Confessin’ Cousins (Gay Themes)

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Family Fun by SJ

It was a rainy Saturday night and me, my 21 year old cousin and my other cousins husband were drinking after the family BBQ. Everyone else had gone to a musical at the theatre that none of us 3 had wished to see. When with one strike of lightning we were in total darkness . So alone , drunk and in darkness we sat chatting , and sex came up in conversation as it does when men are alone. My 21 year old cousin Mike, a rather feminine sort of kid, informed us that he had never done anything sexual with anyone before.

‘Do you do it yourself?’ My other cousin’s husband Roger asked.

‘Of course I have,’ Mike replied ‘Just not with anyone else’ he continued.

‘Why not Mike?’ I inquired

‘No one too do it with,’ he said.

After a shot of the tequila that was the end of mike as he began vomiting and subsequently passed out. Leaving me alone with Roger…. So we kept talking when Roger said that Mike was lucky to have no one to have sex with , too which I asked ‘ how is that lucky?’ ‘Better too have no one , than to have a wife who won’t do it with you at all’ he stated.

He went on to tell me that my cousin hadn’t slept with him or touched him in over a year. ‘That’s awful,’ I said while inquiring to why.

‘Its me,’ he said, ‘I’m not very well endowed, but don’t tell anyone this shit ok.’

‘I won’t , its our secret,’ I said.

He went on too tell me that his dick was actually very small and that he cums quickly on top of that. So my cousin didn’t enjoy sex with him at all. At that point he slapped my leg and said he bet I had a big willy. I told him it was ok mine is normal, nothing special and that I would show him if he wanted. He nodded and I dropped my pants in the candle light exposing my cock. He looked at it in the dim light and said it was way bigger than his, too which I asked him to show me his and that I wouldn’t tell anybody about his little problem. He looked shy at first then agree and slowly pulled off his shorts and underwear exposing what must of been a one inch soft little cock and looked away in shame.

As I looked at it, I mentioned that I had seen smaller (I lied it was the smallest I’d ever seen), and he seemed to feel better. So much so that the little thing got hard right in front of me. He told me he was sorry and I told him to look at mine, it was doing the same. ‘See what I mean,’ he said as he stared at his tiny erection.

I told him that it was fine that size as long as it spits, and we both laughed.

‘So how long hasn’t she touched your dick for,’ I asked.

‘About a year now,’ he retorted.

I told him that was horrible and simultaneously began rubbing my rock hard cock so he could see. He just stared as I worked my dick slowly and motioned in front of him, when he reached out and took me in his hand and began stroking my cock gently. I started too move my hand up his leg when he shuddered and told me he would explode if I did, but I went ahead anyway a grasped his 2.5 inches between my thumb and index finger and began to slowly moving them up and down is tiny quivering member and in moments my hand was dripping cum as Roger roared to his climax.

All the while maintaining his firm grasp upon my throbbing cock, not missing a beat as he then plunged his face into my crotch, his soft lips engulfed my oozing cock as he began to suck ever so gently on it. A short time later at the moment you know you not, not cuming, I blurted out to roger that if he swallows it he could fuck me if he wanted too. Boom my load was blown in his mouth with him at the bottom of my shaft, I waited with bated breath as he moved back up slow. I knew he was taking every drop and then with a gulp he had done it he had swallowed all my cum, I was virtually spotless.

‘You were being serious, right?’ he asked, ‘About me fucking you if I swallowed.’

I nodded in acknowledgement.

‘How do we do this exactly?’ he asked.

So I told him I will put my legs up in the air, he must find my hole and sick his cock in there, and up went my legs. I felt his sweaty hands grab me by the calves as he opened my legs a bit wider to expose my hole, before jabbing his finger like cock aggressively inside me. He began to thrust his entire body into mine like a savage animal. ‘Can you feel it?’ he asked.

I replied that I could even though I could barely feel anything, still it was rather pleasurable. Within 5 minutes I could feel as he came inside me and collapsed down next to me. ‘WOW!’ he said, ‘That was amazing, thanks.’

Looking at him, I told him that it was now my turn. He looked confused as I explained that I was going to fuck him now. ‘Fair is fair,’ I said.

He begrudgingly agreed and place his legs up in the air and I spat in his hole and rammed my cock in as hard as I could knowing that I was getting a virgin ass. I was hammering poor Roger’s ass so hard that every thrust brought him closer too tears. With a grimace on his face he explained that it was starting to feel really good.

When all of a sudden cousin Mike appeared in the darkness to both our surprise. ‘Can I join?’ Mike inquired.

Looking at Roger to see what he would say I smiled when he said that Mike should get naked if he wanted too, and so Mike did letting out his rock hard erection that was also on the meagre side of 4 inches. Roger than began to suck on Mikes cock well I continued to fuck him. Mike groaned as he came on Roger’s face, amongst all that I could not contain myself as I spewed cum in and around Roger’s ass. Mike then went on to lie on the floor to have Roger fuck him and I re-inserted into Roger and we both went at it until all three of us came again.

Then as we got our clothes back on, the lights returned and the family returned none the wiser to what we had just done

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