Outed By My Wife

By dan. A few months ago, my wife sat me down to confess something she had wanted to tell me for ages. She’s been looking for the right opportunity to say to me as our son is getting married in a few weeks. She’s got no choice but to get it out, so I know what’s coming my way. I have two girls, aged 25 and 18, and a son, aged twenty-two. My wife said, “Try to see the funny

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Meeting My Wife’s Hung Ex-Husband

By Babydicklover. My name is Randy, and I married my wife, Gloria, five years ago. I am currently the CFO for a Fortune 500 company, so being a provider is something I am used to. Gloria and I really connected, but there was one impending misfortune. Frankly, I will just say that my biggest weakness is the little protruding clit between my legs, or what you call a beloved, tiny penis. Claiming it is just small would be an understatement

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