Quarterback’s Descent 2 (Gay SPH)

By LockedsubLA.

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Part 2…

Although Jack said the fraternity row section of the crowd was better, at least 50 people were still gathered there.

“Move out of our way!” Jack yelled as he tried to make a path for him and his friends.

“They’re grabbing my jock. Owwww! Guys, help!” Rob screamed as people pulled and released the straps on his jockstrap.

‘They’re grabbing my jock too, and it’s slowing me down,’ Drew thought. “Forget about keeping the jocks on. Take them off if you need to. Just stick your hand inside to cover yourself,” Drew said to Rob.

“Good idea!” Rob replied as he hopped on his right leg, trying to remove his jockstrap while running. He was unsuccessful and fell onto his knees.

Drew was running behind Rob and could clearly see the heart-jeweled butt plug. He squatted behind Rob and wrapped his arms around Rob’s torso to help him up. His cage bumped against Rob’s plug.

“Be careful! I could see the plug when you tripped. I don’t think anyone else saw it, though. Let’s both take off our jocks now and continue running.”

“Thanks for the help,” as Rob shed his jock alongside Drew. Both jocks held the crumpled jockstraps closely against their cages.

“Shit! The rest of the group has almost caught up. We need to split up so they don’t catch us both,” Drew said. “But where’s Jack?” looking around. “That jerk left us!” Drew saw Jack escaping across the plaza and running out of his sight. “Let’s meet at their dorm. I’ll go left, and you go right.”

Rob nodded in agreement.

“Go!” yelled Drew.

A majority of the pursuers stood confused by their sudden split, allowing the studs time to escape. However, a select few quick-witted individuals were not confused and followed the person closest to them. Drew was able to outrun the followers with his high stamina from football – except for one who caught up when Drew slowed down to catch his breath. They tightly wrapped their arms and legs around Drew’s right leg.

“Let go!” screamed Drew as he tried to shake the guy off. He looked down and saw a cute, twinky nerd named John. Drew recognized him from some of his business courses. ‘He’s not going to let go no matter how much I shake my leg. But I need to get out of here quickly!’ Drew thought.

“Please let me go! If I don’t get out of here, everyone’s going to catch up. What do you want? Want my jockstrap? Want me to suck you off?” Drew asked.

John looked up at the campus heartthrob and shook his head. “I want to worship your ass and eat it.”

Drew was speechless for a moment as he was not expecting that response. He looked around and saw John was the only person left. “Okay, fine,” Drew begrudgingly agreed. “But we’re not doing it in public. Find a bathroom for us.”

John excitedly let go and grabbed Drew’s arm, leading him to the closest building. They went to a secluded bathroom in the back corner. As they approached, Drew remembered the plug.

“Let me go in first and check if it’s empty. Then I’ll call for you to come in if it’s clear,” Drew said. He entered the bathroom and took out the plug, hiding it in one of the stalls. “It’s clear,” Drew called for the nerd.

They both walked towards the handicap stall. As soon as John locked the stall door, his dominant side emerged. He pushed Drew against the wall. Drew’s chest was held firmly to the wall while his hands tightly held the jockstrap over the cage. John caressed Drew’s chest from behind as he ground his crotch against Drew’s ass. Drew could feel John’s growing cock against his body. He pinched Drew’s nipples.

“Mmmmmm,” escaped from Drew.

“Are you liking this?” inquired John, still in disbelief that he was with a hunk like Drew.

“Mm-hmm,” Drew replied as he experienced the new sensations, unaware his cock was straining in its cage.

John slowly moved his hands down from the nipples across the abs. Once he got to the cock and noticed Drew was still hiding it, John stopped grinding and squatted. He spread Drew’s cheeks, exposing a hairy hole. John licked the entire length of Drew’s crack, still sweaty from football practice. He circled the hole with the tip of his tongue.

For a moment, he brought his face out of the plump, muscular ass to say, “This was made to be used,” smacking it.

Going back in, gently biting the butt and around the hole while continuing to smack it. ‘I feel like a cheap piece of meat. But at the same time, why am I enjoying this?’ thought Drew. ‘And why am I getting hard?’ Finally, he became aware of the discomfort of the strained cage. Each time John smacked his ass or teased his hole, Drew wanted to moan but held it in. He didn’t want the nerd to know that he enjoyed having his ass played with. He had a reputation to maintain.

When John was about to start tongue fucking, he thought, ‘His hole seems to be looser than what I would anticipate despite how much foreplay I’ve done. Especially for The Drew Lawson, one of the most popular alpha jocks on campus who everyone assumes is a top.’ John decided to test his hypothesis. He wet a finger and slowly inserted it. The finger slipped in easily as if it was already lubed.

“Ugh,” moaned Drew loudly, unable to suppress them any longer.

John began moving his finger in and out.

Small moans escaped. “Hey, hey, you said you’d only eat my asses, not finger me. I’ve never had something in my ass before,” Drew lied.

‘Uh-huh, sure,’ John thought, unconvinced, especially when he stopped fingering. He saw the jock push back onto his finger. John pulled his finger out and continued eating Drew’s ass and tongue fucking him. ‘Wish Drew wasn’t hiding his cock so I could jerk it off or at least see it! Want to know what his big dick looks like,’ he thought.

The two lost track of time. “This should be enough to pay my side of the deal. We should end this,” Drew said as John ignored and continued to tongue fuck him. “Ughhh… we… should… really… stop… this.”

“Are you sure?” John asked softly into Drew’s ear. “Or would you prefer something else?” as John slapped his hard cock against Drew’s ass.

Unbeknownst to Drew, John whipped out his cock to edge himself as he was tongue fucking. He held the tip against Drew’s hole. John kept it there for a few seconds waiting for Drew to push back to confirm his suspicions that alpha jock Drew might not actually be an alpha jock. To his disappointment, Drew did not push back.

Drew heard John pull his shorts up. “I enjoyed this. Let me know if you ever want to do this again,” John whispered in his ear.

The stall and bathroom doors closed, and Drew let out a long sigh.

“God, how am I still getting hard from this?” Drew quietly said to himself.

He moved the jock from his cage and noticed a small puddle of pre-cum that was soaking into it. A string of precum stretched from the jock to his cage. ‘Am I actually enjoying all of this? The exposure. Being controlled by other men,’ he thought. ‘I always thought I’d be an aggressive top just like on the field and in the frat.’ Small cracks in his alpha persona appeared.

He reinserted the plug and put his soaked jock on. I saw the hallway was empty and rushed towards the athlete dorms, hoping he wasn’t late. The university calls them ‘dorms,’ but they’re more similar to on-campus townhomes. There were 3-4 bedrooms and one common living area. Since the freshmen were all football players, the university housed them together. As Drew approached the dorm, he saw Jack and Aron hiding in the bushes. Jack looked fine, but Rob looked exhausted. The two didn’t knock on the door as they were waiting for him.

“Hey guys!” Jack said in between breaths. “What happened to you?” Looking towards Rob?

“After we split, more people followed me than you. I had to throw my jockstrap on the ground to distract them. Each of them fought over it, giving me time to escape. But had to hide in a few bushes until I got here,” recounted Rob.

“I was lucky to get out of the crowd. When I turned around, everyone lost interest in chasing me and focused on you two since you were grouped. Rob just fell, and everyone was already circling you. I ran straight here,” said Jack.

“Same. I lost the crowd and had to hide in a few bushes,” Drew said, purposefully excluding the part where a nerd ate his ass and tongue fucked him.

The seniors gathered themselves and knocked on the door. Rob was in front, and the other two were behind him to shield as much as they could.

“Why do you think they wanted us to come here?” asked Drew as they waited for the door to be opened.

“Hope it’s just to give us our clothes and to take this damn cage off!” exclaimed Jack.

“I’m enjoying the plug, but I want the cage off too, so I can jerk off,” said Rob.

Drew remained silent as he processed his feelings.

It felt like forever since they knocked. It was as if the freshmen were taking their time answering their door.

“Do you think they’ll make us serve them immediately?” Rob asked, not wanting to stand there in silence.

“I’m not getting fucked,” stated Jack.

“Well, we don’t have a choice anymore. Do we? They literally own our cocks unless you have some bright idea to get these off,” Drew said as he gestured to their crotches.

“It’s not my fault that you’re small and made us lose,” argued Jack.

“Hey, I’m not the only one who lost their pairing. You lost against Tanner, too.”

“Hey guys, let’s calm down. Maybe they just want us to give them blowjobs at most,” Rob interjected as he tried to diffuse the situation.

“As long as it’s nothing like what we originally planned for them, then we’re fine,” said Drew.

As their conversation finished, Ken opened the door, “You all were 15 minutes late. We started counting the time from when we got back ourselves instead of when we left you three at the plaza. Get in here and stand in the living room. You’ll get punished later for this.”

Upon entering, Drew saw Link and Tanner sitting on the sides of the couch. Ken walked from behind the seniors and sat in the middle. All three freshmen were in jockstraps.

“Do you know why we called you three here?” asked Ken.

“No, we don’t,” said Jack shortly to avoid giving them any ideas.

“No, we don’t, Sir,” said Ken.

“What?” questioned Jack.

“Whenever you respond or address any of us, you three have to call us Sir.”

“I’m not doing that.”

“Oh yes, you will,” Ken said as he started to get off the couch.

“The hell I am.”

Ken approached Jack and tightly grasped his balls and cage. Jack gasped. “Yes. You. Will. Tanner and Link, each of you grab his arms and bring him to the couch.”

The two other freshmen grabbed Jack’s arms as Ken returned to sit in the middle. They threw Jack over Ken’s knees. Link sat on Ken’s right side afterward, and Tanner sat on the left. Link rested his legs on top of Jack’s to keep him from moving. Meanwhile, Tanner smushed Jack’s face into his crotch.

“While Jack gets acclimated to his new position,” Ken said. “The first reason we called you all here was to set our rules and expectations. Don’t speak or ask questions until I finish, or else you won’t ever get the keys back.”

“These rules apply whenever you’re alone, together as a group, or with any of us. The rules do not apply when someone else is around. However, if you misbehave, we will make these rules more public.”

“Rule 1,” Ken said as he delivered a slap to each of Jack’s butt cheeks. Every time Ken started a new rule, he spanked Jack’s cheeks. Each time, Jack said something, but Tanner’s bulge muffled it.

“Rule 1: Freshmen are the Doms. Seniors are the Subs

“Rule 2: All Doms will be addressed as ‘Sir.’

“Rule 3: Subs will remain naked at all times when alone, together, or with a Dom.

“Rule 4: Subs no longer have dicks or cocks. Must refer to it as ‘nub’ at all times.

“Rule 5: Subs will not hide their cages when in the presence of the Doms.

“Rule 6: Doms will do surprise cage checks via text or in person. Subs must submit proof within 15 minutes.

“Rule 7: Subs will remain hairless from the neck down.

“Rule 8: Subs will be plugged at all times when with the Doms.

“Rule 9: Subs will not remove or tamper with the cages without permission.

“Rule 10: Subs will not cum without permission.

“Rule 11: Subs must follow all orders given by the Doms as long as it doesn’t conflict with another order. Any order made by the main Dom of the Sub supersedes any other order unless revoked.

“Rule 12: Doms will not do or order any permanent physical harm.”

After finishing the rules, Ken asked, “Can anyone tell us why Jack is being punished?”

“He refused to call you Sir, Sir,” responded Rob.

“Correct, and for arguing with me. You all were so late that we were able to print the rules for you. However, please create a poster with all of the rules for us to hang in our living room. Do you understand?” Tanner lifted his hand with papers for Rob and Drew to get.

“Yes, Sir,” Rob and Drew said in unison.

“Good, you’re learning. We want the poster sometime next week.”

“For Rule 7, we will remove your body hair another day. However, for Rule 3, you and Jack need to take off the jockstraps,” Ken said, pointing toward Drew. “Rob, go get some scissors from the kitchen counter.”

As Drew finished stepping out of his jockstrap, Rob returned with a pair of scissors. Ken snipped the sides of Jack’s jockstrap, and Link slid it out from under him.

“Much better. Now we can all see your cages,” said Ken.

“The second reason we called you here is because we heard from the team that all of you are in the same fraternity. What frat is it?” Link said.

“It’s Nu Kappa Delta,” replied Drew.

“Who are the officers?”

Drew and Rob looked at each other. “Jack is the Treasurer, and I am the Vice President,” said Rob.

“I’m the President and a junior named Chris is the Secretary,” Drew continued.

As he finished his response, Drew could have sworn that a sinister smile crept across Ken’s face.

“Oh shit! Looks like we got the top dogs of the fraternity under our control!” exclaimed Ken. “Isn’t this great?” slapping the backs of Tanner and Link.

“I want to continue our discussion regarding the frat, but after we finish Jack’s punishment,” Ken said as he pulled the hair on the back of Jack’s head. “Ready to listen, or do you want to smell Tanner’s balls again? This time, he won’t wear underwear.”

“Yes…” Jack says slowly.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. If you continue to disobey, the punishment will get worse.” While looking at Drew and Rob, “Let this be an example to you both to not get in trouble.” Ken spreads Jack’s butt cheeks and sees he still has the butt plug in. “Good boy for keeping the butt plug in. Do you like it?”

“No. I don’t like this cage either,” responded Jack.

Ken delivers two hard spanks to Jack’s ass. “Looks like you’re not a fast learner, are you?”

“I don’t like it. Sir.”


“I’m a strict top.”

“Not anymore. I recommend getting used to things up your ass because you won’t be using your nub anymore,” as Ken pulled the plug out and pushed it in several times. “Time for the actual punishment for disrespecting us. You’re going to get 20 spanks from each of us. You will count and say, ‘Thank you, Sir. May I have another one?’ after each one. Got it?”

“Yes…. Sir.”

Link started delivering the spankings.


“One. Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”


“Two. Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”


“If this is all they can do, 20 spanks is nothing,” Jack thought. His butt started to sting and got warm lightly, but nothing he couldn’t handle.


“Twenty. Thank you, Sir.”

Jack started to get out of the spanking position. “What are you doing?” Ken asked.

“You said 20 spanks.”

Ken delivered another smack. “What did you just forget again?”

“You said 20 spanks. Sir.”

“I said you’d get 20 from each of us, boy. That means all three of us. You didn’t use ‘Sir,’ and that disrespected each of us. Now get back into position, or do you want us to increase it to 30?”

Jack went over Ken’s lap again.

“Your turn, Tanner,” Ken said as Tanner got up and moved behind Jack. “When Tanner begins, start at 21. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.”


“Twenty-one. Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”


At 40 spankings, Jack’s ass started to burn. ‘I’m not sure if I can handle another 20,’ he thought. Rob and Drew looked at the scene unfolding in fear. They felt sorry for their friend but were glad that it wasn’t them getting punished. Ken started his turn, and Jack could noticeably tell that these were stronger than the first two sets. Ken patiently waited for Jack to say the phrase after each spanking as the time between got longer and longer. Once said, Ken promptly delivered the next spank.

“Please stop, Sir. I can’t take it anymore!” Jack begged Ken after the 53rd spank. All of them watched the change in Jack’s personality from arrogant jock to blubbering boy.

Ken did not respond and delivered another spank.



“Sixty. Thank you, Sir. May I have another?” Jack spit out between wheezes.

Ken handed Jack to Tanner to comfort. Tanner cuddled Jack and rubbed his red bottom. “Do you know why you were punished?” asked Tanner.

Jack nodded silently.


“Because I was disrespectful to you all, Sir.”

“Will you do it again?”

Jack shook his head.

“Good, now go join the others,” Tanner ordered after kissing Jack’s forehead. “No rubbing or touching your butt. Let the discomfort be a reminder to you.”

After witnessing Jack’s punishment, there was an awkward silence. “Continuing our discussion about the frat,” Tanner said, breaking it. “We plan on pledging and want you to guarantee our spots.”

“That won’t be a problem. Our fraternity has an open pledge policy. As long as they don’t personally withdraw themselves before the end of the process, each pledge will become a member the following semester.”

“Why is that? How many members are there?”

“We currently have 14 members, including ourselves. We’re an underwear fraternity – the only kind in the nation, as far as I’m aware. Basically, underwear determines your status in the frat. Pledges can only wear tighty whities at best, and 4th-year brothers can wear boxers. You move up a level each year but can also be demoted. You will learn more specifics on the first night if you still decide to pledge.”

“What will we have to do for initiation?”

“Each week until finals, the frat will hold an event or give a task for the pledges. None of us know what events have been planned as that’s under the control of the Pledge Master and he hasn’t run any of it by us for approval yet. He’ll only provide us with a list of ideas that need our approval. However, he has the ultimate decision on which ideas are chosen and which week they’re done.”

“That’s fine,” said Ken. “Thanks for the information, boy. If any of you get knowledge prior, we expect to be told.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You may leave now,” Ken said, dismissing them.

“What about our clothes, Sir,” asked Rob.

“You’re not getting all your clothes back. As punishment for being late and wasting our time, you’re only getting these back,” Link said as each freshman tossed a pair of white compression shorts to the seniors.

The seniors put on their shorts and saw that the cage outline was obvious. You could see hints of pink through them, too.

“We can’t go out looking like this, Sir. The cage can be seen,” Drew said.

“Can we please have some other pants?” Jack asked. “Sir.”

Rob looked embarrassed and hid the cage behind his hands. He remained silent.

“Are you thinking the same thing as the other two?” asked Ken. Rob nodded. “You ungrateful subs. We were being GENEROUS with the shorts,” scolded Ken. “I wanted to make all of you walk back naked, but the other two convinced me to be forgiving and give you something to wear.”

All three seniors stepped back in shock from the sudden outburst.

“So you’re worried about them noticing the cages through the shorts, huh?” Ken said as he grabbed the pair of scissors. He walked to Jack, “Don’t move if you don’t want to get hurt accidentally.” He cut the crotch of his shorts, “Now you don’t have to worry about them seeing your cage through your shorts anymore. If you’re worried about them seeing the cages, you must be worried about the plugs showing, too.” Ken turned Jack around and fully ripped the back, exposing his red butt.

Ken repeated the process for Rob and Drew. Now all of their crotches and asses were exposed.

“Get out, or do you want more punishments? And we better not see you hiding in our bushes until sunset either,” said Ken, tossing a bag out that contained their phones, wallets, and keys.

The seniors left the dorm immediately, not wanting to be punished further. They entered a classroom as it would be empty since school hadn’t started yet. None of them talked to each other the entire time. They were humiliated by what had transpired that day. The day was originally planned to humiliate the freshmen and have them become their slaves, but it was quickly reversed.

Drew looked over to Jack, who was nursing his red bottom and silently cursing as he tugged his cage.

Drew faintly heard moans coming from Rob’s direction. He was watching porn on his phone, which made sense why he was grinding his ass into the chair and playing with his nipples.

Drew also decided to watch porn on his phone. He was focused on the tops’ cocks in each video. ‘Why am I focusing on their cocks? Am I imagining myself as the top? Or do I want to be the bottom and serve that cock?’ Drew thought as he continued to try to understand his feelings from today. Eventually, the recommendations brought him to a video regarding Small Penis Humiliation. However, he was unable to start watching it as he was interrupted by Jack.

“It’s dark now. Let’s leave before it gets too late.”

The seniors had to wait over two hours before it got dark enough for them to run back to their fraternity house. They entered, covering themselves in case any other brothers came back early.

Unfortunately for them, Chris Peter, the frat secretary and current year’s Pledge Master, was waiting for them. He is a skinny guy, standing at 5’6’’ and 150 pounds. Throughout high school and college, he prioritized academics above athletics.

He paused, looking at their naked bodies before asking, “Why are you all basically naked?”

“Lost bets to each other,” Jack lied.

“Okay, well, when you get dressed, can I run my ideas for this semester’s pledges by you all for approval?”



To Be Continued…?


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