Quarterback’s Descent 3 (Gay SPH)

By LockedsubLA.

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Part 3…

Seeing the seniors come down the stairs dressed after their ordeal, Chris joked, “Good to see you all clothed. “Here’s my plan for the pledges this year. The first night, I’ll explain the rules and give them their underwear. I have also scheduled our annual bonding trip and our mandatory volunteering event,” Chris continued, listing out his ideas, which were all approved by the three other officers.

All of them struggled to sleep that night. Each slept restlessly, imagining the tasks or punishments that the freshmen could give them. These nightmares and the pain from caged morning wood caused them to wake up at least three times each.

The seniors’ loss in the football team’s tradition and their jockstrap-clad escape was the only thing talked about across campus. Their frat members mercilessly teased them about it.

“What did they beat you in?” everyone would ask.

“Unable to say. It’s our football team’s secret tradition,” replied the seniors each time.

The seniors refused to leave the frat house the entire week, afraid of what people would say or do to them. They were taken down a peg publicly and several pegs privately.

However, they couldn’t hide anymore at the frat on Monday as classes started. They were self-conscious that the cages were noticeable beneath their jeans. Looking over their shoulders every few seconds, anticipating someone running behind to steal their clothes again and inadvertently reveal their cages.

They constantly saw people pointing at them and heard snickering behind their backs. But several people approached them with pictures and videos from that day.

“Saw the videos and pictures. You have an amazing body.”

“You have a great ass.”

“Wouldn’t mind seeing you naked more often from what I’ve seen so far.”

All three realized that the gazes from everyone weren’t because people wanted to humiliate them again. These were looks of lust. The entire campus wanted to sleep with them. The compliments gave them a much-needed confidence boost.

On Tuesday – four days after they were caged, the seniors were going crazy from how horny they were.

“God, I can’t take this! I’m used to jerking off once, sometimes twice a day,” said Jack.

“I read that we need to focus on other things and redirect the pent-up energy,” said Rob.

“Let’s go to the gym every day together until we’re exhausted. Then we’ll be too tired to want to jerk off,” commented Drew.

“Maybe if we refuse to crawl back to them begging to be released, they’ll lose interest in us and give our keys back,” Jack mused optimistically.

They worked out each day together. However, they were barely able to keep their horniness in check. They weren’t sure if they’d be able to survive another week.

The frat house was filled with electric energy. The stage and chairs were being set up. Everyone was preparing for the first pledge night of the year. There were rumors that this year’s freshmen would be the biggest group interested in joining since the chapter’s inception. Everyone was excited – well, everyone except the seniors, as this would be the first time they would see the football freshmen since the incident.

The street deemed ‘fraternity row’ was a dead end. NKD’s house was at the end of the street. Wealthy alumni purchased the two plots of land where the current house was built and donated it to NKD’s national office. The alumni also designed and covered the costs of building the frat house, which ended up being over twice the size of other frats’ houses. People deemed it to be a mansion rather than a house.

The building had three stories. The top floor had twelve rooms, each with an en suite bathroom. These were reserved for officers and seniors. The second floor had twenty rooms that had a shared, connecting bathroom between every two rooms. These were reserved for juniors and sophomores. On the ground floor, half of the floor was dedicated to housing. Ten bedrooms shared a communal bathroom area of five toilets and shower stalls. The other half was for the standard living room, dining room, and kitchen.

There was a swimming pool in the backyard with a large yard to the side and front of the building. Given the wealth and size of their fraternity house, people often wondered why NKD was the smallest frat on campus. The reason can be explained by the frat’s basement, which was built to be a playroom. The alumni furnished it with items such as paddles, bondage chains, harnesses, chastity cages, anal toys, etc., for all the depraved things that NKD was rumored to do amongst its members.

As the night approached, the frat members gathered throughout the living room, watching the front door with anticipation. A note was left on the front door instructing the freshmen to wait in a line outside and they will be escorted by a frat member once ready.

Chris opened the door, “Follow me. Kneel on the floor in front of the stage and do not speak.” A stream of twelve interested freshmen entered. Indeed, the biggest potential pledge class the chapter has seen since its inception. The pledges almost outnumbered the fourteen current brothers.

Chris stepped onto the stage, “Hi, everyone! I appreciate your interest in Nu Kappa Delta. I am Chris Peters, your Secretary and Pledge Master. Before we continue, let me introduce our other officers.”

As Chris introduced them, the seniors walked onto the stage to the whoops and hollers from their frat brothers and the pledges – except the three freshmen football players who instead smirked, knowing their locked secrets. “Our Treasurer and the football team’s defensive end – Jack Fletcher. Our Vice President and the football team’s wide receiver – Rob Johnson. Finally, our President and the football team’s quarterback- Drew Lawson.”

Drew stepped forward, “Thank you for joining us this evening and showing interest in our fraternity. Although we’re the smallest…” Drew flushed red as he made eye contact with Ken, who brought his fingers up to reference his tiny dick. “We’re excited to have you on our journey this year and hope you join our frat. If you have any questions during the process, feel free to ask any of us. No question is too small. I will now hand it back to Chris to give an explanation of our fraternity’s rules and the pledging process.”

“Thanks, Drew. NKD is the only underwear fraternity in the nation. Our membership process is overall simple. If you stay the entire pledging process, you’ll be admitted as an official brother. However, many of our tasks, punishment and rules revolve around underwear and embarrassment. The rules apply to all members, myself and the other officers included, without exceptions.

Your underwear is equivalent to your status in the hierarchy. The higher the type of underwear you’re permitted to wear, the higher your status,” as Chris revealed a chart of different underwear types and various frat brothers’ names next to each type.


Boxer Briefs



Tighty Whities

Colored Briefs

Bikini Briefs

Cartoon Briefs




“Boxers are reserved for 4th year or longer members. 3rd year members start with boxer briefs. 2nd year members start at trunks. First-semester brothers start at jocks. Finally, pledges start at tighty whities.

These represent the highest type of underwear a person is allowed to wear both inside and outside the fraternity. You may wear underwear with a lower status without any issues.

For instance, Drew is beginning his fourth year in the fraternity, so he starts as “Boxers,” the highest level. He is allowed to wear any underwear below his status without punishment. Meanwhile, as I am starting my third year in the frat, I start at “Boxer Briefs” and cannot wear boxers at any point. If I’m caught wearing boxers, I will be punished according to the frat’s bylaws. Any questions?”

A pledge candidate raised his hand, “So as a pledge, I will start at tighty whities. I’m only allowed to wear items from the tighty whities status or lower, like a thong. However, if I get caught wearing a jock or boxers, I’ll be punished?”

“Yes, that is correct. Do you have any other questions? I will explain the punishments and what can cause you to receive punishments shortly. I will now explain what a normal pledge night looks like.

At the beginning of the night, we will do underwear checks to ensure status compliance. Each member will remove their pants and spend the entire time pantsless. The officers will then give any announcements or updates before we start pledge night activities.

Any brother wearing colored briefs or lower will be required to participate alongside the pledges in that night’s activities. Throughout the time a member is participating in the pledge activity or fulfilling its punishments, they will be treated and subjected to the same standards as the pledges no matter their real status.

These are the rules that apply to pledges and other participating brothers:

● Pledges will refer to myself as “Pledge Master” at all times

● Pledges shall remain only in their underwear unless told otherwise

Then, we will commence our planned activities and punishments at the end, if any.

The following are other rules within the frat:

Any brother who is demoted to colored briefs or lower can only wear their approved underwear when on the fraternity’s property, including the front yard. They will not be allowed to wear any other clothes and must get dressed and undressed on the street.

These individuals and the pledges will be the fraternity’s butlers. They are expected to do cleaning, the dishes, the laundry, yard work, and any other required housework. They’ll be subjected to teasing and humiliation from higher-status people, such as wedgies, pantsing, spankings, etc. This also applies to butlers – butlers of higher status can tease lower-status butlers.

As I mentioned earlier, members can receive punishments for various infractions. These are the common reasons:

● Illegally wearing underwear of a higher status

● Missing a fraternity event without a valid reason

● (For members): Participating in the pledge activity and receiving the punishment in lieu of the pledge

● Not properly completing punishments

We understand there are questionable items, and any officers not involved in the situation will decide if they should be punished.

We also have a strike rule for smaller items. Three strikes are equivalent to one infraction:

● Being late to a fraternity event

● Disrespect or disobedience of the rule

● Any other items that officers or the Pledge Master deems an infraction

Each infraction will be punished by a status demotion. This is how brothers can reach levels like colored briefs. However, brothers can regain two levels each semester up to the maximum level allowed for them.

We will provide you with handbooks with all of these rules for your reference. I recommend reviewing the rules so that you do not accidentally get punished in the future.

After hearing our rules and pledging process, please leave within the next five minutes if you no longer have an interest in pledging. Otherwise, we will provide you with packs of tighty whities in the back alongside the handbooks, and these rules will start applying tomorrow for you.”

Three of the prospective freshmen left, leaving only nine freshmen interested, including the three football players. “Good choice. You won’t regret it,” Chris said. “Now go get your handbook and new underwear for the semester. Remember you can only wear tighty whities,” pointing towards the back table with multiple packs of briefs of different brands and sizes. Each person was left with three packs.

“Any of the brothers will be allowed to do an underwear check. So don’t try to be sneaky about wearing it only at frat events. Too many infractions will remove you from the pledging process,” warned Chris.

The football freshmen approached the seniors.

“We haven’t seen any of you since last week,” winked Link.

“I’ve missed you,” Tanner seductively gazed at Jack’s caged bulge.

“It’s as if you’ve been avoiding us for some reason,” joked Ken.

“We’ve been busy adjusting to senior year and our new officer duties for the fraternity,” excused Drew.

“Well, don’t be strangers. Oh, we’re also still missing our poster. Come by tomorrow with it and plan to stay as we have things to discuss with you. Or else, you three will be the talk of campus again.” Ken showed the seniors the photo of them raising their legs, exposing their cages and plugs in the bench from the prior week.

“Yes, Sir,” groaned the seniors.

The seniors forgot about the poster as they’ve been trying to avoid anything related to the freshmen. The seniors spent the morning going to the closest craft store for the materials and creating the poster for the freshmen’s dorm.

The seniors slowly walked up the steps to the freshmen’s front door. They shivered, remembering their experience from last week. But at least this time, they were fully clothed.

*Knock* *Knock*

Tanner opened the door, “Come in and close the door behind you.”

The seniors entered and walked straight to the living room and saw the freshmen in tighty whities. Drew approached Ken, “Here is the poster listing all of the rules, Sir.”

“Good job, boys,” Ken replied as Drew rejoined the two seniors. “However, you all forgot Rule 3 about being naked when in our presence.”

A look of fear appeared in the seniors’ eyes, worried about how they would be punished.

“Every time you enter our dorm. Strip at the doorway and place your clothes on the table there. Now, get naked and come back quickly, or you’ll be punished even more.”

“Crap,” Jack said under his breath. He didn’t want to be spanked and humiliated by the freshmen again. The seniors hurriedly stripped and brought their clothes to the doorway.

All three seniors returned with their hands in front of the cages, hiding their shame.

“Looks like you all also forgot Rule 5, where you will not hide your cages from us. You’re all forgetting these simple rules that we have for you. Maybe next time we see you we should give you a quiz. If you fail, you’ll get the appropriate punishments so that you don’t forget them again,” remarked Ken. “If you continue forgetting to strip at the doorway and hiding your cages, we’ll make you strip outside and wait until we allow you to come in. You don’t want that, do you?”

“No, Sir,” from the seniors.

“We called you here to get our poster and to fulfill Rule 7 where you all will be hairless. Since we only have one bathroom, we were going to take turns using it to shave you all. However, as punishment for breaking two rules and to help you understand that there’s no secrets or shame amongst us, we will shave you one at a time while the others watch.”

“Fuck,” thought Drew, afraid of showing his tiny secret.

“Follow Link upstairs to the bathroom. But first, let’s take a “Before” picture of you all. Make sure to flex your muscles.” The seniors lifted their arms and flexed like they would whenever they did gym selfies. “Say ‘Hairless!'” snapping the picture.

Ken stayed behind as everyone went upstairs and whispered into Drew’s ear, “You shouldn’t have forgotten those two rules, boy. Do they know about your tiny nub?”

Drew shook his head.

“Well, I hope you’re ready to show them your tiny nub- the true reason why you all lost the competition.” Drew turned his head to Ken with pleading eyes. “Don’t give me those eyes, boy. Your small nub would have been exposed to them eventually. We’re just doing it sooner than I anticipated.”

“Jack, you’re going first,” Tanner gestured towards the shower. “Fingers interlocked behind your head,” as Tanner undressed himself.

“Why are you stripping?” questioned Jack, which was received by a slap from Tanner. “Sir.”

“You thought you’d be shaving yourself? Your bodies, your nubs, and your holes belong to us,” Ken replied on behalf of Tanner. “We’ll be shaving you today and in the future. We just don’t want our clothes getting wet or dirty. Remember, there are no secrets among us. You all need to start getting adjusted to being exposed to others.”

Ken handed Tanner the key so that Jack’s cage could be removed. He began getting hard immediately. Jack couldn’t resist the urge to jerk off and started to move his hands toward his dick.

“Stop. Put them behind your head now unless you want to be exposed to more people than us today, ” threatened Ken. “None of you are allowed to touch your nubs today during the shaving and cleaning.”

Jack quickly put his hands behind his head.

Tanner spread shaving cream across Jack’s crotch. With every stroke of the razor removing his pubic hair, Jack saw some of his masculinity taken away. “This will be the smoothest I’ve been in years,” thought Jack. However, to his surprise, Tanner began spreading shaving cream across his chest and pits. “What are you doing? Why are you spreading the cream across my chest too?” Jack asked, shocked.

“We said hairless from the neck down. That includes your chest. Pits. Everywhere. Did you think it would just be your crotch?” Ken responded.

“But what will we tell the guys on the team tomorrow? They’ve seen me and Drew with hairy chests.”

“That’s your problem to figure out. Unless you want us to tell them the real reason. Also, I gave you an opportunity to fix your mistake. You forgot to say ‘Sir’ twice. You’ll be punished again until you remember the rules by heart.”

Jack gulped and remained silent, refusing to speak again to avoid any more punishments.

Tanner continued shaving Jack. Once Jack thought he was done, he tried stepping out of the shower. But Tanner placed his hand in front of Jack’s body to stop him. “Turn around and bend over. Hands against the wall.” The hair on Jack’s butt was removed. “Spread your cheeks,” which Jack complied with, afraid of further punishments.

Seeing the heart-jeweled plug, Ken said, ” It looks like you remembered the one rule that involved playing with your hole. I thought you were a strict top.”

“I am, Sir”

“Then why did you remember this rule but none of the others?”

Jack did not respond.

Tanner removed the plug. Once he was shaven and plugged again, Jack saw himself in the mirror. He was as hairless as he was in middle school. He even revealed his most private areas to his friends and the freshmen. Any remaining dignity he thought he had started to be chipped away by the freshmen.

“Put his cage on and go punish him for his continued disrespect towards us,” Ken ordered Tanner. “Want his butt red.”

Jack followed Tanner to his room with his head hanging low, anxious about the spanking to come.

Link and Rob went through the same steps as Tanner and Jack, but it was quicker as Rob was naturally pretty hairless. Jack and Tanner returned as Rob began spreading his cheeks, also revealing the jeweled plug. Before allowing Link to continue shaving Rob’s hole, Ken inspected Jack’s butt to ensure Tanner reddened it properly and gave his two smacks of approval upon his cheeks.

“Shit, now it’s my turn,” thought Drew. He was dreading going the entire time. It was as if Ken purposefully made him go last.

Ken removed his tighty whities.

“Fuck,” breathed Rob.

“Holy shit,” muttered Jack. “No wonder Drew lost. Ken has a monstrous-sized dick,” reaffirming Drew’s comment from last week.

“Yes, I do have a big dick, but Drew’s nub would have lost against anyone. But they’ll find that out shortly,” laughed Ken internally.

Unlike the other two pairs, Ken kept Drew caged as his body was shaved. Also, after removing the plug from Drew’s hole, Ken humiliated him.

“Look at his hole winking. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s only naturally that boys with tiny nubs like you enjoy having their holes played with,” as he slipped a finger into Drew’s hole and finger fucked him for a minute in front of everyone.

Once Ken was ready to shave Drew’s crotch, he blocked the view of the others so that they couldn’t see anything and shaved Drew smooth.

Ken chuckled to himself, “I thought he was small before. Now that he’s shaved, it looks even smaller! The contrast between his muscular body and the nub between his thick legs… makes it look absolutely puny!”

Since Ken was blocking him from the view of others, Drew thought, “Was he kidding about exposing my secret to the others? Why would he block them otherwise? He’s even jerking me off!” as Ken used two fingers to get Drew fully hard.

Once Ken was satisfied, he moved out of the way so the group could see: “Feast your eyes on Drew and his tiny nub!”

Drew saw all four pairs of eyes start at his face and travel down until they stopped at his crotch in unison. The jaws dropped on all their faces.

“Fuck,” said Rob.

“Holy shit!” Jack said in disbelief. Although both said the same phrases when they saw Ken’s dick, Drew could hear a difference in the tone and meaning.

“He’s tiny,” remarked Tanner.

“He’s even smaller than me,” Link said, shaking his dick to make it hard.

They all stepped closer for a better view of Drew’s tiny dick. Drew tried to hide his shame quickly, but Ken grabbed his hands and held them behind his back. “If you hide, you’re defeating the whole purpose of this punishment and exercise. You should be proud of your body and all its SMALL shortcomings. Remember, there should be no secrets between us anymore. That’s right, guys. Take a look at Drew Lawson – the campus’s heartthrob quarterback, our team captain, our fraternity’s President – and his 3″ nub.” Drew struggled to break free and hide.

“Don’t pretend you don’t like this. You enjoy being exposed and humiliated in front of your friends to others. You want everyone to know you have a tiny nub and to humiliate you. Maybe we’ll do the football team next or the frat,” Ken whispered into Drew’s ear as he played with the plug inside Drew’s ass.

Drew’s cock twitched, and pre-cum formed at the tip. None of the guys missed it, given how close they were.

“Did you see that?! He’s getting off on this!” exclaimed Tanner.

“More pre-cum is forming. It’s dripping now,” said Link.

“Only sluts get off on being exposed like this,” said Jack disgusted.

“Okay, the show is over,” said Ken. “Let’s go back to the living room.”

Once in the living room, Ken ordered, “Now that you’re shaved, let’s do the ‘After’ picture. Same pose as last time.” The seniors raised their arms and flexed.

“Now turn your bodies to the left and face me,” ordered Ken. “Want to see the picture? I personally think it turned out great,” Ken said as He showed the picture to the seniors. You can see the length of Rob and Jack’s cages and Drew’s tiny boner. That reminds me, I totally forgot to put your cage back on,” Ken said, slapping his forehead sarcastically.

“Okay, you all can go now. We’ll see you smooth boys tomorrow,” Ken smirked as he dismissed them.

At the entrance, as the seniors finished dressing, Jack grabbed Drew by the collar, “What the fuck! When we lost, you said it was due to bad matchups and that you would have beaten Link. But from what we saw upstairs, you would have lost against everyone. It wasn’t a bad matchup or Ken’s big dick. You’re just tiny. If you knew you were that small, you should never have suggested the twist and our humiliation would have been done by now. But now you brought us all into this, you bastard.” Jack finally released Drew’s collar and walked away.

Rob tried to diffuse the situation and separate the two.

Drew couldn’t say anything. He knew it was his fault and could understand why Jack was angry.

“What’s going on here?” shouted Ken.

“Nothing,” mumbled Jack as he finished getting dressed and left without the others.

“It’s alright. Even if you’re tiny, some people think it’s cute, like me,” Rob said, trying to comfort Drew. However, it made him feel more conscious about it. Even his best friends were calling it tiny.

Throughout the night, Drew had mixed feelings. “I feel like shit for being the reason why we lost. But at the same time, why am I getting hard thinking about how I was humiliated and exposed today?!” He looked at his straining caged nub.


To Be Continued…?


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