapping my face from time to time. His balls were now hitting my chin, and his pubic hair was getting wet from my saliva and sweat. Tim also started to speed up, and the pain slowly subsided, being replaced by that incredible tingling. I was so confused. I was being fucked by two of my friends, and it even felt good. Was I gay? I felt so humiliated but still started to get hard again.

“Look, he is getting hard again,” Leon shouted, and all laughed.

“He likes being used. We should do this more often,” Jonas said, and both agreed.

Tim was now really fucking my ass. Ramming his dick into me. He fucked me with so much force that Jonas could remain still since Tim thrusts pushed me onto Jonas’s dick. Both of them were moaning in unison and were sweating profusely. I could feel Jonas’s sweat dripping onto me. His dick suddenly produced more pre-cum, and he started to moan even louder. I thought I would taste another round of cum from my friend, but he pulled his dick out of my mouth before that.

“I’m gonna paint your face with my cum and mark you as a cocksucker,” he moaned heavily as he furiously masturbated. Before I could react, his dick exploded and covered my face in cum. He shot seven massive shots all over my face and into my hair. Exhausted, he fell onto the couch and laughed at me.

“Look how nice my cum looks on his face.”

“Let me add some,” Leon suddenly said and got in front of me. He didn’t want to make me suck his dick but just masturbated in my face till he shot four shots onto my face. Mixing his cum with Jonas’s cum.

Tim was still fucking me from behind and from the sounds of it, really enjoying it. To my shame, I also really started to enjoy being fucked by him. My dick was so hard and leaked a lot of pre-cum on the floor.

“Look how much that bitch is leaking.” Jonas laughed pointed at my dick, to which again all laughed.

Tim suddenly leaned over me fucking me like an animal, his head close to mine, moaning into my ear.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum in and mark you as a slut for us. Once I cum inside you, you will never be the same again.” I did not think it was possible, but he fucked me even harder, pushing his dick as deep as possible into me, groaning like an animal. I also started to moan in a much higher pitch, getting lost in that feeling of his dick in my ass and that incredible tingling.

Tim then shoved his dick in one final push deep into me and started cumming deep into my ass. I could feel his hot cum filling my hole and leaking out on the side. He shot a massive load into me. Feeling that my dick exploded on the floor without me even touching it, I shot to big shots on the floor, nearly collapsing. Tim kept pounding my hole for a bit after cumming, pushing his cum around in me.

After a while, he pulled out, and I felt his cum leaking out of my open hole, dripping down my leg onto the floor. He sat next to the other two on the couch while I collapsed onto the floor and lay there. Then Leon suddenly got up and went to the closet next to me, picking up his phone.

“This will be a great video, guys,” Jonas said, and I nearly fainted, realizing what that meant. They filmed the whole ordeal of me being fucked and cumming while being fucked.

“This was great,” Tim said, getting up and getting dressed, but I need to get home.

“Same,” said Leon and got up as well and dressed. “What about you, Jonas?”

“I’ll take a shower and then leave, but you can already go, guys.”

“OK, see you around.”

They said and left, leaving Jonas with me, as I was still laying on the ground covered in cum.

“Well, I guess you enjoyed that, bitch. Even cum while Tim fucked you,” Jonas said, smiling evilly down at me. He stood above me, still sweaty, and looked down at me.

“Let’s get you cleaned up a bit,” he said, and I thought he wanted to help me into the shower, but instead, I suddenly felt something warm on my ass and looked up.

Jonas was pissing on my ass while laughing at me and filming me. I wanted to protest but was too weak, so I lay there while Jonas pissed all over me. After he was done, he went into our shower and cleaned himself up. After ten minutes, he came out, looked at me, who still didn’t move, and laughed. He then went out of the room and left me covered in cum and piss. I just laid there for a few more minutes, not knowing what to do, then got up, cleaned everything, and went to take a shower.

After I got out of the shower, I looked at my found and saw that I had a new message on my phone. Jonas sent me both videos where only my face was visible, and the others were pixelated, telling me to come to his place tomorrow and bring a razor and some lube. I did not answer and just went to bed.


The next day I woke up feeling ashamed and confused. I still could not believe what happened yesterday. Did my friends use me to blow their loads? Did I cum from being fucked by Tim? Did they film the whole ordeal, and did Jonas piss on me? It all felt surreal to me, but then I remembered the message Jonas sent me and looked at my phone. The video and the message told me to come to his place and bring a shaver with me. It all happened.

After a few minutes, I groggily got out of bed and took a shower contemplating what I should do. Should I talk to my parents about the situation? Should I go to the police? I mean, I have video proof of me being fucked. But the only visible face was mine, and I also came. Would they believe me? No, probably not. Maybe it was best to go to Jonas and talk about the situation?

I finished showering and dried myself looking at myself in the mirror. Looking at my dick, embarrassed that my size brought me into this situation. What if I only had a bigger dick? Then it wouldn’t have been me, but Leon. I turned around, unable to stand to look at myself right now, and started to get clothed. I ate some cereal, thinking about how I should talk to Jonas about the situation.

‘Hey, I wanted to talk about what happened yesterday and the video. Can I come over later on?’ I texted him, hoping he would answer me soon.

‘Sure, you wanted to come over anyways today, sweetie,’ he texted back after a few minutes.

Sweetie? Did he not talk to me like that yesterday? Did he still think of me as a toy for his pleasure? No, indeed, that wasn’t the case. Maybe he just wanted to make me feel better about yesterday, feeling sorry for what they did to me?

‘You can come over whenever you want,’ he sent the following message.

So after I ate my cereal, I got up from the table, put on my shoes, and went outside to walk to him. It was boiling today, and I started sweating a little on the short walk to his house. When I arrived, I rang the doorbell and waited for a bit. After a while, the door opened, and his father, Benjamin, was there standing in the doorway.

“Hi, Theo. Jonas is upstairs playing some video games. You know where his room is.” He turned around and went into his garden, lying on a blanket on the grass, enjoying the sun.

I suddenly felt nervous. His father was here, and I wanted to talk with Jonas about what happened yesterday. Did he know anything about yesterday? No, I was just overthinking things. So I started to go upstairs to Jonas’ room, knocked, and went in. Jonas was sitting on his PC in his underwear as it was sweltering in his room. He had the windows open, making it possible to see in the garden.

He turned around in his chair and looked at me.

“That was quick. Could not wait to see me again?”

“Sorry, I just felt like I needed to talk to you about what happened yesterday.”

“Oh yeah, did you bring the razor?”


“Remember I asked you to bring a razor. Did you seriously forget to bring one?”

I just stood there dumbfounded. Not understanding what he was saying.

“Listen here, Theo. I told you to bring a razor so that we could get rid of those useless body hairs of yours. With a dick that small, you don’t need it. Damn, people could mistake you for a real man for which you need a real dick.”

“What are you saying?” I shakily asked. “I wanted to ask you to delete the video and talk things out.”

“You did not bring the razor. There is nothing to talk about, bitch. I think I should punish you for not following orders.”

I couldn’t understand what was happening. My friend talked to me like I was just some slut he could order around. He told me I wasn’t a real man because my dick was too small. He wanted to shave my body hair to show others I wasn’t a real man. I thought he wanted to smooth things out with me, but I did not expect that.

“OK, listen here, I’m willing to forgive you for not bringing a razor today, but in exchange, you will have to crawl between my legs and keep sucking me off while I continue playing COD.”

“What? NO! I’m not doing that. I’m not for you to use.”

“Well, if you don’t, I’ll send the video to our class group showing everybody how small your dick is and how you came being fucked by a big dick.”

“No, please, everything but that, please. Please don’t make me suck your dick again. Can we just forget about yesterday and play COD together.”

“Not by a long shot. You did not bring the razor and need to be punished. SO either you suck me right here and now, or everybody will see the video,” he snarled.

“But your father is here. What if he comes in?” I tried reasoning with him.

“Forget about him. He is tanning in the garden. And I can see when he comes inside to warn you. Even though it might be fun to show him what a small dick you have.”

“Please don’t do that to me.”

Suddenly he pulled his cellphone out and showed me that he had the video already in the text field for our class group preparing to send it.

“No, no, no, no. I’ll suck you off while you play on your computer. Please just don’t send that video.”

“Good choice, baby boy. So get naked and crawl under my table.”

I reluctantly got naked, covering up my dick with my hands, not having a choice.

“Get your hands away from your dick. It’s not like I haven’t seen that little thing before, and maybe you don’t even need a razor. There is so little hair on your body that one could think you just started to hit puberty. Now get on your knees and crawl under the table.”

Turned a beet red, and already remembering the shame I felt yesterday, I got onto my knees and crawled under the table. He rolled with the chair in front of me so that I was not trapped under there. To my back was the wall and to my front was his underwear which was already bulging as he was seemingly excited. Luckily if someone entered the room, they wouldn’t be able to see me like this as the chair hid me completely.

“Good, no, pull my dick out and get to work, bitch. Oh, and don’t let it bother you if I talk. I’ll play a few rounds with some friends of mine.”

I felt a cold shiver run down my back. He would be talking to his friends while playing. Did he just think of me as some kind of toy to use? I felt so humiliated right now. I was about to blow my friend again as he was playing video games. He used his power over me to humiliate me and use me for his pleasures.

“Hurry up, or do you want me to tell them what is happening?”

I slowly started to move a little closer to him, grabbing the strap of his underwear tugging on it a little. He lifted his ass so that I could pull it off easier. When I pulled it down a little, his dick jumped out of the underwear, slapping against his belly. I could smell his musky smell again, remembering how he pushed his dick into my throat, making me deepthroat him. I could hear him talking to his friends while this was happening.

“Get it in there already,” he roared.

Was he talking to his friends or me? I couldn’t tell when he suddenly jiggled his dick in front of my eyes, making the meaning of his sentence clear to me. I grabbed his dick with my hand and gave it a few tucks seeing he was leaking a bit of pre-cum already.

Not wanting to make him angry and tell his friends what was happening, I moved my face closer to his dick. His smell was more pungent than yesterday. Did he not shower today, or was he just sweatier as it was so warm in his room? I opened my mouth and took his swollen member in my mouth, only a few centimeters, though. I immediately could taste his salty pre-cum, and the smell became more intense.

What was I doing? I was kneeling on the ground in front of my friend, who was naked and had his dick in my mouth. I felt so ashamed, so belittled. Did he not care about me? Did he just see me as a cum-bucket for his nuts to empty into?

“That’s it. Let’s go in a bit deeper.”

He suddenly jabbed his hips up as he said that, pushing his dick deeper into my mouth, making me nearly gag and pulling back. He was teasing me by talking to his friends in ways he could be talking to me. They all heard what he did say, not knowing what his actual intention was saying that.

“Come, let’s get it in there as deep as possible and stick around for a while, seeing what will happen. We can let the others see what is happening here, right?”

That was a threat aimed at me. I swallowed hard, still tasting his pre-cum in my mouth, and I got closer to suck his dick again. I slid his hard dick into my mouth, having my eyes closed. I could feel a tear running my face down in humiliation and slowly lower my head taking his rigid member deeper into my mouth. I could hear him grunt a little, and his dick twitched a little in my mouth as I did so.

Not wanting to make him angry and make him send the video to everybody or tell his friends, I started bopping my head up and down, rubbing my lips against his dick. I could taste all the pre-cum he was producing a lot of. I could smell his musky scent. I could hear him joking with his friends about how nice it would be to have a bitch sucking them off right now. All that made me feel like a bitch, like a dirty whore only used for the pleasure of others, and I hated that feeling, but what could I do? Nothing, so I kept sucking on his dick.

“Let’s play some ball games, guys,” Jonas said, lowering one hand to jiggly his huge nutsack.

Knowing what that meant for me, I released his dick out of my mouth and lowered my head down to his hairy balls. The scent was even more pungent here, and I could see the sweat accumulated there. They looked so disgusting, yet I was amazed at how big they were compared to mine for some reason. I opened my mouth and sucked one ball into it. Jonas moaned, and I could hear his friends laughing over his headphone.

His balls tasted bitter and salty. I could taste the sweat and feel the hairs in my mouth. I licked around them, smearing them with saliva while I stroked his dick with my hand, hoping that made him cum faster. Ending the humiliating ordeal for me all for once. I kept sucking on his balls for five minutes, at least when he again lowered his and slapped his dick against my face, making a loud slapping noise. I froze. Did his friends hear that? What about his father. What if he heard that?

“OK, later, guys. I have to go help my father in the garden a bit.” I heard Jonas say as he removed his headset.

“OK, now get to work on my dick again and keep rubbing my balls. I’ll reward you with my protein shake in a few minutes,” he laughed at me.

I turned completely red hearing that. Did he want to shoot in my mouth?

“Please don’t come in my mouth,” I said as I looked at his dick which was completely wet with my saliva.

“Bitches swallow their loads, so that’s what you will do, or else the video will be sent.”

Hearing that, I gave up, knowing I had no choice. It felt like my last resistance broke there, and I could feel a few tears running down my face as I once again took his dick in my mouth and rubbed his balls. He was leaking a massive amount of pre-cum, so I had to swallow from time to time, tasting him again and again.

Suddenly I heard the door open, and I froze. His father opened the door and leaned against the frame, talking to Jonas.

“Where is Theo? I didn’t hear him leave?”

“Oh, he is on the toilet.”

“Ah, OK. I just wanted to tell you guys there is a little beer in the fridge downstairs that you two can have.”

“Ah, thanks, dad. Having a beer is a nice idea. We’ll get it later.”

“OK, have fun,” Benjamin said as he turned around and closed the door.

“Well, I guess you were lucky he didn’t see or hear you down there. Now keep sucking. I’m getting close. And remember, if you waste a drop, there will be consequences.”

He leaned back in his chair, giving me better access to his dick. Still feeling shocked and scared that his dad might come in again and see me the next time, I started sucking him again. Moving my lips up and down his hard dick. Playing with his hairy balls. I could hear him moan, not caring that his windows were wide open and his dad might hear him.

Suddenly I could feel his hand on my head, and he pushed me down. Forcing his dick deeper into my throat, pushing my face in his thick bush. I gagged, but he did not care. He started to rock his hips up and down, fucking my face.

“That’s it bitch, let me fuck your face. Take it like the faggot you are. Let me use you like a real man uses their sluts,” he moaned as he picked up the pace, really fucking my face now.

I was drooling on his bush, and tears added to it. I felt so ashamed, being naked under my friend’s table. Having my face fucked while being told that I was used by a real mean the way I should be used.

And then it happened. Jonas groaned loudly, and his balls tightened in my hands. His dick started to twitch, and his cum flooded my mouth. It tasted salty and was slimy. I had to swallow as he was cumming so much I had difficulty breathing. He kept cumming in my mouth. He at least shot seven huge shots while he still fucked my face. All I could do was let him cum in my mouth and swallow as he told me to.

After what felt like forever, he stopped cumming and stopped fucking my face.

“Few that was a good load. Swallow it all and clean my dick, sweetie.”

I swallowed, nearly gagging on the taste, and licked around his dick. Removing all the cum that was stuck to it. He pushed the chair back and pulled up his underwear when I was done. I was still naked under his table, exhausted, humiliated, and tasting his cum in my mouth.

“Get out there bitch. Show me that little pecker again.” Jonas laughed.

I crawled out and stood up, not covering myself.

“Nice, you even are hard after me fucking your face like that? You are made to be used,” he said, pointing at my dick which was hard.

Why was I hard after that? After being used and humiliated, why did my dick betray me again?

“Well, put your underwear on. I don’t want to see that pathetic excuse for a dick the whole time.”

I turned towards his bed where my underwear was lying, and stopped mid-movement. Did his father see my clothes on his bed when he came in? Could he have guessed what was happening while he stood in the door frame and later heard his son moan?

“Yeah, too bad dad came in. I’m sure he did not see you but surely saw your underwear. Too bad you put them there on display. Maybe you wanted to be caught?” Jonas laughed as he got up.

I again turned red and quickly grabbed my underwear, putting it on to hide my erection from him. While leaning down to put it on, he slapped my ass, making me yelp in surprise.

“Damn, I should have filled your hole up, like Tim did yesterday. Marking you a total cumslut. Maybe another time. For now, you can just sit down in my chair while I get a few beers.”

Not being able to look at Jonas, I slumped down in his chair, looking at his screen, seeing the video of me being fucked on display. I quickly closed it, not being able to see myself getting humiliated, and looked out the window. I could see his father lying in the garden, and he waved at me while grinning. I quickly looked away, fearing he heard Jonas cum, and guessed what happened here.

“Hey, Theo, mind coming down here for a sec?” I heard Benjamin calling me.

“Well, better go down there, Theo. I have to leave anyway but don’t put anything on. Stay in your underwear,” Jonas said, returning and standing there in the door frame. Fearing the worst, I got up and started to walk downstairs.


Benjamin, Jonas’s father, had just called me downstairs after Jonas had shot a massive load in my mouth. I did not know if he knew what had just happened or if he wanted to talk to me for some other reason. Still, I felt horrible and was nervous.

Jonas was still leaning on the door frame and blocking the exit. He blocked it and was holding two beers in his hands. One he had already opened the other one he gave to me.

“Here, drink this. Your breath still smells like cum, and unless you want my father to know, you better drink it.”

I couldn’t look him in the eyes after he humiliated me to such an extent. Making me swallow his huge load after facefucking me and telling me I’m not a real man. So I just took the beer bottle from him, opened it, and emptied it.

“Wow, dude, still thirsty after all the cum you drank. Can’t blame you, I guess. Well, Theo, I’m going to meet Leon. We are having a gaming night tonight. Maybe will be watching you get fucked again. Who knows. Anyways lose that boner and get down to my father.” He said and then turned around and left to meet Leon.

I was pretty sure he would tell Leon what just happened, and I’m sure that both of them would get a laugh about it. I felt horrible, but luckily the beer removed the taste of cum I still had in my mouth. So I tried to brighten up and walked downstairs into the garden where Benjamin was waiting for me.

“Hey, how’s it going, Theo? Haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Um, hi, Benjamin, I’ve been busy lately.”

“That’s fine. Since it’s so hot, I thought, why don’t we enjoy the pool a bit. Drink a few beers? What do you think?”

“I’d like to, but I have no swimsuit.” I tried to excuse myself, still feeling uncomfortable and ashamed after what had just happened earlier.

“Ah come one, were both men. It’s not like I’m going to die when I see another dick. And besides, your parents don’t own a pool, so don’t be shy,” Benjamin said while warmly smiling.

I did not want to get naked in front of the guy’s father, who just used my mouth for his pleasure and told me multiple times my dick was small. After all, Benjamin was probably around the same size as Jonas. Maybe bigger, maybe smaller, still bigger than me, though. So would he also make fun of me?

“So, what do you think?”

“OK, why not.”

“Great, I’ll get a few more beers. You can already get in the water.”

This was a relief so I could quickly get naked so that Benjamin wouldn’t see my small dick and my small balls, so there was no way he could make fun of me, right? Benjamin got up and walked into the house, and I used my chance to get naked and get into the pool. The water was pretty cold, making my dick shrivel up, even smaller.

When Benjamin got back, he had two more beers with him. One for him and one for me. He put them down by the side of the pool and looked at me in the water.

“And nice and refreshing, right?” he asked me.

“Yeah, thanks for the beer,” I replied, trying to position myself so he could not see my dick.

Benjamin now started to undress. He had shorts and a T-shirt on. A quick update on Benjamin. He was 45 years old and also a bit chubby, yet you could see that he used to work out a lot. He pulled off his shirt, and I could see that he had a lot of chest hair and a good layer of hair spreading off his stomach. Unlike Jonas, he had dark brown hair, which was a little curly. After that, he pulled his shorts down. For some reason, I was curious if he had balls as big as Jonas, so I couldn’t help but look.

When he stood up straight again, my jaw nearly dropped. He had a thick bush, and his dick and balls seemed even bigger than Jonas’s. He stretched, looked up, and scratched his belly, making his dick and balls jiggle. When he looked at me, I quickly looked away.

“Hey, it’s OK, everyone wants to compare dick size. It’s normal. Nothing to be ashamed about.”

Saying that, Benjamin slowly got in the water, grabbed a beer, and leaned against the pool’s border.

“So Theo, you want your beer?”

“Ah yes, thank you,” I said as he passed me the other beer. Feeling nervous being naked in the presence of Benjamin, I quickly opened the beer and to a few sips.

“Wow, calm down, or you’ll need another one,” Benjamin laughed.

We talked for a bit enjoying the beer and the cold water, and I loosened up around Benjamin. After five minutes, we both finished our beers, and Benjamin asked me if I could grab two more. Feeling comfortable, I completely forgot about my concerns and went inside, grabbing two more beers. Benjamin was sitting on the edge of the pool when I came back, legs spread wide apart, presenting me his dick and balls. Not trying to look, I went over to him, gave him the beer, and slid back into the water.

“Theo, come sit next to me for a moment. Your skin is already becoming all wrinkly.”

“It’s fine,” I answered.

“Aww, come on, come here. Where is the problem?” Benjamin asked.

Not wanting to tell him that I was ashamed of my tiny dick, I couldn’t say anything and just sat next to him. He sighed and leaned back, looking at the sky. I nervously drank my beer next to him, not knowing what to say.

“You look tense today. Did you pull a muscle working out?” Benjamin asked, squeezing my shoulder. I just nervously nodded.

“Ah, OK. Just lay down on the blanket, and I’ll give you a quick back massage.”

“That isn’t necessary. It will just get better by itself.” I tried to excuse myself, finding it strange that Benjamin offered me a back massage while we were naked.

“Come on. No one in here. It’s just a quick massage, nothing to worry about. Wait for a second. I just get some massage oil.”

Benjamin got up and walked into the to get massage oil as he said. I just kept sitting there trying to think about a way to get out of this situation. When he got back, he had a big oil bottle with him.

“Come over here,” he said, pointing at the blank he sunbathed on earlier.

Giving up, not knowing how to excuse me from that, I slowly walked over there, feeling like Benjamin was sizing me up and looking at my dick for a while. When I got there, I quickly laid down on my stomach. Benjamin got on his knees and got over me. He was kneeling above my ass and dropped some oil on his hand, warming it up.

“Just relax. You will enjoy this,” he said as he started to massage my shoulder.

It felt got, and I started to relax. It felt like he massaged me for five minutes when I felt him sit on my ass. My head perked up, and I turned, looking at him confused.

“Sorry, just needed to sit down. Just lay down again and relax,” Benjamin said as he was still massaging my back, now middle to lower back.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I laid back down again and tried to enjoy the massage. I could feel his massive balls on my ass and his dick above it. His tip perfectly touched the cleft between my butt cheeks, and his thick bush was tingling my ass.

He kept massaging me, moving his ass up and down. His balls and dick also moved up and down my ass, which felt weird and made me uncomfortable, but I did not want to say anything. He again got some oil, and some dripped on my butt.

“Oh, sorry,” Benjamin said and started to rub it around, trying to remove it a bit.

It felt weird having Benjamin touch my butt when I realized he had gotten up and massaged my butt.

“You got a nice ass, Theo. Little to no hair and perfectly round.”

“Ah, thanks, but I have to go now. Thanks for the massage.”

As I tried to get up, I could feel Benjamin pushing me down with one hand.


I could feel Benjamin lying on top of me, rubbing his body over me without saying anything. I could feel his dick rubbing against my ass. And his dick felt like it got bigger and harder.

“Benjamin, let me go. That’s weird.”

“Oh, you like it. I have heard Jonas’s moan and then your underwear. You were under his table blowing my son, right? You swallowed his load, and now you try to deny that you like dick.”

“No, that did not happen. You got it all wrong.”

“Don’t lie to me. I have seen how small your dick is. I understand that you look for men who have bigger dicks and want to get fucked by them.”

“But I’m straight.”

“Sure you might be, it still doesn’t change that you have to look for a real man like me who can show you how it’s done.”

I now could feel that his dick was fully erect, and he was still on top of me, rubbing his body against mine. I could feel his hair tickling my back and his dick poking at my butt while his balls were resting over mine. Benjamin lifted himself but still held me down, and I could feel him adjusting his dick, so it was aimed at my hole.

“Get ready, baby boy. I’m going to fuck right here right now and show what a real man is. And also, I have a large dick. Seventeen centimeters, and it’s thick as a beer can boy. Not tiny and useless like your pathetic excuse for a dick.”

“No, please.”

“Get ready.” I could feel him push his dick against my hole, slick by all the oil. He kept increasing the pressure, and then suddenly, with a plop, my hole opened it, making way for his massive dick. The pain was so intense I couldn’t even scream, just lay there with my mouth agape.

“There we go, princess. The tip is in. Soon you will feel my pubes and balls against your ass, as I claim you, making you my slut,” he kept pushing his massive dick into me, stretching my hole open more as I thought was possible. I could feel every vein on his dick as it pushed deeper and deeper into me. I felt so ashamed just laying there, knowing there was another dick entering my hole. The second dick in two days into my hole, I thought another dude would never touch that, and yet it was making way for that monster of a cock. I couldn’t do anything. I felt dominated by this man, as his dick controlled my mind, unable to resist.

“Nearly there, bitch. Get ready to meet my bush,” Benjamin said in a husky voice.

I started to feel his hair tingling my ass checks, and then with a final sudden push, he slammed the rest of his dick into. I yelped as his balls slapped against mine, and his dick buried itself deep into my ass.

“There you go, now you are turned out by me. Get ready to get fucked like you never thought could be possible.”

“Please….” I tried pleading.

“Oh, you don’t have to plead with me. I will give you what you need. And that is the feeling of a huge dick in your ass.”

He started to pull out with that, nearly leaving my ass and shoving himself back in deep into my ass. It felt like my ass was being split in half by him. Yet there was also a different feeling, a strange one. Between the pain and the humiliation of knowing that there was a colossal dick, nearly double the size of my dick, there was also a strange tingling in my body. Whenever his big dick rubbed over a certain point, jolts of electricity ran through my body.

Benjamin was picking up the pace by now. Ponding into my ass, making loud smacking noises as his balls slapped against mine and moaned like he wanted to be caught. I could feel and smell his sweat. His presence was not only dominating me physically but mentally as well. He was the only thing my mind was able to concentrate on. His smell, his moaning, the sound of his balls slapping against mine, and his dick ravaging inside my hole.

“Yeah, clench your ass around my dick. I can feel you starting to enjoy having a real dick for once. It might not be yours. Still, having one inside of you gives you pleasure. I know that.”

And with that, I felt him pull out and suddenly spin me on my back, exposing my tiny dick. I tried covering it up, but he swatted my hands away and jammed his cock back into my stretched open hole.

“No point in covering that baby dick up, bitch. There isn’t much to see there anyway,” he laughed while leaning closer to my face looking me deeply in the eyes. I felt even more dominated in this position, knowing he was much stronger than myself. He started to fuck me hard again while putting my legs on his shoulders. With every push, I could feel this weird tingling, and every time it got more enjoyable, the pain got less and less.

“There we go, that tiny dicklet is getting hard now. You can hide enjoying being treated like the whore you are.”

I started to blush out of the fact that my dick got hard. It got hard while I was being fucked in the ass. I began to enjoy the sensation of being fucked in the ass. But I was straight. Why did I want to be dicked like that? Why did my dick betray me in that way? Could it be that I needed a big dick in me?

“Your poor mother. With your dick this small, I can’t imagine how tiny your father’s dick is. Is he also so tiny? Was he ever able to satisfy your mother?”

“I… I don’t know.” I squeaked.

“Maybe I should check for myself, tell him what a little cumslut his son is, what do you think?”

“Please don’t. Don’t tell my father.” I felt ashamed, was my father also this small, or was I just a failure? To my confusion, the pleasure of getting fucked by Benjamin kept increasing. I wrapped my legs around Benjamin’s back without thinking, locking him in. My dick was now really hard and dripping pre-cum on my stomach.

“Look at that, your dick can leak pre-cum, and I thought being so small, you weren’t even able to shoot a load. Let’s find out how much you shoot.” With that, he grabbed my hard dick and furiously started wanking it. I couldn’t hold back my moans anymore. I began to moan higher than usual, and my ass clenched around his enormous dick.

“Yeah, clench that ass, make me feel good,” Benjamin croaked full of lust.

And then it happened again. I could feel my balls tighten up. The tingling got so intense that I couldn’t focus on anything other than Benjamin jerking me off and his huge dick in my ass.

“Please… I need to cum, please.”

“Go ahead, let yourself go, become what you were supposed to be.”

With that, I started to cum. I shot a load up to my face. The cum landed in my open mouth, on my nose, and one drop hit my hair. I blasted three shots out of my balls.

“That’s all? That’s not much. Guess with balls so little. I couldn’t expect much.”

Immediately after hearing that and coming down from my orgasmic high, the shame rushed in. Benjamin was still fucking me, and I just blasted a load from being fucked and was humiliated by the amount I shot.

“Oh yeah, I will fill your ass up with my cum. Maybe then your dick will get bigger.”

Benjamin was moaning and furiously pounded my hole now. His movements became frantic, and then he stopped. I feel could his dick starting to twitch inside of my ass, his balls tighten up. He moaned in a deep grumbly way, and then his dick exploded. It felt like a firehose had opened up inside of my ass. I could feel the warmth of his cum filling my insides as he continued to shoot his load deep inside of me.

He kept his dick inside me for a while, looking at me while I tried to avoid his gaze.

“You felt that? That’s how a real man cums, not that small amount you just blasted from your underdeveloped dick.” With that, Benjamin started to pull his dick out. It plopped out of my ass, and I could feel the cum dripping out of my stretched-out ass.

“Damn, I stretched that hole of yours, haven’t I? Well, bitch, you got what you wanted. Gather yourself up and get home.” With that, he turned around and walked into the house.

I laid there for a minute, realizing he just used me and made fun of me the whole time, and yet still, I came and enjoyed it. It felt so wrong, so degrading, but there was nothing I could change about that experience. I got up with cum still dripping out of my ass. I tried to wipe the cum off and clench my hole so no more cum would drop out. I put my clothes on and tried to leave without seeing Benjamin. But when I got to the front door, he stood in front of it, still naked, and looked at me. He was still sweaty, and his dick was also still semi-hard. Now seeing it, I was shocked how it even fit in my ass.

“Oh, so that you know, I have plans for you. You’ll come here tomorrow unless you want that video of yours to surface everywhere.”

He stepped aside, letting me escape that house, knowing he had seen that video and planned the whole humiliating ordeal. What had he scheduled for tomorrow, and would I find a way out of this situation?


I quickly stepped past Benjamin, unable to look him in the eyes, still having some of his cum in my ass. As I walked down the driveway, I heard him close the door. I looked down onto the road, not wanting to see anyone on my way back home, as I was too embarrassed about what just had happened. Contemplating this experience with Benjamin, cumming again from being fucked in the ass. It all felt surreal and yet so real at the same time.

As I walked, I could feel some of his cum leaking out of my hole into my underwear. I quickly tried to squeeze my hole shut again, but Benjamin’s dick was so girthy that I failed and more and more cum leaked into my underwear. I was hoping that it wouldn’t form a visible spot in my trousers. I decided to go to a public restroom to wash the cum away, as I still had some distance to walk, so I had to walk a slight detour. I walked into the empty park, and it was quiet here, so I thought that would be the best situation.

I entered a public restroom with a few pissoirs and a few stalls. The toilet smelled rather nasty, and it was in bad shape. One guy was standing at the pissoirs as I entered. He was big, wore a tank top, and looked around fifty. He was balding and had a thick beard, and seemed to be rather hairy as far as I could make out. I quickly walked past him to enter the stall. The door to the stalls opened outwards and didn’t make a sound when being opened. As I entered the booth, I realized the lock was broken. Not wanting to leave the stall, I thought nobody would enter the stall, and the guy knew I was in here.

I stood with my back to the door and pulled my trousers down, checking if a spot had formed. Luckily there was no visible spot there yet. I then proceeded to pull my underwear down. Looking down into it, I could see quite the amount of Benjamins cum in there. How much did he shoot into me? Guess his balls weren’t just for show. What was I thinking? I reached forward to grab the toilet paper laid on the toilet.

Suddenly when I leaned forward, I felt a hand push me down, and someone push himself against me.

“I knew I smelt cum when you walked by me, and choosing the only stall without a working lock is pretty nice. Faggots like you always show up here, but they rarely have cum already in their underwear. Guess you are a real slutty one.”

It must have been the guy at the pissoir who sneaked up behind me and silently opened the door.

“No, please, you got it all wrong. I’m straight.” I squeaked, trying to get up, as he pushed me down.

“Sure, the cum in your underwear says otherwise. Get ready to get another load shot up your ass. I’m horny and haven’t fucked someone in weeks.”

With that, I felt his dick push against my hole.

“Wow, that just slipped in. You have a loose hole, you whore.”

His dick just slipped right in, as my hole hasn’t closed entirely from its recent assault by Benjamin. His dick did not feel as big or as girthy as Benjamin’s, but I already had another dick unwillingly in my ass. Why was everyone just fucking me against my will?

Without delay, the stranger just started pounding away at my hole. He was fucking like a maniac, not caring if it hurt me. He had pounded me hard, pushing his dick as deep into me as possible.

I tried to scream, but before I could produce noise, he put his other hand over my mouth and leaned forward to see his head next to mine.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t enjoy my dick. The hole is practically so open that it invites me to fuck it. Don’t Worry. Nobody is here anyway, and I won’t last long.”

With that, he just pounded into me. I could feel him starting to sweat and could smell his musk. His beard was tickling my neck, and you could hear smacking sounds as he continued driving his dick deep into me.

After what felt like 30 minutes, but probably were two minutes, his moaning grew louder, and he was nearing his climax. His thrust became erratic. Suddenly he pulled out but still held me down with his hand.

“Let me add my cum to the cum in your underwear.”

With that, I heard him moan and looked down to see him shoot a massive load into my underwear. It looked like a puddle of cum had formed in my underwear.

“Phew, I needed that. Not gonna let you miss out on my cum, though,” he laughed at me.

He pulled my underwear up and started rubbing the underwear with the cum around. The cum smeared everywhere. My whole ass, balls, and dick were covered in his and Benjamin’s cum.

“Now everybody can smell what a little whore you are, no denying that from anybody who sees you know,” he laughed as he slapped my ass. He just turned around and left the bathroom, not looking back. I stood there for another minute, processing the experience. Then I quickly pulled my shorts up and got out of there.

The rest of the walk home was grueling. I could feel the slimy cum of both men everywhere and had to avoid people. Luckily for me, I didn’t see anyone for the rest of the walk home. When I got home, I instantly got out of my cloth and took a shower washing the cum off. Doing so, I recently touched my hole. I gasped in shock. It felt open and huge. Being fucked twice in a day must have made my hole pretty loose. Not wanting to spend too much time thinking about both dicks that went into my ass today, I just brushed the thought away and finished my shower.

I put the underwear and trousers in the washing machine when I dried myself. After that, my phone vibrated.

‘Hey, Honey, I will come home a week later, but your dad should arrive tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there are some issues here I need to deal with. If you need anything, let me know. Love you. Mum.’

Reading that message, I thought about telling her what was happening here right now but couldn’t bring myself to. I felt too ashamed to admit to the stories. I mean, I came two out of three times I was abused. How would I explain that to my parents? I just couldn’t. So I texted her back everything was fine, and there was nothing to worry about. With that, I made myself something to eat. After that, I went to bed, dreading tomorrow and Benjamin’s plan.


The following day I woke up relatively late to my phone ringing. I did not know the number but answered anyway.

“Get over here now. We have a lot to prepare you for. If you are not here in 30 minutes, you know what will happen.”

It was Benjamin. Immediately I remembered what had happened yesterday and him telling me to come back today. So not wanting to risk the video surfacing and making my humiliation even more known as it already was, I quickly got up and made my way over to Benjamin.

When I got there, I just hoped Jonas wasn’t there today and would get my humiliation at the hands of his father.

I rang the doorbell and waited, scared for what was about to happen today. After 30 seconds, Benjamin opened the door. He was only clothed in a bathrobe and slippers. I could see his hairy chest through the robe and a slight bulging in his groin area.

“There you are, a bit late, but that’s OK. Still have enough time for everything.”

With that, he stepped aside and let me inside the house. As he closed the door behind me, I stood there in the hallway, not knowing what to do. Benjamin turned around and looked at me, smiling.

“What are you standing there for? Before we start, get on your knees and blow that dick that made you cum your pathetic load yesterday.”

“Please, I work in your garden or give you money, but can we just forget what happened?” I asked him, trying to get out of this situation.

“And miss the chance of a free bitch for me to use the way I like? That’s a now and now get to it, or I will ask Jonas to send the video in your class group,” he angrily retorted.

I knew I lost. I knew I couldn’t do anything to change his mind. So I dropped to my knees and got in front of him. The bulge in his robe was now more noticeable, and I could smell his musky scent I smelled yesterday as he was fucking my ass. I shakily lifted the robe to the side and was now able to see his huge dick again.

It was already semi-hard. His huge hairy balls were hanging deep and looked like they were nearly exploding.

“Hurry up, we don’t have all day,” he grunted.

So I leaned forward and opened my mouth, taking his semi-hard member into my mouth. It tasted a bit salty and felt soft on my tongue. Not wanting to anger him, I just started sucking his dick while stroking it with my hand.

“You know how to please men, you faggot,” he moaned as he leaned back, clearly enjoying my mouth. As I was sucking, his dick grew in my mouth, becoming incredibly thick, making my jaw ache. He was also producing a lot of pre-cum, like Jonas. It tasted even saltier than his dick. He was producing so much that I had to swallow continuously.

I was sucking his dick for five minutes when he grabbed my head and tried to push his dick further into my throat. I immediately gagged when he got too deep.

“Come on now. I saw that you can deepthroat, so better open up that throat for me.”

With that, he again pushed his dick deeper into my throat, nearly making me gag, but I was able to overcome it this time. His dick was not deep in my throat, and my face was pushed into his thick bush of pubic hair. His hair tingled my nose, and I could smell him now. His smell was overpowering me now, and the lack of oxygen made me dizzy. He then pulled back, allowing me to breathe before shoving his dick into my mouth again. I was starting to tear up but tried to hold it back.

After he made me deepthroat his dick a few times, he began fucking my face, really getting into it. His balls slapped my chin, and my saliva accumulated in his pubic hair. He was moaning loudly, and his dick got even harder.

“Get ready to get your second load from me.”

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and began to masturbate furiously. Just a few seconds of him doing that, he groaned, and his balls drew closer to his body. He then shot a massive load all over my face and hair, covering me in his cum. One shot went right on my mouth and under my nose, making me smell and taste his cum simultaneously.

“Get up, Theo, and take a shower,” Benjamin sternly told me.

So not wanting to anger him, I quickly got up and went to the bathroom upstairs, where I knew they had a shower. Benjamin was following me closely behind. On my way to the bathroom, I passed Jonas’s room, Luckily. His door was closed.

“Jonas ain’t here right now. He is still at Leon’s,” he told me. That information was at least something good for me. So I did not have to get humiliated by him again.

After that short exchange, I was now in the bathroom, into which Benjamin also followed me. He sat down on the toilet and started to piss.

“Come on, take a shower, or do you like my cum on your face?” he teased me.

Quickly I stepped into the shower and turned away from him. The warm water felt good, and his cum washed off my face. I finally did not smell his cum anymore. It took me two minutes to get clean, so I turned around and stepped out of the shower to Benjamin, who was done peeing and watching me. His eyes went over my body, locking onto my dick, smirking.

“It always amazes me how tiny your dick is,” he laughed.

I turned beet red, grabbed a towel, and dried myself off in a way I could hide my tiny guy. When I was finished, I wrapped the towel around my waist and wanted to head downstairs to get my clothes.

“Nope, you are not going anywhere and drop that stupid towel, boy.” I did as he told me, and then he continued.

“Today, I have something special planned for us. Since the weather is nice and I decided to get our pool cleaned today, we are going to the public lake. I also have just the right swimwear for you,” he then pulled out some pink swim briefs, which looked relatively small, even for me. My heart dropped seeing those and imagining all the people laughing at me walking around in those.

“Here, put them on,” Benjamin said as he tossed them over to me.

Reluctantly I put them on. They were as small as I expected. They left no room for imagination in the front, clearly showing the imprints of my dick. They barely even covered half of my ass cheeks in the back and would be like thongs when I leaned over. This had to be the most humiliating swimwear he could find.

“Perfect, no, put your shirt back on, and we are ready to go.”

We both went downstairs, and I put my shirt back on while he went into the living room picking up a big back, presumably with towels and such. We both then walked to the car, and he put the bag into the trunk. I got into the back of the car, not wanting to sit next to him, fearing he had some ideas during the drive. He just got into the driver’s seat and started the car.

The drive was thankfully uneventful. As we got closer to the lake, I noticed we weren’t driving to the usual spots, but a more secluded location with lots of reed. He parked the car at the side of the road told me to get out and grab the bag. He also got out, locked the car, and started to walk towards the lake. We had to walk down a gravel road that led to the lake and continue around the lake. There were occasional spots where people could sit, but the rest was covered in the tall reed. We walked for ten minutes, and then he turned into one place, which I did not even notice. Thank god, I thought. Probably no one was gonna walk this far, and even fewer people would see this spot. So whatever Benjamin had in mind, probably no one would notice.

“This is a nice spot. Now In the bag is a blanket. You can spread that on the floor,” Benjamin told me as he stretched a little. I silently grabbed the blanket, noticing it wasn’t too big and there wasn’t any other towel for a second person.

“Perfect, let me get a bit more comfortable, and then we can start the day,” Benjamin said.

He proceeded to take off his shirt with his back to me. His back was a little hairy, but not too much. However, he had some more hair above his ass. He also took off his trousers, exposing his naked ass to me. His ass was covered in hair. He quickly turned around, making his dick swing around and slapping against his thig. I quickly looked away.

“Take your shirt off and let’s put some sunscreen on,” he plainly said as he got some sunscreen from the bag.

He took some and then gave me the bottle. We both put sunscreen on, and without asking, he also put some on my back, which he asked me to do for him. While rubbing his back, I noticed many muscles under his layer of fat. He must have been quite muscular at some point in his life. Once I was finished, he lay down on the towel, leaving a little space, which presumably was for me. He also patted the space, making it obvious I was supposed to lay next to him.

I was comfortable lying next to him. Me in this tiny pink swimwear and him completely naked, his thick dick just resting on his thigh, but what was I supposed to do? So I lay next to him, and he put an arm around me. This situation was bizarre. It felt like he wanted to comfort me yet also humiliate me at the same time.

“I’m sure you wonder why I have taken you here today, right?”

“Yes,” I timidly answered him.

“Well, I will tell you, but you have to do something for me first,” he said.

Already fearing for the worst, I looked at him and asked him. “What do you want me to do then?”

“Answer me this. Did you enjoy the feeling of Tim’s and my dick inside your ass? Answer me honestly.”

I could not deny that something had felt good, and I also came both times.

“It was humiliating and strange, but it felt good.” I said very silently.”

“Good, and are you ashamed of your less than desirable endowment?”


“OK, this is all I wanted to know for now. Now take off your swimwear and blow me till I’m hard.”

Just as I thought he might feel some remorse, he again shattered my hope to escape this torment. Broken and unable to fight any more against the constant mental degradation I had experienced these last days, I did as he said. I pulled my swimwear down, revealing my tiny dick, and knelt over his dick.

I could smell the sunscreen and also his musk. His dick was already getting thicker, and veins were starting to appear on it. I grabbed it with my hands and slowly put it in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the head of it. Benjamin was moaning silently and put one hand in my hair, softly pushing me down, making me take his dick further into my mouth.

His dick was now fully hard and pulsating with his heartbeat. With every movement, I could feel the veins on his thick member. I also could taste some pre-cum he was starting to produce. He then let go of my hair.

“Keep sucking, but move your hips above my head, boy,” Benjamin said. I was a little confused about why he wanted me to do so. I did as he asked.

Now kneeling over him, still with his thick member in my mouth, I continued to pleasure him. I gasped in surprise when I felt something warm and wet on my dick. Was Benjamin blowing me while I was blowing him? Why? I was so surprised that I stopped sucking him and looked down towards him. He was licking my dick.

“Keep going,” he said, looking at me and then returning to lick my dick.

I put his rigid member back into my mouth and continued to suck it. My dick got now also hard with his efforts. I felt perfect how he sucked my dick. Since it wasn’t big, he could easily take all of it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. I felt his hand on my ass, slowly massaging it and spreading it open and close again. Even though it felt weird, it also felt good. He quickly stopped sucking me, but some of his fingers were in his mouth, making them wet, and then he put my dick back into his mouth. With his now wet fingers, he was massaging my asshole. Gently pressing against it and then releasing the pressure. It felt incredible, to my surprise. I was now just moaning onto his hard dick, producing more and more pre-cum. I was also enjoying this situation.

After a little while, his first finger slowly slid into my asshole. I did not hurt at all but rather felt good. He slowly started to move his finger back and forth, fucking my hole with it. I, all the while, had taken his dick out of my mouth, being overwhelmed by all the sensations. I laid my head down in his thick pubic bush, and his dick was now pressing against my face. I was smelling his body odor, which was somewhat intoxicating to me. It smelled strong but strangely good. My mind wasn’t working anymore. I was just enjoying now, not questioning what was happening.

He then slowly added another finger, which made me squeal slightly. It felt uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly, and now it feels even better than before. Benjamin had stopped blowing me and was now focused on fingering my hole. His other hand was playing with his balls. Wanting to return the favor of pleasure, I took his dick into my hand and started to rub it. I could see some pre-cum forming on top of his dick, which was also wet with my saliva.

“You want to ride it,” Benjamin asked when I started to rub his dick.

I was horny, and my mind was completely blank. I just wanted to feel this amazing feeling which I had both times I came from being fucked again. So without saying anything, I got up and turned to face Benjamin. I then kneeled on top of his dick. Benjamin looked at me smiling. I grabbed his dick and guided it to my hole, which he had opened up already.

His dick was still lovely and slick from my saliva and his pre-cum, but it was also thick. I still had trouble fitting it into my hole but wanted to feel it, so I pushed harder against it. Then after a few moments, my hole gave way, and the head of his dick slipped in. I gasped a little as it still hurt.

“Go slow, take your time, and enjoy it,” he said, comforting me.

So I waited a few seconds for the pain to subside and then slide further down his member. I could feel every vein on my way down his dick. Rubbing against my sensitive sphincter simulating me. I could also feel his dick pressing against my prostate, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. It did not take me long to get down to his bush, tingling my balls. When I got down, I rested there a bit.

Benjamin smiled at me. “You are a natural.”

It strangely felt like a compliment, and I thanked him, to which he smiled even more. Without him prompting me to do anything, I started to bop up and down on his. Using it to fuck myself and give me pleasure. Benjamin just lay beneath me, moaning softly and looking me in the eyes. His gaze was comforting and reassuring, which made me even more confident.

I was now sliding up and down the whole length of his dick. My dick was also extremely hard, leaking precum onto his belly. All I could feel and think about was Benjamin’s dick deep inside of me, pressing against my inner walls, pleasuring me in ways I never thought about. I closed my eyes and enjoyed that feeling.

I rode him for a few minutes when I felt my legs giving up and getting shaky. Benjamin must have noticed as well.

“Hey, lay down on your back and let me do some work.”

He reluctantly got up and let his dick slip out of my ass. As it flopped out, it slapped against his belly. I could feel how open my hole felt and felt like something was missing. I wanted his dick back in my hole as fast as possible. So I Quickly lay down on the blanket pulling my legs up exposing my hole.

Benjamin laughed, seeing that, and got behind me.

“Someone is eager to get fucked, I see,” he said as he slowly shoved his dick back into my hole. It felt terrific. It felt like his dick got even deeper into me in this position. He leaned my legs against his shoulder and leaned forwards. His arms were placed next to my head.

“Close your eyes and enjoy the ride,” he whispered.

“Yes.” That was all I could muster as I closed my eyes.

Benjamin was moving his hips slowly back and forth. This slow movement felt incredible. It felt like I had multiple orgasms without cumming with every movement he made. I could feel him leaning down even further, pushing my ass up. Then again, he surprised me by doing something I was not expecting. I could feel his lips pressing against mine. My eyes shot open. He was kissing me on the lips. Feeling safe with him now, the way he had treated me today, I slowly responded to the kiss. We kissed for forever while he was still slowly fucking my ass.

“You like that?” Benjamin asked, pulling his face away from me a little, looking me into my eyes.

“Yes, I love it.”

“Perfect. Then let yourself go and enjoy it.”

And with that sentence, he kissed me again. I could feel my orgasm coming closer and closer. I did not even need to touch my dick. His dick was all I needed right now. All I needed was his big dick inside of me.

“Please, I’m getting close, fuck me harder,” I said to him. I still sounded weird hearing myself saying that, but I meant it. I needed to get fucked hard now. It did not matter if it was gay to have my ass fucked by a man anymore. All I needed was the pleasure it gave me.

“Ok, then get ready.”

Benjamin slowly but surely got faster and harder. His dick was now ramming deep inside me, his hips smacking against my butt. I had to close my eyes. I was overwhelmed by pleasure. Benjamin was plowing my ass. My whole body was shaking every time he rammed his dick into me. I could feel it. The tingling got more and more intense. I could feel my balls tighten my dick got even harder.

“I’m gonna cum, Benjamin. I’m gonna cum,” I moaned.

“Then I’m gonna cum with you,” Benjamin moaned.

He again leaned forwards and started to kiss me. That kiss was too much for me, and I came. My dick started to twitch, and I shot my load all over my stomach. My hole was clenching around his dick, which also brought him over the edge. He started to moan into my mouth and, with one big push, pushed his dick as deep as possible into me, keeping it there. His dick began to twitch, and I could feel his cum shooting deep inside me. It felt like it was even more than last time.

He kept kissing me even after he came, and his dick slowly got soft inside me. After a little while, he pulled his dick out of my ass and sat down. His cum came flooding out of my hole, which I could not squeeze shut.

“Did you enjoy that?” Benjamin asked me in a calm voice.

“Yes,” I answered, now more clear in the head. I was still nervous because I did not know what his intention was.

“Perfect, then listen to me. I wanted to show you how good sex with a man feels when I first saw your video, seeing you cum getting fucked. But then I thought maybe you also enjoy being humiliated, which you do. So I decided to do what I did to help you understand that. I’m sorry for doing that, but I felt I needed to do that.”

Hearing that explanation was kind of weird. The reasoning was a bit confusing to me and did not make a lot of sense, yet still, it made me happy to hear him apologize and try to explain it to me. He was right in hindside. All of that felt good. Now that I was thinking straight, I concluded for myself.

“Benjamin, somehow I feel like saying thank you. I feel like you were right,” but I sat up and looked him into the eyes as I said that.

“Phew, I’m relieved you understand me,” he quickly said, seemingly he had been nervous about my reaction.

“Also, Benjamin.?”


“Could… Could we maybe do that again?”

He looked at me dumbfounded for what felt like a minute. I felt really ashamed after that question and had to look down. He then laughed.

“Sure, seems like you enjoyed it. But now, let’s get cleaned up in the lake and enjoy the day ahead.”

In the end, everything was fine. I realized that I enjoyed being fucked and humiliated and that I was gay. Benjamin, Jonas, Leon, and Tim kept fucking me regularly, and we were all happy. Also, a year later, I got into a relationship with Tim, which did not stop me from many other men fucking me, but that’s a different story.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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