Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 75

By Our Readers


Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s girlfriend discovers there’s more to life than him…

Aged 16, my girlfriend and I had pretty much-done everything possible sexually other than penetrative sex. This night she was playing with my penis when she suddenly asked, “Are you small, or is 4 inches normal?”

Amazed that she had never realized I was on the small side before, I said, “I’m pretty normal. Why are you asking?”

It turns out that she had caught her 13-year-old brother masturbating, and she reckoned his penis was bigger than mine! Nervously, I said, “We’re all an inch or so different.”

But she said, “No! I’m talking properly bigger…” she then went on to say he looked as though it was twice as big as mine is much more than an inch longer and a lot fatter.

I said if that is true, then he’s a bit of a freak. This got her angry, and she said, maybe he’s normal, and I’m the freak. She asked me to tell the truth about my classmates’ penis size, or she’d start asking her friends herself. Not wanting my penis size to become common knowledge amongst her friends, I then admitted to being amongst the smallest in the class and getting teased in the showers by the bigger boys.

I was expecting some sympathy, but she got annoyed and said my embarrassment was her shame because she’d get laughed at if her friends know she’s dating a small dick loser! She told me to get dressed and go home and later that week broke up with me over the phone. To make matters worse, she then started dating one of my worse shower tormentors with a huge penis. I was mortified, and he always made a point of showering next to me and talking about his sexual exploits with my ex-girlfriend.


This reader gets turned on seeing another guy laughed at…

This happened when I was younger and related more to how my SPH fetish kind of began. Prior to what happened, I had started to become curious about different kinds of porn and was definitely in the midst of that phase of puberty where your basically horny all the time. I was in 8th grade, it was 2003, so I had access to the internet. My siblings were all in college, so I had our one family computer pretty much to myself, and as a result, I began to experiment. I started to find that porn that involved embarrassment or humiliation was a turn-on for me. I couldn’t explain it and thought it was weird that I was watching such strange porn as an 8th grader. But I enjoyed it and continued to find different kinds that were available in that early stage of online porn. I had no idea about penis size, nor was I aware that I would end up on the small side and that I would enjoy being humiliated for it. I had only begun to discover this side of me.

This story is actually not about me, and it’s about another guy from my class, whose name was Jacob. Now Jacob was always trying to be the class clown, and not really in a good way. We had other kids who were naturally funny and certainly made things more entertaining in class, but Jacob was the kind of kid who would jump in after the moment was over and then run it into the ground, causing everyone to cringe. What’s worse, he always thought he was being funny and had no sense of how lame he could be. He just tried so hard to be liked and funny that he came off as annoying and stupid. Most of the class felt that way, and some would even flat out tell him to his face that nobody like him and he had no friends, which is why I guess that nobody really felt bad for him after what happened.

So one day during P.E. class, we were playing soccer, and it started to rain. Typically the protocol when it started to rain during P.E. was to go inside the gym and hang out or play basketball. Our teacher was pretty much on autopilot most of the time, so as long as we weren’t fucking around, he let us just chill. On this day, however, the gym was being used to display science fair projects, so we instead went into what was known as the activity room. This was basically an empty room inside the cafeteria that was used for plays, meetings for teachers, clubs, after-school care, things like that.

Since we could not use any of the equipment while in the room our teacher just said to hang out for the last 20 minutes of class. So, of course, the guys who usually fuck around started fucking around and slapping each other along with some other typical 8th grade juvenile crap, which led to the teacher yelling at them and calling them idiots. I was just sitting and talking to my friend, periodically looking to see if they were going to get in trouble as a good portion of the class was also doing, but not really paying attention.

After he walked away following his over-the-top scolding, they began to imitate him and make fun of the way he wore his shorts. Our teacher was an old-school coach and wore his shorts way too high up, so they rode up on him quite aggressively at times and pretty much made his ass crack hard not to notice. It was a running joke in our class, and we all made fun of it. At one point, one of the boys pulled his shorts up and started walking like him, which was a very rigid uptight type of movement, like your typical football coach, as if he had a stick up his ass, again it was something we all made fun of. It was at this point that Jacob wanted to join in on the fun, as he always did, so he too pulled his shorts up and walked around while trying to imitate the teacher.

Unfortunately for him, in his zest for attention, he didn’t realize he had pulled his shorts up too high and had pulled up his boxers with them, bringing both to the middle of his stomach. As a result of his mistake for several seconds, his penis had apparently popped out of the side of his shorts and was clearly visible. A couple of girls who were watching immediately started dying with laughter and yelling, ‘Oh my God…’ while covering their mouths. while the guys who started all of this were also laughing hysterically and saying stuff like, ‘Oh shit! No fucking way!’ Jacob, oblivious as always, thought they were laughing at his impression and continued to parade around with his dick sticking out.

All this part of the story I heard from other people as I was not paying attention when this all started. When I heard the girls kind of start to lose it, I became curious and walked over to see what all the commotion was all about, and as I walked over, I clearly saw one of the prettier popular girls that everyone had a crush on, and who was kind of mean, in general, give the infamous index finger thumb sign, while whispering something to her friend next to her which caused her to laugh even harder. Even as 8th graders, we all knew what that sign meant at this point. That’s when I saw Jacob walking around with his shorts high in an over-exaggerated way, and sure enough, with his tiny penis poking through the left side of his shorts with the group of students around him pointing and laughing.

This was probably because his penis literally looked like a tiny mushroom cap bouncing around with no shaft, not good for him at all, as several students were now aware of what was going on and walked over. Now in his defense, while he had grown a bit, and his voice dropped a little, he still looked younger than an 8th grader, so I’m sure puberty had only started for him, and he possibly still had growing to do, but even for an 8th grader, it looked small, basically like a baby penis, as one the girls who saw described it when re-telling the story at lunch. I felt bad for Jacob as I quickly realized why everybody was laughing but didn’t know what to say without causing him the embarrassment of the worse kind at that age. This was when guys started comparing, and girls started peeking at bulges. I know because a couple of girls that I was friends with had told me, so I knew right away that the class was not going to let him live this down.

Eventually, one of the guys in the group took pity and ended it by saying bluntly saying, “dude, look down.” As Jacob looked, his expression changed completely as he abruptly stopped his act and pulled his shorts back down, all the while turning bright, freaking red. Now that he had finally caught on, he looked panicked and did his best to play it off by saying something like, “What?! It was just the string of my shorts, and I don’t get why you guys are freaking out, your so dumb.” Of course, this could barely be made out over the uproar he started as now multiple girls were making the small penis sign and laughing. The only one who even responded to his poor attempt at explaining was the mean girl who sarcastically said, “Yeah, OKAY dude, whatever you say.” I remember this comment distinctly because she how cruel it came off and how it clearly stung Jacob as he left to go the bathroom and was unusually quiet for the rest of the day.

Another thing I noticed and obviously did not share with anyone was that the whole incident had kind of aroused me, to the point where I thought about it the rest of the day, and as soon as I got home, I couldn’t help but jerk off just thinking about it. I felt bad for Jacob but at the same time found the utter and extreme humiliation he experiences about his small dick to be a major turn-on. His new nickname became tic tac, dubbed by the same girl who made fun of him, and every time he said something stupid, people would shut him up by saying shut up tic tac, which always caused the class to laugh and think about his embarrassment. It was crazy to see how much of a pariah he became after his secret was out, I mean, he was not very popular before, but people as least talked to him. After that, nobody wanted to even been seen with him, especially the girls. It was only a few months later, when I was in high school, that I started actively exploring this fetish leading to me enjoying it today, but I’m pretty sure it started here.


Another reader finds a new bathing suit reveals his shortcomings…

We have a community indoor pool for our neighborhood that is pretty quiet most days. It’s inside a mostly glass building so we can see the outdoors while swimming, it’s really nice. There’s an open shower in one of the corners to prep and also rinse off the chlorine and a sauna if you into that.

Anyway, I go swim a few laps early every morning to keep in shape. Normally, I wear my board shorts, but my wife recently decided that I wasn’t going to wear them anymore. In fact, she threw out all three pairs that I had. I had a little pair of speedo style suits that she made me wear on the beach a few times, but fortunately, she didn’t make me wear those. Instead, she bought me a new suit, shorts, but way shorter than my board shorts, bright yellow, really thin material, with no little net inside and they’re very tight.

So when they’re dry, my package is pressed up against the material and there’s not much to the imagination. But when there wet, oh wow. I’m talking second skin thin, and the suit just hugs everything. She commanded me to wear those for this past week. Until this morning, I escaped with no one else at the pool but not today. Today, while I was halfway through my laps, my next-door neighbor came in. She’s mid-forties and pretty but nothing special. She came in with her two daughters who were visiting from college, 19 and 22. They are a little young for me, but they are so fucking hot. Just whatever you’re fantasy of a 19 or 22-year-old is, they’re probably it. Short brown hair on both, both slim, one with C-cups and one with maybe B’s. Just perfect. So we all say hi, I’m freaking out, and they strip down to bathing suits. My neighbor wears a normal bikini, and the two girls strip down to fucking tiny bikinis, tits spilling out. So I get harder than hell.

In my snug little bathing suit, it points down and to the side, as big as it is.

I do some extra laps hoping that they will leave before me, so I don’t have to get out. But they don’t. They’re done swimming and lounging in front of the pool stairs. I have to get out, or I’ll be late for work, so I sigh and start climbing out. I look down casually as my waste rises above the water, and it’s so bad. All of my 6.5cm raging erection is clearly outlined. They’re all looking because I hear one of the girls try to stifle a giggle and then the other one, then my neighbor laughs out loud. I look at her, and they all turn bright red, the girls still trying to hold back their giggles. It just made me harder I don’t know why. I was humiliated, but I took my time in the open shower, being very careful to get all the pool water off me. And I walked slowly past them to get to my towel and clothes and took my time to get dressed.

They didn’t mention anything to me, but the laughing was awful and amazing. I don’t know how to face them if I see them at home.


This reader gets a massage to remember…

I was enjoying a fantastic full body massage at a Thai place I had been told gave happy endings. It was very sensual, and the masseuse was petite and very pretty. When she started on my groin area, she made direct eye contact and was smiling at me.

“First time ever,” she said and, to my amazement, lifted her miniskirt to reveal a small 4.5-inch penis and tiny balls. Up until this point, I had no idea she was a ladyboy. She then pointed at my penis and repeated, “first time?”

I suddenly realized she wasn’t asking me if it was my first massage but was laughing because it was the first time she had seen a penis even smaller than hers! I blushed and went limp with nerves which made her smile even more, and before I could react, she had manoeuvred my bottom to the edge of the table, raised my legs, and was fucking me anally! Her small size and all the oil made entry really easy even though it was my first ever time and I’m heterosexual. I closed my eyes and felt her thrusting away but opened them when I heard two other voices cheering her on. She came inside of me, stood me up, and pointed at my tiny penis while the others laughed. I then got dressed, still had to pay, and left to the sound of cheers, laughter, and the sight of them all making little penis signs.


Another reader finds out he’s the real midget…

My wife had an affair with a midget, eventually leaving me for him. She took great delight in telling everyone we knew that sex with him was amazing, and he was at least 2 inches long and over an inch more girth than me, with a fine pair of low-hanging balls. I’ve never been so humiliated.

*Conditions Apply.
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