Shocked by the Neighbour (Gay Themes)

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by smally (edited by Angel Love)

Many years ago, I was hanging out one late afternoon with my girlfriend, Laura. We came to a new house that was being built. It was empty, so we went inside to make out.

When we got inside, we saw our neighbor, RJ, completely naked and jerking his very large cock. It looked like it stuck out past his hand by several inches and was very thick. I kind of froze and stared, shocked by seeing him as well as floored by how big his cock was.

Laura said softly, “Wow, his is huge.”

I got a funny feeling as I saw that he was easily at least two inches longer as well as much thicker. He must have heard Laura’s exclamation as he went from covering up in embarrassment, to smiling proudly.

I think he must have realized then, that he was bigger than me, the older neighbor that used to pick on him a bit a few years earlier. Still, he quickly dressed and left.

After he was gone, Laura and I started making out and she seemed very hot. I was feeling her up and she even let me take one of her nipples in my mouth. As I sucked and tugged on her nipple, she undid my pants and took hold of my stiffening cock. She began stroking me and soon, I was on the edge, ready to cum.

As I was just about to cum, she stopped mid-stroke, looked at me and asked, “Why is RJ’s cock so much bigger than yours?”

I felt so embarrassed and hurt as my erection quickly went limp. Angrily I said, “It’s not so much bigger, maybe a little. I don’t know.”

“Oh yes it is, didn’t you see it?” she asked.

I couldn’t believe it, seeing his bigger cock had somehow got inside both of our heads. Laura was horny. I felt belittled and lost my hard-on when I was on the verge of cumming when Laura praised his cock and compared it to mine.

“How big do you think it is?” she asked, still focused on his cock.

“I don’t know, mine’s around six inches, so probably around that,” I lied.

“I don’t think so,” she laughed, “you don’t have six inches and he is not around that.”

Seeing his cock certainly had an effect on her; she was bold and hot. I felt pained, but aroused at the same time, seeing the power that his cock had over my Laura. We started making out again, she was soon stroking me and I undid her jeans and slid my hand inside them. I was surprised that she didn’t stop me, as she did most other times. Instead, she laid back, her head toward my lap and took my cock in her mouth – my first ever. My hand slid to her pussy; I was surprised how wet it was and how she moaned as I touched her. She loved it and soon was arching her back in the throes of orgasm; she made me cum quickly after by stroking me.

Later that night, I got myself hard again and measured my cock. This time I didn’t cheat by pushing on the ruler; just four inches, damn! What a day and what a mix of powerful emotions, hot sex and realisation.

Shortly after that day, she asked if I had re-measured. I told her the truthful measure and she said, “RJ must have at least seven inches.” I knew she was right. She told me she had asked her sister about size. I felt that sinking feeling again, because her sister knows.

Laura and I continued to go out over the next few months. I didn’t see RJ very much until mid-summer. Laura and her sister had invited a few of us to their pool. RJ was already there when I arrived. Seeing him at the pool was uncomfortable for me. I think he knew it too and enjoyed it. Laura’s sister and her friends seemed to be flirty and giggly around RJ too and he was enjoying all the attention.

Later that night, Laura and I were fooling around and she was really hot. We had sex for the first time and although I was nervous, it was really great. We had a few repeat performances and went out for a couple of months. We broke-up in the fall and saw other people, but eventually hooked-up again. RJ had gone away to private school. I didn’t see him until the following summer.

When I saw him, he had grown taller; still, shorter than me though. He was quite popular though, dating most nights – and many of the girls were older. Laura and I were still going out, but not serious. We had still agreed to see others and she had a few dates. I was kind of in a slump though and only saw her.

It was over a year since we first saw his cock. One night, Laura showed-up with a tape measure and said she WAS going to check my progress. I was nervous as she prepared to check my size. Four inches still. Laura was disappointed and confused.

“Why haven’t you grown, when . . . ,” she stopped herself mid-sentence. She asked me to give her oral and I did. She held me tight against her pussy as I licked and sucked her. She ground against my mouth as she orgasmed.

She made me cum afterwards by stroking me, but she seemed disinterested. After that night, we saw less of each other and were more like friends. I also learned that she was seeing RJ too; that hurt.

One day I was hanging out and he came up to me. “You’re not mad because I took your girlfriend away from you, are you?” he asked.

“Well no. I can’t blame you. But that’s mean, why’d you do it?” I asked.

“Because I can, and there’s nothing you can do about it, is there?” he replied. I was silent, so he continued, “And you know why, don’t you?” He was smiling, clearly enjoying this.

When I answered yes, he made me say it. “Because your cock is big,” I said.

“Well, that’s half of it,” he laughed. “We need to compare, then you’ll see,” he said.

He brought me to his room and I followed, like I was in a fog. I hesitated at first when he told me to lower my pants, but then gave in and showed my cock. For some reason, I was fully hard by the time my pants went down.

When RJ showed his cock, it was flaccid, but at least the length of my erection. His soft cock was also much thicker than my three inch girth when hard.

He asked what I thought and when I told him it was huge, his cock started to swell. I watched helplessly as his cock grew so much longer while mine was already at its max. It was at least eight inches when he was finished rising. Twice as big as mine.

“Aren’t you sorry for ever picking on me?” he asked.

I said I was and that I never meant anything by it.

He said he was glad I did because this is so fun- taking my girlfriend, spoiling all the girls that I would want to date, having them all know about my size, and making me realize that I couldn’t compete. He told me I had better be good to him and that he might even let up a little or let me hang out with him on double dates.

I had to get going and get ready for work that evening, but before I left, he told me how Laura cried after they first had sex; she even thanked him. I left, feeling broken, but hard as nails.

A few days passed, then I ran into RJ again. He told me that I should ask out a cute girl named Pam and that he’d put in a good word for me. I asked her and she seemed pleased as she agreed. I was a couple years older than her, so I figured I had a good shot. I took her to a movie, then parking after.

She was teasing the crap out of me, letting me see her breast and got me real close to them, but as I tried to reach them with my mouth, she would pull back. She asked me how bad I wanted to lick them and after I answered, she asked me to lick her pussy first.

I gave her an orgasm as I licked her; next she undid my pants and started stroking me. After a few minutes, I was on the edge. She said, “It is a cute little one, just like he said.” Then I came.

“How was Pam?” RJ quipped when I ran into him the next day.

“I bet you already know how it went. Why’d you ruin it for me? I thought we had an understanding.” I said.

“Oh, we do have an understanding. I knew that I got into your head, when you first saw how much bigger my cock was. Now you’re depending on me if you want to get any pussy,” he boasted. “Look, I have a date on Saturday night, but her cousin is in town. Come with us. If you’re good, I might get you laid,” he said and I agreed.

Saturday took forever to arrive. I was so anxious for it to come. I picked up RJ first, then off to get the girls. In the car, he told me that I should buy the dinner. I knew what would happen if I didn’t do as I was told, so I agreed.

We picked up the girls and they were both gorgeous, about nineteen years old, and wearing low-cut tops and short skirts.

During dinner, they were a little flirty, but this time it was toward both of us, not just RJ. They were on break from college; the one I would go to in the fall. We had a nice dinner, and then I paid the bill.

We headed back to RJ’s date, Patty’s apartment and got comfortable in the living room. She was practically attacking him, while Cindy and I looked on. We did start kissing and she was a great kisser. She climbed on my lap, facing me and was kissing me hard.

I could see Patty licking and sucking RJ’s cock and Cindy undid her top, showing me her firm b-cup breasts. She started to moan as I licked and sucked them. She climbed off of me and kneeling, pulled me toward her. I moved down and toward her legs. My hand went under her skirt and felt her pussy, no panty. She told me to eat her, so I went under her skirt and was kissing her thighs, then licking her.

I felt her undo my pants and take my cock out. I froze for a second, worried that Patty would see it or if Cindy thought it was too small. Patty was busy though and Cindy was getting licked. No one worried about my size, but me. I put that thought out of my mind and licked Cindy to a great and drenching orgasm. As she stopped grinding against my face, my arms that were stretched out from under her were grabbed and metal cuffs were clicked on.

Before I realised what happened, my arms were pulled tight and the cuffs were somehow hooked to the legs of the sofa and I couldn’t pull free. Cindy climbed off of me and I was surrounded by all three of them, helpless.

Patty took my still hard cock in one hand and RJ’s in the other. He quickly grew to his full length. The girls were turned on at the difference that they finally saw.

“I want some of that,” said Cindy as she held his big cock and they moved to the end of the couch. RJ laid back and Cindy climbed over his cock, facing me. She moaned as she slid onto his shaft and began riding him.

I’ve never heard moaning and gasping like that before, nor have I seen anyone ride a cock so wildly. She was screaming as she came, but RJ didn’t let up.

Patty was stroking me slowly as I lay there cuffed and watching. She could tell when I was close to cumming and would slow down and lighten her touch or stop completely. It was pure torture to be kept on the edge for so long as I watched my date ride RJ’s cock.

Cindy came a second time, then climbed off of the big cock she was riding. His cock was drenched and shiny from her wetness. Cindy and Patty smiled at each other as they switched positions.

Cindy climbed above me and had me eat her again. Patty was riding RJ and I could hear her moaning with each thrust of his cock.

Cindy climbed off of my face and positioned her pussy just above my straining cock. She slid down over my cock; her pussy easily engulfing it. She rode me slowly and would stop each time I slipped out. Her pussy was so wet and hot and it made sloshing sounds as she slowly rode me and kept me edging.

RJ and Patty had picked up the pace and were going wild. Patty yelled out, “I’m cumming!” Soon RJ pulled out and shot a huge load over Patty’s stomach and tits.

I was still on the edge, when Cindy told me that she was going to stop, that she can’t feel me, anyway. She did return to her slow stroking, torturing me as I desperately needed to cum.

As I begged her to make me cum, she turned to RJ and asked if I should be allowed to cum. RJ thought for a moment, then said, “Not tonight.” Cindy released my cock right then. I was uncuffed and we all dressed.

I was hard and horny during the ride back after we left the girls. “Why didn’t you let me cum?” I asked, “it’s not fair that you fucked them both and I didn’t even get to cum.”

RJ laughed as he said, “It’s plenty fair, just ask the girls.”

He asked how it felt to be so helpless and dependent on him to be allowed to cum. He smiled when I said it was hot, but frustrating. I was also shocked and aroused when he told me that he didn’t want me to cum at all that night; that I was to go right to bed when I got home.

After I got home, I desperately wanted to cum. “RJ would never know,” I thought. Still I found myself getting ready for bed without touching myself. As hard as it was for me, I knew RJ would be pleased that I obeyed and I didn’t want to lie about it.

My cock was hard as I laid in bed thinking about the events of the day as I drifted off to sleep. The next several weekends I had more “double dates” with RJ- that meant he fucked them both at length and they took turns playing with my cock, fondling, jiggling it, and stroking me, but not letting me cum.

The stroking sessions got shorter and shorter because it was easier and faster to get me to the edge. The contrast was embarrassing too, RJ driving them wild filling them with his powerful cock, while I was getting stroked with two fingers by these girls.

RJ loved the contrast too and felt powerful each time they asked if I could cum. He always said no, but sometimes would think about it for a while first. The girls even made me beg them and him.

He went away for the first two weeks of August and during that time, I couldn’t get any dates. Either the girls told their friends about me or RJ told them not to. He was visiting his Aunt and he later told me that he also visited her friend, who worked in the offices at my college.

He IM-ed me one night after seeing her and told me to stroke while he told me about how he fucked her.

I had to keep stopping because I quickly got close. He told me that the woman was frustrated because her husband was small like me and how grateful she was when he fucked her so long and hard. She was a “screamer” and a “juicer” when they had sex. He also told her about me and she was amused at my pre-dick-ament and turned on by his control over me.

I felt humiliated that he told someone from my school and felt helpless. What if she told others there?

He asked if I wanted to cum . . . of course I did. He typed that he loved the power he felt, even online and how he enjoyed knowing that I was so much smaller than him at that very second, even miles away. He made me beg to cum and I had to tell him about how much bigger and more powerful his cock is.

I was sure he was going to let me, but he was stroking and made himself cum. He told me how he came while thinking about how attentive I am when denied orgasm. I was told to wait until Friday night when he would be back and he arranged another double for us.

When Friday evening arrived, a nice Cadillac pulled in front of my place. I walked over and RJ was in the passenger seat; the driver was Pam Clarkson from my school. She had driven RJ home and was all smiles as she talked. She told me to get in the back, so I hopped-in.

She was older, perhaps twenty-five and very sexy; about five foot-nine with shoulder-length brown hair and very pretty light brown eyes. Her skirt was short, above the knee and black, her stockings (I had seen the tops) were very dark as well. She wore a low-cut white blouse that showed a hint of her firm I think b-cup breasts.

“I’ve seen you around campus,” she said, “…but since RJ told me all about your little secret, I had to see for myself so I came right down.”

I was embarrassed to hear this from her and worried when I saw how much she enjoyed tormenting me. She pulled into the parking lot of the hotel’s restaurant and parked. She turned to RJ and winked.

Turning to me, she said ,”Let’s get it over with before we eat. Show me your little dick . . . now!” I was worried that someone might pass by the car and see, but more afraid of her drawing attention, so I unzipped and showed her my hard cock.

She laughed and said, “It is a cutie,” and told RJ that she loved the fact that he was bigger soft than I was hard. “OK, put it away,” she said . . . “let’s go in and have dinner.” I followed them in and took a seat next to Pam on the seat of the rounded booth.

Pam ordered for us, it seemed strange that she was in charge – usually it was RJ.

While we were waiting for our dinner, she turned to me and asked, “What’s it like to have such a small cock and to know that it’s not enough?”

Before I could try to answer, she added, “It must be terrible to be so small and to have a friend like RJ that is so hung and powerful.” She whispered, “I’m going to have so much fun with you tonight.” As she said that, she had one hand on my lap and one on RJ’s. Soon the waiter brought the food.

Dinner was great. Pam did a great job ordering for us. We had some wine with our meal and there was a little more teasing about what was going to happen later. We finished up, Pam paid the check and we got up to leave.

Instead of heading out to the car, Pam led us to a bank of elevators. We got in the first one and Pam selected the ninth floor, then unzipped us both. She had us take out our cocks; mine was hard as usual. RJ’S was soft. His was bigger even then. She tugged at our cocks and had them side by side, touching as she compared.

“This is going to be fun for me to see how far I can push both of you,” she said.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but she was so sexy and I was so horny from my recent abstinence. The elevator jerked to a stop and opened. We quickly covered up and Pam led us to her room and swung open the door to the dark room.

Jimmy can’t talk now, so I’ll take over for a while; I’m good at that. My name is Pam and I live down the street from RJ’s aunt Becky. When I first met RJ, Becky had sent him over to help with my pool. The pipes to the filter were leaking and my husband was out of town, as usual. As he was working on the pool, I noticed how tightly his swimsuit fit and could see the outline of his cock. Since my side of the marriage is very open and I’m used to only six inches at home, I knew that I would be feeling that big cock before the day was out.

I went inside and squeezed into my tiniest bikini and joined him as he finished. I brought a margarita for myself and a Kool-Aid for RJ. He laughed at first, but I don’t think he liked being teased about his age.

He set the drink down and made a comment about being man enough for a drink. He was staring at me; I’m sure undressing me in his mind. I knew the look. He was hot for me. I keep in top shape, in addition to the job at the college, I also teach aerobics and Judo at my fitness club.

RJ was quite bold, with his staring, so I snapped him out of it with a simple flip into the pool. I set on the edge with my legs in the water, sipping my drink as he swam over. I told him that I had thought he needed to cool off a bit and I laughed a little. He was a bit mad, but he had that look again as he looked up at me.

He asked me for some of my drink, so I playfully spilled some on my thigh. RJ didn’t let a drop go to waste and within five minutes I had him sucking my pussy on the edge of the pool. After my second orgasm, I told him that his aunt must be wondering what’s taking so long and that he better leave.

He looked a bit confused. I know he must have expected an easy lay and didn’t know how to react to being shut down. I bet that it was the first time for that. I thanked him for helping me out and kissed him on the cheek. He was nearly speechless as he left. I smiled, knowing that I had easily gotten the upper hand.

I saw him later that day, at the gym. I had just finished an aerobics class and was having a light workout on the strength machines. I watched RJ in the mirrors as he lifted some really heavy weights. His arms bulged as he curled the weights. After a quick shower, I changed into a short skirt and low top.

I walked over to him as he lay back on the bench to do some presses. I stood over him, as if spotting him, as he hoisted the heavy bar. I told him that I was sorry to send him off like that, especially after all he had done. “How about I buy you an ice cream afterwards,” I offered. I thought he wouldn’t like the tease, but he accepted the offer readily.

He must have broken the world’s record for fast showering because he was clean and dressed in five minutes. I drove to the ice cream shop and bought him a large cone and a black raspberry frappe for me. I got them to go. He ate the cone on the way to my house. As I stopped at a red light, he offered me a lick; I showed him what I could do with my tongue. He shifted a few times in his seat as I pulled away from the light.

He must have been hard when he got out of the car at my place because his pants strained against his cock. It looked big and I wanted to see it. Once inside, I said those jeans look uncomfortable; take them off. He did, and he wasn’t wearing anything under them. His cock was long and hard; at least eight inches and the widest of all the cocks I’ve seen.

It felt so warm when I tried to wrap my small hand around it. I stretched my fingers out along the underside of his hard shaft and stroked the tip and slit with my thumb. He moaned into my mouth as I kissed him. I kept stroking the tip and after a few minutes it was wet and slippery. I lightly pinched it and spoke; thanking him for making me feel so nice earlier.

He kneeled in my kitchen and pulled down my silky black thong, leaving my skirt in place. He looked up at me and watched as I dipped a finger in my frappe and traced it along my pussy. RJ really likes raspberry and is getting quite good at bringing me to orgasm with his tongue. After my second, I eased his head away. It was time for me to play.

I dipped the head of his cock in the frappe, and then quickly took it in my mouth. His head was thick and my mouth was already very full as I swirled my tongue around it.

I fondled his plum-sized balls and sucked hard. I took him a little deeper in my mouth and he was moaning, close to cumming. I released his cock and returned to the frappe. I covered his cock and balls and began to lick, slowly; speaking every so often. I asked how it felt and if his other girlfriends did things like this. I already knew they didn’t and I liked hearing it.

He was in a spell-like state when I fondled and licked him and I was careful to avoid letting him cum. I made him tell me about all of his experiences and hearing about when he was caught stroking made me hot. I laid back, pulling him on top of me while he told me about Laura and Jimmy and how he tormented him.

I grasped his hot cock and slid it inside a few inches, feeling him stretch me. It was all I could do to keep from gasping and moaning. It felt so good, but I didn’t want him to know it. Not yet, anyway.

He filled me deeply, then pulled nearly out; such long strokes and what a feeling of fullness. His strokes quickened; I could tell he was near. I told him I was uncomfortable so we shifted position. I was on top now. I rode down his full length slowly and ground my pussy against him. I quietly had an intense orgasm, then collapsed on him.

It was time for him to go, but he hadn’t cum. I pictured him jerking off as he lay in bed and smiled before I kissed him goodnight. He was clearly frustrated; I’m sure he’d never been treated like this. I also knew that he wanted me so badly because he seemed to tremble as I touched him. In two days, he would be back at home. I told him I would visit on Friday night

On Thursday afternoon, RJ stopped over to see if I needed anything. I invited him in and started the tease again. Soon I had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. As I stroked, I spoke in a soft monotone voice; telling how I liked his big cock. At first it was sexy talk, then it switched to relaxation techniques I’ve practiced before. I told him to relax each body part as I named them; all the while I was stroking his big and thick cock. Soon, I had him under and was telling him of my plans for him and how he would please me.

I told him that I owned him and he repeated it. I love how eager to please me he has become. I made him say that I owned him and that he would do as I wished, just before letting him cum. Long thick ropes of cum shot from his powerful cock and he nearly passed out. I admired my handiwork.

Friday night, I picked him up. As he climbed in my car, I told him that I needed him to stay soft tonight; that no matter how hot he got, he would only please me by remaining soft, until I told him otherwise.

Soon we picked up Jimmy and before long, I had him showing me his little cock and blushing when I said it’s cute. After dinner in the elevator, I had both of their cocks out, comparing. RJ stayed soft for me; even then his cock was much bigger than Jimmy’s.

In the room, I teased Jimmy about his size. I asked him how it felt to be smaller than RJ when he’s soft. He was cute to be so embarrassed.

RJ laughed at Jimmy and that made me mad for some reason. I started coming on to Jimmy and soon he was licking me and loving it. He made me cum rather quickly. He must have had a lot of practice giving oral to his dates that were already spoiled by RJ.

I felt so charged; so in control. I wanted to play with the boys and soon had RJ kneeling in front of Jimmy’s small, but sexy cock. RJ started licking and sucking him just as I said.

Jimmy was surprised, but didn’t recoil away; I knew it felt good to him. My pussy was drenched as I rubbed my clit while watching my toys playing nicely. I felt satisfied as I saw Jimmy tense up and cum into RJ’s mouth.

A huge power shift had taken place – at my whim – and I watched RJ swallow Jimmy’s load. Now it was going to be my turn; I told RJ to get hard for me. I didn’t have to tell him twice. RJ’s cock thickened and got so hard it was twitching. By then, Jimmy’s had relaxed and shriveled to what looked like about two inches; the contrast was amazing and I held them both – feeling the weight and strength of RJ’s.

I had Jimmy lay down and I straddled him, lowering my pussy to his mouth while I took RJ’s cock in my mouth. At first, I just took the tip; licking, sucking, and swirling my tongue around it. My pussy felt so nice as Jimmy licked me. I ground down hard on Jimmy’s mouth as I took RJ’s cock deeper in my mouth.

Jimmy had me cumming before long; RJ could feel my moans on his cock while I came. I was ready to fuck RJ’s cock, so I had him step back and I climbed off of Jimmy. Jimmy got to his knees and I looked down at him; his mouth and chin were slick with my juices.

I kissed RJ as we stood in front of Jimmy; I was also fondling and stroking him while Jimmy couldn’t help but watch my hand playing over RJ’s big heavy cock.

I backed up and laid back on the edge of the bed. “Jimmy, I want you to feed RJ’s cock to my pussy,” I said.

I could sense the surprise in Jimmy as he felt the weight of the big cock that he held. It felt so nice as it filled me. I couldn’t help gasping when it first went in. Soon I was moaning as RJ’s deep thrust brought me quickly over the edge for the first of four tremendous orgasms.

After my fourth, RJ tensed-up and his cock erupted, filling me with his cum. I looked over at Jimmy, who was right there – frozen, watching in awe.

“How does it feel to see what a real cock can do?” I asked Jimmy. He couldn’t say anything, so I continued, “Did you see how full my pussy was? You could never fill me, but I might let you try –maybe if you make me cum first.”

He still couldn’t speak, but when she inched to the edge of the bed and spread her legs, he surprised himself by moving in and kissing my drenched pussy. He sucked my clit, and then licked me up and down, tasting the mix of RJ’s cum and my juices.

“Mmm,” I moaned as he licked and sucked me.

I held the back of his head and ground my hot pussy against his eager mouth. He lapped my cunt and sucked and swallowed our juices. His cock was so hard and hot that he was leaking pre-cum without touching it. I held his head tightly as I bucked and shuddered as I came on him.

I told him, “You can try to fuck me.”

He easily slid in and started pumping me, but I was frustrated – I couldn’t feel him. I had him lay back and straddled his cock, quickly engulfing it. I felt loose, but so wet and incredibly hot. I moved in circles, pumping so fast . . . He came after only a minute and then I slid off. I showed no emotion, but moved upwards, my pussy over his face again. He licked and sucked me clean again. I smiled down at him while I climbed off.

I held him for a little while, and then RJ climbed on the bed on the other side of me. I rolled over to face him and gently held his cock; Jimmy slid up snug behind me and soon was drifting to sleep.

The next morning Jimmy awoke to RJ and me fucking again. He quietly watched and was quickly hard. Nude on the bed, he looked at his hard on; then at RJ’s big cock sliding in and out of my hot pussy. I was very vocal and soon was in the midst of an intense orgasm; RJ came shortly after, and then slid his spent, but still big cock out of my pussy.

We caught him staring at RJ’s cock and noticed his hard on. I told him he should kiss RJ’s cock. He did, without even thinking. He kissed his cock and I was thrilled. My control of both of them was complete. I said that I wanted them to wrestle; the winner would have me again that night. I whispered something to RJ that he better win because I wanted his cock again.

It felt strange for Jimmy at first, wrestling with RJ, but soon he had his arm twisted painfully and he rolled him onto his back. Jimmy’s arm was killing him and was under his back; damn – what a quick and painful attack. Jimmy was pinned and struggling as RJ slid over him and put his knee onto his free arm. He was immobilized and looking up. He saw his cock hanging over him.

“Do you give up?” RJ asked letting his cock drape over Jimmy’s face.

Jimmy kissed his cock again; without being told to, then sucked him off. I was working my pussy with a big vibrator as I watched. RJ reached back and stroked Jimmy while he serviced him. He rubbed his cock head with his thumb; teasing the slit with it. After a few minutes of slowly rubbing it, cum started to ooze out for what seemed like minutes. RJ’s balls got tight and he started cumming; shooting ropes of cum over the three of us.

He let Jimmy’s arm free, then we collapsed for a while; exhausted. We showered and dressed. I dropped the boys off as I headed home. My husband was due back from his trip.

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