From Roommate to House Slave

By eightOeights.

Lucas is a perfectly average 21-year-old white guy. He just started a part-time job at a coffee shop and is going to college online, majoring in computer science. Lucas isn’t the manliest guy, but he certainly is not effeminate, tilting on the skinny side and playing videogames instead of working out. His living situation entails renting a house with three other roommates, all girls. An unusual arrangement for him since he was used to living alone or with another guy. His previous roommate got a girlfriend and moved in with her, so Lucas had to find a new place, which led him to see this place from a Facebook post. To complicate things, Lucas has difficulty with girls. He’s a kissless virgin and has developed a low-key disdain for women, blaming his sexual/romantic failures on them.

Lucas’s daily life is relegated to his room, only leaving to use the bathroom, cook food, or go to work. It’s only been three weeks since this new living arrangement, and he has already reaffirmed his dislike for women. He will have to make do because he already signed the lease for 12 months and paid the first and last month. There is a silver lining for Lucas. He is incredibly submissive towards women. Despite his hatred for them, he secretly loves the idea of being dominated by a woman. A sort of twisted inferiority complex.

The other housemates are a complete antithesis to Lucas. As they call themselves, the girls include Jacquelin, Sarah, and Erin. The girls had not known each other before rooming, but they quickly became good friends after a few months. They lived in this house for the past four years when Lucas moved in.

The first, Jacquelin (Jacky for short,) is 21 and works at the coffee shop with Lucas. She also goes to college online (creative writing) but works full-time. Black hair almost always in a messy bun, pale-white skin, slender build with a pronounced butt, and a nose ring makes Jaquelin the epitome of an artsy, alternative girl. Extremely liberal feminist views and condescending, often sarcastic tone demonstrate confidence in herself and disregard for others’ opinions. Prior bad experiences with men have made her a misandrist, and she has not been in a serious relationship in three years, although she will occasionally find a hookup. She irks Lucas on two fronts. The first is her height (5’10) which is about two inches taller than him, and second, her constant diatribes about men, white people, and capitalism. Jacky’s room is on the second floor.

Sarah, 24, is the oldest in the house. She is working on her master’s in psychology at the local college and works part-time as a personal trainer at a nearby gym. By far the most outgoing of the girls. Sarah is a typical sorority girl; although never having been in one, she’s blunt, honest, and aggressive. Her partying phase is on its tail end, but she’ll be at a party or the bar socializing every other week or so. She embodies society’s ideal female body with long dark-brown hair, average stature (only 5’7 “), curvy body, and big round eyes. Sarah also weight trains intensely. Spending six days a week to sculpt her body in the way she wants it; however, she is careful not to look too muscular in fear of overshadowing her feminine appearance. Due to her good looks and charisma, she has developed a talent for picking up many men. Sarah is the biggest slut out of the other girls (she calls it sex-positivity,) bringing home a different guy after every night at the bar or a new tinder match a couple of times a week. Lucas’s room is next to hers on the first floor; she is his least-favorite roommate.

Erin is a ditzy college sophomore. Standing at 5’3 and 19 years old, she is the shortest and youngest in the house. She goes to the same college as Sarah and is majoring in nursing. Certainly not the brightest or intellectual she makes up for in good spirit and kindness. Her partying days have only begun, going out 3 or 4 nights of the week. Medium-length dirty blonde hair, sun-tanned skin, and two incredible assets: large breasts and a plump butt. A real head-turner on campus. Her preference for wearing glasses over contacts has made her even cuter to the nerds in her classes, reaping the benefit of having homework done for her. Of course, Erin doesn’t intentionally use men, but her large orbit of ‘beta men’ makes it impossible for her not to use them. Erin is the glue holding the girls together. Inheriting Jacky’s feminist views and Sarah’s sex-positivity has made her a new woman. Although not as promiscuous as Sarah, Erin keeps four regular guys on retainer to satisfy her needs. Her room is down the hall from Jacky.

The climate in the house has become tense ever since Lucas moved in. The girls differ in opinion of their new roommate. Jacky, of course, hates him, primarily due to his clumsiness at the coffee shop (she had to train him.) Sarah thinks he is weird and socially retarded due to his quiet nature. She is most disappointed that he isn’t hot because she wanted a guy roommate for an easy fuck. Erin agrees with Sarah on his appearance but otherwise tolerates him, often going out of her way to be friendly. Lucas isn’t the cleanest. The main problems have been the toilet seat left up, piss on the floor around the toilet, his room stinks, and leaving dirty laundry around the living area. Lucas’s avoidant nature has frustrated the girls.


Our story begins with Sarah coming home from the gym one day. She was already in a bad mood because of getting a poor test score. She was primed for confrontation.

It’s Tuesday late afternoon. Sarah walked in the door, tired from her workout. She smelt the familiar order of sweat and piled up dirty dishes, this time more pungent than ever. She set her gym bag down and walked through the living room. A dirty shirt lay carelessly on the sofa.

“I can’t take this shit anymore,” she said, exasperated. “Lucas! We need to talk!”

Sarah banged on his door and backed away. She crossed her arms and tightened her expression. Lucas couldn’t hear the banging. As far as he knew, he was the only one home. He had a headset on and was playing an online game. Sarah banged on the door again, a little louder this time. No answer. No noise.

“Fuck it.”

She opened the door. Lucas was sitting in his computer chair in only underwear, meticulously moving the mouse around and occasionally depressing a button on the keyboard.

“Hey!” she shouted sternly.

Lucas spooked. He flew out of his chair and landed on his ass, headset falling off. He looked over. “Ah. Hey.”

Sarah looked down at him pathetically. The room was a disaster. The sheets sweat-stained yellow, putrid smell, dirty dishes and takeout boxes littered about, and some weird anime body pillow in the corner with mysterious stains. Sarah never encountered close quarters a guy like him before. She thought about all the men in her past she caught creeping on her or staring at her ass in public. ‘This is how they must live,’ she thought. Or those weird incel-types she has learned about in psych classes. ‘Come to think of it, Lucas reminds me a lot of what an incel is.’ Lucas got back up, diverting Sarah’s attention back to him.

“Is this really how you live?” she asked, a look of disgust painting her face.

“It’s none of your business. I pay rent and keep to myself. There are a lot more complaints I could make about you too.”

Lucas glared back at her. He decided to stand his ground.

“Excuse me?” Sarah was a little shocked.

Lucas’s suppressed rage boiled over. Unable to contain his inner thoughts, he went off. “Yeah, you heard me. You being a whore all the time and fucking these random chads and Tyrone’s while I have to listen. And the Erin bitch is always puking in the bathroom or walking around with her tits hanging out like a slut! Oh, and fucking Jacky being a cunt every day and bossing me around at work like she is in charge of me or something. I fucking hate all of you whores!”

His face went beet-red. Standing a little taller, he stared Sarah dead in her eyes. He chuckled as he saw her open-mouth expression.

Sarah couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed. It was a textbook-perfect example of incel rage she had learned about. Erin peeked around the corner. Turns out she was home as well, taking a nap until she was awakened by the commotion downstairs. Sarah looked back and noticed her.

“Did you just call me a slut?” Erin asked.

Sarah looked back at Lucas. He stood triumphantly.

“Lucas. You’re still a virgin, aren’t you?” asked Sarah antagonistically.

Lucas, caught off guard by her question, didn’t have a response.

“Yeah. I think I have you figured out. You’re a virgin. Since you have moved in, none of us have seen you bring a girl over or even leave your room other than for work. You’re a sad, pathetic little incel, aren’t you?”

Sarah moved closer towards him. He backed up, and his posture depressed.

“No! I j-just-”

Before Lucas could finish, Sarah interrupted. “Shut up. You just called me a whore, Erin a slut, and Jacquelin a cunt. You just disrespected us for no reason. You’re just a sad, pathetic misogynist,” Sarah raised her voice.

Erin stood behind her, hands on her hips.

“Lucas, if this is how you feel about us, then I don’t feel comfortable having you live under the same roof as us,” Erin said, with a severe, unfamiliar tone.

“I signed the lease for 12 months!” Lucas retorted.

Sarah got in closer, only a foot away from Lucas. She is only an inch shorter than him but far stronger. Lucas felt small.

“Kneel on the ground.”

Lucas stared at her blankly.


Lucas felt her voice radiate through his bones. She was scaring him at this point. He knelt; however, he felt his sexual urges betray him. He could not help but become aroused at this domination by this girl.

“Sarah, what are you doing?” Erin, giggling, inquired.

“Pay attention, Erin. I learned about guys like him in a class. He is what we call an incel. I learned how to control them properly.”

“Ooh, I’m excited now,” Erin replied. She stood next to Sarah, looking down at the kneeling Lucas. Sarah went on with her explanation.

“You see, Lucas hates women. It is evident from that little speech he just gave. He hates women for an illogical reason, however. He can’t have sex or form relationships, not because of women, but because he is a vile piece of shit that needs to be put in his place. As you can see, Erin, our little Lucas has a little boner right now, indicating he subconsciously likes being in a submissive role.”

Lucas looked up at the girls. His underwear did little to hide his boner, albeit a small one due to his dick size. “Fuck you. whore. Y-you, don’t know anything about me.”

Sarah punched him square in the face. Lucas went down for a moment but then recovered. He lunged at Sarah, but it was futile. She grabbed him and threw him back down. Now on top of him, she grabbed his throat with her left arm and swung with her right, knocking him out with one punch.

Erin stood there in disbelief. He got his ass kicked by a girl, and only in a few seconds. Erin giggled a little. “So, what are we going to do with him now? Kick him out?”

“You heard him. He signed the lease for 12 months. And if you would kindly turn your attention to the wet spot in his underwear.” Sarah started laughing.

The rush of having a girl hot as Sarah pin him down and beat him made Lucas cum, as pathetic as that is.

“Holy fucking shit, no way that just happened.” Erin had never seen anything like it.

“I think we have ourselves a boy toy. I bet Jacky will be happy. Help me restrain him, Erin.”

Sarah and Erin dragged Lucas out of his room. They bound his legs, arms, and hands in duct tape. They sat him up in a dining room chair and wrapped duct tape and a blindfold around him, leaving him helpless. The two girls dragged him in the chair into his room, closing the blinds and turning off the lights, leaving Lucas alone and half-naked in the dark.

“Wait, one more thing,” Sarah said.

Erin looked at her with anticipation. Sarah removed her white ankle socks, stained with dirt and sweat from the day’s use. She pried Lucas’ mouth open and shoved them in, placing a strip of duct tape over it.

“There we go!” She exclaimed.

“You’re so nasty.” Erin laughed.

Sarah texted Jacquelin about the events that had just unfolded. Jacky was familiar with the various fetishes of depraved men, such as Lucas. Seeing this as an opportunity for her sadist side, Jacky planned on making a trip to the sex shop on her way back from work. Her shift ended in an hour.


About an hour and a half went by, Lucas was still unconscious from the beating. Sarah and Erin sat at the dining table, conspiring how they would put Lucas to good use. Jacky walked in, carrying a small bag.

“Hey, girls,” she said with a devious smile.

“Hey, Jacky. Our ‘problem’ is in his room. I think he’s still asleep,” Sarah replied.

Erin giggled.

“So, I’ve heard. I bought a very special tool from the sex shop that should help us train our ‘problem,’ so to speak.”

“Train him?” Erin asked.

Jacky sat down with the other girls, dumping the bag’s contents on the table. “Yes. I think we should take this opportunity to make him our house slave.”

Erin and Sarah both looked at Jacky acquiescently.

“Hmm, like he could clean for us and do our laundry?” Sarah asked.

“Precisely. And, of course, I’m sure we can make him do even more in due time.”

“That is a lot better idea than I had. I was going to suggest we just reeducate him. What do you think, Erin?”

“Well, he seems pretty smart, so maybe he could do my homework. And it certainly would be a relief to have my laundry done.”

Jacky nodded in agreement. She unraveled the item on the table.

“Okay, girls, it looks like we agree. Now, allow me to show you what I have here.”

She opened a box, pulling a small, pink, plastic chastity cage from it.

“This here is a chastity cage sometimes called a cock cage. We place it on Lucas’s dick, and as you can see, it locks, rendering him unable to masturbate or get a full erection. It would hurt quite a bit for him to get a boner in this thing.”

Erin and Sarah looked in awe.

“Here is the key set, three total. One for each of us.”

Jacky handed out the keys to the others.

“Wait, so he can’t jerk himself off?” Sarah asked.


“That’s going to drive him crazy,” Erin said.

“Exactly, again.”

“You’re a cruel bitch, Jacky,” Sarah piped up.

The girls all laughed together. At that moment, Lucas regained consciousness.

Lucas felt the tight confines of the duct tape around him. It was dark, but just enough light shown through the cloth covering his eyes that he knew he was in his room. He felt a pungent taste in his mouth. Whatever the gag was, it filled his mouth, causing his cheeks to strain. Tears streamed down his face at the revolting taste as he tried to spit it out, but to no avail. His head still hurt from the punch Sarah delivered. He felt a wet spot in his underwear. ‘God fucking dammit,’ he thought to himself. Having cum so pathetically, he wondered if the girls noticed. Faint laughter from the kitchen altered Lucas to their presence in the house, ‘shit, it sounds like all three are home.’

“Did you guys hear that?” Erin said.

“Yea sounded like a chair moving,” Jacquelin replied.

“Seems to be our little Lucas is finally awake. Let’s give him his present,” Sarah said gleefully.

Jacquelin grabbed the chastity cage and followed Sarah and Erin. The three girls entered Lucas’s room; Erin flipped the light switch on. Jacquelin made an audible chuckle seeing the sight before them. Lucas was confined to the chair, frantically looking around the room, mumbling in his gag. Sarah approached the helpless boy and smacked him hard across his face. Lucas reeled back.

“Okay, Lucas, listen up. We know what you are, and your time as a shitty roommate is over,” Sarah said. Jacquelin steps forward, looking down at Lucas.

“Sarah and Erin told me about everything, little Lucas.”

His little cock twitched at the remark, the girls noticing.

“You see, we don’t feel safe living here if you’re not under our ‘supervision.’ I took the liberty of buying you a present to help correct your behavior.”

Jacquelin ripped off his blindfold, holding the tiny plastic cock cage in full view. Lucas’s eyes widened, a tear forming around his left eye. Erin and Sarah stood at the periphery.

“Lucas, this is a chastity cage. This ring will go around your ball sack and that pathetic little dick of yours. With holes at the end, so you can pee, the cage part will be placed over that little thing you call a dick.”

Lucas stared at the contraption with fear. Although he knew about them, he was never interested in that thing. Jacquelin continued.

“Essentially, this cage will stop you from getting an erection. It will be uncomfortable and probably painful if you get aroused since it is the smallest cage. Do you understand bitch?”

Lucas took a moment, glancing at the cage, then at Jacquelin. She is his kryptonite, the epitome of a ‘big booty goth girlfriend.’ Jacky’s tight black jeans and coffeeshop work t-shirt hugged her nicely. His cock hardened as he ogled her hips and ass. Feeling so inferior and dominated by these three beautiful girls infatuated him.

All he could produce was a mumble as his penis hardened.

“Haha. No fucking way! He has a little chub!” Sarah chuckled.

“Let’s get him caged before he enjoys himself.” Jacquelin pulled down his boxers.

Lucas’s tiny penis, only three inches hard, sprang forward. The tip produces a tear of precum.

“Well, I can see why you are such a bitter little boy now!” Sarah exclaimed; the other girls laughed.

“That has got to be the smallest dick I’ve ever seen.” Erin burst out laughing.

Jacquelin wasting no time, grabbed Lucas firmly by the balls, roughly placing his scrotum and erect penis through the ring of the cage. Her face was painted with disgust at this ‘man’ in front of her. “Ew,” she remarked, seeing more precum dripping off his penis. Then she began placing the cage over the tiny dick.

“Aw, your tiny cock is still hard. This is not going to be fun for you bitch.”

Lucas’s eyes widened, looking into Jacqueline’s piercing gaze then back down to his crotch. Jacky began shoving his cock into the plastic prison. He felt her sharp, black-painted nails dig into his balls as she slowly and painfully crunched his penis into the cage.

Lucas whelped, and tears swelled around his eyes. The dirty socks in his mouth muffled his moans and cries. What felt like hours for Lucas was only a couple of minutes of Jacky securing the cage to its ring. She then placed a small sturdy lock and clicked it shut.

“There we go. All locked up!” Jacquelin joyfully said.

Lucas felt the chastity cage constricting his erection and grew very uncomfortable with it. Feeling his dick locked up was the only thing occupying his mind.

“Okay, loser, this is how things are gonna work around here from now on. Myself, Erin, and Sarah each have a key to your little cock cage. The three of us discussed some ideas for how you can make up for your disgusting and problematic behavior. Doesn’t that sound great!”

Lucas looked up at the three girls looking down at him. He felt hopeless, responding with a slight nod.

“Good! This chastity cage will completely change you, and that’s a good thing. The longer you go without cumming, the more you will obey us. We haven’t yet decided how to use you most efficiently, so for this first week, you will remain caged at all times and perform some basic house chores. The first is to clean your room.”

“Of course, I’ll be supervising that task,” Sarah chimed in.

“Do you understand, loser?” Jacky asked.

The three girls stared through his soul. Lucas had no way out but to agree. He nodded.

“Great! Your first day of house service starts tomorrow!” Jacqueline grinned.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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