Sarah Gets The Power

By Manny.

Today, an unsuspecting person will be visited by an all-powerful person who wants to have fun. This god or trickster will grant that person the ability to alter everything about the world with their voice. Whatever they say becomes the truth.

Will this power be used for good or evil? Who knows? This being certainly doesn’t care. Who will gain these extraordinary powers? Well, Fate is a fickle mistress, and Chance is even worse. Therefore, it is up to you, the reader, to decide who will be granted such an amazing gift.


Sarah was standing next to her two teenage boys, Michael and Marcus, waiting for their Dad to meet them at the usual spot. Martin pulled up in his truck with his younger wife and two wives removed from Sarah. Every few years, Martin pulls some college coed, marries, then has a couple of kids, and trades the wife in for a newer model, but now that newer model is closer to Michael’s age than even Sarah’s is to Martin’s age.

Martin is 45. His third wife is 22, and his previous wife, which has three kids from him, is now 32. Sarah Martin’s first wife is now 37 years old, and their oldest son is 16. Martin has three kids that aren’t hers, and the 22-year-old is seven months pregnant, which will lower his child support requirements again. ‘Fuck!’ she thought. ‘Oh, that poor dumb slut, she is doomed to be the next victim in a long list of his fuckery.’

Suddenly, the new stepmom of her boys looked confused, and she seemed to be asking a lot of stupid questions to Martin as the boys told her goodbye. Martin shrugged her off and told Sarah, “You know Brittany won’t even realize we’re gone if we go get a quickie in the restroom,” grinding himself against Sarah. “She may not notice, but she needs to know that you try to fuck your exes every drop off with your limp dick.”

She went to tell Brittany as she looked over the truck window, she could see tons of erectile dysfunction medications. She asked Brittany if she knew what Martin had just offered, and Brittany shook her head. When she told Brittany of the offer, the blonde bimboheaded girl asked why he needed help with his little problem. Sarah busted out laughing as she walked away.

“Have fun with your little problem. I hear it’s tiny these days,” Sarah said.

With that, not only was Martin no longer sporting a 5.5” long 4.75” around erection the pills only got him to 3.9” long and 3.5” around. But the truth may be more than what was bargained for as Martin’s genetics realigned to make him who he was always.

Sarah wondered why she ever slept with such a little dick all those years ago. Well, if he could be a decent person, maybe we could not care about his lack of size in the bedroom. He would try to figure out how to get his wife off, but instead, Martin is a greedy little dick fucker that only cares about his orgasm, so he uses his money and power to chase after young indebted college girls that need his help. Sick.

So now, to everyone, Martin has always had a little dick, and Brittany was a dumb bimbo he picked up to be his trophy wife for now. That night she put his entire penis and small balls in her mouth and again got him off within seconds. As Martin went to sleep, Brittany scrolled her Instagram account and had plenty of guys with big dicks sliding into her DMs.

The ditzy blonde wasn’t looking for an affair, but having real men compliment her while she used her toy on her aching cooch was always exciting. Martin woke up to the sounds of her moaning. He got pissed that she would do this to him and kicked her out of the house. Martin was devastated holding his tiny Pindick. It was the worst night of his life.

There’s nothing worse than when your parent starts fighting with your step-parent at a visitation. But that’s what the boys heard and why they texted their mom. She was pissed that selfish little dick was causing problems for her boys.

Suddenly one of her sons calls her, crying. “Mom, Dad has lost it. He is screaming out something feels so good in the other room.”

“Wait, didn’t Brittany leave?” she inquired.

Her son grunted in the affirmative.

She said, “Mama will be there soon.” As she pulls up, “That shrimp dick better have a good explanation for being such a bitch tonight.”

As she walks up on the porch, she sees her ex-husband with a vibrator up his ass through the window with a tramp stamp that says Fabulous Bitch Ass.

Sarah started banging on Martin’s window. Martin looked up, spooked. In all the commotion with Brittany, he forgot to close the blinds. Martin quickly threw on shorts and a tee shirt and met Sarah at the door.

“Sarah, why the fuck are you here on my weekend?”

Sarah was flabbergasted, “Martin, you pathetic LITTLE poor excuse for a man. It wasn’t enough for you to upset the boys with a fight between you and Brittany, but then you let them hear you be a slut in heat? What the hell is wrong with you?”

Martin was very horny right now, maybe even more than earlier, clouding his decision-making. His only response was, “Uh!”

Sarah fumed. “Martin, you are a dumbass with nothing to show for your spoiled rich brat of a life but a cuck that doesn’t even know what he wants or how wonderful, smart, strong, beautiful his boys are and waste it doing some of the dumbest shit ever!”

As the arguing continued, Marcus showed up with his duffel bag packed, saying, “OK, that’s enough arguing for you two ladies. Let’s go home, mom.”

Michael said, “Marcus, you and Mom may be too immature and broken to tolerate Dad in his transition, but I am finishing my visit with Dad. Just because Mom hates Dad for his past life of trying to prove he’s more of a masculine man than he ever really was doesn’t mean that Marcus and I shouldn’t love him. Mom, I don’t barge in on you when you have your special alone time with your toys, and I don’t do it to Dad either.”

Marcus started to interrupt, but Michael shut him down again, “Look, Marcus, I know that you’re struggling with your condition we inherited from Dad. I’ve seen your search history, so who better to turn to about that little problem you think you have than someone with a little problem himself?”

Sarah said, “Don’t worry about that, boys. You are still young. Don’t worry about penis size because you will grow to be three to four times the man your father was. Because of how strong your character is, you will inherit your size from my side of the family.” Suddenly her clit was a little uncomfortable in these panties, and she thought, ‘Why am I wearing underwear? I know how it rubs my abnormally large clit.’

Marcus said, “Dad is being too weird right now; I just want to go home.”

Michael turned and hugged his mom and said, “Dad needs someone to stay with him while he figures out this Brittany situation, so I‘ll see you after school on Monday.”

“Marcus, you drive us home,” suggested Sarah. The 18-year-old hopped behind the wheel, and they zipped off. Sarah looked over at Marcus, “Wow, Michael is preachy tonight! What was that about?”

Marcus shrugged and stayed silent.

Sarah told him, “You tell me everything, so don’t clamp up now.”

Suddenly he relaxed a little and answered. “Well, Michael thinks I am overreacting about Dad because you would approve more than just tolerating his sudden weirdness.”

Sarah sadly states, “You’re not doing that,” but hesitantly asks, “Are you?”

Marcus laughed. “No, I did for me. Dad is exhausting me right now with his excessively pitiful state.”

Sarah pushed on. “So what was Michael talking about with the search history? Are you looking at something inappropriate?”

The embarrassed teen responded, “Mom! It’s not like that. I saw all the guys in the locker room this past football season, and I am the smallest in there. We get it from Dad, we know. But I was hoping there was something online that could fix me, you know, before it’s permanent.”

She consoled him, “Don’t be embarrassed. My family is always blessed because we are gifted in that realm. You and your brother are just late bloomers. You will be the studs you’re meant to be once you are old enough to use that thing for good.”

Marcus felt weirded out by his mom’s comment but hoped she was right since his birthday was a week away.

She then asked, “What’s with the tramp stamp your Dad got? It’s quite crude.”

He asked, “Dad has a tramp stamp?”

Not knowing if he was being sarcastic or didn’t know, Sarah replied, “You know, the tattoo on the lower back that is a basic invitation for anyone who sees it to have…” she whispered, “…anal sex with him.”

Marcus is taken aback, “Gross, mom! Why would you say it like that when you knew it was bad when you whispered it.”

Sarah apologized and then asked her son if he had a date in mind for prom to change the subject.

“No, Mom. I probably won’t go to prom, so many think it’s a place to lose virginities, and people are aware Michael and I are not getting deep enough to make a difference, so no one is saying yes to us.”

Sarah shook her head. “Any straight woman would love to have you with her. Prom is more than just that stereotype but you and your brother are easily the best-looking smartest, and kindest guys in the building, and I seem to remember that you two are two of the best athletes the school has ever seen. S,o one day, you will be the best partner anyone could have. Relax. Your body will have everything it needs when adulthood hits. Envision that lucky girl and prepare to take her to prom. She won’t say no.”

Marcus felt better talking to his mom as they arrived home.

Meanwhile, at Martin’s place, Michael was laying it out hard on his Dad for how he treated Brittany. He was preaching at him for being so unfair to her when she knew all the flirting he did, but he would kick her out for flirting with someone else. He was being very preachy. Martin gave up and said, “Look, Mike, I am tired and ready for bed. It’s been a chaotic night. I will call Brittany and apologize if that makes you happy.”

As he said that, he pulled his tee off, exposing his tattoo, which now looked like a butterfly on a bouquet of roses with a caption intertwined that said ‘bitch ass need you to fuck it’ as the bouquet formed an arrow at his ass crack. Michael gasped.

“Dad, what were you thinking getting a tattoo like that?”

Martin just shrugged his shoulders and went to bed.

Sarah was having a good mother-son weekend, just her and Marcus. She became an eyewitness to some strange phenomena over the weekend. While driving, a reckless driver came flying by, and she looked at Marcus and said, “That dumbass is going to wreck and get someone hurt.”

Suddenly, the driver ran a red light and plowed into a Jeep with the doors off, injuring the young lady in the passenger seat as they made statements to the police. Sarah commented, “That drunk bastard nearly killed that girl.”

The girl was reportedly worsening and heading to ICU, and the driver, who was originally just a dumb kid, was now intoxicated, but the police who were on the phone with his Dad no longer had a dad to contact.

Sarah and Marcus went to eat at a diner. Sarah noticed the waiter’s bulge and whispered, “Goodness, he must be seven inches and as thick as my wrist soft.”

The bulge extended down his leg a little more the next time he came back. He was kind to her and tried to give Marcus the check as if she was his date, not his mother. She laughed.

“I look young and hot like I am in my 20s,” and yes, she did.

The woman in her mid-30s looked like she could be cast as a high schooler or college student in a movie. She giggled to the waiter.

“Moms pay for their son’s meals, but I am available for a date for someone with the right…” She glances at his cock, saying, “…skills.” and slides the waiter her number with the bill and tip. “Wow, that guy made me feel so horny,” she mumbled.

On her way to pick up Michael from Martin’s, she got a text from the waiter asking for a date. She agreed. “Damn, he is so hot! He is the most fuckable man I have seen in person in like two years. Goodness, I can tell that man is going to make me cum so hard so often.”

She pulls into Martin’s driveway and says, “Well, Marty here can cause some vaginal dryness.”

She lets Michael drive them Home asking about the weekend. Michael interrupts her asking why the car smells so musty. He had a decent weekend, and then he started preaching at her for being so hard-lined about his Dad.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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