Meeting My Wife’s Hung Ex-Husband

By Babydicklover.

My name is Randy, and I married my wife, Gloria, five years ago. I am currently the CFO for a Fortune 500 company, so being a provider is something I am used to. Gloria and I really connected, but there was one impending misfortune. Frankly, I will just say that my biggest weakness is the little protruding clit between my legs, or what you call a beloved, tiny penis. Claiming it is just small would be an understatement of the century. I mean, I really almost have nothing, which is humiliating, to say the least. Nothing feels worse than having your little guy be described as “cute.” It can feel unconditionally emasculating.

I know I am wrapped up in my own head because most women have never complained about what I was packing. Because I am missing the most essential part of being a man, I made sure to take good care of my body. I am hugely toned with massive muscles. I am never shy around other women because usually, they fawn over my body until they see my little nub. Some have been shocked to see my non-existent cocklette in the bedroom. But stimulation is much more than the length or even girth of a dick. I have proved many women wrong.

Having a little clitty dick incapable of stimulating a woman’s personal, juicy center is more attractive when I can compensate in other areas. I can’t do anything with my 2-inch hard dick, but I’ve learned that other regions can be even better. Because of this, I have been described as an expert “clit licker.” I know what I am doing with my workable tongue and flexible, meaty fingers. I am also loaded, which is really helpful. Women will do anything to be with a man with a large wallet size, even endure a hidden, pinky-sized crotch.

Still, I’ve always been insecure about it. Interestingly enough, Secretly, I actually enjoy having my shortcomings pointed out. I don’t know why, but since I was in my early 20s, I discovered I was turned on by being teased and humiliated. I never told anyone because I didn’t even know how I would bring up something like that. Since this is my first marriage, I’ve learned you pick up on this stuff. My wife almost noticed immediately because we usually stayed in the nude at home.

My wife is constantly finding ways to humiliate my little penis. Whenever I hear a small dick joke on television, I tense up and feel really embarrassed. My little dicklette usually firms up too, which my wife happily notices. She’ll flick the little baby-like dick and pinch it with her two petite fingers to point out how small it really is. She’ll also kiss my underdeveloped tip and shaftless weenie. She’ll openly giggle when the mini wee-wee twitches, and she hears my uncontrollable moaning.

When I am showering alone, she will randomly open the door, record me, and laugh at my infant-like tee-tee. While I am on the phone with my mom, she will flick it back and forth and quietly giggle to herself. Even during a Zoom meeting, I am always bottomless. She will crawl under my desk and suck my little pinky.

She invited my best friend, Stu, over while I was skinny dipping. I had no idea he came over and was chilling in the living room. I walked in completely naked and wet from head to toe with my shriveled-up dinky in front of my best friend since pre-school. He looked at it with forthcoming curiousness and involuntarily snickered. My body was immobile from utter surprise and shame.

My friends always looked up to me for being attractive and successful. After taking in what little I bear, he couldn’t stop laughing. How could he look up to me now knowing the truth about my little boy penis and the lack of bouncing movement when I walk. It just sits inanimate and immovable right between my little balls that are bigger.

“What the hell, dude? Where is your dick? No wonder you never brought anyone home when we lived together. Wow. You literally haven’t changed since pre-school.”

I covered my little penis, but it was too late. Stu pulled my hands away, revealing my baby dick again, which was buried underneath my pubic hair.

“I have grown!”

“Yeah, but not where it matters, little Randy. You really should shave your pubic hair because your undersized dong is drowning in it. The little stub needs some area to breathe and be seen,” he said. He took a picture of my little peen. “The guys back home won’t believe what you are cramming in your pants since you always acted so macho. I don’t know how you got a woman like Gloria with all that?”

My manly, hairy body starkly contrasted with the shrimpy boy-like ding-dong.

“No wonder you are always at the gym. You have to compensate for operating such a small plane, right?”

He grabbed my wet shoulders and spun me around.

“Such a shame about the microdick, but look at that bubble ass.”

He spanked my jiggly ass. I could feel my little pee-pee hardening.

He turned me around and screamed, “Holy shit, dude. Are you getting turned on right now? Get your perverted baby dick-do out of here.”

I didn’t say anything and ran off to put some clothes on. I could hear his laughter as I ran off. We are still best friends, but he treats me differently. He always brings up my elf-like groin and tells other people we know.

The most humiliating moment was during our honeymoon in Mexico. It was the hottest sex I’ve ever had. She pressed into my pubic hair to search out my little button tip with her lips. It was so short that she could barely grasp it in her mouth. It was just enough for her to taste and for me to feel it being sucked. Even though it was appallingly tiny, she told me she loved it. She enjoyed searching inside my body to find the urethra and the tastes that flowed from it.

She claimed there may not have been enough between my thighs for her to actually suck on. She may have to tickle the tip with her probing tongue, like stimulating a woman’s clitoris. She made me wear her dirty panties, rub my girly clit, and push it in. It would be easy to forget I was a fully grown man with what was dangling between my legs.

My invisible, impermeable penis and huge, soft muscles inflamed her desire for a feminine man with whom she could explore her deepest fantasies. She pretended I was a sexy girl and would discover and explore my feminine-like penis. She massaged my balls and rolled the little ding-a-ling in her mouth.

It was unbearable and embarrassing, but I never felt more desired and loved. I can’t even describe how huge my load was that night. Having a woman illustrate how womanly I was and how I can’t pleasure her alone with what most can was beyond arousing for me. Sometimes, it would be so amazing I would explode without either of us touching the little thing. After finishing, she knew my body was stimulated and would tickle me. After, she would cradle my head like a baby and continue to tease me.

My wife loves the nude scene, so she convinced me to attend a few nude beaches, which have been fun. Usually, I was the smallest on the beach, which wasn’t surprising because that’s what happens when you have a toddler-like dick.

Sometimes, I would catch someone with a pee-pee smaller than me. When that would happen, we would just lift our heads, as a shared understanding and symbol of our small-dicked brotherhood.

In that moment, I felt bad for the guy because to be smaller than me meant you basically had nothing. My wife was proud to walk with me, knowing I was the tiniest. She held a particular chip on her shoulder, knowing this.

One time, a toddler barely older than five years old approached me with his grandfather and claimed his pee-pee was very similar to mine.

“Grandpa, how can a grown man have a pee-pee smaller than mine? I thought when you grew up, so did your pee-pee.”

My wife chuckled at this, but I was horrified this child was pointing out how similar we were downstairs. He really was bigger than me.

His grandfather scolded him and said, “Don’t be rude. Apologize to this nice man.”

“Mister, I am sorry your wee-wee is smaller than mine.”

He giggled and scurried off. His grandpa chased him. I could hear him tell his grandson that some men have really small pee-pees, and there’s no shame in that. I heard them both giggle after looking at me again. The grandpa returned and apologized for his grandson’s inappropriate behavior, but he smiled and couldn’t stop checking out my goods. I noticed the grandpa was very hung. I played it off because he was just a small child.

I told him, “It’s okay. I can’t help the way I was born.”

He responded by saying, “That’s the spirit, son.” He looked directly at my half-pinky dicklette. “You are a brave soul to show the world how tiny your penis is. Most men are too scared to show people their birth defects, but you embrace representing a very small percentage of men, emphasis on small. Don’t let the haters or toddlers bring you down.”

He slapped me on the back, laughed loudly, and walked away.

She whispered into my ear, “Wow. How does it feel to have a pee-pee smaller than a five year old?”


“No, you love it, and I’m devouring your toddler dick tonight.”

My wife loves to bring up that story.

Another instance happened when I wasn’t around. I was in the water. My wife was approached by a young stud with a long dick.

He told her, “Baby, you should be with a real man who will treat you right in the bedroom. A hot woman like you should not waste her time with someone with a baby dick. You don’t deserve some overcompensating, inexperienced nublette boy you have over there. I mean, look how pathetic he looks with his really tiny package. You can’t tell me you love that.”

She was offended and didn’t realize how loud she was. “Actually, that is my husband, who I love dearly. I don’t care if he has the smallest dick on the entire beach. I love my daddy’s baby cock. He is more of a man than you will ever be. The smaller the package, the more loyal he is.”

He skidded off and said, “Yeah, because he knows it’s impossible for someone like him to get pussy.”

This got some attention from other people, which was embarrassing. Some people were laughing at what she was saying.

He passed me by and said, “Nice dick, loser.” Then, he smacked my half-inch jewel with his giant cock.

Many people pointed and laughed at my little boy innie as I walked back to my wife. It was gut-wrenching. I felt compelled to cover up my little dick but decided not to because I was proud of what my wife said to him. Even though my wife thoroughly enjoyed it when I was embarrassed for having a little baby cock, she never tolerated people treating me horribly for it.

My wife saw people laughing at me and shouted, “There’s nothing funny here, people.”

Someone responded, “Yeah, there really isn’t anything to laugh at.”

This got the whole beach in hysterics. We ended leaving shortly after. She claimed only she had the power to dominate and berate my horrendously small gherkin. She would make me feel like the worst lover of all time in the bedroom, like I couldn’t please her, but it was only because she knew how much I enjoyed it. She and I know I can suck the life out of her, bringing her the utmost pleasure.

She felt terrible about what happened, so she treated me to dinner and sucked on my little chode all night. She said I was lucky she could do that. She wouldn’t be able to suck a big dick for very long.

Another time, she invited Stu with us to a nude beach. He wouldn’t stop giggling at my little guy. Him and I were walking to the water. There was a group of gay guys splashing around. One of them saw us and cat-called us.

“Look at what just came by. You two are sexy daddies.”

This gained attention from the group. He looked at the difference between our legs and merely laughed.

“We definitely know who’s the bottom in the relationship.”

They all laughed, and I just claimed we weren’t together.

“Well, bottom boy, if you ever want to service gnarly men and fulfill your true purpose as a dickless slave, you know where to find us.”

We walked off, and Stu thought it was the most hilarious thing.

The last moment was by far the worst. Have you ever been face to face with your wife’s ex-husband? If you have, you are very aware it is unpleasant and uncomfortable. It gives you an icky feeling in your mouth, knowing you are standing near the man who used to have sex with your current wife. This happened to me a few weeks ago. My wife and I were visiting another nude beach.

We were holding hands and enjoying each other’s company when we ran into her ex-husband just strolling by. He was a short, chubby white man with a massive schlong. Physically, we were completely different.

Gloria saw him and said, “Oh my goodness. Chuck, how are you doing?

My wife was too lovely to people. Even her exes were still friendly with her.

“I am doing well. How are you doing? Is this your husband?”

He looked down at my crotch area and knowingly smirked with an obnoxious wink.

He laughed and said, “Geez Gloria, you must miss the good sex, huh?”

I turned beet red and covered my immeasurable, atomic-sized goober. I couldn’t believe this guy would say that to my wife right before me. The audacity of this guy was ridiculous, and my wife was being hugely oblivious.

She giggled and said, “Oh, stop, Chuck. This is Randy. Oh Randy, you don’t need to cover your dick. Chuck has already seen what you have.”

She whispered, “It’s not like there is much to cover, anyway.”

At that remark, I would have been sporting a really short, tiny boner, but being in front of her ex-husband stopped it from growing. I uncovered my micropenis for their joy. Gloria smiled, and Chuck laughed under his breath. I looked down to see what they were gawking at. It actually shriveled it up even more so than usual.

There was something about Chuck. He had a glorious presence, like a natural, charismatic attitude. It probably came from his inflated ego and giant cock. It was embarrassing to be seen next to my wife’s ex-husband. I was taller, muscular, and made more money than him, but our dicks were very different. Gloria looked at Chuck’s colossal dick with wide eyes.

“Would you like to join us? We are just hanging out.”

I felt powerless because I clearly didn’t want him to be around.

He responded enthusiastically, “That would be great, honey.”

I shot him a look and said, “Honey, don’t get carried away, pal.”

“Oh, don’t get jealous, baby. You know you are my number one knight.”

She whispered again, “Even though you have the tiniest little sword on the battlefield. I forgot how big Chuck was since I am so used to your little man.”

He brought his stuff to where we were sitting. He came back with everything. I couldn’t help but stare at his giant, swinging cock; it made me seriously jealous. He noticed my eyes looking at his manly center. We were having a normal conversation in the next hour, even though he kept eyeing my teeny weeny crotch area. My wife decided to go in the water. I felt very awkward being around this guy.

“You are a lucky man, but let’s address the baby elephant in the room. You barely have a penis, and your abnormal testicles are like little grapes. Your softie is so tiny and micro. You must have a hard time finding it to piss, or you probably sit to go pee. Gloria must have to bury herself in you to search for the little button pecker between your big thighs.”

“Shut your mouth. Gloria told me she loves what I have.”

“That’s what she told you. That’s laughable. I mean, look at what I have and what you own. The tip of my dick is larger than your entire cocklette. That must be so embarrassing. I mean, you are seriously a downgrade for her. She must barely feel a thing with your baby weenie. Something you will never know the feeling of, but she used to crave my large dick all the time. She would drool at the sight of my naked body and slobber all over my gigantic cock like a feline. She was a dirty cocksucker. Looking at your female-like pussy, I never knew she was a lesbian. You probably have to beg for sex from her, don’t you?”

“Don’t disrespect my wife like that. No wonder you two divorced.”

“Not for long, buddy boy. I am sure you are rich, aren’t you?”

“Obviously, which is something that should make you jealous.”

He looked at my baby dick and said, “That makes perfect sense.”

“Says the guy mocking me who doesn’t have anyone to love.”

“At least I can adequately love someone, not tickle them. I make women scream while you make them laugh. I hope Gloria doesn’t get arrested for making love with a guy with the private parts of a little child. I mean, holy fuck, what even is that between your legs. If I only saw your puny pee-pee, I would mistake you for a newborn baby. Look at your baby-sized balls. My seed is more powerful than yours. You probably can’t even impregnate Gloria. Even if you do, by some miracle, I’m sure that baby will have a bigger dick than you. Your dick can’t do anything. Imagine having your own child out-man you in the most important area. My advice is to learn how to use your tongue.”

“I am very good with my tongue.”

“That’s not something to brag about, baby boy. Gloria told me when we were married, she would never fuck with a man with a little acorn and peanut-sized balls. I guess bitches will do anything for money. You must be so envious of my cock,” he said. He stood up and shook his enormous dick in my face to flaunt what I would never have. “How do you like that?”

“It’s disgusting.”

“Aww. Don’t be a rude little one. It’s not nice to act like a dick when you don’t even have one. Look at you and your little miniature mushroom. How can Gloria love you with all that? There’s nothing to love.”

“Gloria loves me for me.”

“People only say that when they have nothing better to say. What is Gloria supposed to say? ‘Oh honey, I love your little baby dick. Put it in me, and push as hard as you can, even though I won’t feel a thing.’ You are packing nothing here. Ask God for a refund because he fucked you up.”

From all this horrendous teasing, I was starting to get turned on. Sooner than later, I felt my penis completely “grow” to a full 1.8 inches.

He noticed and said, “What the hell is wrong with you? Are you actually bonned up right now? You love your little pee-pee made fun of, don’t you?”

He touched my little stiffy and tried to kiss me to uphold his dominance. I pushed him away. That was the last straw. I wasn’t going to stand by and let him treat me like this. I walked to my wife in the water with my little, erect penis bouncing around. I told her we were leaving. She could tell I was livid and didn’t want to argue with me because I was never in a foul mood like I was that day.

Usually, when I acted assertive or arrogant, she would just play it off and remind me of my place. She would say I was unpermitted to tell her what to do since I had a tiny pee-pee. If I disobeyed, she would ban my baby dick’s right to freedom and lock it in a chastity cage. This would be the worst punishment because she knew I needed the release. This was her way of asserting her power in the relationship. Weirdly, I enjoy servicing her in every way. Regrettably, I did this in front of one of her friends. We were hanging by the pool. She yanked my trunks to the ground and my ankles. I was completely naked in front of her friend.

She asked her friend, “Serena, does he have the right to act like that when he is packing that useless thing between his legs?”

She covered her mouth and giggled loudly, “Oh my! absolutely not.”

I apologized. Gloria smacked my bare bottom and pulled my pants up like a little boy.

“Good boy. You are lucky I married you with your incredibly small willy. Now run along to our room with your baby dick. You are on a timeout. You understand?”

I complied and nodded my head. I could hear them talk about my baby dick all night in my room.

Let’s go back to the experience of being next to my wife’s ex-husband. I ran for my wife in the water. Unfortunately, the cold water shrunk my dinky winky to literally nothingness. Chuck seemed disappointed but gave me another wink. We gathered our things and left.

Before we left, he whispered to me, “Your wife will be mine again. She will eventually become tired of your little dinkle, not tired in a good way, like after a pounding from my dong.” He looked right at my wet, inverted micropenis. “Also, nice shrinkage, buddy. You have no penis! You poor little unhung baby boy.”

We left and on the way home, I told her everything. She was disgusted with Chuck’s attitude. After that day, he began to stalk her relentlessly. He accused me of cheating and different crimes. He would reveal my little dick to everyone we knew. It was clear the guy had issues he needed to work out. He never did expose my little shortcomings to the world. He became extreme and obsessed, though. He threatened my wife’s life, so we filed a restraining order. Eventually, he broke the order and was arrested.

We testified in court, and both shared our stories. He told the entire court how he wanted to be there for her because he knew I wasn’t a suitable partner. After all, I had the smallest penis he had ever seen on a grown man. My face flushed with embarrassment. While this got a few subtle giggles from the jury, the judge condemned what he said as inappropriate and vile. He was sentenced to eight years in prison, which made me and my wife really happy and relieved.

With the most disdainful, cocky smile, I whispered to him, “Looks like your little plan worked out well for you. I hope the guards aren’t too rough with you. Oh, and make sure you don’t drop the soap. You don’t want some man mistreating you with his dinky dick. Small dicks pack a powerful punch. Don’t forget. That would be a shame.”

After that, we had nothing to worry about except loving each other. Gloria still loved me, even though I had the smallest penis she had ever played with.


The End.


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