Small Woods

By MarcLuterian.


I hid behind a tree, hoping the woman walking her dog didn’t see me. I was naked as the day I was born and alone in a forest.

I crouched as low as I could and closed my eyes, hoping that I hadn’t been seen. I heard the dog coming closer and then start barking. Please go away, I thought, but the barking just continued. I opened my eyes and saw the spaniel a few feet away from me, barking at me, and just behind was the woman, holding the lead in one hand, a red ball in her other, looking down at me with a shocked expression.


Two hours earlier…

I arrived at Helen’s in the morning as instructed. Her mother answered the door. “Oh, hello Michael,” she turned. “Helen! Michael is here.”

“OK,” Helen replied. “Can you give him the bag by the coat stand and tell him to put his clothes in it. Once he’s stripped, have him give you the bag and send him up, please.”

Mrs. Gregory reached down for the bag and offered it to me. “Well, you heard her, clothes in here.”

“Out here!” I said. “Can’t I at least step inside?”

“Well, that wasn’t in her instructions, was it?”

“No, but can’t you just ask her?”

“I don’t think I will Michael no,” and she pushed the bag towards me.

Reluctantly I took it and started to strip and put my clothes in the bag.

“Good boy,” Mrs. Gregory said as she watched me.

When I was down to underpants, I looked pleadingly at Mrs. Gregory. “Can I at least come in before removing my pants? I can’t be naked outside!”

Mrs. Gregory just shook her head.

Seeing as she wasn’t going to let me in, I closed my eyes, took down my pants, stepping out of them, and put them in the bag. With one hand covering, my privates I offered the bag to Mrs. Gregory.

She took it but didn’t move from the doorway. “Hands by your side, young man, you know better than to cover yourself up.”

I dropped my hands to my side.

“Oh my god, you look like a baby! Where has all your pubic hair gone?”

“Helen told me to shave it off yesterday. She said little boys like me shouldn’t have pubic hair like real men,” I said with a red face.

“Well, it makes you look even smaller now. I suppose you better come in before anyone sees you else. They’ll be asking me who that cute little baby was!”

I quickly stepped in, and Mrs. Gregory shut the door behind me. “Go on up then, and she’s in her room.”

I made my way up the stairs, wondering what Helen had planned for me. When I reached her room, I knocked and stood to wait outside.

After several seconds Helen said, “When you have an erection you can enter, but you can’t use your hands to do it. Use the wood of the doorframe to rub your pee-pee on to get it erect.”

Resigned, I shuffled forwards and started thrusting my pelvis so that my penis rubbed against the doorframe. There was a snigger from downstairs, and I looked and saw Mrs. Gregory looking up with a broad grin on her face.

“You look ridiculous, Michael.” She shook her head but continued to watch. Gradually my penis started to get erect from the thrusting. I heard Mrs. Gregory say, “Pathetic,” as I turned and opened Helen’s door.

Expecting to see Helen, I was shocked to see Lorraine there as well. Lorraine was Helen’s older sister, obviously back from university for the day. Lorraine had her hand over her mouth and a stunning look in her eyes.

“See, I told you he was tiny, and he’d do anything so that I keep his secret,” Helen said.

I stood there slightly shocked, not knowing quite what to do.

“Good God, Michael, that’s the smallest dick I have ever seen,” turning to address Helen.

“Well, Michael, what do you think of that, the smallest Lorraine has seen? How does that make you feel?” asked Helen.

“Not very good,” I mumbled, turned a deep shade of red.

“Well, he’s certainly a lot more bashful with his little pee-pee on display, isn’t he,” Lorraine said.

“Also…” she added, turning to Helen, “you aren’t really keeping it secret, are you as now I know his little secret now as well.”

“True…” said Helen, “but Michael knows I can’t keep anything from you. Anyway, come in properly welcome my sister back from university.”

I stepped in and up to Lorraine. “Welcome home, Loraine. I hope university life is treating you well.”

Lorraine was looking at my penis, shaking her head. “So very small, but yes, thank you, Michael, the university is very good.”

“You share a house, don’t you, Lorraine?” Helen asked

“Yes, there’s me, Sarah, Rachel, and Ben, and fortunately, we all get on, though Ben isn’t quite as tidy as the rest of us, and we have to moan at him to clean up sometimes. That’s men, though, I suppose.”

“Well, that’s a thought, isn’t it, Michael?” Helen said.

I looked puzzled, not sure what she means.

“Why don’t you offer to go around and clean for them, say once a week, that would be a nice thing to do for Lorraine wouldn’t it, Michael?”

“Err, well, I suppose it would, but I haven’t got a car so it would be quite tricky I think,” I said.

“Nonsense, she’s only in town. One or two buses should get you there.”

“It would certainly help, yes, if you are Ok with it, Michael.  It would be great,” Lorraine said.

“You’re OK with it aren’t you, Michael?” without waiting for a reply she continued, “That’s settled then, starting next week. Probably can’t have you doing it nude, funny as that would be so, I’ll have a think as to what you can wear while cleaning for Lorraine.”

“Well, I have heard of nude cleaners, you could probably start a little business Helen, hiring Michael and his comedy cock out!” Lorraine said.

“I’ll think about that, Lorraine. It might actually work,” Helen replied.

I stood there, looking like a rabbit in the headlights.

“Your face is an absolute picture, Michael,” said Helen and they both burst out laughing. After they calmed down, Helen said, “Anyway, that’s for next week, today we’re going on a little trip, Michael.”

With that, Helen and Lorraine got up from the bed and headed out the door. I followed down the stairs. Helen picked up the bag with my clothes in and her car keys from the side and opened the front door.

Mrs. Gregory was in the armchair “Off out, dear? His clothes are in the bag by the hat stand,” she said before returning to her book.

I waited for her to hand me my clothes, but she didn’t”t and just stepped outside. “Come on, Michael, we haven’t got all day.”

“But I’m naked, I can’t go in your like this, everyone will see me!” I pleaded.

“Of course, you can. Anyway, no one will see you, and you are going in the boot!” Helen replied.

Lorraine snorted a laugh.

I poked my head around the corner, couldn’t see anyone, and skipped over to Helen’s car.

“Lorraine, do you want to drive?” Helen said.

“No thanks sis, I’m happy for you to be my chauffeur today.” Lorraine said, “Hey, maybe that’s another job for Michael, nude chauffeur, with just a hat on!”

“Please,” I said, “can I just get in the car?”

“OK, little man,” Helen answered and opened the boot. “Hop in!”

I stepped up to the boot and started to put one leg in, not sure how to get into a car boot.

“Not very dignified there, Michael,” Lorraine said, and Helen laughed.

After some more undignified movements, I got into the boot, sort of curled up on my side, facing the open boot.

Lorraine looked at me and shook her head as Helen closed the boot, and I was plunged into darkness.

Helen started the car and backed off her drive and onto the road. I tried to follow the turns to see if I could work out where we were going, but I soon lost track of it. After what seemed like an age but was probably only five or so minutes the car slowed and then stopped. I heard the doors open, and the shut and could feel my heart beating overtime as I waited for the boot to be opened, hoping we weren’t anywhere public. However, the boot didn’t open, and I heard footsteps going away from the car.

Nervously I tried to listen, and I caught some talking, but it was too far away to work out what was being said, and a bit of laughter, then what sounded like a door shutting. Then there were footsteps coming back to the car, doors opening, the car rocked as one or more people got in, the doors shut, and the engine started.

I was trying to think what had happened, maybe Helen had picked someone else up to witness my humiliation, but it only sounded like two doors opening and closing, so I didn’t really have a clue.

After about ten minutes, the car stopped again, the doors opened and closed, and footsteps approached the rear of the car. I thought they sounded like they were on gravel, so maybe someone’s drive.

I heard the boot lock click, and bright sunlight engulfed me. It took a few seconds for my blinking eyes to adjust. When they did, I saw Helen and Lorraine standing over the boot.

“OK, Michael, get out of the boot….” Helen said.

I started to raise myself up and had a look around. We were in a small car park in what looked like Cannock Chase. I stopped. “But this isn’t someone’s house. It’s public land!”

“Very observant, just get out. There’s no one else here, at the moment anyway. If you wait, who knows who might turn up!” stated Helen.

Cautiously I looked out, and Helen was right, there was no one else in the car park, and it seemed to be concealed from the road. I started to climb out of the boot. Helen closed the boot behind me and said, “Now be good as we have left your clothes with a friend.” My heart sank when I heard this, and Lorraine could obviously see it on my face.

“Aw, Little Michael is a little scared, aren’t you? Bless!”

“He probably should be, naked like this in a public space, clothes miles away and not even knowing where they are, at the mercy of us two. I’d be quite nervous in that situation,” Helen said, “Come on, let’s get out of the car park before anyone turns up,” and she headed into the wooded area.

Lorraine followed her, but I was reluctant to leave the safety of the car. Even though it was locked, I hesitated before I heard a car slow down on the road and sound like it was pulling into the car park.

I set off at a pace, which hurt my feet quite a lot, to catch Helen and Lorraine up and dashed past them before stopping. “Someone is coming,” I exclaimed.

They both laughed at the sight of me naked running past them.

“Well, we better move on quickly then, little man,” Helen said.

I followed as she led us further into the woods, glad that I could take more care over where I put my feet.

After a few minutes, we stopped, and Helen said, “OK, this should be far enough. Michael Lorraine here has a photography course as part of her degree, and I thought it might be fun for her to shoot some artistic nudes in a lovely area like the chase.”

I looked at Lorraine and saw that the bag I thought was a handbag was a camera bag, and she started to take her camera out.

“But you’ll have nude photos of me then, and people on her course will see them,” I said.

“True, but it seems to me you don’t have any choice. If you refuse to do them, we will just leave you here, and you can make your own way home,” Helen stated.

She did have a point. It was miles back home, I was totally naked, and I wasn’t sure I could set off in the right direction anyway.

“OK, but will you promise that you’ll only use them for your course?” I asked Lorraine.

“I might, depends how obedient you are now and how good a cleaner you are,” Lorraine said.

Realizing I had no choice, I nodded my agreement, and Lorraine began what turned into about half an hour of me posing against trees in a small stream, and at one point, dangling from a branch.

Fortunately, we didn’t see anyone else during this time, and I felt quite relieved when Lorraine said she had enough material to work with and packed her camera away.

We headed back to the car. When we got to the edge of the car park, Helen said, “Wait here, Michael, we’ll just go and check no one is around. It looks like there are a couple more cars there now.”

I ducked down behind a small bush as Helen and Lorraine went to check. I saw them reach the car, have a look around, and then open the doors. I carefully stood up, waiting for the all-clear from them.

Helen turned to me and said, “Lorraine and I are going to get some lunch now. Just stay here, and we’ll be back for you in an hour or so.”

Stunned, I just looked at them open-mouthed. They smiled and waved as they got into the car. The doors shut, and the engine started. Helen beeped the horn a couple of times as she back out and turned the car towards the exit.

I was convinced they would stop and call me across, but the car didn’t stop, and it disappeared out of sight.

What the hell was I going to do now? I asked myself. Then I heard the car pull back into the car park. Thank God, I thought and got ready to dash across to it.

However, it wasn’t Helen’s car at all, it was a Volvo estate with a couple of people in it, and I turned and dashed further into the woods, cursing my feet as I went.

My heart was racing now. What if they didn’t come back? What if I was discovered. Nighttime, I thought, that’s when I’ll have to wait if they don’t return, and then I can make my way back under cover of darkness. Nighttime, however, was over seven hours away.

I could hear talking from back down the trail I had just come. It must be whoever was in the Volvo. I decided I needed to get off the path and into somewhere safer. There was a shallow bank next to me, so I scrambled up it and crouched down over the other side of it.

The voices got louder, a man and a woman, I could make out they were just chatting about a couple of friends that they saw later, not about catching a glimpse of a naked man, so my breathing slowed a little as they came up to my position and carried on.

I glanced around. I couldn’t be seen from the path where I was, but there was another path behind me, so I needed to move in case there were people on both paths.

I waited a few minutes for the couple to disappear, then crossed back over the path and headed across into the woods.

I found a small area of bracken, with a few bushes and trees in it, no paths through it. It was far enough away from the path that I thought no one is going to wander into here, so I found a spot with a tree in front of me, a small bush behind me, and settled down to wait.

I heard a few voices over the next, what must have been an hour or so, nothing too close, though, so I just stayed put.


Back to the present…

“What the hell?” the woman said as she saw me crouched behind the tree. She looked to be in her fifties, and I would say, dressed in sensible walking gear, boots, trousers, a jacket, and a hat.

I looked straight at her “Err, sorry, I…” I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Why, young man, are you naked? Where are your clothes? Is this how you get your fun, exposing yourself to strangers in the woods?” She demanded.

“No!” I exclaimed, “It’s not my fault. I didn’t want to be here like this” I could feel a tear begin to form in my eye.

“Not your fault! Whose fault is it then, young man? Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t march you straight off to the police station?”

“No, please don’t do that. I’ve been abandoned here” I could feel the tears begin to fall now. I proceeded to blubber through the details that lead me to this position. It must have been quite fast and incoherent, but the woman listened while her dog gave the occasional yap.

“So, you say your friends have left you here while they go off and have lunch? That’s quite funny; you must be a submissive little fool to go along with what they tell you to do. What hold have they got over you?” She asked.

“Err, they just have something that I, err don’t, well…” I answered.

“Oh, spit it out, boy!”

“Helen has seen me naked, and she has threatened to tell everyone if I don’t do as she says,” I blurted out.

“Seen you naked, so what? It’s hardly worth hiding that people see each other naked all the time.” She said, “I’m going to guess that she knows something that you don’t want other people knowing, now what could that be, I wonder?”

“Nothing, it’s just embarrassing, that’s all,” I mumbled.

“Nonsense, the only thing a man is ashamed of, especially a young, fit lad like you, is cock size. You’ve got a small one, haven’t you?”

I looked at her through tear-smeared eyes and just nodded.

“Ha! Well, let’s see it then, come on, stand up!”

She looked stern as she said it, and I just felt like I had to comply, so I stood up, covering my privates with my hands.

“Police it is then, or should I shout for help and see who comes along?”

Closing my eyes, I let my hands drop to the side.

“My, my, you are small, aren’t you? Let’s have a closer look,” and with that, she bent down to look directly at my cock. “Benji here probably has a bigger one than you” I assume Benji was her dog. She straightened up.

“What’s your name, little man?”

“Michael,” I said

“Well, Michael, I think I will keep you company until your friends turn up. Would you like that?”

“Err, yes,” I said nervously.

“Good, now are you an obedient little boy Michael?”

I looked at her for a few seconds. She had that stern face, I could feel that feeling in my stomach I had before when I was vulnerable and exposed, and I just nodded.

“Good boy, and have you been trained well like Benji here?”

Confused, I just stared at her.

She threw the red ball into the bracken and Benji was off like a shot after it, returning a few seconds later with the ball in his mouth.

She turned to me, “Are you going to be as good a boy as Benji for me, Michael?”

I began to speak, but she stopped me. “Pets don’t talk, Michael; you’re my dog, so you can bark your reply—One bark for yes, two for no.”

I stood there for a second, then realized she expected me to bark. I gave a quick bark, which made me feel stupid.

“Now, Michael isn’t a good name for a dog, and you need a doggie name, now let me think…  I know, Dinkle.  That’s your doggie name. Do you like your doggie name?”

Feeling defeated, I gave a soft low bark.

“Good doggie,” she said, “Now doggies don’t go around on two legs unless they’re ‘doing the trick’ for their owner, do they?”

I nearly said no, but then remembered and gave two barks.

I got down on my hands and knees.

She put the lead onto Benji and then said, “Does Dinkle want to fetch the ball? Yes, he does, fetch!” she said as she threw the ball into the bracken.

I hesitated for a second, then realized I was going to have to go and get it. I set off as fast as I could an all fours, the bracken scratched against my cock and balls as I went. I saw the ball and went to grab it.

“Bad Dinkle…” shouted the woman, “Doggies don’t have hands.”

I realized she wanted me to pick it up with my mouth! I leaned down and tried to get a grip on the ball with my teeth, it still had some saliva from Benji on it, and I pulled back.

“Come on, Dinkle, fetch the ball for mommy!” she shouted.

Fearful that her shouts would attract attention, I put my revulsion aside and got my teeth around the ball and a bit of bracken too. I turned and crawled as fast as I could back to her.

“Good doggie!” the woman said as she took the ball and fussed by head a bit, as she would her dog.

She threw the balls a few more times, and then she said, “You’ve been a very good doggie, haven’t you; I think you deserve a treat! Beg for a treat from mommy, Dinkle.”

I straightened up onto my knees and made a begging motion with my err, front paws and put my tongue out. The woman made me hold the pose for a few seconds before reaching into a small pouch she had and producing a small biscuit. At this, Benji got excited and started to yap. She reached over, popped the biscuit on my tongue, and got one out for Benji, which quietens him down. “Go on, Dinkle, eat it up.”

I dropped back onto my hands and knees and began chewing on it; it was a bit dry and gritty but didn’t really taste too terrible.

“Well, we may as well get back now,” she said, “You can wait in my car for your friends. Would you like that?”

I instinctively barked once, and she smiled.

She fished around in her bag, produced a choke chain, and proceeded to put this around my neck. “Good doggie,” she said and started towards the car park.

It took several minutes to reach the car park as I wasn’t too quick on all fours and my knees hurt a bit.

There was only one car parked when we got back, a Land Rover, which I assumed was hers. She walked Benji and me across the car park to the back of the Land Rover and opened the rear door. I saw there was a cage in the back, and she opened that, and Benji jumped in. She stood there waiting.

Oh god, she wanted me to get into the cage! I looked at her pleadingly, but she just stood there so. Eventually, I climbed up into the caged area. She took my choke chain off and Benji’s lead as well and closed the cage door, then the rear door.

How had this happened? I was naked in the dog cage of a total stranger, and I didn’t even know her name, not knowing if and when Helen and Lorraine would be back, or indeed how long the lady would wait for them. At least Benji seemed happy enough, curled up in the corner.

She turned the radio on, and Gardeners Question Time had just started; she relaxed back and started to listen.

After about ten minutes, I heard a car pull onto the park. Looking I saw it was Helen’s. Thank god she had come back for me.

The lady noticed as well, and she turned to me “Is that your friends” car?”

I went to say yes but stopped myself and barked once, and she turned the radio off and opened her door.

I saw Helen park and get out. Lorraine also got out. The Lady waved at them and walked over.

“Hello, Helen isn’t it?” she said.

“Err, Yes, it is, do I know you? I’m sorry I can’t place your face?” Helen replied.

“No, but we have a mutual friend. I met him about an hour ago out there,” She pointed out into the woods.

“Oh,” said Helen, “you saw Michael out there? Sorry, I thought he’d be more sensible and hideaway; I hope he didn’t offend you at all?”

“Oh, don’t worry, a little thing like that couldn’t offend anyone! Anyway, where are my manners? I’m Ruth Hammond,” and she put her hand out.

“Helen, as you know, and my sister Lorraine” they all shook hands.

“So, is he out there waiting for us?” Lorraine enquired

“No, we had a little chat and some fun, and then I offered to let him wait in my car,” Ruth said.

“Oh, that’s very kind of you,” Helen said as she looked over to the car. “Is he hiding in the front seat?”

She looked again and said, “Oh, he’s in the back there, isn’t he? That’s funny as we had him in the boot on the way here and now. He’s sort of in your boot.”

“Oh, he’s in more than that,” Ruth said as she led them over to the Landrover. She opened the rear door and stood back to let Helen and Lorraine see.

Helen and Lorraine looked at me in the cage with Benji, looked at each other, and burst out laughing.

“You’ve caged him!” exclaimed Helen.

“It’s my dog cage….” Ruth explained. “Michael, or Dinkle as I have named him, has been my dog for the last hour or, so haven’t you?”

I went to say yes but then realized I was still in the dog cage, so I just barked once.

This caused Helen and Lorraine to burst out laughing again.

Ruth opened the cage and let me climb out of it. “One more treat for being such a good doggie, Dinkle” I got into my begging pose again; more laughter from Helen and Lorraine, and Ruth gave me a doggie treat that I wolfed down. “Good boy, now you can go back to being Michael again.”

I stood up and thanked her.

“You wouldn’t lend him to me at any time, would you; my husband and I have always wanted a human pet to play with.”

“Your husband is into this as well. Little Michael here has only been exposed for women so far, and it might be quite funny and humiliating for him to be controlled by a man,” Helen said.

“I think it would, yes,” said Ruth. “Though I warn you, Michael, my husband isn’t as easy as me, if you disobey him or displease him, he’ll probably spank your balls till you are crying in pain on the floor.”

“Oh, that has to happen, yes,” Helen said, smiling at me. “Let me get you my number, and we can arrange something.”

“You and your sister can come and watch if you like, my husband and I have been dealing with little subs for years now, and the way you’ve dealt with Michael makes me think you have it in you too.”

I stood there, shocked. “Don’t worry, Michael,” Ruth said, “just don’t disappoint my husband, and you’ll be fine. No balls will be spanked.”

Ruth took Helen’s number, thanked her, said goodbye to us all, and drove off.

“Well, that turned out far more interesting than I thought it would,” Helen said.

Lorraine replied, “Yes, poor Michael though, I guess he’ll be sucking Mr. Hammond’s cock if he doesn’t want his balls spanked.”

“What?” I said.

“Really?” said Helen.

“I imagine so,” Lorraine said, “It’s generally what guys want when they have someone under their control, be that a girl or a boy.”

“Oh, that’ll be fun to watch. I wonder if Mr. Hammond would mind getting a few pictures of it. Best get practicing then, Michael, and I would hate for you to have your balls spanked,” Helen said as she smiled at me. “Anyway, back in the boot with you, let’s go and see if we can get you your clothes back.”

I felt the tears come back as I climbed into the boot.

Helen started the car and pulled off the car park, and after a while, I felt the car slow, turn and come to a stop. The engine cut out, and the doors opened.

Helen opened the boot, and I was momentarily blinded again by the sunlight. Helen motioned for me to get out.

I looked out of the boot; we were on a driveway in front of a house I didn’t recognize. There were tall hedges on either side of the drive, which I hoped protected me from the neighbors. I carefully climbed out of the car. “Where are we?” I asked.

“We are where I dropped your clothes off for safekeeping earlier,” Helen replied.

“Could you get them for me, please?” I sheepishly enquired.

“A grow-up boy like yourself should probably get them himself, don’t you think, Lorraine?”

“Oh yes, a big boy like Michael certainly should be brave enough to ask for his own clothes back,” Lorraine replied.

“Don’t just stand there. Off you go, Michael, you know sometimes I think he doesn’t want his clothes at all,” Helen said.

I took a deep breath and headed to the front door. I rang the bell and waited, knowing better than to cover myself up. I heard two car doors shut and turned to see Helen start the car, wave, and then reverse off the drive. She beeped her horn a couple of times as she pulled off, I looked around to see if it had attracted any attention, but it didn’t seem to have. I turned back to face the door.

I waited for well over a minute, which felt like an eternity, before I saw movement through the colored glass panel at the top of the door.

I felt my heart jump into my mouth, and I became short of breath as I waited to see who was behind the door. The door slowly swung open.

Oh God no … Please no….”

The End.


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  • NoBSinBR

    I’m liking this story as it played into my fantasy world. I imagined myself as Michael with the small penis (not a stretch for me at all) & being temporarily owned by a couple of sadistic women. To be humiliated in such a manner would be both painful & pleasurable. No matter the circumstance really, when others see me naked I get aroused. To see their faces as they look at my small penis & imagine what they’re thinking is a big part of human sexuality. I just love being naked, & to be naked in front of both women & men is OK with me.


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