Our Readers SPH Experiences 57

By Our Readers Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.   This reader lets women walk all over him… I’m a tall guy with a small penis. I’ve had 2 experiences hearing about short guys who were hung and how some girls correlate this inverse proportion. The first one was in high school. I was in the bus sat with another guy by my side, when the 2 girls from the seat in front, who were close friends,

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Unexpected Beach Reunion 1

By TJA I grew up near to and went to university in Brighton on the South Coast of England. It’s a ‘hip and happening’ city with lots going on, a vibrant night life and is often referred to as Britain’s San Francisco. I had left at 22 when a job opportunity had me move to Coventry, the polar opposite of cities, but the job was great, the pay even better, and houses cheap as chips. I am now 27, and

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Jake’s Dilemma

By Willy D. My name is Jake, and I’m eighteen years old. My dad’s job transferred him back to Europe. My parents are originally from France, and in fact, I was born there. We’ve been living in the US for over ten-years now. Anyway, Dad was moving to Paris, and I was going to stay with my stepmom as I didn’t want to go to there, and I’m old enough to decide those things for myself now. Besides, I’m an

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