Quarterback’s Descent 1 (Gay SPH)

By LockedsubLA.

“You prepared the items for the tradition, right?” Drew yelled down the hallway, stopping in front of his bedroom mirror to admire his sculpted abs. He turned around to caress his bubble butt, the result of his many years of playing football.

“Trust me, Drew, I got everything in my gym bag,” responded Rob as he rushed out of his room and down the stairs. “We need to leave now, or Coach will kill us for being late. Jack has already left since he’s been late twice this week.”

Drew tossed on a shirt and grabbed his football bag. Today’s the last day of summer football practice and the start of his senior year at Sterling Pleasant Hills (SPH) University. SPH University is an all-male college comprised primarily of gay men. Still, there are a few ‘straight’ men around campus.

Drew knew he was gay since middle school but never did anything with another man. He was always focused on sports. He did football and wrestling in high school but only played football in college. He’s the starting quarterback for the second year in a row. Due to his success and his good looks, his popularity across campus skyrocketed, and his presidency of the Nu Kappa Delta (NKD) fraternity was guaranteed.

Drew met fellow brothers and teammates Rob and Jack during freshman year. They were the only freshmen who played football that year and who pledged to NKD, allowing them to have a close friendship throughout college. However, Drew noticed jealousy from both Rob and Jack. All three are handsome fraternity jocks, but due to Drew’s role as captain and quarterback, he got more attention and acted as if the other two were his lackeys.

After the final summer practice, Drew addressed the team, “Thank you all for a successful August practice season! School starts next Monday, so we won’t have another practice until the following Monday. Okay, sophomores and juniors, you may go so we can do our annual tradition with the freshmen. Hope you all have a great weekend,” dismissing the team.

Once they were alone, “Okay, newbies, we have a tradition where the seniors and freshmen compete. The seniors will make pairs. We’re lucky this year, as there are three freshmen and three seniors. During our freshman year, there was one senior who opted to skip the tradition. Let’s pair up,” Drew said.

“Pair 1: Rob Johnson – 6’1” 200-pound Senior Wide Receiver, versus Link Williams – 5’10” 205-pound Freshman Defensive Linebacker.

Pair 2: Jack Fletcher – 5’11”, 225-pound Senior Defensive Linebacker, versus. Tanner Diaz – 5’10”, 190-pound Freshman Punter.

Pair 3: Drew Lawson – 6’2”, 215-pound Senior Quarterback, versus Ken Mackle – 5’9”, 210-pound Freshman Tight End.”

After the pairs were created, Rob continued explaining the tradition, “Each pair will compare penis sizes until one team wins a majority of the matches. In the case of a tie, seniors automatically win. The losers will be paraded out of the locker room in only their jockstraps to the central plaza for the entire student body to see. Our tradition is well known amongst the students, so expect a large crowd waiting to see you almost naked,” looking directly at the freshmen as if implying that they would lose.

“However, we plan to have a twist to the tradition this year,” Rob said as he took his gym bag out of his locker. “The losers will also have to go out wearing these,” as he placed three small metal butt plugs with pink heart jeweled bases and three identical pink chastity cages on the bench.

“What the fuck are those?” Tanner asked, pointing towards the bench.

“These are the butt plugs and N+ cobra cages that the losers will be wearing under their jockstraps,” Drew responded. “You can choose not to measure and compare; however, it will be counted as a loss for your team. The choice is yours, but just know the sophomores and juniors are waiting outside in case the losers refuse to comply. Instead of going out in a jockstrap, they will be paraded around naked and caged this year.”

The freshmen looked at each other and nodded in agreement to all participate in the competition.

“Each pair will enter the supply room and measure themselves hard,” Rob said as he grabbed Link’s hand, dragging him towards the supply room.

“Round 1 goes to the seniors!” Rob triumphantly yelled as he and Link exited the room naked and hard. Rob’s thick 7” dick was obviously larger than Link’s 4.5” dick. They didn’t even need to measure to see who was larger.

“Sorry about that, guys,” Link said to the other two. Drew and Jack loudly cheered and gave Rob congratulatory back and ass slaps.

“Don’t worry about it,” Ken said. “I’m sure we’ll win this, and they’ll be sorry about their cockiness.”

Jack and Tanner headed into the supply room in just their jockstraps.

Rob and Link sat on the benches together, and Ken overheard their conversation. “Don’t worry about your size. I think it’s cute,” Rob said as he brought one of the cages next to Link’s dick. “When you’re under my control, you’ll be serving me, but I’ll let you out for some fun just as often,” as Rob put Link’s cock in his mouth and sucked it for a few seconds getting it hard.

“But you should get used to serving me by sucking my dick and nipples,” as Rob stood up and sat on Link’s lap, slowly grinding against Link’s hard dick. Rob guided Link’s mouth to his left nipple as he edged himself.

“Are you ready to be locked by me for the rest of the year,” Drew whispered to Ken. “Hope you jerked off this morning because you won’t be doing that for the whole year while you’re under my control as my bitch. I’m going to keep you constantly locked and humiliate you however I can.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. We can still…” Ken began to say as the supply room opened up to a smiling Tanner and disappointed Jack. The measurements were very close. Tanner’s 5.5” cock was barely a half inch longer than Jack’s.

“Our turn now,” Drew said, walking towards the supply room, fully clothed and full of swagger.

“We can make the final comparison more interesting. Since our comparison is the deciding match, the loser should walk out of the room caged and plugged,” Ken said.

“Sure,” Drew waved his hand, not even looking back. “Grab any of the cages, keys, and plug, as they’re all the same size.”

Ken selected a butt plug and cage from the bench and placed them next to him as he undressed in front of his locker. As he closed the locker, he grabbed his phone and placed the plug and cage on top to hide it from the other guys as he went into the supply room.

As Ken entered the room, he saw Drew’s muscular ass and wanted to bend him over and fuck him in the supply room. Instead, he took out his phone to record for future enjoyment since it’s not every day you get to see the star quarterback naked. He closed the door before taking out his phone and placed the cage and plug on the table inside the room.

As the door closed, Ken heard Drew say, “Okay, let’s see how big you real-” turning around and stopping mid-sentence.

To his surprise, when Drew turned around, he revealed a matching set of tiny dick and tiny balls. It looked like a baby carrot on top of two grapes. Ken zoomed in on Drew’s poor endowment and zoomed out to capture his face as evidence it was Drew Lawson’s ‘cock,’ stifling laughs the entire time. ‘There’s no way people would believe the most popular guy on campus, our star quarterback, has such a tiny dick. I wouldn’t believe it either if I didn’t have it on video,’ Ken thought.

“What the fuck?” Drew screamed.

“Is everything alright in there?” Jack asked from outside.

“Yeah, everything’s fine. Stubbed my toe on the table,” Drew quickly said as an excuse. “Are you recording this? Give me that phone,” he loudly whispered to Ken as he moved towards him, reaching for the phone.

“One step closer, and I’ll send this video to the entire team. I’ll open the door wide open for everyone to see your tiny penis,” Ken said, stepping back.

Stopping in his tracks and dropping his arm, “Please don’t,” Drew pleaded moving his hands to cover his little friend. He never thought about his dick being small. Although he’s been in sports for years or goes to the gym daily, he rarely ever saw people shower afterward. Everyone opted to shower at home instead, and the people who showered were seen as the weird ones. As a result, Drew never compared himself to other men and thought he was at least average.

Ken looked around the room and saw an empty metal tin in the corner. He placed the tin on the table and leaned his phone against it, flipping it to selfie mode so he could continue recording but also humiliate Drew himself. “What happened to all your confidence? Move your hands, stop trying to hide your small dick. Actually, it’s too small to be considered a dick. It’s really a tiny nub.”

Drew refused to move his hands.

Ken walked behind Drew and pulled both his arms behind his back. “Are you ashamed of your tiny nub? I’ve watched you the entire summer. You walk around campus and the locker room as if you own the place. You pretend to be an alpha, the big man on campus, the star quarterback, but it’s all to hide the fact about your small shortcomings, isn’t it?” Drew’s dick started to twitch. “Do you want others to see how truly small you are?” Ken asked as he flicked Drew’s dick.

“Please don’t show anyone,” Drew begged as he struggled to get out of Ken’s grasp so he could cover himself again.

Ken looked down at Drew’s fully hard dick, “Looks like you’re enjoying this. You’re hard without even touching yourself. Maybe you do want your tiny nub exposed to everyone. Should we start with the football team or your frat?”

“N-no, I’m not enjoying this,” Drew stammered, confused as to why he was rock hard.

“Looks like you’re enjoying this humiliation. But we’re here to compare sizes,” Ken said as he lifted his flaccid cock against Drew’s, dwarfing him. “It’s already obvious I’m bigger, but rules are rules. We still need to measure each other.” Ken pulled out the tape measurer, “Drew, SPH’s campus hunk, has a 3” hard dick. Damn, you’re tiny,” laughed Ken.

Ken began stroking his cock to full mast and measured himself, “9.75 inches. I’m over three times as big as you!”

Drew was finally freed from Ken’s control and covered himself again. “Time to pay up on the bet,” Ken said as he grabbed the butt plug.

“You know we were kidding about locking y’all up in the chastity cages with the butt plugs, right?”

“Didn’t seem that way when you thought the seniors were going to win. You taunted us and told me you were going to make me your bitch. Guess what? You’re my bitch now! Either you and the other seniors complete your end of the deal, or your tiny secret will be posted across campus and the internet. You’ll be all the school will talk about for the year.”

Drew imagined posts of himself naked plastered across campus versus being locked and used by Ken. His cock twitched at both ideas. In the end, all Drew could do was silently nod, reaching for the plug Ken held.

“Not so fast. I forgot to bring the lube, but I have an idea for an alternative for you,” Ken said as he went behind Drew and slowly stroked his cock with two fingers. “Dang, you’re so small that only two fingers are necessary to jerk you off!” Ken laughed as he made it painfully obvious to the camera that he truly was using two fingers.

Within a minute, Drew let out a moan, and his legs began to shake a little. “I’m so close. I’m about to cum,” Drew gasps in-between panted breaths.

“You better enjoy this one, as this will be the last time you’re able to cum for a while.”

“I-I’m cumming!” Drew’s body spasmed five times as he cum into Ken’s hands.

“Wow! A small nub, a short trigger, AND a small load,” flashing the small glob of cum in his hand. “Everything about you is coming up short.”

Before Drew could get over his orgasmic bliss, Ken turned him around so that his butt was facing the camera, “Bend over and spread your cheeks.”

“I’m not bending over,” Drew thought. “He’s already humiliated me enough today and has it all on video. There’s no way I’m going to expose myself more willingly.”

Ken waited a few seconds and realized that Drew wasn’t going to work with him. “It’s going to be fun breaking him,” Ken thought. “Well, if you’re not going to do it the easy way, then we’ll do it the hard way,” Ken said.

Ken kneed Drew in his crotch, causing the stud to bend over in pain. By complete coincidence, Drew’s face was at the same level as Ken’s monstrous dick. He watched it swing back and forth for a few seconds, and it even hit his face when Ken swung his legs over Drew’s head. Ken was now sitting on Drew as if he was about to give a piledriver wedgie.

“I was taught to recycle as a kid, so we’ll be using your cum as your lube,” as Ken rolled the plug around in the cum. “But first, a punishment for disobeying my orders. I’m going to give you ten spanks, and you’re going to count them. If you continue disobeying, it’ll get worse.”







“Are you going to listen now? Spread those cheeks for the camera.”

“Go fuck yourself.”

“Oh, can you see the future? You’ll be the one fucking yourself in the future. The only way you’ll get any pleasure is from your hole. But it looks like you’re still not being obedient.”

Ken delivered rapid, heavy spanks to Drew’s butt turning it from white to a shade of pink to red in some areas. Drew tried his best to hold out, but after losing track of how many additional spankings he received from Ken, he broke down. “Okay, I’ll spread my cheeks. Please stop spanking me.”

“Good. Took you long enough. Going to give you five more so you remember to follow my orders next time.” Each spank made Drew squirm, but finally, after the fifth spank, Drew reached back and spread his red cheeks for the camera, exposing his hole that no one had ever seen yet.

Ken smiled at the winking hole below him. He brought the cum lubed plug to Drew’s hole and spread any leftover cum as additional lube. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” Drew grunted.

“We’re going to have to teach him respect,” Ken thought. “But we’ve got plenty of time for that.”

Ken gently pressed the plug, but it wasn’t going in. “Dang, you’re tight. Push out as if you’re taking a shit.”

Drew did so, and the plug quickly slipped in, drawing a groan out of him. Ken turned the plug inside so that the heart jewel was on the right side for the video. Once fixed, Ken lightly tapped the base of the plug five times, eliciting groans from Drew each time.

“Time for your cage.”

“I don’t want the cage, but if I fight back, the video will be distributed across campus, or I’ll be spanked some more. Either way, I lose at the moment. I’ll bear with it until I find an opening,” Drew thought as he began to hang his head in defeat. To his shock, “How am I hard again?! I just came!”

“Looks like someone’s excited to be locked up. Better enjoy your last erection,” remarked Ken. “But I can’t get this cage on you if you’re hard.”

Ken grabbed Drew’s dick and squeezed hard until Drew was in a little pain and got soft again. “Much better, but before the cage, I want to see how big you are flaccid.” Ken placed the cage on the table and grabbed the tape measurer. “Barely under 2 inches soft. Dang, you really do have a tiny nub, don’t you,” Ken said, getting no reaction from Drew.

Ken finally slipped Drew’s balls through the ring and fitted the cage onto Drew’s dick. The internal lock was inserted into the cage and, “Now you’re tiny nub is locked up as it should be. It’s too small to be useful anywhere else, but it looks like you have extra space in there. Are there any smaller versions,” Ken asked with no response from Drew. “Silent treatment, huh? Well, I’m sure you’ll tell me eventually.”

“How long will I be locked?”

“That’s for me to decide and for you to accept. How does the entire school year sound?”

“That’s too long. There’s no way I can survive a full year with this on my dick.”



“Nub. You have a Tiny. Little. Nub. Not a dick or a cock. It’s too small and embarrassing to be considered either.”

“I can’t have my di- err- I can’t be locked up that long.”

“But wasn’t that what you promised you’d do to me?”

“I was kidding. It was just a joke as part of our team’s initiation. I never really planned on keeping you locked and making you my bitch.”

“Well, you’re under my control now, and I’m going to make you my bitch and a slut. If you behave, maybe I’ll let you out on special occasions,” Ken said as he ended the video recording. “Now open the door and show Rob and Jack what awaits them,” as he put on the jockstrap Drew was originally wearing.

“What about me? What will I wear?” grabbing his pants.

“Nothing else other than your cage. Get used to being naked. This is your new uniform when you’re alone with me, the other freshmen, or seniors.”

Ken opened the door, and no one turned to look. Everyone was busy doing their things – Rob and Link’s session evolved into 69’ing and fingering each other. Meanwhile, Tanner was on his knees, sucking Jack’s cock.

Ken cleared his throat, gaining everyone’s attention. He grabbed Drew’s arm as he was hiding behind the wall and dragged him out into the open as he yelled, “The freshmen win!”

Upon seeing the almighty team captain, their star quarterback, in a pink chastity cage, the freshmen cheered, and a wave of dread washed over the seniors’ faces.

“Looks like you’ll be the one locked up instead, but don’t worry, you’ll be unlocked occasionally,” Link said to Rob.

“Looks like you’ll be the one in the cage, Sir. But I’ll let you out often,” Tanner said to Jack.

“Okay, seniors, get on all fours on the benches so you can get plugged,” Ken ordered.

“There’s no way we’re-” Rob began to protest.

“Yes, you will, unless you want to turn out like this,” Ken said as he turned Drew around, revealing his red butt that matched his red face. “Make them comply, or else your tiny secret will be revealed today,” Ken whispered into Drew’s ear.

“Guys, they’ve got us by the balls. The sophomores and juniors are outside, and they know the tradition. There’s no way out of this. The sooner we comply, the sooner it’ll be over,” Drew said, trying to convince them.

Ken began recording again right as Rob and Jack got on all fours and presented their holes to the freshmen (and the camera). The two freshmen lubed the plugs and started fingering the seniors to loosen them up.

“Want to replace those plugs with our cocks?” Link questioned them.

“I wouldn’t mind it,” Rob truthfully responded as he pushed back onto Link’s finger. Throwing his head back and silently moaning.

“No thanks,” Jack quickly responded.

“They’ll be begging for our cocks soon enough,” Ken said.

Once plugged, Tanner and Link fitted the cages onto their respective seniors. Both Jack and Rob were larger than the cage when flaccid, so it was a difficult squeeze to make them fit.

Ken was holding the jockstraps for all three seniors. “Before we give you your jockstraps for the parade, let’s take a group picture of you all in order of dick size, with the smallest nub starting on the left. Drew on the left, Jack in the middle and Rob on the right.”

“I can’t believe he just called me out for having the smallest di- I mean nub,” Drew thought as he blushed with embarrassment.

“Smile,” Ken said as none of the seniors looked happy. There were mixed emotions of anger, humiliation, and some excitement on their faces.

“Drew really does have a small dick. He’s not even filling out the cage like the other two,” Tanner remarked.

“Nub,” Ken corrected him. “They all have nubs now that they’re locked. Cocks and dicks are for free men. Nubs belong in cages. Some just have bigger ones than others.”

“Now raise your legs together and show us your plugs along with your cages, boys.”

The seniors complied. They had difficulty maintaining balance on the small benches together as they raised their legs, but the pictures were eventually completed.

Ken threw the jockstraps on the floor in front of the seniors, “Get dressed.”

The freshmen put the seniors’ clothes into their bags and got dressed themselves. The keys to the cages were safely put into their pockets.

As the freshmen finished getting dressed, the seniors lined up together, anxious for what was about to happen. Their hands in front of their crotches to hide their shame, thinking that their cages were easily visible.

“What happened?” Rob asked Drew. “Thought you were confident in winning?”

“I was, but you didn’t see his cock. It’s huge! It’s bigger than yours by a few inches,” Drew replied.

“Even if we redid the pairs, would you have beaten any of them, Drew?” hissed Jack. “We all saw your cage. You’re not even filling it out, and I bet Link, who has the smallest dick on their side, would fill it out at least.”

“I’m a grower. I would have beaten Link. We just got unlucky with the pairings.”

“You act all cocky as if you have one of the biggest dicks on campus! That’s why we both agreed to your idea about the cages and plugs, thinking we’d get freshmen slaves,” Jack harshly responded, earning a nod of agreement from Rob. “Just how small is your dick?”

Ken grabbed Jack’s caged bulge, “As I said earlier, WE have dicks. You three have nubs. Memorize that, or else you’ll be punished,” saving Drew from having to respond.

“And this nub belongs to me,” Ken says as he grabs Drew’s cage, earning a small gasp from Drew. He whispered into Drew’s ear, “You’re going to be my locked slut for the rest of the year. Be ready to serve me and be humiliated by me. But judging from the wet spot on your jock, maybe you want this deep down.”

“Line up, boys. Time to greet the rest of the team. Don’t do anything stupid, or we’ll expose your plugs and cages,” Ken said.

The rest of the team surrounded the entrance of the locker room, eagerly anticipating the results of the competition.

“Who do you think will win?”

“Rob has a good-sized dick so that the seniors might win.”

“True, but we’ve never seen Jack or Drew show their dicks before, or even the freshmen. Most of the team leaves after practices and games to shower at home.”

“You’re right. Honestly, I want the seniors to lose so that I can see Drew in just a jockstrap for more than a few seconds.”

“Same!” “Agreed!” “Me too!”

The freshmen walked out of the locker room. To the team’s shock and joy, the jock-clad seniors followed.

“No way! Did the seniors actually lose?!”

“They’ve been too cocky lately. Maybe this will humble them some.”

“Look at their asses!”

The seniors heard from their younger teammates as they walked into the middle of the group. Per tradition, the rest of the team had five minutes to play with the loser’s bodies however they pleased before being marched towards the plaza.

“I want to see how small their cocks are to lose to freshmen.”

“I want to feel and spank their asses.”

“I want to spread their ass cheeks and see their holes.”

“I want to put them on their knees in front of all of us.”

These are some of the depraved things the seniors heard that their underclassmen wanted to do to them. Throughout the entire situation, the seniors held onto the front of the jockstraps to prevent anyone from accidentally touching the cage or pulling the pouch down, revealing their locked secret. However, due to the seniors focusing on the cages and pouch, the team was easily able to play with their nipples and grab their asses.

Seeing people bend down to look up at their butts, Drew paranoidly thought, “I swear someone noticed that we’re plugged. Multiple people have grabbed my asses, and I felt the plug gets pushed further in. People have even gotten on their knees to try to see our holes as we struggled against everyone’s grasp. There’s no way they didn’t notice a shiny, pink jewel. I’ve even heard people giggling and whispering behind us. There’s no way the team doesn’t know our next practice plugged us.”

After surviving the team’s inspection, the sophomores and juniors surrounded the seniors and freshmen, and they all walked towards the plaza where at least half of the campus was waiting.

In the middle of the plaza, the football team gathered in a circle facing outward towards the audience. A junior stepped out from the circle and said, “I’m sure everyone here knows about the football team’s tradition where the seniors and freshmen have a secret competition, and the losers are presented in their jockstraps.”

Cheers erupted from the crowd. “Well, we’re proud to announce that we continued the tradition and are here to present the losers of this year’s competition….. The seniors!” The junior joyously shouted, waving his hand to the circle. The rest of the team that created the circle dispersed into the audience. Gasps were heard from the crowd. They didn’t expect the seniors to lose. The seniors saw everyone rushing to take out their phones to video this event for… future use.

During the junior’s introduction, the freshmen were playing with the plugs. Pulling them to the widest part and then releasing it for their holes to swallow. At the same time, the freshmen shook the cages to stimulate their nubs as much as possible to create wet spots on the jocks. Near the end of the speech, each freshman whispered in their seniors’ ears, “Come to our dorm room within the next hour if you want your clothes back.”

After the crowd saw the seniors were the losers, the freshmen cupped the bulges of the jockstraps outlining the cages. If you looked closely, you knew they were locked. They then turned the seniors around and spanked their asses a few times to everyone’s delight.

“Please don’t pull down the pouches or spread our cheeks,” the seniors prayed in their heads. The seniors had every intention of exposing the freshmen like that if they won. Still, to their relief, the freshmen didn’t expose them.

Ken stepped in front to give a little speech. “I believe I speak on behalf of the other freshmen. Our hearts are full, just like the seniors, to be able to continue our team’s tradition. We will now leave the seniors in your hands, but don’t keep them too locked up because we have things to discuss with them.”

The freshmen followed the rest of the team as they left the seniors to fend for themselves. The seniors looked like prey in the middle of a pack of starving hyenas. They were searching for an escape route before the crowd descended upon them.

“Hey, I think the left towards fraternity row has fewer people. We can probably get through there,” Jack told the other two. They both looked and nodded in agreement.

As soon as the football team left, the crowd rushed towards the seniors grabbing their bodies, asses, and jockstraps. The seniors dashed fraternity row and, hopefully, some freedom.


To Be Continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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